The Lost

The Lost It Was Only Meant To Be A Brief Detour But Then Lauren Finds Herself Trapped In A Town Called Lost On The Edge Of A Desert, Filled With Things Abandoned, Broken And Thrown Away And When She Tries To Escape, Impassable Dust Storms And Something Unexplainable Lead Her Back To Lost Again And Again The Residents She Meets There Tell Her She S Going To Have To Figure Out Just What She S Missing And What She S Running From Before She Can Leave So Now Lauren S On A New Search For A Purpose And A Destiny And Maybe, Just Maybe, She Ll Be FoundAgainst The Backdrop Of This Desolate And Mystical Town, Sarah Beth Durst Writes An Arresting, Fantastical Novel Of One Woman S Impossible Journeyand Her Quest To Find Her Fate

The Girl Who Could Not Dream,

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  • 08 September 2019
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    I am lost.But I couldn t face the truth That s why I left, why I drove straight, why I left Mom alone to face the news by herself What kind of person does that A person who deserves this A person who deserves to lose what she treasures I deserve to be lost, to never see home again, to never swim in the ocean again. This book reminds me of the song Hotel California Mirrors on the ceiling,The pink champagne on iceAnd she said We are all just prisoners here, of our own device I m sure there are people out there who have always known what they wanted to be in life Who are where they want in life I was never that person, and I m not that person now.I think it is a rare person who doesn t feel lost at one point in their life, who goes through life with the kind of ease and confidence towards which one aspires As a child, we think the future will be so great, that adults are all knowing, that with age comes confidence, assurance, invincibility, the belief that we can take whatever life throws as us as long as it s not, well, a 18 ton truck Well, as we learn, life doesn t work that way Life throws lemons at us It throws shit at us It throws errant family members, troublesome friends, a soul sucking job at us It throws old flames at us, or else it steadfastly denies us any sort of love at all Life sucks Most of us are just living day to day, finding our way seems to be a luxury, because most of us just don t have the time for that Eat, Pray, Love bullshit where you get to fucking jet yourself off to Italy in a complacent, self indulgent journey of self reflection complete with wonderful food, luxury resorts, and hunky men.No, many of us never find our way at all Most of us stop trying Some of us run away from our problems, I know I do, and that s why this book resonates so much with me No, it s not the most exciting book in the world, and I fucking hated the inclusion of a child character I hate children , but overall, this book is about being, well, Lost It is not without hope, and that s what ultimately matters, isn t it Because what else do we live for, if not hope The Summary I have to believe that I ll escape someday But maybe there is no hope.Maybe it s over.Maybe I m in hell.Or purgatory.Maybe I m dead.Maybe I can never return.Maybe this is it. Lauren made a wrong turn She made a mistake.Lauren didn t intend to get lost She s not usually this impulsive She s a 27 year old firmly entrenched in the corporate world She wakes up She goes to work She wears a brown suit She wears conservative makeup Her wild days are over, Lauren is a grown up This is what grown ups do.Only Lauren woke up this morning and just drove off She didn t care about her job, importantly, she just ever so selfishly, for just one moment want to forget about her beloved mom who is dying from cancer, for just one morning Just one day.That is how she found herself in the town of Lost.Imagine an old, washed out Midwestern US town, a ghost town, a town full of dust, forgotten dreams, and lost wishes A town that pretty much screams abandon hope, all ye who enters here because it is barren, abandoned, withered Except that its unfortunate inhabitants will never leave They physically can t A void surrounds the town A red cloud of dust and of DOOM Those who try to leave will circle around the road, only to end up where they started.The inhabitants are strange Behind me, the man says, You were lost you are found As if they re one, everyone outside the kids, the woman planting dead flowers, the man in the dirty business suit all turn to face the diner.Inside the diner, everyone applauds. From adults who stare at Lauren with knowing in their eyes, with hostility, to children who come straight out of Stephen King s Children of the Corn Children, as ragged as those on the outskirts of town, are crouched in the alleys between the shops Perched on top of and around Dumpsters, they watch me, their eyes bright and hard One little girl in a princess dress sucks on her thumb She has a dirty teddy bear tucked under her elbow and a knife in her other hand She squeezes the handle as if it s as comforting as a teddy bear.I retreat away from the center of town, back toward the motel