Loving Rose: The Redemption of Malcolm Sinclair

Loving Rose: The Redemption of Malcolm SinclairLOVING ROSE The Redemption of Malcolm Sinclair by Stephanie Laurens is an interesting Historical Romance 3 in the Casebook of Barnaby Adair, but can be read as a stand alone What a thrilling and somewhat intriguing story from the Casebook of Barnaby Adair This Malcolm Sinclair s story Believed to be dead, he re invents himself as, Thomas Glendower In his previous life he was a notorious man spared from death He is on a mission to meet his fate, and make amends EnterRose,living in his secluded manor with her two children Thomas is instantly attracted to her, as she is to him Thomas, is a tortured soul and scarred terribly But is he lovable Oh, but Rose has on own secrets to tell or not tell as the case may be And determined to tame the wild beast within Thomas Filled with a bit of intrigue, lots of passion, two delightful young children, redemption, healing, forgiveness,the power of true love and friendship An enjoyable read I was mesmerized by the rightness of wrongs done, and the determination to protect those weaker Well done Received for an honest review from the publisher.Rating 4Heat Rating hotReviewed by AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More In this book Malcolm Sinclair, the villain from The Taste of Innocence, is saved from death and takes the opportunity to become a new and better man In that book our last sight of him is as he is falling to his death from a bridge over a waterfall At the beginning of this one, his mangled, nearly dead self is discovered on a Somerset beach by a group of monks They take him in and he begins the long, slow process of healing At the end of the other book, Malcolm had realized what he had done and taken steps to right the wrongs he had committed Now that he is not dead, he has to make a decision on what to do with is life He decides to leave Malcolm where he was, and become Thomas Glendower, an alias he had set up many years before As Thomas, he begins to learn how to be a better man, thinking of others rather than himself He takes his talent for making money and uses it to help the monastery become self sufficient His injuries were so severe that it takes him five years to recover At that point, it is suggested to him that he was saved because God Fate has something in mind for him to do, and that staying in the monastery isn t going to help him discover what that is So he sets out for the home he bought as Thomas, to finish his recovery and wait for Fate to find him.Arriving in Cornwall he discovers that the elderly couple he left in charge of his home has retired, and been replaced by a young widow with two children He senses right away that she has secrets, but having plenty of his own he doesn t pester her for answers He settles in to his home and continues his financial work, but feels the lack of somethingmeaningful Being accustomed to doing many physical things with the monks, he starts doing work around the manor too He also begins to get to know Rose and the two children He develops a strong attraction to Rose, but because of his past feels that he is completely unworthy of her and tries to resist doing anything about the attraction.Rose has been in hiding with the children for the past four years Thomas s home has been the perfect place because of its isolation and they have felt safe there Thomas s arrival worries her at the beginning, but his acceptance of her and her story reassures her Thomas himself intrigues her She sees a deep sadness in him, but he doesn t talk about his past, other than to tell her he hasn t been a good man But everything she sees in him contradicts that She is surprised by his down to earth behavior and moved by his kindness to the children She is also attracted to him, but because of her secrets doesn t see a future for them However, the attraction wins out, and they begin a relationship with the intention of taking just one day at a time.When Rose s past catches up to her, she knows she needs to tell Thomas the truth before taking the children and fleeing again What she doesn t expect is for him to take command of the problem and work to fix it Thomas convinces her that it s time to face up to it and that with his help it will be fine Rose gets a good look at Thomas the champion and the attraction she feels begins to turn to love I loved the protectiveness that Thomas has toward Rose and the kids He will do anything to keep them safe and ensure their future safety, even give himself up to pay for his crimes.I really loved Thomas and his efforts to pay for the sins of his past He is well aware of his faults and his efforts to overcome them don t always go smoothly He has to really work at thinking about how his actions will affect other people When he arrives at the manor house, I really enjoyed seeing the way he fit in so easily with Rose and the children I loved his times with the children and how wonderful he was with them The part with Homer and the books, and with Pippin and the apple tree, showed that he had a good