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Born Emily Hilda Young.Although almost completely forgotten by recent generations, E H Young was a best selling novelist of her time She was born the daughter of a shipbroker and attended Gateshead Secondary School a higher grade school later renamed Gateshead Grammar School and Penrhos College, Colwyn Bay, Wales In 1902, at the age of 22, she married Arthur Daniell, a solicitor from Bristol

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Miss Mole
  • E.H. Young
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9780860684312

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    Oddly, the word that springs to mind for this one is charming Ok I really like E.H Young this is the fourth book of hers I ve not only read but owned All are set in the early 20th century, so there s always a cultural hump to get over, but this time I find the hump a littledifferent The story concentrates on Miss Mole, a 40ish housekeeper working for a minister s family, who makes her own fun by use of her sharp, witty mind Great So it s kind of a disappointment when the ending begins to devolve into a typical scandalous past love story It s not entirely typical no melodrama leave that to the kids in the minister s family, oh man but the last few pages definitely dip toward oh I am saved territory That s not to discount the rest of the book I m pretty happy with it on the whole but you d think the interesting figure of Miss Mole would be able to use that mind to deal with her past herself, love affair notwithstanding.

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    What a lovely book.Miss Mole is a wonderful character and she does get her man in the end.I loved it.

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    At first, I thought this was just an excellent character study, devoid of plot That s certainly right up my alley Hannah Mole is certainly the most well developed character, but there is also Robert Corder, a minister and her employer Also strong supporting characters are Corder s daughters, Ruth and Ethel All stuffy things had been implied, for Ruth, in the name of housekeeper stuffy frocks, thick stockings, a prim face and an oppressive sense of duty, yet here was Miss Mole looking, for all her lack of fashion, like a lady who belonged to a world unconnected with chapels, where beauty and leisure were expected and attained It was a peep through a door Ruth had always wanted to open, and she said quietly, I like it when you re not darning I don t think it is possible to create a really good character study without some action At least I probably wouldn t read it But the action here is quiet, and perhaps the most important action took place before the book opens It is set late in the decade plus between the Great War and the onset of the Great Depression and takes place over just a few months time Despite some perhaps too frequent very long, complex sentences, the prose is just what I like This is apparently Young s best known, best liked work I might be willing to poke around and see if there is another I might like I liked this very much, but I m not likely to chase after many others by her A good, solid 4 stars that builds to 5, but doesn t quite climb over that line.

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    This is quite a slow read I found, but not in a bad way, Miss Mole is the kind of novel that it is worth taking your time over I loved the character of Hannah Mole, as she s not wholly conventional, a wonderfully flawed character, speaks her mind tells fibs, sometimes a little sad, sometimes cynical However she is an indomitable woman, a romantic survivor, who easily wins the affections of Ruth and Ethel, the daughters of pompous non conformist minister Reverend Corder We see Hannah Mole s life and her past in a rather disjointed non chronological way as if Hannah is keeping her secrets to herself untill the very last Poor Miss Mole, her best years behind her, no home of her own, an embarrassment to her cousin she nevertheless enriches the lives of several people around her Finally she is rewarded in a way that most readers would cheer at, in a wonderfully poignant little final scene.

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    Oh Miss Mole, you long suffering thing Honestly, I don t know how you do it Suppressing all of that intelligence, wit and humour takes a lot of energy and I don t blame you for the occasional outburst Do not judge yourself so harshly You are not the type of person who can suffer fools gladly You squirm internally while looking dutiful I wish you had been MY companion or housekeeper I would have been so grateful for your love and attention You are a fabulous character who deserves to be happy And your love of fine shoes is so endearing What a shame that your secret past is about to undo all the fine work you ve done with this poor screwed up family Dare we hope for you How will it all end

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    Miss Mole can be summed up pretty easily Mary Poppins for adults E H Young was one of those best selling authors whose works are now found mostly in Friends of the Library book sales If you do come across a copy, though, snap it up and save it for one of those dreary winter evenings when you need the book equivalent of a cup of hot cocoa and read it while drinking real, actual hot cocoa The novel s premise is fairly simple it is a classic governess tale, complete with shrewish, snobby female relative, clueless bachelor love interest, and horrible, spoiled kids To be fair, Miss Mole is not precisely a governess she s employed as a housekeeper for Mr Robert Corder s somewhat unconventional family But if she is hired to look after his children and make sure dinner gets put on the table, she seems to spend most of her time babysitting the adult population of the town of Radstowe In this respect, Miss Mole is a fairly conventional story perky governess housekeeper whips everyone around her into shape with a combination of clever tricks, charisma, and refreshing candor You only need to read once, for example, that her employer is a minister to know that he s going to turn out to be the worst kind of hypocritical preacher blind to his own faults, judgmental of others, and completely lacking in compassion But if many of the figures and situations in Miss Mole are familiar and well trodden, the character of Miss Mole herself is a creation wholly grounded in the 1920s and 30s She s a late Victorian woman struggling in the interwar period with the changing demands of feminism, gender stereotyping, and sexual desire If she shares some similarities with her literary forbearer, Jane Eyre another Victorian governess , well, let s just say it s hard to imagine Jane Eyre making jokes about muffins or buying fancy shoes Rather, Hannah is stuck she was raised in one century and has to cope with existence in another She s pretty well equipped in many ways to deal with her situation she has a vibrant sense of humor and resiliency But for all the story s wit and comedy, Miss Mole strikes me as a bittersweet tale, covered over with a Happily Ever After For every one Hannah Mole, who triumphs over the evil ish Robert Corder and the snobby cousin Lilla, there were hundreds of Miss Moles who faced lifelong fiscal and emotional vulnerability to the whims of others especially other married women To put it bluntly Miss Mole is a window into a generation of women who were completely unprepared for the radical social changes of the twentieth century They were raised to be dependent and pushed into a world where dependence was no longer an option Rather than simply papering over the complexities of the 20s and 30s for women, the novel confronts them head on This isn t a lost classic E H Young could have, at times, benefited from tighter editing, for example but for all that, it is a hidden little gem of a book sparkling and thoughtful at the same time.

