Threads It S The YearAnd Humanity Has Moved Out Into The Galaxy, Establishing The MetroStellar In A New Age Of Manifest Destiny A Chance Encounter Plants An Evil Seed, And A Psychotic Killer Begins Stalking The Female Population Of The MetroStellar It S Up To The USS Marshal Service To Find Him Before He Kills AgainIn Another Part Of The Galaxy, A Lone USS Marshal On A Routine Undercover Mission Stumbles Into AYear Old Cover UpBoth Cases Begin And End With The Intra Stellar Transportation And Exploration Company ISTEC , And The Planet They Control, ExodusSolving Each Case, And Coming Out Alive, Will Require The Combined Skills Of USS Marshals Matt And Mark Williams They Re Twin Brothers Who Will Have To Use Their Special Bond To Overcome The Forces Working Against Them And Seek Justice For Those They Ve Sworn To Protect They Re Stronger Together, But First, Each Will Find The Greatness In Themselves When They Do, The Fabric Of The Universe Will Never Be The Same Threads Is A Hi Tech, Sci Fi Psychological Thriller Spanning The Colonized Galaxy And The NextYears Of Human History The Author Uses Unique Technologies, Intertwined Story Lines And Political Intrigue To Move The Reader To Its Exciting ConclusionThe Author Has Committed That % Of The Profits From The Sale Of Threads Will Go To ALS Lou Gehrig Disease Funding For Research And Patient CareThe Author Has Committed That % Of The Profits From Threads Will Go To Fund ALS Lou Gehrig S Disease Research And Patient Care

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[Epub] ❧ Threads  ➛ Tom Tinney –
  • Paperback
  • 502 pages
  • Threads
  • Tom Tinney
  • English
  • 14 September 2018
  • 9780988805910

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    Initially I squirmed at the start of Threads not because of the characters, such as Billy Ray, assigned to the Royal Mongolian Space Navy Destroyer 119, the Admiral Khan, but the pages of info dumping as the reader learns about the Mark IV implant in Billy Ray s head Then again in Chapter 2 on ISTEC company history Many science fiction writers use this technique with the risk of losing readers with too much Tell in order to get over the mass of new information they need to handle the story Get past it and the characters are real enough so let s enjoy.Marshall Matt and his twin Mark use an enhanced telepathy link the eponymous Threads with each other It s this concept that brings a unique element to this novel and one which shapes the whole plot in a clever way.As a former teacher, who had to demonstrate this, it s really good to see the Coriolis Effect get a mention no less than three times After encountering this medical development used in this novel as a weapon let me warn you to never shake hands with Tom Tinney, he ll be palming a derm patch with a powerful analgesic so that you ll be on the floor before you know it Threads has a political agenda and uses the wonderful medium of science fiction as the author s if only and what if future making the unlikely come possible An example In 2079 a group of businessmen collected 1 3rd of the world s wealth onto a 200 vessel Freedom Fleet protected by former US carriers The fleet negotiated with Hawaii to make it a landfall base but the new UN, who s demanded the money back and distributed to the poor heard of the talks and nuked Hawaii 4 years later the fleet negotiated with a new liberated Cuba to make them rich and lead the world to a socialist free paradise Kinda, because not everything is what it seems.I like the relationship between the two paraplegics, Mark and Phyllis Funny that she d compliment him on his sense of humour with, You re funny when you re not in the middle of a paradigm shifting incident that could bring the known galaxy to a standstill If only I had a girlfriend who could talk like that Hang on, I do Interesting plot premise with alien ships randomly and devastatingly attacking Earth ships but are they really A cunning ploy that takes the telepathic Threads and deep undercover work that makes this otherwise often slow paced novel worth the persistence.Beware of some sdm scenes such as that affecting Allison Winslow I m spoiler but hope I m forgiven glad to say she survives butbutbut not all is as it seems The perpetrator is something else indeed Of course you should suspect that Threads isn t only a communication system for exceptional twins, especially when you consider other species, but I don t want to spoilUsually, the important and Earthly thing to do when you think you see a strange enemy coming at you is to open fire, but wait Typified by a terrific chapter heading The End of an Error.Normally, I knee jerk against clich but having read Threads I now take back and delete my quibbles over such clich as snug as a bug in a rug The author possesses a wit beyond part one, and those clich snippets become real Threads is a complex novel s with its shocks, innovations, socio political subplots and pseudo science, none of which are what they initially seem You don t just become engaged with a main character but their distant and yet close twin, and their squeezes Buy this book and you ll receive far than you deserve.