heart when he allowed himself to listen to it I also loved Rose s ability to look past Thomas s scars to the man he was now Even after he told her about his past, she still saw the good man he became There are glimpses throughout the book of the person who is looking for Rose and the children Thomas brings them to London, and enlists the help of Barnaby Adair and others to discover the truth Asinformation is uncovered, there are some inconsistencies in the background of the suspect that throw the investigation into some confusion As they learnabout him I suspected that there wasto the story than they thought The final confrontation was intense, with an interesting twist on the culprit The outcome for Thomas was not what he expected, and I loved seeing what he did with it. Miraculously Spared From Death, Malcolm Sinclair Erases The Notorious Man He Once Was Reinventing Himself As Thomas Glendower, He Strives To Make Amends For His Past, Yet He Never Imagines Penance Might Come Via A Secretive Lady He Discovers Living In His Secluded ManorRose Has A Plausible Explanation For Why She And Her Children Are Residing In Thomas S House, But She Quickly Realizes He S Far Too Intelligent To Fool Revealing The Truth Is Impossibly Dangerous, Yet Day By Day He Wins Her Trust, And Then Her HeartBut Then Her Enemy Closes In, And Rose Turns To Thomas As The Only Man Who Can Protect Her And The Children And When She Asks For His Help, Thomas Finally Understands His True Purpose, And With Unwavering Commitment, He Seeks His Redemption In The Only Way He Can Through Living The Reality Of Loving RoseNew York Times Bestselling Author Stephanie Laurens Returns With Another Mysterious Tale Of The London Underworld From The Casebook Of Barnaby Adair In The Haut Ton, Reputation Is Everything So When Crime Strikes At Society, There Is A Certain Discretion Required Barnaby Adair Is The Gentleman Sleuth Who Can Move In All Social Circles First Seen In Where The Heart Leads, Barnaby Is A Firm Fan Favourite Loving Rose Follows On From The Masterful Mr Montague And Is Another Searing Tale Of Love And Passion, Daring And Adventure I m going to admit right off the bat that I ve only read a couple of books by Ms Laurens, and that the last one I read was such a disappointment that I ve not read her since Her writing style is too flowery and repetitive for my taste, and I found the characterisation severely lacking That said, she s an incredibly popular author and there is obviously a reason for that, so just because those books didn t work for me doesn t mean they won t work for others Having heard that her series of Barnaby Adair mysteries were a little different from her usual fayre, when this book came up for review, I thought I d give her another chance.The story revolves around a character who appeared as a villain in some of the author s other books, one Malcolm Sinclair, a man with no moral compass whose selfish actions have either directly or indirectly caused much misery and hardship to others I haven t read any of those books, but sufficient information is given at the outset to set the scene At the beginning of this book, a severely injured man is washed up on the seashore close to a monastery, and gives his name as Thomas Glendower before the monks convey him to their infirmary He spends five years there altogether the first couple recovering from his injuries and convalescing, the remaining three because he wants to be there, and because he s trying to work out exactly what he s going to do with his second chance at life During his time at the monastery, he takes over the management of their funds, and because of his talent for knowing which investments will be the most profitable, he increases their income significantly while setting up and endowing numerous charitable organisations He wants desperately to atone for his murky past, and in financial terms, anyway does so admirably.But he is still without a purpose in life, and eventually realises that he needs to go out to seek it, rather than to wait for it to find him, and heads off to Breage Manor in Cornwall, a property he purchased some time ago, and which his solicitor has ensured has been maintained over the years Upon arrival, he is surprised to find that the elderly couple he had previously employed as housekeepers are no longer there, and in their place is a much younger and attractive woman with two children She explains that she had originally been taken on in order to help the previous incumbents, and when the task of looking after the house had become too onerous for them, they had retired and left her to run it Which she does surprisingly well, considering there is no other staff for such a large house Thomas and Rose are attracted to each other, and while he senses that she is not what she seems for one thing, she s obviously from a well to do family he doesn t push her to tell himthan she is comfortable with As their relationship develops, they form a strong bond of trust which allows both of them to divulge the information about their pasts and Thomas determines to