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Summa Contra Gentiles The Summa Contra Gentiles Is Not Merely The Only Complete Summary Of Christian Doctrine That St Thomas Has Written, But Also A Creative And Even Revolutionary Work Of Christian Apologetics Composed At The Precise Moment When Christian Thought Needed To Be Intellectually Creative In Order To Master And Assimilate The Intelligence And Wisdom Of The Greeks And The Arabs In The Summa, Aquinas Works To Save And Purify The Thought Of The Greeks And The Arabs In The Higher Light Of Christian Revelation, Confident Than All That Had Been Rational In The Ancient Philosophers And Their Followers Would Become Rational Within ChristianityThis Exposition And Defense Of Divine Truth Has Two Main Parts The Consideration Of That Truth Which Faith Professes And Reason Investigates, And The Consideration Of The Truth Which Faith Professes And Reason Is Not Competent To Investigate The Exposition Of Truths Accessible To Natural Reason Occupies Aquinas In The First Three Books Of The Summa His Method Is To Bring Forward Demonstrative And Probable Arguments, Some Of Which Are Drawn From The Philosophers To Convince Skeptics In The Fourth Book Aquinas Appeals To The Authority Of Sacred Scripture For Those Divine Truths Which Surpass The Capacity Of Reason

Thomas Aquinas sometimes styled Thomas of Aquin or Aquino , was a Dominican friar and priest notable as a scholastic theologian and philosopher He is honored as a saint and Doctor of the Church in the Roman Catholic tradition.Aquinas lived at a critical juncture of western culture when the arrival of the Aristotelian corpus in Latin translation reopened the question of the relation between fai

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    This work is a monumental analysis of the Christian faith by the man who is widely recognized as the greatest Christian theologian of all time This work is huge and took me 2 years of daily reading to get through it But it is only the second most widely known of Aquinas works His best known work, the Summa Theologica, is than twice as long as the SCG and is an insanely comprehensive treatment of the entire range of Christian theology The difference between the ST and the SCG is that the ST is a work of Sacred Theology in which Aquinas makes heavy use of scripture and the works of the early Church Fathers to illustrate and prove his theological points In the SCG, Aquinas does use scripture and the Fathers to a degree, but the main thrust of his arguments are from the secular philosophers, especially Aristotle Because of this, most scholars refer to the SCG as a work of Natural Theology , because in it Aquinas uses wisdom that was not revealed by God through the prophets or the Fathers to make his points Natural Theology is a great tool that scholars can use to illustrate the truths of the Christian faith to those who are not Christians and therefore do not accept the authority of scripture or the Church Fathers The title of this work, Summa Contra Gentiles , means a Summary Against the Gentiles because the intended audience of this work is not his fellow Christians but rather non Christians Muslims, Jews and heretics Some scholars speculate that Aquinas intent was to use the SCG as a handbook for missionaries to foreign lands But having read this work, I find it hard to believe that this is the purpose of the work, since I would think that Aquinas would have made reference to the actual teachings of Muslims and Jews than he did if this were his intent Rather, my belief is that Aquinas meant this work to be a counter arguement against many of the works of philosophy that were written by non Christian writers not only the ancient pagans but also Muslim scholars like Avicenna and Avveroes, and the Jewish thinker Moses Maimonides These writers were growing in popularity during the lifetime of Aquinas, and Aquinas does actually refer to the works of these latter writers, especially in the first two books of SCG.Unlike the ST, which had a point counterpoint format in which a Aquinas proposes an erroneous thesis and then proves his actual thesis by arguing against the erroneous one, the SCG has a straighforward paragraph format in which Aquinas lays out his teachings and explains why they are true Ironically, considering that this work is explicitly written against a party, Aquinas approach is much a form of positive argumentation than the ST, in which he argues against the counterpoints that he proposes at the beginning of each article Because of this, the SCG is really a great source of straighforward teaching about Catholic theology than the ST, in which the reader must weed through lots of counterargumentation and contrary opinions The ST, in contrast, is better for the apologist who can familiarize himself with the opinions that oppose the orthodox Catholic teaching and how to refute those opinions So, my opinion here is that both works are essential for the Catholic theologian, although in different ways and for different reasons.The SCG is really one of the most valuable and underappreciated works of Catholic theology in history I got my copy of this work on the Kindle for about 3, so there is really no excuse why Catholics don t get their hands on this work and study it Granted that the work of Aquinas is not light reading, and it takes a lifetime or to really wrap your mind around his thought Still, it is essential for the serious Catholic to at least try to understand Aquinas and this work.

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    I am reading the Summa contra Gentiles for the second time, and honestly I like it better than the Summa Theologiae.His mission in the book is to lay out an argument for the truth of the Christian Faith that does not assume the authority of the Bible It is grounded upon Aristotle and classical natural law theory I think it is a brilliant book that is woefully ignored It simply dashes to pieces the claims of the skeptics that the Catholic Faith is irrational Whether one agrees with him or not, in the end it just can t be denied that he has shown the Faith to be reasonable That is not to say that it can be proven by means of reason in every respect, since that is the opposite of faith But rather it is to say that there is nothing irrational or contrary to reason in the Faith.

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    Acquinas is an excellent writer who makes his arguments clearly and comprehensively There is a reason that all modern Catholic thought, as well as, some evangelical thought is said to be merely a footnote to Acquinas The guy is just plain brilliant However, his natural theology project does violence to the revealed word of God and has caused much of the Christian apologetic task to be greatly hindered.

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