Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry (A Scumble River Mystery, Book 10)

Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry (A Scumble River Mystery, Book 10)I m a little disappointed that the main character, Skye, isn t showing growth as a character She still allows herself to be manipulated Though I live in an urban area, I wonder if life in a small town is similar to what is depicted in this series I just find it difficult to believe the police are so unprofessional and share case notes with a school psychologist Maybe this is why many mysteries are set in similar settings to provide this literary license Perhaps I need to take a break from this series. Skype Denison has never really aspired to cook So when her mother enrolls her in the Grandma Sal,s Soup to Nuts cooking challenge That has come to Scrumble River Her mother has four recipes one of which she has submitted under Skye s name Right from the start, trouble brews among the contestants, Judges and even Grandma Sal s own family But a spiteful contestant takes things to far when a cocky contestant Cherry Alexander is drowned in a chocolate fountain Skye is still struggling with the basic s of cooking Skye must help catch a killer But when it comes to suspects, there are just too many cooks in the contest from whom to choose. Skye Denison Has Never Aspired To Culinary Excellence In Fact, She Can T Tell The Difference Between Mousse And Meringue So When Grandma Sal S Soup To Nuts Cooking Challenge Comes To Town, Competing Is The Last Thing On Her Mind But That S Before She S Bullied Into Entering By Her Mother, Who Has Four Recipes One Of Which She Has Submitted Under Skye S NameRight From The Start, Trouble Brews Among The Contestants, Among The Judges, And Even Grandma Sal S Own Family But A Spiteful Saboteur Takes Things Too Far When Cocky Contestant Cherry Alexander Is Discovered Drowned In A Chocolate Fountain Still Struggling With The Basics Of Cooking, Skye Must Catch A Killer And When It Comes To Suspects, There Are Just Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen From Whom To Choose Once again, a cozy that does what it s supposed to do Lets me have a fast read, fits in my purse, doesn t tax the brain, and is highly enjoyable.It s been a little while since I ve visited the area of Scumble River and it s school psychologist, Skye Denison, finds herself in uncharted waters.or kitchensHer mother has entered Skye in the Grandma Sal s Soup to Nuts Cooking Contest This would be just fine, but Skye can t cook She knows better than to disappoint her mother, queen of the guilt trips, so she goes along with the plan Along with trying to turn in a relatively unsinged casserole, Skye finds a dead body in the chocolate fountain and that there is a missing teenager from Skye s school Skye to the mystery solving rescue This one was slightly different than other cozies I ve read This one had a cliffhanger Making me want to get the next in the series, MURDER OF A ROYAL PAIN I need to see what happens nextdagnabbit This latest installment in the Scumble River series took me about three hours to read and I was a little disappointed.I didn t think that we would find out who that weird lady was yet, but I didn t think it would be such a badly written extra of the story I don t know how to explain it, I mean I still liked the story, but Simon is getting on my nerves.Overall, it was okay Can t wait for the next one. Murder of a Chocolate Covered Cherry by Denise Swanson is the 10th book in a Scumble River mystery series Skye is entered in a cooking competition by her mother, when one of the contestants Cherry Alexander is found murdered in a chocolate fountain A teenager from school is also missing, thought to have been kidnapped by another student Another fun and entertaining addition to the series which has become one of my favourites I love everything about it and especially catching up with all the characters There is never a dull moment in Scumble River. I love these books, a fun read, always interesting and quick It is like having your favorite snack or dinner, you enjoy and just smile when it ends. Skye is forced to enter a cooking contest due to her mom entering it in her name Skye who doesn t cook has very little to learn to make chicken surprise Then the day of the contest one of the other people cooking is found dead in a pool of chocolate Skye then goes about finding a missing teen that may cause the school newspaper to be shut down and find the killer of lady in the chocolate.I really enjoy this series but had to read it out of order which was confusing at the beginning but I soon caught up Will definitely go back and catch up and continue it Would recommend this series to anyone who like quirky characters and good old fashion fun. There is nothing better than a good mystery I absolutely loved this book with adorable lead characters I quite enjoyed it. You know, I originally gave it 2 stars, and then I thought Wait a minutewhy did I do that I didn t like this book at all So, I went back and gave it one star You would think that it would be worth it just for the recipes in the back, but alasno The recipes are all Velveeta and butter Even my grandma doesn t cook like that any No wonder Skye whose name just does not suit the character at all has generous curves It s a wonder she doesn t also have heart disease and a Hoveround The only redeeming sentences in the book at all are about Skye s makeout sessions with local humble heartthrob, Officer Wally Wally is an over dramatized hero and his character is far too obsessed with Skye after far too few dates, which adds to the books overall problem with lack of realism to the point of distraction On a positive note, if the author Swanson wrote tawdry romance novels, she might have a future, because the few action oriented lines about the actual romance are not too bad Of course, they cut off a little early, presumably in the interest of keeping the book PG rated.There are far too many dropped or ridiculous plot lines a potentially haunted house, a kidnapped girl what happened to her , a wealthy father who has been obsessed with making his son follow in his footsteps, but gives up after 20 minutes of matching wits with Skye.The book started out with a thud and I had hopes that it would get better It didn t Ever.Ms Swanson s book reminds me of the bland TV dinners from the 80s served under the same name Looks promisingbut all filler and food coloring.

Denise Swanson lives in rural Illinois with her husband, classical composer David Stybr After 22 years as a practicing school psychologist, she s happiest sitting in her scree porch reading However, when the weather turns too cold, she s willing to leave the Midwest to cruise the sunny Caribbean Denise is an animal lover, but her home is currently furless, since her kitty of 20 years passed awa

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  • Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry (A Scumble River Mystery, Book 10)
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