keep Rose and the children safe, no matter what.As this is a mystery, I m not going to say anyabout the plot It s well done, there s a nice twist towards the end most importantly, the writing doesn t suffer so badly from the same problems as I found in theromantic aspects of the story The opening chapters which deal with Thomas life with the monks and his initial meetings with Rose are very readable and kept me turning the pages, but the romance such as it is is poorly developed and the characterisation fairly thin.Not having read any of the books which featured Malcolm Thomas before, I couldn t make any judgments as to the nature of his past deeds and personality If you have read those books, then you may well feel rather less at sea than I did I understand that he had expected to die in fact, had arranged his own death and now wants to grasp his second chance with both hands and do something good with it but he still seems too saintly, andas though he s had a complete personality transplant rather than being someone who s reformed and is perhaps struggling with some aspects of that reformation.Unfortunately, Rose is bland and uninteresting She s supposed to be resourceful, but her being able to keep the children hidden for the past five years has beendue to luck than any resourcefulness on her part And the romance well, to be honest, the book would have worked better without it I liked the trust that built up between Thomas and Rose, but the sex scenes are just unreadable In fact, once I d reminded myself of why I hadn t liked them in the last book I read by this author, I skim read them Half the time I had no idea what the characters were doing one of my Goodreads updates says Spiralling sweeping fracturing fusing Either the H h just had sex or a day out at the local metalworks I m not completely sure It s not that I want put tab B into slot A sex scenes, but the language here is ridiculously overblown and so full of unnecessary imagery that I just couldn t bear it What I did want and didn t get was a well developed romance I d have been happy with no bedroom scenes at all if I d felt any spark between the protagonists.Another language based issue is Ms Laurens habit of repetition she makes a point and then proceeds to re inforce it using a sledgehammerLiving the rest of his life with her, growing old with her having children with her was not his most yearned for dream.A dream he was certain he would not live to make real Would not, one way or another, be allowed to commit to I marked up a number of similar instances on my Kindle, but that was where my finger stopped in the list When it comes down to it, my first thoughts on finishing the book were that it worked much better as a mystery than a romance I m sure Ms Laurens many fans will read and enjoy this, but she s clearly not for me I m giving this a C based on the fact that the mystery worked quite well had it been just a romance, I d have given it a much lower grade. Ok, buddy read time, here we go, fingers crossed p3.75 Stars though I ll round up because it s Malcolm Thomas Review on the way, I swear I love this series Although I ve only read 2 books in this series, I feel I ve come to immensely appreciate this author s writing style She takes me back in time into high society, the ton, and makes me feel as if I am moving within that inner social circle I ve come to respect the main character, Thomas Glendower as he s transformed from a self centered villain, Malcolm Sinclair, into a humble reclusive philanthropist, protector of his housekeeper, Rose and her two children I swooned with Rose as she fell in love with Thomas and the safe haven he provides She was able to see beyond his scarred body and into his heart Thomas disfigured features only seemed to magnify his attractiveness to Rose and she demonstrates this by touching and exploring his marred and twisted body without hesitation in their most intimate moments together I found myself falling for this intriguing man myself I will definitely be readingfrom this gifted writer Ties Up Many Story ThreadsLOVING ROSE THE REDEMPTION OF MALCOLM SINCLAIR is the third book in the Barnaby Adair series which deals with the investigations of Barnaby Adair and his wife Penelope They have been joined by several friends who now investigate as a team While placed in this series, this book is actually a sequel to the Cynster series book, THE TASTE OF INNOCENCE In that book, the villain Malcolm Sinclair falls to his apparent death at the end of the book In LOVING ROSE Sinclair has barely survived and comes through the five years of recuperation a changed man He has taken up his alter ego Thomas Glendower and goes out to discover what penance he must satisfy for his prior misdeeds When Thomas arrives at his home, he discovers that a widow and her two children Rose is his new housekeeper but Thomas soon realizes that she has some dark secret that she is hiding That secret brings the two together, brings them to London and to the attention of Adair and his investigative group and ultimately requires Thomas to confront