and the diner I hear footsteps behind me.The children are trailing after me. They know what s going on They understand Lauren s confusion, even if she s in denial about it And it is denial Lauren s mother is dying, she can t be there for her, instead, she s in this godforsaken place trapped, for possibly forever Talk about desperation Talk about despair.And then it gets worse The townspeople turn against her There is a man, The Missing Man, and the townspeople believe that she s the one who drove him off The only people to come to her aid right now is the knife wielding child, Claire, and the handsome, enigmatic Peter Peter, who finds The Lost I m the Finder The Finder and the Missing Man, two sides of a coin, not the same I bring them in, and he sends them on I can t send you home But I can keep you alive He holds out his hand If you trust me Peter, who found her Peter, who might give her a reason to stay Peter, who might be the person to give her hope, who prevents her from falling into utter, complete despair.And maybe, just maybe, Lauren will find that it s not so bad to be Lost, after all Okay, that s enough Peter jumps to his feet I ve watched you yearn to leave Now I m going to show you why you should want to stay He holds out his hand.I take it. Lauren I try to push the ache deep down like I always do and pretend it s enough to paint walls and collect teacups. This is going to sound stupid, but I see a lot of myself in Lauren It helps immensely to be able to connect to the main character, and I suspect that it s the reason why I found myself enjoying this book so much Lauren has a dry, deadpan sense of humor She doesn t crack inappropriate jokes at stupid times, but neither does she take herself completely seriously Yet she s special, somehow We all are You don t seem to be an interesting person, he says Lost your way emotionally, psychologically, and physically Cut and dried, really There must be to you She s a serious person She kind of has to be, with a mother like that, with no father She s an adult, doing adult things, and Lauren has mostly been satisfied with the status quo, and is rather terrified at being forced out of it in Lost She just wants to go back home.Lauren hurts a lot She s in a great deal of pain because her mother is dying, and she truly loves her mother She made a mistake for one day, leaving her responsibilities, and she feels regret, although she never constantly wallows in despair Lauren thinks what next How can I resolve this How do I get out of this situation Her character resonates with me a lot I, too, have a sick mom although not of cancer And if I may be so self indulgent, I m going to say that I ve been going through life with a lot of doubts, too I was one of those pretentious kids who carried around books on philosophy until I realized it did me no fucking good to dwell on the negative Lauren s character feels familiar That is why I love her The Romance He lands softly beside me, like a cat, bent knees He rises smoothly I told you I find the kernel of hope You lose hope and I can t find you I ll always find you But you have to exist to be found Just right The main love interest in this book is the inscrutable Peter, and he has a very Peter Pan feel, if Peter Pan had been a grown ass man who s sexy as fuck Like Peter Pan, this book s Peter has a tendency to pop into your bedroom during odd times, even though I felt like he never reached the realm of stalkerhood And I hate stalkers, so nyah He s mysterious for a reason We all love our dark leading men with secrets, and Peter is no different He promises a Dark Haunted Past, and I love him all the for it Clich s be damned You can t save everyone Consider that your next lesson That man died before he came here He s earnest in a way I ve never seen him, eyes intent on mine I imagine I see a flicker ofwhat Sadness All the childlike play is gone, and I see a man who looks as though he s lost than I can imagine. He is a kind person, who appears initially gruff He understands Lauren He literally saves her life He encourages her He builds up her confidence He does not make Lauren rely on him If I could best compare the relationship between Peter and Lauren, I would say that they are similar to Valek and Yelena from Poison Study Peter lets Lauren have her space.He pulls her out of her despair, he makes her take action, and I felt like he s Lauren s perfect foil As for Lauren, she feels attraction, but she isn t susceptible to insta love To her, Peter is a tool to get out of Lost I don t care what he thinks of me, so long as he helps me get home I don t need to make friends, even with shockingly handsome and strangely fascinating men who might as well have walked right out of my subconscious. But it s in him that she might find herself.I can t help myself, so I ll make a pun This is a great book to get Lost in Last thing I remember, I wasRunning for the doorI had to find the passage backTo the place I was before Relax, said the night man, We are programmed to receive.You can check out any time you like,But you can never leave

