Same Page (How the Light Gets In, #1)

Same Page (How the Light Gets In, #1) Book One How The Light Gets InHe Was Like The Only Splash Of Color In A Black And White PhotographThe Man Was BeautifulAt An Exhibition Opening In Sydney, Jaded Hollywood Heartthrob Jaxon Moncrieff Lays Eyes On Publicity Shy Artist Liam Lassiter For The First Time And Is Immediately Captivated But He Doesn T Get Far Into Their First Conversation Before He Realizes What He S Feeling Is Attraction, Which Brings Him Up Short Jaxon Has Always Been A WomanizerDespite His Reservations, Jaxon Makes A Play For Liam, But Liam Has His Own Issues Unlucky In Love And Orphaned At Sixteen, He Is Reluctant To Open His Heart To Anyone, And Dismisses Jaxon Out Of HandDriven By A Need He Doesn T Understand, Jaxon Organizes A Return To Sydney To Film His Next Project If He Can T Be With Liam, Maybe They Can Be Friends Of Course, That Creates A Whole New Problem Now Jaxon Is Falling In Love For The First Time How Can He Move Their Relationship From Friends To Lovers Without Destroying The Trust He S Worked So Hard For

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➣ [Epub] ➝ Same Page (How the Light Gets In, #1)  By Lily Velden ➭ –
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  • 340 pages
  • Same Page (How the Light Gets In, #1)
  • Lily Velden
  • English
  • 09 September 2019
  • 9781623806163

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    I loved this one, oh yes I m a Lily Velden fan big time, I ll give it 5 stars and Jaded Hollywood heartthrob Jaxon Moncrieff is in Australia on a promotional visit for one of his films, and is bored out of his skull trying to avoid the paparazzi Someone suggests that he visits an art gallery one evening, he gets talking to the guy that organised the showing, spots a really handsome beautiful man across the room and bam, just like that his life changes foreveryes folks, it s the old coup de foudre again and it s a real bloody nuisance sometimes The object of Jaxon s desires, one Liam Lassiter is an extremely shy guy who avoids publicity like the plague not easy I wouldn t have thought when you re trying to sell your own artwork , but is understood to be gay Jaxon is absolutely gobsmacked, he s never been interested in a guy before, indeed is known to be a bit of a ladies man, and he can t quite believe what is happening to him He attempts to make conversation with the guy across the room, being drawn to him like a moth to a flame, but said guy disappears shortly afterwards and Jaxon is left wondering how he can put right what he s obviously done wrong.One of the other reviews said that this book has insta lust , well, I m sorry I totally disagreeJaxon takes 8 months to find Liam again, all the while falling deeper and deeper in love with a manshock, horror, and yes, he has all the usual symptomslosing weight, off in a world of his own, even starting a charity or two so that Liam will think better of him He goes out of his way to befriend Liam and if that s all he can have with the man of his dreams, then he ll settle for that, but he desperately hopes that the friendship will lead to something , and in the meantime starts watching gay porn just to get a few ideas as to what happens between men and having intense conversations with his penis, whom he calls buddyand yes, I can understand how that got on some people s nerves..I just found it really funny.I ll leave this review here The sequel to this book The Race Is On comes out in August, and I ll be one of the first in the queue.

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    This was a sweet feel good story, my heart went all warm and gooey for both of the MC s Jason Moncrieff, a Hollywood heartthrob walks into a gallery and meets Australian artist Liam Lassiter Jason is straight and Liam is openly gay Jason tries to speak to Liam and gets quite quickly shot down by Liam Jason can t stop thinking about, and over months of don t being able to get Liam out of his mind he finally meets him again I liked Jason and I enjoyed his journey to discover his attraction to another man, I found him funny and amusing and totally hot Liam the publicity shy artist with the broken heart and tragic past got to me from the beginning Definitely someone I just wanted to hug This was a simple story, but quite entertaining I liked the dialogue, i loved the steamy chemistry between them and the flow of the story.

