Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain Dawson Barnes Recognizes His World Is Very Small And Very Charmed Running His Community College Theater Like A Petty God, He And His Best Friend, Benji Know They Ll Succeed As Stage Techs After Graduation His Father Adores Him, Benji Would Die For Him, And Dawson Never Doubted The Safety Net Of His Family, Even When Life Hit Him Below The BeltBut Nothing Prepared Him For Falling On Jared Emory S HeadAloof Dance Superstar Jared Is A Sweet, Vulnerable Man And Dawson S Life Suits Him Like A Fitted Ballet Slipper They Forge A Long Distance Romance From Their Love Of The Theater And The Magic Of Denny S At First It S Perfect Dawson Gets Periodic Visits And Nookie From A Gorgeous Man Who Gets Him And Jared Gets Respite From The Ultra Competitive World Of Dancing That Almost Consumed HimThat Is Until Jared Shows Up Sick And Desperate And Dawson Finally Sees The Distance Between Them Concealed Painful Things Jared Kept Inside If He Doesn T Grow Up And Fast His Superstar Might Not Survive His Own Weaknesses That Would Be A Shame, Because The Real, Fragile Jared That Dawson Sees Behind The Curtain Is The Person He Can See Spending His Life With or

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  • 266 pages
  • Behind the Curtain
  • Amy Lane
  • English
  • 23 May 2019
  • 9781627985109

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    I m sorry to say that this wasn t my favorite Amy Lane In all fairness, I recently read two Amy Lane s that blew me away Truth in the Dark and Christmas Kitsch and this one just withered in comparison There was something about the writing in this book that felt off to me There were lots of little time jumps and there was almost a spazzy style to it maybe like Dawson, the main character The kind of choppy, non sequiturish writing was hard for me to get into, and this book took me days to finish To compare, I usually stay up all night to finish an Amy Lane book I also had some trouble getting into Dawson and Jared as a couple I didn t connect with them much and felt oddly aloof towards them I m not sure why I liked the straight best friend in Benji but I kept comparing the relationship between Benji and Dawson to Deacon and Jon from Keeping Promise Rock Despite all of my little issues, this book has many lovely qualities The ending was really wonderful and the character of Dawson s dad was fabulous I also liked how Dawson was a fully unique character I got a really firm sense of who he was and what drove him I loved his abashed enthusiasm for sex and his grasp of right and wrong Looking back at this book, I enjoyed it but feel a little disappointed because I was hoping for another slam dunk Amy Lane Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    First of all I have to admit something shocking I m a Amy Lane virgin Perhaps the only one in the whole M M universe I ve only read the Country Mouse series, her collaboration with Aleks Voinov So I dived head first into this story and damn, it impressed the hell out of me.Dawson and his very best friend Benji are running a community college theater in Rocklin, California They belong to the people who pull the curtain, and write the plays and make the costumes, the people who make the dream but who don t live it on the front of the stage Dawson s world is very small and sheltered and he is the most loveably sweet guy anyone could ever hope to meet He s just hilarious and so damn cute I couldn t help but fall in love with him instantly When one day Jared Emory, dance superstar of the Los Angeles Ballet shows up at the theater, Dawson s sheltered world turns upside down, because nothing prepared him for falling on Jared s head Literally Watching Jared and Dawson s relationship grow is so heartwarming It isn t insta love as I normally read in these types of books The relationship has time to grow and there is no sex at first sight They fall in love during an all night conversation at Denny s, a diner full of magic, so it seems Don t underestimate Denny s There s magic at Denny s Well see You can t doubt magic, then And you shouldn t doubt us Not yet Not when magic and hard work still have a chance Given Jared s dancing career in Los Angeles they start a long distance romance Even though his body begins to struggle, Jared is obsessed with his dancing I dream sometimes, he said through a raspy chest I dream I can t move My body is frozen, and I m invisible, and I wake up sweating, checking my bones, checking my knees and my feet I m terrified I ll never fly again I ll be trapped flat on the ground like a rock Like I m already dead That s dance I need it to breathe Dolph, his sleaze ball of agent doesn t help him at all, when Jared s knee is finally badly injured He wants nothing than to keep him doped up and shove him on the stage, milk him and throw him away once he s used up Jared, reserved and lonely Jared I felt the urge to protect him, to care for him and most of all give this Dolph guy a kick in the ass for the things he expects Jared to put up with and his parents, for abandoning him.However, when at some point Jared shows up sick and desperate Dawson finally realises that Jared might not survive his dancing obsession all alone He starts to see the man behind the curtain, the real, fragile Jared, who thinks poorly of himself If Dawson wants to spend his life with him, he has to stand up for Jared and take over the reins Do you have any idea how much I d give how much I d dance, how far I d run, for you to not know any bad thing about me But I have to tell you these things, and I think, Oh God I am the worst thing to happen to Dawson s life, and I suck Benji is the ultimate secondary character I have trouble finding words to describe Dawson s wonderful friend and the brother of his heart He is a great friend, strong, smart and supportive yet vulnerable And I don t want to forget Stan, Dawson s wonderful dad, Darian, Benji s girlfriend and Amber, the sad goth girl You can stay the night and everything Jared s lips quirked up Are you sure Benji won t greet me in the morning with a shotgun Not if you make him french toast He ll totally sell me out for someone who cooks Behind the Curtain was a fantastic read I really have no words to describe how much I enjoyed this book Everything about it The writing is exceptional Each scene is carefully worded to bring every emotion to life, the happiness, the loneliness, the humour and the heartbreak The story of Dawson and Jared is simply amazing I laughed with them, I cried with them, pushed with them through their struggles The things they have to endure are heartbreaking and at times I didn t know if they could get over it But leave it to Amy Lane to bring it all together seamlessly.Overall, let me tell you about my r sum after popping my Amy Lane sherry Amy can rock the socks off a blank piece of paper The rhythm of the words, the flow of the story, her style is just brilliant I fell as hard for the author as I fell for the characters Highly recommended Now off to track down of Amy Lane s books I guess I have lots of reading to do