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    4 STARS Do you trust me It s a line from a dozen romantic movies, and if I were the romantic sort, this is where I would swoon, take his hand, and pledge my devotion I m not romantic, but I m also not stupid So I take his hand and lie Yes This one s probably going to get a lot of dissenting opinions across my friends list, and if you re the kind of reader who can latch on an inconsistency like a rabid dog to a bone, this might be a tough sell for you A book that is part Alice, part Peter, part Dorothy, part Twilight Zone Yeah tough sell Lost is the town Lauren Chase finds herself in when she didn t make her usual left turn at the light She only meant to spend the night, a brief reprieve from the final judgment on her mother s health Except nobody leaves Lost until The Missing Man says so And The Missing Man will only let you go if you ve found what it is you need But soon as Lauren introduces herself to The Missing Man, he turns away and leaves the forsaken town and its people scouring the streets for what they need This of course makes the townsfolk angry at Lauren, banishing her in the out skirts where she finds the unlikeliest of allies in Claire, a knife and teddy bear wielding six year old and Peter, The Finder Determined to find a way to get through the impenetrable dust cloud called The Void surrounding the town, Lauren bides her time with her newfound friends, learning to survive and, eventually, forming bonds she never meant to forge with anyone She only means to go home to her sick mother, but each day in The Lost living with Peter and Claire in the perfect yellow house makes it harder and harder for her to leave.It took me a while before I got settled into Durst s narrative flow As I ve read and , I found myself less bothered by the first person present tense, impatient with staccato, halting descriptions with a penchant for flight of ideas Thankfully Lauren had a dry wit and sense of humour in her to keep me focused on what she s talking about most of the time but the early chapters I kept on slipping in and out of the scene Though maybe it had a lot to do with my initial disdain towards Lauren for coming across a selfish, dependent coward I had a lot of nitpicks towards Lauren in the beginning 1 For a self confessed paranoid with an overactive imagination, it took her a good long time roughly at 40% to actually acknowledge the circumstances in the crazy town is not normal 2 She tries to call her co workers, her mom, her work through a rotary phone who remembers anybody s number nowadays But clearly, as the story progressed, you realize the author intended for you to feel that towards her heroine so you d feel like a massive asshole in the end.This is Sarah Beth Durst s first foray into adult fiction, my first of hers, but the YA hand is very apparent From the themes she chose to tackle, to the wry humour in the dialogue, to the way she builds her characters personality it was all very heavy handed YA He slept in my closet most of the time That wasn t a metaphor, was it Nope, literally in my closet To protect me From dangerous hangers Not that there s anything wrong with that but it took a bit of getting used to, having a perpetually shirtless, ripped and tattooed hero portrayed as a Peter Pan Elphaba Mad Hatter fusion character I ve seen it done once with Criminy Stain from Wicked as They Come, my rather adult lewd feels were followed by a moment of guilt and shame So Very Wrong.Then it swings back to lewd again.There was a certain degree of bittersweet, fairytale whimsy in the idea of a town that is a landfill for all the things lost by people, including people who are lost themselves though I m a little unclear as to how you lose electricity and water and not waste It was pretty clear early on that there was gonna be a whole lot of yanking at those goddamn heartstrings as the story progressed You can TRY not falling in love with Claire, Mr Bunny and Mr Fluffernutter but odds are you will fail , someone will probably find a quirky hero who likes to quote Tolkien, Milton, Byron and Dickinson in casual conversation a pretentious dick even if he did break my heart in the end , you will probably hate the dolphin don t ask but I d have to question what s occupying your chest cavity if you rage on the dynamic between Lauren and her mother view spoiler I couldn t have gone Mom smiles, the barest upturn of her lips, as if even that movement costs her I m not lost Even on the day your father left, and everything I d planned and dreamed of went up in smoke, I was not lost I had you Knowing you, loving you I couldn t I can t be lost hide spoiler