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    Jaxon Moncrieff, a world famous American actor who is seemingly straight and Liam Lassiter, a publicity shy Australian artist who is openly gay, are the MCs of this enthralling story The two meet at the opening of Liam s art show in Sydney Jaxon falls head over heals with Liam, but Liam wants nothing to do with the extroverted actorLily Velden takes her time, the story builds up slowly, but it never gets boring I loved to see how Liam and Jaxon first develop a friendship and then step by step fall in love With all consequences With eyes only for each other, thinking about the other constantly, doing sweet, sappy things, with the urge to touch all the time and being so in love it hurts I was with those wonderful boys every step of their way and loved every minute of it Same Page is the first book of the How the light gets in series and I can t wait to read the follow ups Thank you Lily for this great reading experience Highly recommended

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    The author unfolds this love at first sight, gay for you story in a super romantic style, rendering a melodramatic and almost old fashioned feel to it Nothing flashy, no mystery or suspense just two incredibly beautiful and charismatic men who start off at odds with each other And thus, sets up the only real tension in the story The actor Jaxon Moncrieff, and his obsession, artist, Liam Lassiter have a push pull, yes no, is he isn t he , extended, unrelenting sexual tension kind of a thing going on Because, never doubt it, the moment Jaxon sets his eyes on Liam yes, across a crowded art gallery he cannot forget him, he pines for him, his dreams are haunted by him Get comfortable, it s a long ride as the yearning and angst is drawn out over the course of eight months.Liam is an up and coming media artist He is as beautiful as the art he makes but is weary of being hit on because of his looks He suffers from feelings of abandonment lovers have betrayed him, his parents died when he was very young It is difficult for him to open up So when Jaxon makes smokey eyes at him at his exhibit opening, he gets pretty huffy What he learns from his initial rebuff of Jaxon, though, is that his own rude behavior is just as judgmental and unfair as the shallow reaction he s taken exception to So, he reluctantly gives Jaxon a second chance at just being friends Jaxon agrees to the arrangement But he must constantly curb his lust, his never ending attraction for the other man Before Liam, Jaxon identified as straight and he could have anyone in the world But now he only wants Liam, he is fixated He is besotted He has special pet names He names AND talks to his own penis Constantly He s names it Buddy I really wanted to love this book The premise is so yummy two hot men catch gazes across a crowded art gallery yes, I m back to that such a classic romantic set up One pursues, the other is hard to get, the first is perpetually hard My first difficulty is that I m not terribly keen on romance stories told largely by narration I m also not a fan of melodramatic, over the top storytelling that can easily ooze to cheeze And there are uncomfortable niggles with the characterizations that kept biting.I start off liking the two men Well, they sound good in concept Liam is comfortable in his skin When asked if he ever felt discriminated against because he is gay, he quotes another artist, sculptor, Eva Hesse except she was referring to women in art, here The way to beat discrimination in art is by art Excellence has no sex Gorgeous, talented, smart, and articulate He has depth he doesn t want to be liked just for his looks yet we are constantly reminded how gorgeous he is What s not to like But Liam s actions don t always sit right with me On two separate occasions when Jaxon is incapacitated by too much drink or heavily asleep from exhaustion, Liam takes advantage to explore his body This just seems like a double standard, especially considering how tightly in control Jaxon must keep his feelings towards Liam And this is just not behavior I d expect from the Liam of the beginning of the story Further, both of these men, strong and vibrant in the first part of the story, slowly disintegrate into quivering masses of tearful emotions run amok in girly girl introspection, clinginess, and angst I want the Jaxon and Liam of the art gallery back prickly, sparring, masculine Some will love this story it is very sweet, it is full of angst, you have these beautiful people who live beautiful lives, and it has the longest drawn out sexual tension ever The storytelling, unfortunately, missed the mark for me While I really wanted to get it, to fall under a spell, it was, in the end, too over the top, and the characters not believable This looks to be the first extended work from this author who also seems fairly new to the scene To her credit, the writing itself is good and the proofing excellent While it is in need of editing it is way too long it is obviously a story crafted with care and love and that has to be recognized and credited While it s not my thing, it just may be yours For this review and much , please visit The Blog of Sid Love