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    Threads is a science fiction book with a great story The title, Threads, has than one connotation, and Tom Tinney uses it to weave several different plot lines together throughout the the story, and then ties them neatly into a knot at the finale There are just enough loose ends by the conclusion, that I m imagining that there might well be a sequel on the way.The plot is intricate, but the timeline works.The one thing that I struggled with while reading this book, was the writing Although Tom Tinney spells correctly and his grammar is generally correct, there are a few problems that should have been picked up by a good editor.Firstly Info dumps Like many Sci fi stories, there is a lot of information to impart At the beginning there are a couple of whoppers, and every now and then there s a new one It s difficult, but integrating them into the story can be done subtly, which makes the reader less likely to skip sections, which is what I found myself doing at times.Secondly Show versus Tell This is something that every writers has to learn how to do There is a lot of telling in this book, and not a lot of showing, which is part of the issue with the info dumps It s a hard line to walk, and one that requires learning how to recognise that you re doing it.Thirdly Tense changes The book is written in past tense, third person, from several points of view, but there are jarring drops into present tense The last thing to check before taking another step is that the left pocket is empty It was The system worked or Then, in 2291, they mysteriously up and moved the entire company and all of its ship building operations away Apparently they moved very far away They are well off the travelled grid and some attempts to find them with space telescopes met with serious ire This is much prevalent in the first half of the book, where it almost prevented me finishing the story because it occurred so often.Fourthly Wooden dialogue Contractions are used very rarely when a character is speaking A typical sentence Sorry, Marshall, but you are the last line of defence here, Matt said I am not about to take an accidental bullet in the back I am was almost exclusively used, even in action scenes, which made everyone sound as if they were being excessively polite, or reading from a cue card, even while they were swearing Again, it did improve towards the end of the book, but it has a fair way to go before it flows.Tom Tinney has a great imagination, and as I originally stated, I really enjoyed the story With some tweaks, this could be a truly fabulous book The characters showed great promise, the plot was nicely done, and the world building was clever There was enough unpredictability built into the story to keep the plot line ticking over nicely, and I will keep an eye out for the next installation.A nice gesture is that the some of the proceeds of this book go to support funding for ALS MND research and patient care funding It s a cause close to my heart.

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    THREADS could be summed up as a detective story, with the good guys pursuing the bad ones To leave it there would be as incomplete as saying that Philip K Dick s MINORITY REPORT is merely a detective story Even though villains are predictably evil and creature motivations remain largely unchanged, the detectives in both stories pursue their targets with cutting edge technology Today s science is preparing for mind implants, but at what risks for humanity Mr Tinney tells us If that technology weren t sufficient, he introduces additional layers His world also enjoys travel, even though the secrets of its speed are tightly controlled by a governmental alliance with a private corporation that has chosen to erect its headquarters on a distant planet Lovers of Frank Herbert s Dune series will recognize Mr Tinney s control of a scarce resource, which he introduces by invoking the spice The secret to folding space is entangled with the killer s motivations THREADS is a complex sci fi action tale It is not for a casual reader seeking a quick and breezy read Like the novels of Neal Stephenson and Philip K Dick, true science fiction is at its best when it grabs nascent technology and imagines its future, like a luminous arrow lighting the way forward through the fog World building is not an easy task, but is essential for a reader to appreciate nuances We are beyond the days of H G Wells WAR OF THE WORLDS, when science fiction could be simplistically explained to the masses as us versus them technology With the advanced technology on our own horizons, its implications cannot be understood unless one is willing to, at least some degree, delve into the details of what s in the pipeline Mr Tinney provides that light through the darkness.