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    DNF 5% I know, but dude O_O This writing. I just can t The night air is warm but the breeze is nice It tickles my neck and whispers in my ear I step over a soiled sweatshirt There s a wallet lying on the curb I pick it up and flip it open to see a driver s license and an array of credit cards I ll hand it in at the lobby I find a second wallet outside the lobby door And a third in the cacti I pick them up as well and wonder what sort of party involved flinging wallets and empty cans around a parking lot I hope it s quieter tonight Chimes tinkle over the door as I enter the lobby A teenage girl lies on the counter Her legs are crossed These short, snappy sentences makes me feel like I m reading a book for 5 year olds Maybe some will like this style but it s definitely not for me.

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    Featured on my 2014 favourites list THIS is what a quirky, dry humoured character SHOULD be 4.5 stars rounded up because I couldn t bring myself to give this a 4.This is one of my favourite new reads so far this year Plot Lauren Chase didn t make plans to travel into the desert, she just decided not to turn at the traffic lights on her way to work and kept on driving Until she was lost Until she found herself in a town called Lost Where the people are crazy, the dust storm never ends, and everything that s ever gone missing goes to be found This book was incredibly well written, and at no point did I find myself thinking that things were unrealistic, at least for the world they inhabited Of course some things were unrealistic, they re in a town where lost things go, but it all felt so very real.Ok, before I gush all over the place, let s have a look at the things that bothered me or weren t explained properly YET There s hope for the second and third books to do so The person in room 12 This is something that comes up right at the start of the novel Room 12 at the motel has a longstanding lease of sorts, and there s someone in there, someone we re not meant to bother But we never do find out, in book one at least Her infatuation with Peter Every single time she meets him for the first half of the book, she mentions how beautiful he is His chest is decorated in a swirl of black feather tattoos, and he s almost unbearably beautiful He is as stunningly beautiful in the darkness as he was in the storm Her reminds me of light on the water, flashing and changing and unpredictable and beautiful I get it, he s gorgeous And you know what, when faced with a gorgeous mysterious guy like Peter, I would probably keep thinking those things too I think my problem was that we were reminded every time we saw him Like Here s Peter, he s the mysterious, gorgeous one For the record, I m a little bit in love with Peter too, Lauren I ve never really used the term book boyfriend before, but The ambiguous explanation of Lost Everything that s lost goes to the town by the same name Car keys, leftover food, dreams, houses And at one point the character wonders if something in particular will show up in lost Then she remembers how she threw it away, didn t lose it, so it can t But Do people really lose the last bit of their cheeseburger An apple with a bite out of it I understand that these things needed to show up, because otherwise the people of Lost wouldn t be able to eat, but it bothered me a little Also, when it comes to things like houses, some seemed to have been lost to foreclosure, some to murder, and so on I m guessing they could only be figuratively lost, like the memory of home was lost When a house is foreclosed it still exists in the real world, usually, it just doesn t exist for its previous owners The Missing Man I d like further explanation of why The Missing Man did what he did view spoiler why he walked away hide spoiler