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    So what you re saying is that I might as well pay down on my ice cream aka cure all for those heavy angsty nuggets Amy delivers oh so well

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    This book feels like prototypical Amy Lane, in story arc, characters, and phrasing which is a good thing She s an autobuy author for me.Dawson is young, intense and humorous by turns, prone to italics and yet in other ways very grounded in family, friends, and what matters in life His POV narration has moments of excellent humor, and of heart tugging angst His best friend Benji is wonderful, staunch and supportive, het and not even curious but behind Dawson in every way Jared is the character who will break your heart a little, a professional dancer with a life so pared down to nothing that all that exists is his body and the stage, in the celebration of dance Until he meets Dawson Jared has been alone for so long, and has tried to connect with users and losers often enough, that he barely knows what to do with a guy like Dawson But if he can figure it out, he has a taste of the love and family that Dawson can wrap around him Unfortunately, the job that is life and breath to him is out of town, and his agent and the company he dances with are determined to keep that his first priority, above not just Dawson but even Jared s own health and longevity The show must go on But at what cost There is a nice cast of secondary characters, including women, which I always appreciate about Amy s books Dawson is a bit pushy and demanding, but it makes sense, because he s trying to get for Jared what Jared doesn t seem to realize he deserves for himself Jared is a bit passive again appropriate given the life he has had, and the way he threw all of himself into dance until there was very little left I wanted to go beat the crap out of a couple of people on his behalf myself This book didn t get into the marrow of my bones, the way some Amy Lane books do, but it will be a reread without a doubt.

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    Amy Lane is an auto buy author for me According to Goodreads she is my most read author I will read just about anything she writes If she writes a manual on learning to knit, I will read it I love her stories, her characters and her writing style Okay, I m done gushing Seriously though, I really loved this book Dawson is a behind the scenes stage tech He does light and sound engineering, handles the props, etc He reminded me a bit of Patrick from Clear Water who is one of my favorite characters of all time He s quirky and funny and a bit of a spaz puppy And then there s Jared Emory, star of the Los Angeles Ballet He loves the spotlight and acts like a diva, but behind the mask, there s a lot of pain and sadness You will fall in love with both of them as well as their group of friends Benji, Darian, and Amber Flawless writing, lots of quotable dialog, absolute perfection

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this It s a sweet, humorous, and romantic love story Of course, since this is Amy Lane, you have to know the other shoe will drop and your heart will be ripped out at some point Because that s how Amy Lane rolls I loved both characters and thought their long distance relationship was handled really well Hugh Bradley s narration kept me entertained, the story got me to laugh and ugly cry in public no less, thanks Amy Lane , and I was rooting for Dawson and Jared until the very end.The supporting characters here, Benji, Darian, Amber, Dawson s dad elevated this for me from a sweet, lovely story, to one of the top three Amy Lane books I ve read I had one issue with the whole agent mess toward the end which I didn t buy in the slightest and felt was misplaced, but other than that niggle, I had a great time listening to this and wouldn t hesitate to recommend this, especially for those who enjoy the lighter angst filled side of Amy Lane This review has been cross posted at Reviews by Jessewave.