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    Threads by Tom Tinney was something a little different for me It stepped outside of my nice, safe, chick lit, mystery genre and took me into a world of space travel and aliens, which isn t somewhere I usually frequent Don t get me wrong, I love a good Star Trek or Star Wars movie I was raised on it by a fanatical sci fi father, but actually picking a sci fi book up and deliberately reading it was something else I have to say that I loved it Usually when aliens appear in a movie, I glare at my husband with disdain because he probably promised that there wouldn t be any rubbery, unrealistic beasties appearing in front of me, but the author s skill was paramount as I found myself emotionally attached to the Kutari Penant, and invested in their plight.The marshals are expertly characterised Who couldn t fall in love with the strong, masculine warriors who protect the universe My biggest dilemma would have been which one I picked to run away with The scene setting and imaginative direction was fantastic and I was never left in any doubt as to which space transport I was on or in which universe, which could have been potentially confusing The storyline was strong throughout, getting better and better as the novel progressed, throwing the reader into twists and turns that left my head spinning Well placed hints at the start made me think that I had already identified the killer but I couldn t have been further off base Just when I thought that I had it all sorted, the next chapter showed me that I really didn t I m rating it a 5 based on how much I enjoyed it and how thoroughly it impressed me.

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    Threads by Tom TinneyGoodreads Author This story is in the year 2576 Twins are selected for special assignments Implants are installedin humans that give them a variety of special programs They are able to move around the solar systemto different planets in tubes and modules This is an amazing science fiction story This author hasthe skills for writing a great science fiction novel.

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    Good read, nice twists and turns If you like old school SciFi authors like Silverberg, Azimov, or EE Doc Smith, you will enjoy this book buy it help support ALS research and get a good book as well.

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    It is 560 years into the future, about 300 years after the Intra Stellar Transportation and Exploration Company ISTEC discovered the means to build Directional Spherical Mass Multipliers DSMM allowing space ships to create Folds to travel light years in short jumps within our galaxy After setting up a system of unmanned ships called Pigeons to map the galaxy and prevent manned ships from folding into stars or planets and main Drive Modules IDM to ferry manned ships within the galaxy for a fee, ITSEC set up operations on their own terra formed planet to hide their technological secrets and create a wealthy neutral monopoly of interstellar transport within the new MetroStellar colonies and free trade zones However, when a couple of IDMs and the parasite ships attached to them are seemingly destroyed after coming out of a Fold by an unknown alien attack, the USS Marshal Service, responsible for law enforcement within the MetroStellar zone, sends one of their best to go undercover on a military ship to discover the cause of these attacks Equipped with hi tech bio ware that creates a chameleon identity and seamlessly hacks into nearly any tech system, the agent has an even secret tool at his command, the ability to communicate with his twin brother back at HQ through a thread that connects them throughout the galaxy When the military ship comes under attack and is destroyed, the agent is able to escape with a suspicious ISTEC character on an escape pod Meanwhile, another HQ agent has gone rogue, tracking a psychotic serial killer that has high connections and was responsible for killing the agent s twin who was heading the field investigation As the rogue agent hides from his brethren marshals while doggedly hunting down his mysterious foe, his broken thread mysteriously connects with another strange voice demanding that he seek the owner of the voice Little does either agent or the USS Marshal Service know, but both cases are connected and will lead to unveiling ITSEC s deeply kept secret and putting the entire galaxy in danger This is an epic book with an excitingly complex adventure to tell, which should please any ardent fan of good science fiction However, the author unfortunately fills the first third of the book with character back story and future history that is at times too detailed, is provided too early before a character is properly revealed to be in proper context, and in one stretch becomes a political rant that has no bearing on the main story This will likely turn most readers off who could walk away from the tale before the exciting adventure begins.

