Blood, Sweat & Tea: Real-Life Adventures in an Inner-City Ambulance

Blood, Sweat & Tea: Real-Life Adventures in an Inner-City AmbulanceFor a short while, I read the blog that this book emerged from, although I had never seen any of the posts that form the content here I stopped reading the site because I found it quite depressing, so I don t know why I thought the book would be any different.It is well written, and paints a great picture of life in a London ambulance as it turns out, that life is pretty grim I m no idiot, and know that people make life hard for the emergency services when they really should grow a brain and move out of the way for those saving our lives I felt like the book could maybe have done with a fewpositive stories though, just to balance out the ranting.All that being said, I still feel lucky to have a glimpse of a life I would never normally know about, and I do intend to read the sequel albeit after a lengthy break while I build my optimism of the human race back up again It s also spurred me on to findtrue life tales in the Kindle store, and let me tell you, there are quite a few to choose from Great book, better than expected I found out there is a second book which I plan on acquiring This book was a whole range of emotions like riding a roller coaster or perhaps just like taking a ride in the back of an ambulance while going over several speed bumps It was at times touching and heartfelt, other times maddening, you can t help but get into it and there were some stories that I was laughing so hard I was crying All in all, it was a satisfying ride and read and I m glad I took the time to read it The author has a real way with words and being able to summarize a story in a way that is with just enough suspense to keep you interested Really made me a fan of the London Ambulance Service, and all the EMTs out there for the work they do and all they have to deal with every single day Is There Anyone Who Hasn T Wondered About The State Of The Occupant Of An Ambulance, Screaming Along With Its Sirens On And Blue Lights Flashing Have You And Have You Wondered About The Other People Inside The Ambulance, Maybe Fighting To Save The Patient S Life Or Have You Considered That The Ambulance May Be Another Maternataxi Ordered By A Woman Who Can T Be Bothered To Book A Real Cab And Who Then Complains She Can T Smoke On The Way To Hospital And That The Medical Technician Inside Might Just Be Desperate To Get Back Home From A Busy Shift, To Have A Cup Of Tea And Catch Up With His Blog Meet Tom Reynolds Tom Is An Emergency Medical Technician Who Works For The London Ambulance Service In East London He Has Kept A Blog Of His Daily Working Life SinceAnd His Award Winning Writing Is, By Turn, Moving, Cynical, Funny, Heart Rending And Compassionate It Is Never Less Than Compelling From The Tragic To The Hilarious, From The Heartwarming To The Terrifying, The Stories Tom Tells Give A Fascinating And At Times Alarming Picture Of Life In Inner City Britain, And The People Who Are Paid To Mop Up After It interesting, funny blog book detailing the working of a London Ambulance worker as he blogs about his work and cases some of the cases you just have to laugh out loud at how stupid people can be. Disappointing Reading this book reminds me why I stopped reading his blog NHS employees LAS included are not paid to be judgemental, but Mr Kellett apparently missed that directive It s one thing to hold such negative views about, for example, somebody with alcoholism, but it s another thing entirely to blog and then ultimately publish them Disgraceful and unprofessional. This was an interesting book about someone who is an EMT in the United Kingdom Prior to this, I had no clue the author had a blog and the book was basically his blog in published form Due to this, the stories were for the most part very short, some not even taking up an entire page, which occasionally left you wantinginformation about the incident Other than that it was a very interesting book, especially since I have family who works in the medical field or as EMT s and I enjoy listening to the stories they can tell about various patients. 3.5 5 This was an easy, and fascinating, read about the life of an ambulance officer in inner city London Although I knew it was excerpts from the author s blog going in, I have to admit it was the format of the book that ended up letting it down.Although little comments are made here and there usually added to the end of entries about how a certain story ended up, there is very little context and I still came away feeling I knew very little about the author What was his personal life like, being affected by his job What drove him to become an ambulance officer Little details like this would have made the book richer.My personal opinion is that reading a blog and reading a book are two entirely different things altogether We expectcoherence from a book at least a littlework in tying together these disparate entries and making the story of the author s life a little less fragmented.I will still be buying the second volume, however But as a side note, I must also add that at times I found Reynolds particularly insensitive and judgemental about various people, like alcoholics I know that working in his industry he must get tired of seeing people drink their lives away while other people have their lives snuffed out in an instant, but it s not an either or situation Addiction is also an illness. I will start by pointing out something that wasn t clear when I got this book it s a series of blog posts collated together into a book rather than the normal book I was expecting I will admit that this does give a good insight into the life of a paramedic but I spent a good proportion of the book wanting to give the author a serious shaking He comes across as incredibly arrogant and unprofessional, making comments about the patients he sees which would be inappropriate within a conversation between crews, let alone published for the whole world to see While quite a bit of what he wrote made me see red, there was one bit in particular which had my blood boiling instantly At one point, after describing the death of an infant, he implies that people who are affected by the death of a patient, are weak That is as far from the truth as possible and will make people feel horrendous if they are affected by something So, as an aside to the review, please note if you experience something like that which affects you, it doesn t matter what it is, you are NOT weak for feeling that way Sorry I m going to end the review there as otherwise it will probably turn into the rant In summary, it s a good idea as to what people in the pre hospital care environment deal with but most are muchprofessional than this author. Blood, Sweat, and Tea Real Life Adventures in an Inner City Ambulance ReviewBook Rating 5 stars out of 5.Blog Posts 5 stars out of 5 I really enjoyed this book because I really learned how it is to work on an ambulance in London There are so many things that EMS people need to do that it s crazy I was also happy that I was able to understand a lot of the medical terms I ve always been interested in the medical field I felt really bad for the older people in this novel As I ve learned most of the nursing homes didn t completely treat them right It was really hard to see All people should be taken care of when they aren t able to care for themselves At one point in the story I was really worried for Brian Kellet He ended up swallowing HIV positive blood I was happy to learn that he didn t get HIV There were other scary situations that most EMS people have to deal with It s nice to read about the police, EMT s, and firefighters working together.All in all I enjoyed this book There was plenty to enjoy about this a fast and sometimes interesting account of a London ambulance EMT and the author writes with a refreshing immediacy due to the format in which this was first written an online blog At times though I wanted a littledepth and a littlemedical content it did become slightly one dimensional by the end with all the timewasters, drunks, junkies and chancers. it left me a little sad at the impact on the NHS of so much that is avoidable It was a quick read and I appreciate it would have worked better in small doses. perhaps I couldn t escape the suspicion that fewer chapters in greater detail would ve made for imho afulfilling read Still, it was a good insight into the profession and was written with some intelligent points made.

Tom Reynolds is the pseudonym of Brian Kellett, an emergency medical technician for the London Ambulance Service, England, whose award winning blog, Random Acts of Reality, has been published in two books, Blood, Sweat Tea in 2006 and More Blood, More Sweat Another Cup of Tea in 2009 His career in the NHS started at the age of 23 when he worked as an Accident and Emergency nurse Sinc

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