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    Yes yes yes Just yes See I fell in love with Amy Lane because she does some hard core, kick ass, ugly tears angst Like, she s blown me away many a time and I seriously stand behind every good review, every 5 stars that I give her I play the fangirl with Amy because, well it happens when you love someone s work so much, but by definition fangirls don t actually enjoy something for its depth so much as what that thing or person represents Nah Amy I m a fan of because she s got chops mad skills I know when I pick up a book she s gonna make my heart bleed and then she s gonna sooth it so nicely with a happily ever after that s full of family and hope and fucking bunnies Then there are books like this Books like my personal favorite Amy Lane book, one of my favorite M Ms period, Clear Water They ve got little angst and alot of happy The characters you pull for and adore and the men who love them And DAMN I was such a sucker for Jared in this book with his poor lonely heart and gah Dawson was just perfect for him, that little slice of charmed and unsullied innocence in a world that had been kinda shitty to poor Jared So I definitely recommend None of that angst and pain, just good old lovin for a couple of guys who deserved it and who were willing to work for it Oh and Benji, we love you too PS Amy made me happy with another reference to one of her old favorites of mine I was like SHUT UP So Good stuff.

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    AudibleDNF 55%I feel bad for saying this, but I was bored out of my mind I m sure other readers would enjoy this story, but it didn t work for me Please note that my rating shows my own opinion and not the quality of the book It is loved by many after all, and I m in a minority here However, the narrator was really nice and I confess that I pushed as far as I did just because he was a very pleasant company Extra star is for Hugh Bradley 2 stars

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    Virgin alert Angst Fest I can imagine Amy Lane sitting in a rocking chair, in peels of laughter and gasping for air as she watches her readers via live webcams go through the pain and pleasure of another one of her cutesy love stories In Behind the Curtain, she takes two different characters, throws in some innocence, makes us fall in love with them and then spices it up with lots of boners then she adds some heartache, rips our hearts out and places them in a blender at maximum speed And voila It s an ALane classic So this was about sweet, adorable, klutzy Dawson with his protruding hips, elbows and ears, and stoic, dry, handsome Jared The story seemed almost equally focused on Dawson s friends there s dream come true best friend Benji who s always seen Dawson as simply a person not a person with a different sexuality Not a weird dork or a goofy klutz Just his mate his best friend And then there s Call It Like It Is Amber emo, goth Amber who shows us just how wonderful Dawson, Benji and Darian Benji s girlfriend are I mean, these kids don t care if you re into The Clash or Celine Dion they ll accept you any way you are Are you getting the vibe here Yup, it s sweet.Anyways, as always, Amy s gentle words play at your heartstrings as you read about their plight There s instalove that turns into a long distance relationship, with a bastard character thrown in to mess things up.I guess for me it was hard to understand why Dawson was so enamoured by Jared I could see that he was very attracted to him but what made him decide that this was the guy he was going to give his V card to Hang on, there were great things about Jared clearly there were, but but I dunno I wasn t feeling it On the other hand, I could genuinely see why Jared was drawn to Dawson s fun, quirky, thoughtful, caring character Jared s hands on either side of Dawson s face didn t calm him down You re beautiful, Jared said Like dance That perfect moment when it s movement and music and body that s you I ll never let go of that I swear If you re an Amy Lane fan, you ll probably really love this It s sweet and fun There s a dash of bad guy action and a ton of angst.

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    I look forward to Amy Lane full length books I devour them like chocolate This one has all the wonderful attributes of her otherswell developed characters that are deeper and messed up than they seem, drama, angst, tension, uncertainty, and, oh yeah, a really loud bottom If you like Amy s books, you ll like this one as well.More and , I ve noticed authors including characters with disabilities As a mother of a child with multiple disabilities, I love this, even if it s hard to read sometimes because it isn t just a story to me I m so appreciative of anyone who sees beyond the disability into their unique beauty And Amy got the moment just right Thank you.

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