Illumination Adam Craig Is Burned Out Lead Singer Of The Hard Rock Band Black Varen, He S Tired Of The Empty Life Of Groupies, Paparazzi, And Hotel Rooms Worse, A Life In The Closet After The Final Concert Of Their Latest Tour, He Flees The After Party In Pursuit Of Memories Of Lost Summers And Carefree Days, Until He Passes Out On The Patio Of A Shuttered Lake ResortMiles Caldwell Is A Brilliant Artist, Tied By Agoraphobia And Social Anxiety To His Family S Lodge Alone But For His Parrot, He Spends His Days Illuminating Manuscripts And Hiding From The Complexities Of Life When He Discovers Adam Asleep In A Deck Chair, He S Furious But Intrigued Adam Soon Charms His Way Into Miles Bed, And They Lose Themselves In A Summer Idyll, Safe From The Compromises And Claims Of RealityBut Adam S Life, With All Its Demands, Is Waiting For Him And Miles, Uncertain Of Adam S True Feelings, Is Battling Demons Of His Own Somehow, The Man Who S Never Home And The Man Who Never Leaves It Must Find The Strength To Fight For A Future Together

An unrepentant biblioholic, Rowan Speedwell spends half her time pretending to be a law librarian, half her time pretending to be a database manager, half her time pretending to be a fifteenth century Aragonese noblewoman, half her time wait a minute hmm Well, one thing she doesn t pretend to be is good at math She is good at pretending, though.In her copious spare time hah she does

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  • 04 October 2019
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    3.5 stars Review posted October 4, 2013Miles and Adam took a swim Most memorable scene of the entire book, at least for me It s a view spoiler song Adam has written Do you know what I mean when I say I miss you It s not just the good bye in the last time I kissed youWhen I see your face in the windows that I passThough you re far away and not behind the glass Missing you isn t just a feeling in the way my life shakes outI m one big regret and no one knows what that s all aboutDo you know what I mean when I say I miss you I would give anything to see you againTo hear the whisper of your voice, to feel the touch of your skinI would give anything, my life, my dreams, my fateBut the thing I want the most to give is the one thing you won t take hide spoiler

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    I think I m going to have to add Rowan Speedwell to my auto buy author s shelf Her work has been consistently fabulous for me This book was angsty, interesting, and really well researched Job well done, Ms Speedwell Let me just start by saying that I LOVED, loved Miles Geeky, awkward, sexy, smart Rowan, are you reading my mind I wanted to alternatively save and bang Miles Sure, he is riddled with issues and has enough emotional and psychological problems to fill a textbook, but I kind of wanted to steal him anyway As a character, he was meticulously thought out and consistently depicted through the entire story He was awesome Adam grew on me but I had a harder time getting him as a character I feel like I got a good sense for him in the end but it took a while The secondary characters were brilliant for me The sister was just perfect Not harpy, really relatable, and a great female character in an M M Doug and Bobby were just loved I really liked how their relationship with Miles was so complex I got it, and I got how it affected each of them individually Guys, if you like rocker romances, for sure buy this book Even if you don t, like me, this book is a total winner thanks to Rowan Speedwell s fabulous skills Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Severely shattered Overcoming obstacles Powerful passion Have you ever come across a book that you wanted to slip into Sure, I ve stumbled upon gorgeous fantasy worlds that I would love to escape into, but I mean a story that called you Beckoned you I just did I felt a need, a pull, and a desire to make like Alice in her Wonderland and jump into the pages of this story I need to crush Miles into one of my hugs and tell him it s going to be okay I must shake Adam by his shoulders and insist he get his head on straight And I have got to steal Lisa, whisk her away for a spa weekend or to a secluded island with white sand Illumination soared near the top of my favorite list and let me tell you why.An unexpected guest invades a secreted safe haven The intruder finds the solace he s searching for in a pair of strong arms A few weeks of bliss ultimately comes to an end Can this summer fling really last the impossible challenges ahead MilesA brilliant artist, a grumpy hermit, and he s desperately trying to reclaim his life a life presently controlled by despair and torment At the tender age of 25 he was struck by a tragedy that robbed him of three of his most precious things A decade later it would be an understatement to say his recovery is still ongoing Frozen by fear he seeks refuge from the outside world by hiding away at his family s lodge The only bonds holding him together are his sister Lisa a savior , Grace his remarkable parrot , a pair of best friends that know him better than he knows himself , and of course, his art AdamLead singer in a light rock band, he is living the dream Sadly, it s not his dream Forced to follow the rules, he is playing the part that suits his career best As he succumbs to the expected lifestyle of a star his misery spreads and soon he finds himself running He slips into a pleasant slice of his childhood, the lake resort his family use to vacation at before divorce split them apart, and finds himself overcome by desire Drawn to a challenging and difficult man he is determined to take the hard road and try to be together If only the biggest obstacle wasn t the object of desire, he just might be successful Years of pain and fear have locked Miles in a complex and intricate prison, and Adam holds the only key Both are far from perfect, but together they are one step closer They get each other, despite Miles struggles and united they create a blazing passion Ooo, and lucky us, prepare to be scorched with a video that singed my kindle I was initially put off with Bobby s ummm, gift I suppose I could say, but as things progressed I understood the why s behind it I don t have a lot of love for Evie, but then again I m fairly certain her fan club is pretty small Not short on angst, yet it was equally paced with ecstasy The writing is meticulous, the emotions are intense, and the characters stole my heart A beautiful love story that warmed me deeply, and I am hopeful you too, will find them just as enchanting 4.5 angsty addicting aching stars

