My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies

My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies Welcome To Nancy Friday S Secret Garden, A Hidden Place Where Ordinary Women Are Free To Express The Sexual Dreams They Have Never Dared To Confide Before Safe Behind The Walls Of Anonymity, Hundreds Of Real Women Responded To Nancy Friday S Call For Details Of Their Own Most Private Fantasies My Secret Garden Is The Daring Compilation Of Those Fantasies When It First Appeared, It Created A Storm Of Outrage In The Mediaand An Equal Sense Of Exhilaration For Those Women Who Finally Were Able To Share Their Sisters Most Intimate Thoughts Even Now, In A New Millennium, Over Then Thousand Women Each Year Buy A New Copy Of This Astounding Classic Of Feminist Literature Join Them In Their Exploration Of The Meaning Of Desire Dare To Read, Dare To Dream, And Dare To Discover The Beautiful Blossoms, The Winding Paths, And The Hidden Nooks Of Female Sexuality

Nancy Colbert Friday was an American author who wrote on the topics of female sexuality and liberation.

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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies
  • Nancy Friday
  • English
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9780671742522

10 thoughts on “My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies

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    Omg, I heart this trashy little piece of research on female sexual desire Let s face it, if you can make it one page without your hands going into your pants you re probably dead.This thing is like the penthouse forum except it admits it s all fantasy Yes, there are busloads of nuns and cheerleaders and maintenance men but nobody s trying to pass them off as actual experiences.

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    Reviewed Feb 18th, 2013Like so many older books on sex that purport to have a sociological raison d etre In this case, the at the time ground breaking discussion of women s fantasies but in actuality it s just a not very well written collection of extremely dirty stories that unless you neither fancy women nor are one, are probably going to get you hot, just as the author intended.

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    Filthy, irrational, pointless, and rather badly written, like all of Nancy Friday s books, My Secret Garden offers what pretty much amounts to a guarantee to get me off.

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    This book changed my life As far as I know it is the first book of it s kind ever written I picked it up while a senior in college at the University of Mn where I was studying Theatre Arts My idea was to get some kind of clue to what women secretly think aboutIt taught me that all women have sexy little fantasies that they hide from most people, even sometimes from themselves 25 years after I read it, I began a similar book using her basic categories, or types of flowers in the secret garden I ve read all of her books, but this one is still the best It s fresh, new, and groundbreakingJust as it was in 1969 My belief now, after years of interviews with various women, is that every woman has inside her a bouquet of sexual fantasies that makes her totally unique from other women No wonder men have such a hard time understanding and categorizing themyou simply can t You can only experience each one a beautiful and completely unique individualJust like flowers.

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    I read this as a young teen, I think I was either 12 or 13 I got my copy in a thrift store I was always shopping for books in the thrift store back then I kept it secret because I d never read anything so explicit before I m giving it 5 stars because it made a big impact on me at that young age.

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    One thing I will say for this book is that it can do wonders for a person me who feels concerned or disturbed about the things that occur in their fantasy life Chances are you will feel virginal and innocent after reading some of the darker taboos in this book.My first problem with this book was not its subject matter it was the delivery I m not a psychologist so anything stated here is only opinion and experience That being said, as Mrs Friday points out women s fantasies tend to be extremely complex The setting situation is often a means to an end be that the removal of inhibition, control, accountability or the shedding of moral social gender constraints I felt this book did a very poor job of representing what these fantasies meant on a personal level to the person relating them and in that sense there was something akin to exploitation about packaging them as a general representation of women who have any one of the given fantasies shared in the book Ultimately, what I cannot abide, is the inclusion of the admission of criminal activity If this had been a book of male fantasies and a man had confessed to having molested an 11 year old girl and then marrying her 2 years later, this would not be acclaimed as a treatise on male sexuality That man would be rightly demonized as would the book, author and publisher Can anyone say double standard That poor little boy

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    Nancy Friday s books are so refreshing to me The first one I read was this one MY SECRET GARDEN The garden in question has nothing to do with soil and plants This is the first book of women s sexual fantasies collected by Nancy Friday starting in the 1970 s She was not a psychologist or social scientist She was a woman who wanted other women in a world that was finally opening up to female sexuality to be free to anonymously unveil their deepest sexual fantasies for other women to enjoy and be inspired by The women and girls, using first names only, described their sexual history and went on to share, quite graphically, their fantasies In the early 1970 s, the feminist movement was cranking up in earnest and the pill had finally become available freely to women who were not married There was much freedom for women and this book caught the spirit of that For those who would like to be refreshed by the fantasies and lives of real women telling their real stories rather than porn and semi porn published by men showing what they think our fantasies are or should be, check out all of Nancy Friday s books Enjoy

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    Delicious Back in the seventies this book proved that women were naughty, dirty and utterly erotic Anyone sitting at home ashamed of their fantasies now should pick this gem up and be liberated No matter how obscene your fantasies are Nancy Friday is here to show you not only that you are not alone but that you re not even really trying There is one sad addendum if you read later books by Firday you ll find that with the rise of porn, the internet and a general openness in society about about sex the originality and bizarre nature of the fantasies declines With freedom, it seems, comes uniformity.

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    Could a collection of women s sexual fantasies from the 70s still shock a reader in the Fifty Shades era It sure can.Though it s easy to become desensitised after the first 100 or so pages of orgies, horses, dogs, whips and big black men.But telling those fantasies off as silly or deviant is exactly what this book goes in against.Your fantasies are your own, and while you risk scorn when sharing them with the world, and may experience a feeling of guilt as a consequence, ultimately it doesn t matter if it makes you feel good.What most surprised me about this book, other than the level of openness of these 70s women, other than the large apparent attraction of Alsatians I learned a word , and other than the large number of women already married with children and in a not so happy marriage by the time they re 22 was how touching some of these fantasies were No, not that kind of touching A lot of these fantasies seem to reflect a great yearning these women feel for tenderness and love Many fantasies describe not sexual acts, but situations in which the woman is admired, told she s worth looking at and caring for Some women just fantasise about walks on the beach Other contributions that touched me in a way The woman, who was most definitely not a lesbian, but who often fantasised about being with a woman, and who often had sexual encounters with a lesbian friend of hers, which made me feel for that friend The man who wrote in to tell that his wife had no fantasies whatsoever thank you very much, and signed the letter in her name The woman who had been sexually abused in her childhood by a member of the school staff, and grew up to be a member of a school staff herself, and now abused her pupils in the same way A sad vicious cycle The man who wrote in to share the fantasy of his now late wife, who confessed to him about fantasising about a certain actor During sex they then acted out that fantasy, and the day after he went to buy an outfit reminiscent of that actor This made his wife cry, as she had been afraid he actually wouldn t be able to look him in the eye any after the previous night Singling out these fantasies probably says something about me in return, but I ll leave it at that.In short, this is a good bedside table book, or train book, if you re not too much of a blusher.

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    And before internet porn and Shades of Grey there was one clever lady who collected other people s fantasies and packaged them neatly into a book with only the bare minimum of pseudo intellectual, psycho babble around it as was required to make it past censorship and hey presto a multimillion dollar book was born I still take my hat off to Mrs Friday for letting others do the work but also thank her for the copy that existed in my parents house and that introduced me to fantasising beyond meeting the object of my desire in the first placealthough, personally, I could have done without the incest and the bestiality Tongue in cheek aside an important book in the liberation of women that deserves its status.

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