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Chocolate Fever Henry Green Is A Boy Who Loves Chocolate He Likes It Bitter, Sweet, Dark, Light, And Daily For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Snacks In Cakes, Candy Bars, Milk, And Every Other Form You Can Possibly Imagine Henry Probably Loves Chocolate Than Any Boy In The History Of The World One Day It Starts Off Like Any Other Day Henry Finds That Strange Things Are Happening To Him First He Makes Medical History With The Only Case Of Chocolate Fever Ever Then He Finds Himself Caught Up In A Wild And Hilarious Chase, Climaxed By A Very Unusual Hijacking

Robert Kimmel Smith began dreaming of becoming a writer at the age of eight, when he spent three months in bed reading while recovering from rheumatic fever He enrolled in Brooklyn College in 1947, and served in the U.S Army, in Germany, from 1951 1953 In 1954 he married Claire Medney, his editor and literary agent They have two children Heidi 1962 and Roger 1967 After writing

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  • Chocolate Fever
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  • 19 August 2019
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    FINALLY found a chapter book that all of my kids enjoyed With the oldest at 9 and the youngest at 3, it s been hard to find a book to read aloud to them that would entertain them all I tried Fablehaven and Beezus and Ramona and a few others, but we never got past the first few chapter of any of them Then I remembered hearing about a book called Chocolate Fever and figured that since all of my kids are such candy freaks, they would be sure to like this one And I was right They were all begging me to read it every night and were excited about it and talking about it together and really enjoyed reading it I gave it 3 stars but they would all probably give it 5 Now to find another that they ll all likeack

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    Robert Kimmel Smith didn t write extensively for kids, but two or three of his six juvenile novels were big hits, none so than his 1972 debut, Chocolate Fever Henry Green, little brother of Mark age ten and Elizabeth thirteen , is passionate about chocolate as most boys are He pours chocolate syrup in his milk, downs chocolate cookies by the dozen, consumes varieties of chocolate ice cream than most people have heard of, and invents ways to infuse other foods with the sweet nectar of the cacao tree Henry s obsession hasn t hurt his health, so his parents keep the pantry and fridge stocked with chocolate snacks This arrangement might have gone on indefinitely if not for the onset of a peculiar malady in the young chocolate fiend Henry is listless that morning, but only becomes concerned when brown spots appear all over his skin They resemble freckles, but Henry had no freckles moments ago The baffled school nurse accompanies him to the hospital, where bumbling Dr Fargo orders a battery of tests Despite the unmistakable aroma of chocolate, everyone is stunned by what the tests reveal Henry s spots, still multiplying and growing larger, are chocolate Chocolate Fever is the name Dr Fargo gives the disease, and he invites his colleagues to examine Henry Scared and upset, Henry escapes the hospital and the parade of people chasing him He has no idea what future he might have with brown spots marring his skin, but being prodded by strange doctors was too much Wandering on his own, Henry hitches a ride with Mac, a truck driver who doesn t mind his passenger s spots A black man, Mac knows a thing or two about one s skin not looking like everyone else s He s okay with Henry not returning to the hospital, but says the boy should contact his parents won t they be worried Henry realizes Mac is right, and our story would end here if not for armed hijackers raiding Mac s truck Henry and Mac don t want to risk being shot, but if apprehending the criminals is the only to get Henry safely home, they ll look for an opening to do so A reunion may be just ahead for two parents and their chocolate skinned son If a remedy is found, Henry will pause from now on before gobbling sweets than his body can handle Every one of us eventually confronts the reality that we can t endlessly indulge in pleasure without consequences Overeating leads to weight gain, too much candy is bad for the skin and teeth, and other vices cause harm that can be externally apparent or inflict unseen damage A wise man named Alfred Sugar Cane explains this to Henry You see, this boy I once knew had to learn a very sad lesson, as all young people must do Although life is grand, and pleasure is everywhere, we can t have everything we want every time we want it It s a hard lesson, but it comes in time Denying self gratification isn t fun, but you can find fulfillment in other ways Learning to do that is key to leading a productive life and becoming a good, others centered person Given his own weight issues, I think Robert Kimmel Smith understood the struggle well Chocolate Fever isn t as nuanced as Bobby Baseball, a novel the author released seventeen years later, but it s an amusing story with a thoughtful message, and I d rate it two and a half stars I have much respect for Robert Kimmel Smith.

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    Ok, the writing is simplistic, but the message is anything but It really hit me when Henry is running and people stare at him because he is different and ugly and he is picked up as a hitchhiker by a man of African descent who is stared at too because of what he looks like I didn t expect something that deep in a book that took me about 15 minutes to blitz through Highly recommended for younger readers 5, chocolate and vanilla, stars.

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    Henry Green eats nothing but chocolate, and this delightful story follows Henry on a wonderful adventure as he breaks out in a chocolate fever When spots start popping out all over his arms during class, his teacher whisks him off for a visit with the crazy Dr Fargo When Henry loses confidence in the wacky doc, he takes off and is chased through the streets by half the hospital staff What happens next will surprise you.IS there a cure for chocolate fever My favort book is Chocolate Fever Chocolate Fever is a good book There are two reasons why I love the book Chocolate Fever One, chocolate lovers can get some good ideas on what other ways they can eat chocolate Second, on what things can go wrong if you eat to much chocolate.Do to the fact, that people love chocolate you should read Chocolate Fever If you read this book all of the chocolate lovers out there can get some different ways to eat chocolate Chocolate lovers can eat cereal with chocolate syrup, they can also make chocolate sandwiches I love chocolate I love chocolate so much that chocolate practically runs through my vains In addition, to why you should read Chocolate Fever is because people that eat to much chocolate can have side affects Like if you eat to much chocolate you can become overweight and could have a possibility to catch a hart attack like in the book Henry ate too much chocolate that his stumic starter to hurt and his teeth were into bad shape So don t eat to much chocolate.So is there a cure for chocolate fever I don t know it is up to the person to help them self So I want you to read Chocolate Fever, my favoret book because you can get different ideas on how you can eat chocolate Two, because you can get so sick or even get diabetes So read my favoret book Chocolate Fever, but think about it before you put that last piece of chocolate in your mouth.