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    Mild Spoilers He held his emotions so close to the surface, so honest, so open Illumination is a story about two opposite men, from two completely different worlds, that manage to find each other and form an unbreakable connection.Adam, a lead singer of a famous rock band, comes from a very public and loud life style He finds himself seeking solitude, away from the chaos of an after party, surrounded by people only seeing him for his fame Winds up at Indian lake, where he used to visit as a child, remembering happy memories he shared with family and friends High and drunk from the substances he partook at the party, Adam seeks shelter on a cottage porch, near the lake Miles, a hermit that hasn t left his house in 10 years, lives a very antisocial life consisting of work, his bird Grace and the weekly visit from his sister Lisa Comfortable in following his usual daily routine, Miles is very surprised and angry to find a stranger sleeping on the chase on his porch And from there, everything changes for Adam and Miles Attraction, understanding of each other and the need for genuine companionship, leads Adam and Miles to form a deep connection, rendering them inseparable, even when it s impossible to continue on togetherThe intimacy shared between Adam and Miles, was different to what I expected It was like the two exchanged roles Adam showed a vulnerable side, giving in to the pleasure of being with Miles While Miles, seemed in control of the intimacy, in a way dominant Leading the way with confidences, where he s usual self is reserved and unsure.Miles and Adam experience the hardship of separation With Adam committed to his career and responsibilities, and Miles fear and reasons for not being able to leave his home on the lake which I won t spoil , leaves both with no choice but to lead separate lives I felt for both of these men, the pain Adam felt from Miles pushing him away and cutting communication off To Miles, feeling confusion on where he stands with Adam, and seeking ways to protect himself from the hurt of Adam forgetting him.Miles and Adam s story, is a sweet and likable read I really enjoyed the chemistry and love between the characters And was engaged and intrigued from the beginning to end My only issue would have to be the word dude I usually don t mind things like that, but in this case, I felt it made the characters seemimmature I would have loved to read about Miles view spoiler visiting the hospital to see Adam or even just visiting him when he left hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars What do I want First, I want you to take me to bed, ten maybe later a moonlight skinny dip in the lake, then I want to sleep in your arms all night And in the morning I want breakfast pancakes made with questionable eggs, and weird bacon Miles blinked The knotted fists unknotted Then he was in motion, lunging across the space that separated them, driving Adam back up against the side of the car, and kissing him the way he had yesterday, fierce and hot and throwing his whole body, his whole self into the kiss Oh my, what a great couple these two were They challenged each other and comforted each other in everything Adam and Miles met by chance when a drunk and stoned Adam somehow ends up on Miles front porch Luckily, Miles was kind enough to let Adam stay for stale coffee, questionable eggs and weird bacon.Adam and Miles were cute and sweet and so hot I loved their love and the way they completely accepted each other and their problems Especially Adam, he really had to put up with quite a bit from Miles, but never questioned him about it He just went with the flow and did what he knew was good for Miles There were some mishaps along the way but they were able to grow and change into a couple that really deserved happiness together.Miles and Adam changed, they were able to admit and get help for their problems But they did it for the right reasons, for themselves I really don t like it when characters make changes for their love interest, instead of bettering themselves because it s the right thing to do I was so pleased with the way they took these steps to better themselves before they entered coupledom It was perfect and believable and the way it should be.That being said, this book felt looooooong I don t mind length as long as everything has a purpose and moves the plot forward I don t feel like every scene was necessary It seemed like I was reading the same cute, angsty or hot scene over and over again It started to feel repetitive and tiring by the middle But then by 70%, holy shitballs , everything start to pick up again So eventually, I did get back into the story.I had some ups and downs with my feelings about Illumination Ultimately, I fell in love with Adam and Miles and their love story Which, for me, is the whole point of reading a romance novel.

