MandyI read this long ago as a child and decided it was high time for a reread as my memories of it are so fond It is a sweet, heartfelt tale of a little orphan girl who is looking for a place of her own But what she really wants of course is a family of her own It captured my imagination as a child and delighted me as an adult I really enjoyed reading this book again. Is anything satisfying than reading about someone else doing a lot of tidying up Ten Year Old Mandy Feels Lost Among The Thirty Children Who Live In The Old Stone Orphange She Dreams Of A Home Of Her Own, A Place Where She Belongs When Mandy Climbs Over The High Orphanage Wall To Explore The Outside, She Is Lucky Enough To Find A Tiny Deserted Cottage Hidden In The Forest With A Few Borrowed Items, The Cottage Becomes A Refuge To Guard Her Secret, Mandy Even Lies But When She Falls Terribly Sick, No One Knows Where She Is No One, That Is, Except For A Special Admirer She Didn T Know She Had I wish I could give it 10 stars This is one of the most warm, comforting, emotionally moving stories for kids and if you are smart to toss aside meaningless labels, for adults as well.Mandy is 10 years old and something of a loner at the orphanage where she has lived most of her life The Matron and staff are kind to the children and try to make a real home for them but Mandy longs for something She has a friend and room mate named Sue who she frustrates by wanting to be alone so much she frustrates Sue who needs and wsnts time with her friend One day Mandy goes over the back wall in the orphanage orchard and explores She finds an abandoned cottage in need of care and soon is buying, borrowing and stealing items to fix up the cottage with the shell room in it and its garden We see her desperate need for the cottage and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the garden, animals, and work Mandy did to make it a special place.Troubles come she is caught stealing, she breaks some borrowed shears, she gets grounded, Sue discovers her secret place and then the property is purchased just as a mysterious stranger begins doing things at the cottage and leaving her notes When Mandy goes to the cottage one day to leave a note, she is so sick she collapses What happens then will amaze you and warm your heart We get a glimpse inside the head and heart of an orphan and the myriad of emotions she feels This is a beautiful book, a keeper, and something every child boys and girls should read I recommend it to every adult too It will make you feel things you never expected a child s book to make you feel. I bought and read this book because I m a huge Julie Andrews fan I also love orphan stories I ve even designated a Goodreads shelf for orphan books Anyway, this one really touched my heart and it s a really well written and interesting story Deserves to be a classic. Mandy lives in an orphanage It is a nice place but Mandy longs for a place of her own This book has a slow pace and lots of details of nature and the seasons Mandy finds an abandoned cottage and makes it her own We liked this book but it was completely predictable We would have enjoyed it if the orphanage had been a horrible place to escape from, although there are plenty of stories along these lines we felt it would have added some excitement Part of the book I changed as I read aloud Personally I found a young girl being sent gifts and letters from an anonymous man who signed himself from an admirer unsuitable so changed this to from a friend.I think I would have enjoyed this much as a child and than my daughter did as I loved to read about making a home or finding parents This book has some lovely parts. Julie Andrews Edwards of Mary Poppins fame grew up to be an author Who would have thought This charming, lovely tale is very reminiscent of The Little Princess or The Secret Garden Mandy, an orphan, one day peeks over the orphanage wall to discover a seemingly abandoned cottage and is soon embarking on an adventure that will enthrall readers young and old Mandy, Ms Andrews Edwards 2nd novel, is a beautifully written, joyous story. This book was one of my all time favorites as a kid I loved the romance of finding a cottage, cleaning it up, and calling it my own It affected me enough that I named my own daughter Amanda and she prefers Mandy I have an elderly friend that was a hoarder When I was trying to sort through her stuff, I d try to imagine I was living the story and just cleaning things up a bit , instead of the reality of being a hoarder s friend Made things marginally better I think this story should be made into a movie Julie should have the background to know how to get that started Precious story of an orphan finding a place of her own, which feels like an updated version of The Secret Garden, with than a dash of A Little Princess thrown in And yes, it s written by THAT Julie Andrews And written well As of ten minutes ago I finished this book by Julie Andrews Even though I work in a book store I came across this title in a back door sort of way A couple of months ago I was boasting to my friend that I have a really good success rate with finding books for customers when there is almost nothing to go on Taking me up on the challenge she asked if I knew about this children s bookdetails main character is Mandy and she has her own world beyond a big wall It was fairly easy to find the title was a big help and I ordered her a copy saying that I would read it myself before delivering it to her at our next meeting.So, I just finished it after reading the bulk of it today pgs 82 304 Now, as a disclaimer, I m a bit of a weeper Movies, TV shows, commercials God help me all have the potential to make my eyes water a bit or a lot I try to keep it to myself mostly because my boyfriend thinks that it s terribly adorable and will sit with an aren t you sweet pout on his face while laughing at me Sometimes there are exceptions where I will sit and openly sob with a messy tissue or two at my side This book was one of those absolute tear jerkers for me When my boyfriend found me he implored our cat to stay away from that book because it will make you sad Not sad, really, just a feeling of kinship.Mandy is a little, 10 year old girl living her days in an orphanage Although she is very well cared for she has an adventurous streak that has the promise of getting her into a fix After climbing a wall behind the orphanage s back orchard she discovers a charming little cottage which she is determined to make her own Trouble ensues, of course.The deal here is that she is sent on a roller coaster of emotions that, while they re written about in the simplest of ways, are quite profound and deep And isn t that how children feel A problem at the age of 10 may seem easy for someone the age of 30 but the emotions are all relative I found that what she was dealing with at 10 were some of the same frightening hurtles that I dealt with as well since coming from a troubled childhood You may not feel the same about your life as you read through her experience I kind of hope that you don t but you will certainly feel sympathetic about her situation as you read This would make an excellent book for a child that is reading chapter books because it teaches many lessons so subtlely and with such compassion that a child could easily absorb the message.

Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews Edwards, DBE is an award winning English actress, singer, author and cultural icon She is the recipient of Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, BAFTA, People s Choice Award, Theatre World Award, Screen Actors Guild and Academy Award honours Andrews rose to prominence after starring in Broadway musicals such as My Fair Lady and Camelot, as well as musical films like Mary Poppi

➞ [Epub] ❥ Mandy By Julie Andrews Edwards ➨ –
  • Hardcover
  • 188 pages
  • Mandy
  • Julie Andrews Edwards
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780060218034

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