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    I won this through a Goodreads giveaway.This was an interesting idea I even had a dream stemming from this book Alas, the idea was not executed to its full potential.There were endless different kinds of lost items and a fair description of the town of Lost, and yet it felt so much was missing from the narrative Everything in this book was somehow lacking The passing of time was glossed over The threat of people trying to kill the heroine didn t feel at all urgent or, well, threatening.Also missing, for me, was an emotional connection and a reason to believe in the romance.The romance God, the romance That s pretty much what killed it for me Where was the buildup Random stuff happens, the heroine thinks the guy is handsome without ever giving the reader a clear description of him, and suddenly they re kissing with absolutely no heat whatsoever It was like kissing sunlight and like kissing the ocean If I wanted sappy, weakly poetic shit like that, I d read YA, which this might as well have been Adults don t even think stuff like that, not even if you re an artist, like the heroine At least I don t think so Anyway, who wants to kiss the ocean The writing was serviceable Not terrible, but nothing special But I swear to god, if I have to read first person present one time I might shoot myself in the foot Unless the writing is amazing, and unless there s a really good reason to do this, I pretty much want this writing style to die Another adult book where it was done not well Archetype I did like the way the book ended I think it could work fairly well as a standalone, though it does leave some open ends I have absolutely no plans to continue with the series, however.

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    Kindle version on sale for 1.99 Has now been optioned for TV or film premise of finding oneself in a mysterious unknown town, especially one you cannot leave, is always an interesting one to me.TV shows like Haven, Persons Unknown Books like Pines.The Lost is another with this intriguing premise, although it s very different from the stories mentioned above The mystery regarding the town is fairly unique and kept me interested The MC, Lauren, is much fun to spend time with and learn about than many YA protagonists these days.I also liked the fact that although there is a love interest that develops, Lauren keeps reminding herself to not become distracted from her important goal, and even when faced with a very difficult choice, she isn t I also found the romance much less eye roll inducing than is typical, and developed from friends who learn to trust each other and depend on each other AND that it did not become or overtake the plot.Overall, very much enjoyed this story It works as a stand alone, there were two sequels written, but due to publisher issues have not been published rumor is they may be published by another publisher at some point.

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    Things I ve lost A dozen chapsticks24 dragon bookmarksA library book by Poul Anderson that I never finishedSeveral bags of candy intended for Easter basketsThings I ve found That Sarah Beth Durst is one of the most creative and astonishing writers working today That I enjoy the hell out of every one of her books, though at times they are so intense that I have to just put it down for a minute and breathe.That even though I m not a romance person, there was not nearly enough kissing in this book.That I m going to need the second one ASAP.

