Proof Humans Have Been Perfecting Alcohol Production For Ten Thousand Years, But Scientists Are Just Starting To Distill The Chemical Reactions Behind The Perfect Buzz In A Spirited Tour Across Continents And Cultures, Adam Rogers Takes Us From Bourbon Country To The World S Top Gene Sequencing Labs, Introducing Us To The Bars, Barflies, And Evolving Science At The Heart Of Boozy Technology He Chases The Physics, Biology, Chemistry, And Metallurgy That Produce Alcohol, And The Psychology And Neurobiology That Make Us Want It If You Ve Ever Wondered How Your Drink Arrived In Your Glass, Or What It Will Do To You, Proof Makes An Unparalleled Drinking Companion

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Proof book, this is one of the most wanted Adam Rogers author readers around the world.

❴BOOKS❵ ✪ Proof  Author Adam Rogers –
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Proof
  • Adam Rogers
  • 07 October 2018
  • 9780547897967

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    He likes the warm feeling but he s tired of all the dehydration A very fun book for anybody interested in booze beyond I like how it tastes I found the first half of the book to be engaging and thorough than the second half which is about alcohol s effects on the body but that s just me My big takeaway from this book is something that came from the introduction, something that s probably already obvious to everyone else but me being passionate about something necessarily leads to wanting to take it apart, to figure out how it does what it does I d never really thought about it before, but when I look at the things I m really into baseball, food, books that rings true.

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    For an added thrill I decided to read this book while drinking.This book is high entertainment and highly informative We all should be informed consumers of alcohol and you never know when you may need to know enough about the stuff to make it yourself This book will give you a running start He begins with yeast and the fermentation process and moves on to distillation From here the author does a lot to break down a lot of the myths associated with beer, wine, and spirits I especially like the conclusions of the wine tasting club of university professors and the science of wine tasting in general In a nutshell, most of us don t have the ability to sniff out one wine from another I hate the adjectives wine bullshit wine snobs use to describe wines and have always suspected that people who claim to have such sensitive palates are no better at it than I.It was also a revelation to learn how little research has been done to reduce hangovers You would think that drug companies would be tripping over each other to find a cure for this common ailment.

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    Ok, so I know the title of the book has the word science in it..but somehow I didn t think there would be this MUCH of it I need a book called the history of booze, that would be my speed I m just not a science guy and this book didn t do it for me Dropped it at around 20% in.

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    Recommended for all loves and appreciators of alcohol.Proof was just my kind of book a massive information drop on a subject that I have appreciated but didn t really know much about It was written in journalistic style with wit that made it edgy and fun The book made me thirsty, and as I drank, I appreciated how little we really understand about alcohol Given them million different variations on beer, wine, and liquor, I had incorrectly assumed that we had basically unlocked the mysteries of the drink Turns out that s a big nope It appears that alcohol is still very much the mysterious miracle it always was We don t really understand what makes people get drunk, what causes hangovers, or even why people drink ethanol is really gross, but um, also so so good So why read a book explaining that we don t really know that much about alcohol Well, if you are in to the drink, then you get to learn all sorts of nifty facts about the angels share, that your hangover is worst as your body nears 0.0 BAC, and have all sorts of fun discussions with people about what came first civilization or alcohol Oh, and if you re American, there is all sorts of prohibition woe that will fill your spirit, much in the same way bibliophile s still lament the destruction of the Alexandrian library which, awesomely, is mentioned sort of along with Douglas Adams and a bunch of other things I love, like women scientists A word of caution though I definitely would recommend print over the audiobook The narrator is unpleasant to listen to He has a raspish voice, lispy s , and grating diction Also, there is such a HUGE amount of information and chemical names, I really feel that this book would benefit from being read Dear pharma companies please begin investing in an anti hangover medication I m fairly hangover resistant thank you Viking and Scottish genes , but it would certainly be nice to have that level of sureness I promise I won t drink , okay, maybe I ll drink ONE , but that s all I swear I ll be good I just want to be 100% that I won t even have a wee headache in the morning I don t understand the moralizing over alcohol any ways Stop holding over from the 30 s people And as an added bonus one of my favorite drinking songs Literally, if you love drink and pirates , this is the best song everONE FOR THE ROAD t

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    To be totally honest, I never expect science writing to grip me the way young adult books do, but I m always pleasantly surprised when writers like Richard Dawkins or Michael Pollan manage to do so I had hoped that Adam Rogers would have the same gripping talent, but alas, no.That s not to say that I hated the book, because I certainly do not If you ve ever asked questions like what the hell is distillation or just what am I putting in my piehole when I drink beer you re not alone, and Rogers has the answer So there s that He also offers plenty of amusing anecdotes and historical tidbits, and has a dry sense of humor of which any martini would be jealous Yes, I went there Yes, I meant a dry martini Yes, this is an inaccurate metaphor Deal with it However, every time I managed to get sucked into Rogers writing, he went and ruined it with a bunch of organic chemistry I can only handle so much this molecule becomes THIS molecule, ta da before I m totally turned off It was a problem Other major questions what is a hangover, why do we get them, what is wrong with me lacked satisfactory answers, though to be fair, the author does point out that the research is lacking So there s also that.Bottom line If you like science, booze, history and wit, you ll get a minor kick out of this book, but don t expect to read it without skimming.