his past.I loved this story of Malcolm Sinclair s redemption The story does not rush the transformation of Malcolm into Thomas It also clearly demonstrates that Thomas feels remorse for his past I believe this book works better after reading THE TASTE OF INNOCENCE because in truth the transformation begins in that book In this book Thomas is really the star While Rose has a plant character, she is reallyof a catalyst for Thomas and I felt the real drama of the book was Thomas s journey Rose s secret provides the mystery that Adair and his cohorts investigate While it was nice to see these characters again, once again, they seemed to really serve to demonstrate the transformation of Thomas I was muchinterested in that then the mystery.For fans of Laurens this book is a great treat Malcolm Sinclair had been present in several novels and it was satisfying to have the loose ends of Malcolm Sinclair s life so well resolved.I d rate this one a 4.25 on the strength of the redemption story. Loving Rose can be termed an original work for Ms Laurens This is the first time that she s taken a villain, Malcolm Sinclair initially from A Taste of Innocence, and transformed him into a hero Thomas Glendower And it wasn t a rapid transformation, but rather well done as most of this novel seems to be about Thomas This is a romance where the hero is front and centre, which makes it different from the norm As a reader, we are taken in a journey of transformation and redemption along with Thomas Rose, who is an important character in this novel, serves as a reason for that change, but it is nonetheless Thomas who carries the weight of this story.That isn t to say that the mystery and romance aspects of Loving Rose are not explored or well portrayed, they are but they are not as important to the story as Thomas Malcolm s journey This novel is a romantic tribute to the hero s journey of old.And of course, we get cameos from some old friends and new My only quibbles with this novel were that I wanted adastardly villain, especially since Malcolm had been such a good villain in his own novel, but a true evil mastermind was sadly lacking in this novel and I also wanted to see Malcolm s new identity as Thomas Glendower challenged in some way, but it never was to my satisfaction.Yet, overall this novel was fun enough to make me dread the wait until 2018 for the next one For those of you lucky enough to just be starting the Casebook of Barnaby Adair series, you have three amazing novels to tide your over for the next three years But, of course, Ms Laurens never sits idle so, while we may not be getting another installment in this particular series any time soon, she is returning to her beloved Cynsters for the next batch of novels. I dunno, maybe I was reading too much Anne Stuart when I read this, Mal was just kind meh after all his uber evilness in the other books Not a bad book, but I waited a loong time to get here and was a bit disappointed. 1 11 It s November, it s the Melbourne Cup long weekend, it s the day after Halloween which was a complete non event in my street, with a diabetic in the house we ve never celebrated and we didn t see any sign of trick or treaters roaming the streets yesterday, don t know what we re going to do with a pack of funsize Bounties and this is my first review for the second last month of 2016 I can t believe I m saying that already.This was the best of a bunch of bad Laurens books I ve read over the last couple of years The sex was still pretty rubbish after reading the first scene to confirm that they hadn t gotten better, I skipped them altogether , but at least I liked the lead characters I liked that Thomas was an older man who was looking for redemption and letting fate lead him to it and at the same time he was paying for the sins of his past life through both his pain and deeds I liked the way Thomas was with the kids, especially Homer, tutoring him and giving himdifficult books to read to keep him busy and out of the kind of mischief that could lead to the kind of troubled life Thomas used to live.After the sex the main problem with this book was that the mystery wasn t all that mysterious It wasn t exactly clear who the villain might be, view spoiler but there were only two choices after it became obvious who it wasn t As soon as Penelope started talking to her contacts in the older set it was clear that Richard Percival wasn t the bad guy, which only left Marmaduke and Roger Once I knew who it wasn t the way the book attempted to keep the ruse going irritated me a bit I felt like Laurens didn t think that the reader was intelligent enough to spot the inconsistency between Richard Percival s character and lack of motive and the crime he supposedly boasted of committing Every time we flashed to a scene with Percival doing saying something incriminating and nefarious I felt like telling the book that the game was up, I knew it wasn t the obvious Percival hide spoiler

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.Once in London, Stephanie

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