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    As the title implies, there are many disconnected threads in this plot As the story slowly progresses, the stray threads start weaving into a pattern you think you recognize Then, boom, you realize you re looking at the design backwards and upside down Made me step back and go WOW Okay, didn t see that coming The premise of the plot was original and very well thought out Tinny also does a great job explaining the background of each society i.e Exodus, MetroStellar and the Kutari Panant If you are a techno nerd or a hard sci fi buff, this is the story for you Every gadget and environment explained in detail Actually, too much detail for my taste All that detail really bogs down the pace of the story, especially in the first half of the book The only techno gadgets I didn t think was plausible were the body mods that the USS Marshals wore The pain would be incredible.Lots of characters in this story, but none of them lost in each other, unless done intentionally The main characters are Matt his brother Mark I also felt for the lost soul of Jon Brooks and the plight of Popilla And then there is the sadistic and evil pervert Tinney does have problems with dialogue, too stilted and stuffy Towards the end, he actually loosens up a bit And a little description of emotions would have been helpful too.The book is 500 plus pages with a lot of back story Most help with the plot, but the Freedom Fleet and the mini story with Brooklyn s daughter reciting the rise of the current political system did not help the plot move along These are some Darlings that should have been cut The writing style is passive, past tense The pace of the story would benefit greatly if it was written in of an aggressive style, present tense The story would flow better and the readers could get involved with the action and characters Before I got to the end, I hoped there would be a sequel And there is Tinny leaves enough unanswered questions for the reader to want to read the next book What did Berlin Wright have to do with Jon Brook and his brother James HMMM.I really did enjoy this story but there were times I started skimming pages because of the overabundance of unnecessary information And then there were the numerous proofreading errors As stated above, if you like hard core sci fi and techno gadgets, I highly recommend the book, but if you re only into light sci fi, maybe not I would give this book a 3.5 feathers, so have to round up to 4 feathers.

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    The blurb promised a detective story in space The story starts with poor old Billy Ray, a guy who got a bum brain implant who s now forced to work menial electrical engineering jobs due to the instability of the implant Insert engineering manual here Almost literally The story splits off to a farm family and then we get a snippet of a man torturing a girl while wearing a mask and then we re back to Billy Ray.This is a 500 page book Somewhere around page eighty you find out Billy Ray is a cover for a USS Marshal and the implant isn t a dud, it s the greatest thing since sliced white bread It has all the capabilities of an on board computer system and can mutate morph the body of the Marshal to look like anyone he needs to This includes changes to bones that either lengthen or shorten, rendering height changes.We ve now skipped from a hard science beginning to fantasy and then straight from the year 2500 plus to the years of the telegraph when the brain implant that can make bone appear out of nowhere uses Morse Code to talk to HQ by tugging on some kind of ethereal or psychic thread get it, threads that taps out the message Okay, so this book pretty much lost me right there I m no longer believing the world build or the characters I did read on a bit further I m not sure why The amount of sheer minutia in this story is overwhelming There are references to Batman and Superman, because in five hundred years those will still be the classics There are also political statements and anecdotes that reflect current events, pulling you straight out of the world build that is accomplished.One of those anecdotes takes place while the marshal is undercover as Billy Ray and it comes from Billy Ray s pov It s a flashback to a rape that single handedly changed Cuba s healthcare system from socialized medicine to a far superior system after the much loved social figure involved couldn t get appropriate care and, bleeding, takes to the streets Politics aside, this flashback doesn t relate to anything in Billy Ray s life other than the fact that he was raised in Cuba and we re told this is one of his favorite stories from home he smiles when he thinks of it which renders him creepy as hell, actually considered he might the torturer and then we find out he s not Billy Ray, he s a Marshal, and then this event makes even less sense It certainly didn t render the Marshal a character I cared about.

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    We re told the story of twins Mark and Matt Williams right from the moment they get selected for a special military program exclusive to twins only, while being introduced to a set of twin mysteries one involving a serial rapist targeting young women, the other focusing on a large corporate cover up of randomly exploding interstellar space tech From the beginning, we re immersed in a rich world full of intricate details, which the author goes to great lengths to describe, history lesson included.This is the sort of tale that s perfect for people who love short chapters that are roughly 4 to 8 pages long, can indulged in pages of technical details explaining the technology of the age which is typical of a high science fiction tale, and have no issue with just as lengthy historical catching up If it s not, don t let that put you off, it usually pretty safe to skip a few pages and keep reading It is actually a pretty good story, and not at all a bad start from what I m led to believe is the author s first attempt That said, it is of this reviewers opinion that the book could have been condensed rather significantly and the story would have been much better for it It felt like the author just didn t know where to start his story and chose to just include it all, just in case.The only really off putting part of the book is what is coming across as the author s political view which is highly anti socialist there is a small possibility that he meant those extreme views to be satire, but with how often he makes a point to mention how terrible socialism is it was pretty distracting.Once again, this book is still a great read and well worth the time.

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