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    Jaxon sees Liam at the exhibit of Liam s art and not only is Jaxon very taken with the art, he falls head over heels in lust, longing and yearning for Liam.Liam though, only sees him as a shallow spoiled actor who wants him only for his looks and gives him the cold shoulder, leaving him standing there alone.Those few minutes with Liam change Jaxon completely He flies back to the US, but constantly thinks of Liam and literally becomes obsessed with him He starts questioning his sexuality and his sanity, since Liam is all he can think about and dream about Thoughts and fantasies of Liam are pretty much all he has.He anonymously sets up scholarships and charities that benefit artists and orphans because Liam is both of those things Now at first I was wondering about being so smitten and taken with someone you have only exchanged a few words with, and not friendly words at that But then I thought about it and decided, yes, that can happen, I have a few songs on my playlist that are about just that happening to people And I guess it s also that romantic notion of meeting someone that is THE ONE for you The story is told from alternating points of view in alternating chapters I have to say the first 20% or so took me a while to get through, they dealt mostly with Jaxon s longing and fascination with Liam, but no interaction between the two main characters He doesn t really get why he can t forget Liam or move on He has a real need to be with him and even makes sure his new movie will be filmed in Australia, so he can at least try and form a friendship with this man that has taken over his thoughts.Liam lost his parent in a car accident as a teen, his first lover was a cheating asshat and his second wasn t much better Now he sticks to occasional hook ups and stays to himself, his art and his dog Duchess So it s fair to say he has trust issues, but he also finds himself thinking of Jaxon often than he d like, and with a nudge from his friend and father figure Garrett, he realizes that he might have judged Jaxon a little harshly.With Jaxon back in Australia he can finally set his plan of being part of Liam s life into action.Liam and Duchess welcome Jaxon into their home and lives and they form a friendship, that both of the men enjoy and come to depend.They spend all their free time together and slowly they each develop even deeper feelings It s not all smooth sailing however, there is some drama and a lot of strong emotions from both men I enjoyed the story once the men were together on page, their feelings for each other are very deep Jaxon takes to loving another man like a fish to water, or at least to loving Liam.I also felt the men changed over the course of the story, where Jaxon was unsure and insecure in the beginning with regards to how and where he fits in Liam s life and how Liam feels for him and his jealousy towards other men that have been in Liam s life He becomes sure of himself and his feelings throughout the story Where as towards the end of the book that seems to reverse and the once steady and confident Liam becomes dependent on Jaxon and his insecurities rise to the forefront There is a lot of romance, they woo, seduce and court each other, which was fun to read about and the smexing was hot and frequent This is truly one of those stories that I would put in the fated to be together and love each other category They are both overwhelmed and passionate about their love.I had one or two issues, Jaxon has a habit of naming things, for example his penis.He calls him buddy and buddy is on page a lot, Jaxon has conversations with him, and although it was humorous the first time or two, it got old for me quickly, and I ended up counting roughly 100 mentions of buddy , he also names Liam s penis and Liam s rear end Had those been cut down or out I would have enjoyed it much , as it was I kept waiting with dread for the next mention of buddy This is the first in the series and there are some open questions, how will their relationship affect Jaxon s career How will the publicity shy Liam deal with having such a well known lover They live on different continents among other things, but one thing I am sure of at the end of this one, is that these two will fight tooth and nail for their relationship.

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    2.5 starsWhile there were parts I really did enjoy, overall this was not my kind of book.I did like the slow burn and the build up to a wonderful friendship But after these guys finally declare their love to each other, we got a good dose of cheese So much cheese it made me a bit nausious.I love little romantic parts in a story, but these guys were either singing to each other or leaving love notes every single page I mean, seriously guys And although I liked Jaxon, I was kind of weirded out by the fact that he had entire conversations with his dick, whom he named Buddy Liam had Buddy sliding in and out of his satiny channel. That really takes the sexy out of the sex scenes.He also named his dildo Pinky..And I know I m not one to read books about famous people I just don t really feel any connection with people who love the spotlight And while this entire book is mostly situated at Liam s remote mountain cabin, I couldn t help but feel anxious about when Jaxon would come out and how Liam would handle the pressure Especially since he told Jaxon he hated any kind of public attention.And I m normally not easily offended when writers have their male characters talking or thinking they re becoming women when they do something feminine in their eyes, but if I had to read about Jaxon mentioning that he s becoming a woman one time, I d crawl into this book and smack him When a guy can multitask, he is still not a woman.When a guy sit down to pee because he feels dizzy, he is still not a woman.When a guy feels emotional, he is still not a woman.When a guy likes it when someone pays him a compliment, he is still not a woman.When a guy like cooking, he is still not a woman.When a guy smiles because he is in love, he is still not a woman.This dude is constantly telling himself he is turning into a woman It was tiring and insulting actually.If you can look past these things, this is really not a bad book The writing was pretty solid and the romance pretty sweet But it just wasn t my kind of book.