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    Henry learns some valuable lessons about too much of a good thing, respecting his parents and through this comical adventure tale.Ages 5 10Cleanliness Mentions that Henry and his brother argue often and that his brother hits him on the head just one sentence For heaven s sake stupid heaven knows Oh, Lord Gee and goodness are said Henry runs away but learns that that was wrong Some bullies pick on Henry Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

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    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Robert Kimmel Smith was 8 years old when he read his first book a book that moved him enough to make him cry It turned out to be a life defining event, because after that experience he decided not only that he loved reading, but also, luckily for us and for his millions of fans, that he wanted to become a writer Little did he know that he would grow up to become an award winning author whose books have sold millions of copies and are making a difference to millions of children.It would take 30 years for his dream to become a reality He embarked on his writing career in 1970 after leaving the advertising business But as Smith himself described it, his foray into writing books began entirely by accident, and he credits his daughter with getting him started It seems that one night he was making up a bedtime story for his daughter, Heidi As he was spinning his yarn, it began to grow and grow and take on a life of its own Heidi urged him to finish the story, which ultimately became his first book, Chocolate Fever Heidi must have known that there was something delicious about that story, because Chocolate Fever went on to sell almost two million copies.But, ideas for books don t always come that easily Ideas come to Smith from life experiences, from things that happened to him personally or from things that happened to people he knew Jelly Belly was drawn from his own childhood, when he was the fattest child in the fifth grade The War with Grandpa garnered 11 state awards five within one six week period Mostly Michael was written for some fifth graders who asked Smith towrite about an average kid who doesn t like school According to Smith, he wrote The Squeaky Wheel because he wanted kids to know that there was life after parents divorce, and that kids have to speak up for their rights Though told with humor, it is a powerful book that won the Parents Choice award for Story Books.Some authors are highly structured, outlining every step of a book s process But Smith starts with a hero, an opening situation, and a loose idea of where the story will go I don t want to know everything that would be too boring for me So in a sense, I am discovering the story along with my characters, says Smith.The message he wants to convey to children with his books is simple but fundamental Get the most out of yourself, enjoy life, and be good to people along the way He says that he also writes about making moral choices, without lecturing his readers Smith says, I think I wrote Chocolate Fever just to say you can t have everything every time you want, which is a basic truth except for the IRS But, there is a far basic reason that Smith writes books My secret agenda is to create books so entertaining that the kids get hooked on reading, particularly boys, who need help Robert Kimmel Smith lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Claire in a big old Victorian house They have two grown children Heidi and Roger Robert and Claire love to cook, and both are fanatical baseball fans They go to the movies and the theater Smith plays tennis, swims, gardens, and tries not to gain weight.

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    A 1972 copyright date a recent parent concern had me revisit Chocolate Fever When you read a lot, you read a lot of the same Not this treasure What a hoot Fast paced fun that belongs in every leveled library.

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    I read this in elementary school and remember really loving it I will have to find a copy and reread it soon I hope it still holds up to how I remember it being

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    Do you like chocolate How much chocolate can you eat every day Have you ever got sick by eating too much chocolate Chocolate Fever is about a boy called Henry Green who was born a chocoholic He loves chocolate to death He eats chocolate for all meals every day and he eats everything with chocolate This is how he introduces himself, I love chocolate I love chocolate so much that chocolate practically runs through my vains.One day he finds some strange chocolate dots pop up all over his body The doctor says he has got a disease called Chocolate Fever and he is allergic to delicious chocolate Is it a cure for chocolate fever Sad to speak, the doctor finds no cure for it, thus Henry has to find the cure himself To cure the disease, he needs to eat the opposite of chocolate The story is delightful and it provides lots of belly laugh It is an enjoyable book as it tells you different ways to eat chocolate The story tells you that things can go wrong if you eat a certain type of food too much Henry s story shows readers the problem of overindulgence and the importance of self restraint Chocolate Fever is a fun read for everyone If you wonder what the opposite of chocolate is, read the book and follow Henry s wonderful adventure

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    Chocolate fever is about a boy who loves chocolate and eats it all the time and never gets sick, but one day he ate chocolate and his body started acting weird, so he went to school and chocolate dot started to pop on him and the teacher sent him to the doctor After, Henry thought the doctor was no good use he ran away Everyone was chasing after him and after he got them off his tail he met a black guy that offered him a lift and when they were driving two guys who wore all black came and held them hostage, even though they were awfully dumb, they manage to take them to a house and when they were going to shot their heads off A bunch of dogs came knock the two dummies down and started licking Henry, by that time the police came and arrested the bad guys and Henry went back home and found the cure Guest what it was The opposite of chocolate, which is vanilla Who knew This story is very good for little ones and the big ones too, if you want a laugh and not something to bore you Now that I think about it, who doesn t love chocolate unless you are allergic and that will suck if I were allergic to something sooooooooo delicious.

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