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    This is my first book by E H Young and I am enraptured There are touches reminiscent of Barbara Pym and Dorothy Whipple, but she definitely has her own unique style This was a page turner and quite delightful Now I will begin the happy task of reading many of her novels.

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    Miss Hannah Mole, a spinster of almost 40 years, has an abundance of imagination and spirit but a decided lack of money She s forced to make a living hiring herself out as a companion to cranky old ladies or some other type of demeaning job After a brief interlude at Mrs Gibson s boarding house where she rescues a man from a suicide attempt and earns a cold shoulder from boarder Mr Bleckinsop, she takes a place as housekeeper to Nononformist minister Robert Corder She disagrees with his severe black and white approach to morals and with the way he is raising his family Hannah prefers the company of nephew Wilfred to her employer She would leave but younger daughter Ruth, emotionally fragile and still reeling from the death of her mother, really needs Miss Mole s kindness and humor Mr Corder also wages his own battle with Mr Bleckinsop, who wants to leave the chapel and with Mr Pilgrim, a rival minister and mystery man from Hannah s past When Hannah s past threatens to catch up to her, she makes plans to leave but can t bear to continue on as before She has a dream of love and a home of her own despite a tainted past I have mixed feelings about Miss Mole I liked didn t like her sense of humor I liked how it kept her sane and kept Ruth happy but I didn t like how she teased her wealthy cousin She was also pert with Robert Corder, who is not a likable person, but he doesn t have the sense of humor to even understand her and it just makes him hate her I also didn t like how she flaunted secret knowledge in his face She felt bad about it, which is good I didn t really see why her past was anyone else s business and why it would affect her present I did like her enough to want her to be happy She s a complicated character I did like Ruth I felt bad for her because her father was so awful and pompous He didn t understand her and I gather that her mother did The loss of her mother really affected Ruth and her father is not sympathetic Miss Mole manages to get Ruth to come out of her shell a bit Ruth s older sister Ethel is like their father but she has a mind of her own and wants to get out of her father s house She s not daring enough to be a real rebel and I found her irritating Miss Mole s cousin Lilla was also a bit annoying She s stuffy and snobby, without a sense of humor and everyone wants to please her Mr Samson was my favorite character and he was hardly in the book I enjoyed his refreshing frankness and he reminded me of Mr Harrison in Anne of Avonlea Mr Bleckinsop is confusing He exhibits a lot of character growth without really being in the story much This story is told not quite stream of consciousness but it s mostly Hannah s internal thoughts and feelings There s a little bit in the heads of the other characters I found it confusing because Hannah doesn t tell the whole story of things that really happened and we get a lot of information after the fact She talks about the Riddings and Mr Pilgrim but we re not shown what happens with the Riddings We don t get the full story about Mr Pilgrim and only finally get the story of her sordid past This book wasn t really my cup of tea but it wasn t terrible either.

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    Brilliant.I know that word is overly used in reviews but frankly, there is no better word for this book My mom recommended this and I am so very, very glad she did.I do not want to tell too much about the story because in doing so I would give away what is so precious about this novel, the unfolding of it all Miss Mole is not always a reliable narrator but not in the newfangled Girl on the Train sense but in the very human way we have of trying to make our lives less drab and humdrum and dare I say it, less sad There are moments in this book, true moments that will stay with you and so many great passages Here is one that jumped out at me and will give you a taste of the prose I shall never forget it, he said, his head in his hands No, but other people will , and that s what really matters That s our weakness and our strength There s no shame, she said, as though to herself, no disappointment, no disillusionment, we can t bear if we can keep it to ourselves It s the beastly curiosity and the beastly speculations of other people that get one on the raw.

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    I m surprised there aren t readers of this masterpiece Almost all appear to be female as well My gender s loss.

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