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    This review has also been posted on The Social Potato To quote a certain cat, we re all mad here The Lost is pretty hard book to review I want to say so many things about it but at the same time I don t know where to start and how to even express my feelings for this book.Perhaps I should start off by saying that not everyone will love this book and the major reason for that, I believe, is the writing The writing is weird and choppy and so confusing at times and it took me a while to get used to as well but as I started getting used to it, I started to realize how fitting it was in terms of the book It fits with the kind of character Lauren was and just the general atmosphere of the whole novel It helped create this eerie atmosphere that was goose bump inducing at several points.This book starts with the main character trying to escape from receiving bad news Her mom s cancer may or may not have come back but she isn t ready to face that possibility so she runs away She drives and drives and drives until her fuel gauge gets closer and closer to empty and she find her way to a town named Lost.Lauren isn t always a likeable character I am not sure why that is but when I look back I can remember so many times when I wasn t her biggest fan With that said, she was a great character One that was realistic in many ways and relateable in others as well She has an overactive imagination and is paranoid but her fear and her need to delude herself is quite understandable.The Lost is one of the most original books I ve come across in a while The concept of this whole book is just so unique and intriguing Lost is a town where lost people tend to find themselves They have lost something and cannot find their way back until they have found what they had lost but Lost isn t a town that only caters to lost humans, when something gets lost, it has a way of finding its way to the town through the void The void that feeds on the hopelessness of people who live in this town There is no sense of time in this town, you could have been there for days or years but you d never find out This all adds to an atmosphere that is already eerie as a result of the writing and really gets you thinking Never ask a gentleman his age Peter takes the cake though He is kind of like a grown Peter Pan but he is so weird and creepy At times I didn t like him, at all, he seemed so childish and while that is cute for a while, it can only be cute for so long but there wasn t anything to worry about because as the book progressed, you found out that he had a hidden depth to him, he still remained a mystery throughout the novel but there was a hidden depth to him Perhaps we will find out about him in the sequel I don t think I ve encountered a love interest like him in a while He will keep you on your toes and it ll take a while to get used to him but then you ll see how wonderful he really is and all you ll want is to cuddle with him.Another seriously noteworthy character would be Claire Claire broke my heart No six year old should ever have to live through that and really, it was just hard breaking to see that Claire, at six, knew how to use a knife and was so independent and strong on her own and then her vulnerabilities would show up and it would shatter your heart At six, she was courageous than our female lead at times and that just broke my heart even A six year old show have the freedom to be a child but Claire s childhood got snatched away from her the day she became lost.The romance was one of my few qualms with this book At first I was impressed by how even though Lauren continuously described Peter as beautiful, she seemed to be afraid of him at the same time, she was vary and she was cautious because she knew nothing about him but then over the course of weeks as they became closer, things happened You re probably wondering what s wrong with that, and there is NOTHING wrong with that, the romance was developed but my problem with the romance was that development was not reflected very well in the romance, it was like a switch went off and that was that I have to say though, if you re reading this book for a good romance, don t, the romance is in the background and not the focus in this novel The most intense thing that happens in this book is kissing.This book is slow but the last couple of pages make up for it This book is packed with the feels and wonderful world building that kind of just makes up for that fact that this book can be slow at times.The ending is a heartbreaker. or those moments before the ending I should say They tear your heart out and shred it into pieces and all I am going to say is WILL SELL SOUL IN EXCHANGE FOR SEQUEL If you re worried though, the good news is that the following two books in this trilogy will come out in less than a year The sequel, The Missing, is set to be released in November.And it better be November because there are still so many things to be answered This book, I hope, was only just the tip of the iceberg and I hope that there will be answers in the sequel.This is sadly not a book I can recommend to everyone because even though I wish the whole world would read it, it will not work out for many readers which is evident from all the mixed reviews , but I will say this, if you want eerie, give this book a shot.Note that all quotes have been taken from an uncorrected proof and may be subject to change.

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    I ve never read a book like this one before The setting is so vivid and real I love the idea of a place where all lost things go The ending was perfect.

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    The Lost presents a familiar premise where a daughter decides that she would much rather get in the car and go driving in an unfamiliar direction than go home and find out whether her mom s cancer is back She drives through a dust storm and ends up, officially, in Lost a place where all things and people who are lost go.The novel is certainly innovative but I have come to expect that from Sarah Beth Durst whose novels I may not always like but always appreciate for their originality.I began this book expecting a teenaged protagonist so I was than a little surprised to find an adult instead This led me to adapt my expectations accordingly I found Lauren a bit difficult to get used to because she s a bit abrasive, I d say, but I was completely with her as she tried once and again to leave Lost and failed I also really liked the little girl who befriended Lauren and Finder, who has a dreamy quality to him that I liked very much.I also really liked the world of Lost It is restrictive and I d probably rather die than be stuck there no new books unless they are lost, nothing new at all but I love how vividly Durst has built it I also really enjoyed the family Lauren creates for herself and the dynamics between the characters.The conflicts that Lauren faces and overcomes are well done and logical though of a fantastic nature and the romance is suitably slow The ending is heavy and the appearance of another side of a love triangle is interesting because it gives Lauren another choice I fully agree with what she decided to do in the end but I liked that she had a choice.It feels like I m being overly cryptic about everything but honestly, the book is something that needs to be experienced It s fun, it s engaging and it s thrilling It is also quite sad at times so keep a packet of tissues nearby Recommended.

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