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Pomfret TowersPure escapism.I just love Angela Thirkell and especially this book.It is lively,witty and deliciously entertaining.Pomfret Towers is the setting for a grand house party.Whose hand will Mr Foster seek in marriage and who will win Alice s heart 2.75 stars Mrs Barton, the absentminded author of historical works and mother of two young adult children is often away from home and absorbed in her work She keeps in close contact with her neighbor Lord Pomfret for research purposes On a rare occasion when Lady Pomfret and Mrs Barton are both in England, Lady Pomfret invites Mrs Barton s Guy and Alice to a small house party at Pomfret Towers Alice, who was sickly as a child, dreads socializing with her peers She is happy knowing her friends Roddy and Sally Wicklow will be there At Pomfret Towers Alice meets Phoebe Rivers, a sort of cousin to Lord Pomfret and also a daughter of a literary mother Alice also the acquaintance of the nice Mrs Foster and Phoebe s Byronic artist brother Julian Friends are made, attachments formed and overbearing mothers must be got around before the young people can have their happily ever after I already knew who ended up with whom having read later books in the series Now I properly know these characters, I need to reread the series in order to find out what happens to them Knowing the couples did not take away from my enjoyment of the novel The surprise comes in how they get past the obstacles to get together This book is of a straight up romance than other books in the series There is social satire here Angela Thirkell skewers her own craft and creates a very funny picture of the publishing world Her sharpest barbs are reserved for Julian, a wannabe surrealist artist If you don t take him as seriously as he takes himself, it s quite obvious he s meant to be funny The characters here are hit or miss I liked most of them The weakest character here is Alice She s meek and timid I understand she seems to have a crippling social anxiety disorder and I get why she wouldn t want to go to the party I wouldn t either I felt like she needed to put herself out there and socialize so she wouldn t be so shy She does but it doesn t entirely save her personality from being completely bland and annoying Julian Rivers is a spoiled, selfish, moody, broody young man He s not meant to be liked but the reader will LIKE to hate him Phoebe is much better She s shy and uncertain like Alice but she puts herself out there and fakes it until she can make it She knows what she DOESN T want and that is her overbearing mother meddling in her life Gilly is quite nice He s shy and timid like Alice but he wants to be social He s kind, caring and thoughtful Alice s brother Guy is the opposite When he thinks of his sister he s nice but he is fairly selfish and stupid I didn t like his plot As for the adults, Hermione Rivers is not winning any mother of the year awards She spoils Julian, picks on Phoebe and involves herself in her children s lives where she shouldn t and ignores them when she should be paying attention Mr and Mrs Barton have a strange relationship I m not sure that would work in real life They re kind parents for all Mrs Barton s absentmindedness They want their children to be happy and want what is best for them, unlike Hermione who only wants what SHE wants Lord and Lady Pomfret are wonderful They re sweet, adorable with each other and gracious hosts Miss Merriman, Lady Pomfret s efficient secretary is a complex character She s mostly likable but she does have a weakness as far as romance is concerned and I felt she meddled a bit than she should have, not understanding what was happening with the young people I enjoyed this installment on the Barsetshire series and I look forward to the next one. A nice cozy way to end the year at a house party at Pomfret Towers in the late 1930 s British countryside Thirkell s Barsetshire books are perfect for reading with a cup of tea under a comfy blanket during a snow storm. In Pomfret Towers we have another lovely slice of 1930 s silliness, I loved it.Unashamedly cosy alert Angela Thirkell s Barsetshire novels are beloved of many readers, for their humour and charm, Virago have been re issuing them a few at a time, with these rather delicious looking covers I now have the next three waiting for me, as I felt I needed them to look forward to.Full review In the sixth Barsetshire novel, a group of quirky characters comes together at a large country house, Pomfret Towers, for a weekend party, including the modest heroine Alice, the gruff and terrifying lord who owns the place, the egotistical would be artist, his social climbing mother, and others Before the book ends, all the loose ends have been tied up a couple of romances have been resolved, and various problems have found solutions The only challenge with reading the Barsetshire novels in order is that each one introduces a wide cast of characters and I barely have them all sorted before the book ends The writing, however, makes