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    It was a lot of chemistry I m better at drinking alcohol than learning the science about it It s cool, I ll just stay in my lane.

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    Proof by Adam Rogers Proof is a nerds eye view get it It s like birds eye view, you know like a big picture overhead kind of perspective, but like, the reverse in a sense, so it s like a super zoomed in look at the technical aspects of a given subject, in this case of booz.I thought of the phrase nerds eye view just a moment ago, and I was all excited I imagined a series of books like ______ for dummies, only _____ for smart people Anyway, some person who is probably smarter than me already thought of it Hold on Let me Google it.Yep It s already been done.Of course it has Has this ever happened to you You think of something and get excited and then Google it and it s already a thing And then you feel all disappointed Does that phenomena have a name Like Googapointment or Dissagoogle.Those are terrible names but you get the idea right Okay Let me Google the concept and see if there s word for that.NopeOkay, here s my chance to contribute to something to pop culture.If I can just jin up a cute or clever enough name for this thing, perhaps I can get a meme rolling.And nothing I got nothingAnyway, Proof is a nerds eye view of Alcohol The history, chemistry and craft behind that deliciously problematic pastime otherwise know as getting fucked up.I no longer drink or use intoxicants of any sort But I still found this book utterly fascinating and fun In fact I had a hard time putting it down.No No I will not make the obvious, nay obligatory quip about the book being addictive or what ever.I m better than that Or at least I d like to continue to cling to that belief for a bit longer.Anyway.One thing that proof did for me is spark my interest in organic and biochemistry About midway through the book I found myself fantasizing about being like a vampire or something, and being able to live long enough to thoroughly pursue all of the interesting, nerdy things that I would love to learn about That is what you call a REALLY LAME fantasy I m ashamed.But there you have it.Anyway The author, Adam Rogers cool nome de plume dude, how d ya dream that one up is a really interesting and breezy writer.He can really turn a phrase About now it should be clear that I don t have much to say about Proof Other than it was a great summer read.You can take my word for it, or if you need proof get it proof right you can read it for your self.One last obligatory warning statement.As an addiction recovery professional, I would be remiss in my duty if I did not provide the following precautionary addendum A brief nerds eye view of addiction The taste of alcohol is aversive But the secondary psychological effects are typically quite rewarding So the brain learns to perceive the flavors of alcohol appetitively In common parlance, you acquire the taste Of course getting too drunk can be downright awful Vomiting is particularly aversive Often times when you vomit after ingesting a given food or drink, your brain generates a very strong signal to never ingest that shit ever again.If you ve ever gotten so drunk that you barfed, you probably noticed yourself uttering the anguished and drool soaked words I m never ever going to fucking drink again or something along those lines.There are of course myriad other aversive long term effects of habitual drinking.And of course ethanol is highly addictive So one can easily find themselves in the peculiar situation of hating the effects of alcohol, and still feeling compelled to drink it.It s a common misperception that liking and wanting are the same thing The findings of neuroscience clearly demonstrate that they re not The fact of the matter is that you can hate something that you want, this is a common experience of alcoholics and other substance dependence individuals.You don t know how many times I ve heard clients say I hate meth, I have know idea why I do it , or I don t even like heroin any , but I can t stop.Another common misperception is that people decide or chose to do the things they do Not always, and never 100% Human motivation has implicit unconscious and automatic and explicit conscious and intentional biological, psychological and social factors In the case of substance dependence, implicit biological factors can override explicit psychological and social factors and take control of the behavior.In fact, substance depended individuals can have an extremely difficult time using explicit psychological and social factors to override their implicit biologically driven automatic behavioral tendencies In other words, drunks and junkies can have a really difficult time kicking dope or booze, even if they want to, and even if everyone around them is giving them hella shit for using.So please use extreme caution when you re playing with fire water If you find yourself addicted don t trip, it can happen to anybody Just go get help.

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    Three stars is a bit low for this book, while I enjoyed it, and it would actually rank somewhere around the 3.75 mark, I couldn t bring myself to round up when using Goodreads infuriating whole star rating system An easy read riddled with trivia around the topic of booze and drinking, each chapter featuring a single topic This short story style makes it easy to pick up and put down, and I m afraid my professional occupation made some of the novel bits discussed by others skim worthy for me I can, however, still see the draw for others, and included this book in an Oktoberfest themed reading list on my blog

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    Smart, wit, tasty work about and around booze must read and reread

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