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    This one creeps up on you Adam and Miles are both well developed MCs They feel real When they meet, they have instant chemistry I was a little put off by this at first, because it was literally, Hello, you re hot, wanna fuck But about halfway through, Adam and Miles part ways Adam is the lead singer of a popular rock band Miles is an artist, and an agoraphobic recluse Adam pretends to be bi his bestie, Evie, serves as a beard of sorts and buries himself in parties and drugs Miles is scared to love, because he s scared to lose he s already lost so much, after an accident left him damaged and orphaned Then there s Miles parrot, who screams and cackles and is a full fledged character in her own right I loved that damn parrot The last half of the book was hard to take, like really goddamnfuckingwhatthefuck kind of hard I was in agony, silently yelling at Adam to just hop on the next plane to Chicago already and cursing at Miles to get his head out of his ass thankyoumuch and tell Adam that he loves him, misses him, something But there s beauty in the suffering, folks Neither Adam nor Miles was ready to love or be in a relationship at the beginning They both had to heal and let go of some crap, fix themselves before they could help the other how can you help someone else heal if you re broken yourself And while we do get a HEA thank ye gods , it s a believable HEA, a slow, sensual dance vs a mad tap dance performance OK, there IS a performance at the end, but not tap dancingjust go read the book, and you ll see view spoiler Adam goes back to his roots in theater, which I really liked, because you could tell that s where his heart was And Miles is willing to venture outside the grounds of the resort However, Miles isn t magically cured his memory doesn t come back in an instant, which makes the small steps feel all the raw And they both realize they re perfect for each other in their cabin on the lake with a parrot, of course hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsI was hesitant to read this story After reading the blurb I thought to myself this is the same old trope as every other rockstar m m book I ve read Its probably wrought with clich s and sappy one liners And I was right Except in this case, it worked.And it was all because of Miles.Who is Miles Miles is an introvert Miles is an artist Miles has been living on his parents lake resort property for the past ten years and hasn t taken a step off of it since he first got there Miles is stubborn, cranky, belligerent, frustrating and irritating Yet I fell in love with him almost from the first moment we meet him There was just something about him The story surprised me in that it went in directions I did not foresee it going Both Miles and his rockstar Adam were a hot mess when they met They had a whirlwind romance that ended too soon for both their liking I m not much one for long separations but in this instance it was much needed They both needed to get their head on straight before coming back together And they did it, for the most part, with therapy Yes, you heard that right I said therapy Such an unheard of idea in the fiction world It made the story so much believable.I enjoyed reading this story It wasn t riveting and it didn t suck me in and take me away but I was thoroughly invested in it nonetheless There were parts where I chuckled at the antics and even shed a tear a time or two I would recommend this to others as a good way to pass the time on a rainy Sunday Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 stars This quietly crept up on me in such a way that I m finding it hard to let go of I adored Miles And Adam And Lisa, Grace and Bobby and Doug I especially adored how loving it was and how genuine it all felt There was a slight bit of angst but that was superseded by Illumination being ever so lovely and completely guileless with its intentions So, so good And highly recommended.And in case Rowan Speedwell happens to read this I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE A BOBBY AND DOUG BOOK PLEASE THANK YOU PLEASE.

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    This book was painful, brilliantly so I m a fan of angst when it s the right kind But sometimes a book can grab someone emotionally and take you on a journey you re not expecting This was one of those times for me I don t know what I was expecting from the book, but whatever it was, this wasn t it Even with that, though, I am thrilled I read something like this The author did an amazing job and I have loved the others I ve read by her, this was no different.Miles and Adam were perfect for each other, at the same time, however, they had their issues Issues that needed to be overcome in order for their relationship to work I think they started off well and I was glad things were rough And boy were they rough It wouldn t have seemed read had they fallen in love and not tried to help themselves It would have felt like a relationship doomed to end badly.I found myself enthralled by Miles His character was really fucked up with a lot of issues and not many people around him His friends, who I didn t really love, kinda annoyed me during this I got why it was done I guess but it just didn t seem realistic to me It was weird for me anyway Miles relationship with Bobby and Doug was read the book I can t tell others how to feel about it But I wasn t really feeling them very much Even Adam and Evie s relationship was nicer for me than the relationship between Miles and his friends Something I really loved about the book was how the characters played their roles in the story Even if I didn t love everyone, I still saw their purpose in the lives of these characters In some ways, I was delighted they were all there They the secondary characters had their roles in helping both MC s face their demons and heal them It was nice, refreshing, to see Miles problems not magically fixed It was also great to see Adam go back to something he really loved, taking him away from the drugs The only reason I am giving this 4 stars is because of how drained I was reading this book It s not an easy read I wasn t looking for one either But I would have liked things to be a tiny bit easier I love angst, and I don t shy away from it, but it can get exhausting after a while This book is totally worth it, though, and I am so glad I read it.

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    a slow, clich d start and minor annoyances with the characterization ate my nerves reads like huge chunks of it were legit lifted from wikipedia.dull, and then irritating.dnf at 20 percent FuckThisFriday thefuckening

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