up for this small drawback Angela Thirkell is so witty that every page brings a chuckle. Although I admit, it wasn t as hilarious or bitter sweet as some other of Thirkell, nonetheless, it was another one of the best by Thirkell I have read What made it so perfect was the thoughtfulness, integrity of the novel story It was easy to see that the author knew how to write a good novel, loved to do it and had fun doing it.There was wit which I adore so much , of course, a bit of satire of society and the people, a little romance, many great characters Simply perfect.PS And as much as Alice annoyed me a bit from time to time, Roddy made me sigh such a wonderful beta hero. ,. What could be better than a weekend house party on the estate of an earl Especially if the earl is a crusty old man with a kind but depressed wife, and his guests include his conceited cousin who writes romance novels for middle aged women, her long suffering publisher, and her two passive aggressive children, plus several other young people in various states of being in or out of love This is the book that got me hooked on Angela Thirkell It contains what I think is one of the funniest paragraphs ever written watch out, I m going to quote it now and spoil the surprise scene at dinner, the meeting between a painfully shy young lady and a self centered young man You re Miss Barton, aren t you he asked, looking intently at her.On hearing these remarkable words Alice at once fell in love It had never happened to her before except with people like Charles I, or Sydney Carton, but she knew at once that it was the real thing As Julian Rivers turned his face towards her, gazing with deep set dark blue eyes into her very soul, his delicate mouth twitching, only that was not quite the right word, with sensitiveness, his black locks thrown recklessly and very untidily above his marble brow, a romantically dark shade on his cheeks, upper lip and chin, because he had told his mother before dinner that he was hanged if he would shave twice a day to please anyone, as those staggering phenomena met her eyes, Alice felt that the culminating point of her whole visit had been reached in one blinding, searing moment In that flash of ecstasy she suddenly knew what all poetry, all music, all sculpture, except things like winged Assyrian bulls, or the very broken pieces in the British Museum, meant.I laughed out loud when I first read that paragraph maybe ten years ago, and I laughed out loud when I read it again this week And not just a chuckle, either It was kind of hard to stop laughing. Pomfret Towers, Barsetshire Seat Of The Earls Of Pomfret, Was Constructed, With Great Pomp And Want Of Concern For Creature Comforts, In The Once Fashionable Style Of Sir Gilbert Scott S St Pancras Station It Makes A Grand Setting For A House Party At Which Gamine Alice Barton And Her Brother Guy Are Honoured Guests, Mixing With The Headstrong Rivers Family, The Tally Ho Wicklows And, Most Charming Of All, Giles Foster, Nephew And Heir Of The Present Lord Pomfret But Whose Hand Will Mr Foster Seek In Marriage, And Who Will Win Alice S Tender Heart Angela Thirkell S Classic S Comedy Is Lively, Witty And Deliciously Diverting Set in the 1930s world that vanished with World War II, Pomfret Towers takes place in the eponymous Big House owned by Lord and Lady Pomfret The occasion is a house party, and young Alice Barton is making her social debut of sorts Painfully shy, Alice has a dread of being despised by the servants and having to make conversation with strangers In short order, Alice is introduced to three possible suitors Giles Foster, heir but one to the estate Julian Rivers, a pretentious but very good looking artist and Roddy Wicklow, her comfortable childhood friend Underneath the drawing room comedy and social satire, there seems to be a marriage plot brewing but it may not be the one the reader is set up for This is an entirely closed society the same cosy, provincial Barsetshire that Trollope created and it is peopled by the Pomfret s tenants, estate workers and connections blood and social It s a world of breakfast trays, hunting and good cigars in the library There s not even a hint of war brewing up, although the Pomfrets are haunted by the loss of their only son in WWI Nothing much happens, really, but the writing is sharp and enjoyable There are some wonderfully absurd characters particularly Mrs Rivers and her son but they are all pretty harmless It must have been good escapism in 1938, when it was published, and I found it pretty good escapism for 2016 as well My first Thirkell novel, but not my last

Angela Margaret Mackail was born on January 30, 1890 at 27 Young Street, Kensington Square, London Her grandfather was Sir Edward Burne Jones the pre Raphaelite painter and partner in the design firm of Morris and Company for whom he designed many stained glass windows seven of which are in St Margaret s Church in Rottingdean, West Sussex Her grandmother was Georgiana Macdonald, one of a prec

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