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    2.5 starsI really have mixed feelings about this book It was slow going in the beginning, but about a quarter the way through when Jaxon and Liam were actually in the same place together, things started to be good Even with the instant lust that Jaxon felt for Liam, we got sort of a courtship, watching them develop a really nice and close friendship, which turns into However, view spoiler the problem I had with the story was with Jaxon naming his penis and then basically carrying on conversations with him constantly, then if that was not bad enough, he has to name Liam s body parts, including his ass It reduced the book to being so childish for me Then once they got together, there were no conversations, it was constant sex It was if the great friendship that they had, and all the things they had done together as friends was just gone hide spoiler

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    I am somewhat of an ad agent s dream come true and will admit to buying Same Page, because I liked the cover Any who, turns out that apart from the cover, Lily Velden and I are not on the same page I DNF d Same Page about a quarter of the way into Chapter Five Now before you start thinking that that is not that far and I didn t give the book a fair chance, allow me to clarify that in this 340 page book, a quarter of the way into Chapter Five was at the 63% mark Editor needed Alternating first person POV s, not a bad concept, but there are paragraphs where nearly every sentence began with I The over use of I was so predominant it felt like I was having a conversation with two narcissists, not being conveyed a story through characters eyes only their I s The reader is told a lot about the characters, by the characters What they look like, what they are doing, what they like and what they dislike all I, I, I, The writing is grammatically correct, but only adequately elementary at best Moreover, the characters are so shallowly fleshed out they come off as sounding like two teenage girls pining for a crush I began to question the age of the writer as the characters rattled on in their superficial pubescent stream of consciousness Then I found this Apparently, Same Page and it s sequel, The Race is On, are refreshed Twilight fan fiction that Velden originally posted under the alias Bellemer, titled There s a Crack in Everything When I think of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart narrating this story with their dead behind the eyes nonchalance it began to make sense However, I have read writings that are worse full of typos, malapropisms and grammatical failures but have enjoyed them none the less After all I made it through the Special Forces series and gave it a four stars And the plot in the blurb held an element of interest for me, despite rarely enjoying GFY s Where Same Page really failed for me was with two of the most preposterous characters I have read in a long time At no point could I believe that either of them held any element of believability as men, as gay men, as humans Their actions, reactions, speech were just so melodramatic, I couldn t take them seriously Jaxon is supposed to be a smooth, worldly Hollywood actor, completely straight until he lays eyes on Liam and not only does insta love emerge, apparently so does insta gay but only for Liam You see, Jaxon is not attracted to men, he is attracted to Liam Velden takes Gay for You specifically you to a whole new literal level Groans An annoying character in general, Jaxon ups the anti when he names his penis and proceeds to have conversations with it repeatedly Am I really supposed to take this book seriously I think Jaxon s quirk is supposed to be humorous, but it just comes across as eye rolling ridiculousness Then there is Liam, poor, pretty Liam Did someone say, Woobie Coughs Mr Beautiful, Liam, is cursed by his exceedingly good looks Always judged by his appearance, no one loves him for his bland personality It is just so unfair How could he ever trust anyone not to break his heart when they only make a pass at him based on his looks Not sure how he believes the dating game works Best he retreat to his studio in the Outback with his faithful dog and only venture into purely sexual one night stands by picking men up based on their looks at gay night clubs Ha Well I have to admit the book did make me laugh at times Annoying characters, paced poorly and littered with a plethora of awkward and jilted moments where it appears Velden stumbles on how to progress the plot note the first two chapters, short stories in themselves, are spent in Jaxon and Liam s head as they pine for each other, after meeting once Accelerate six months later to chapter three when Jaxon just shows up at Liam s door and they decide to be friends Now that I think about it, Same Page probably is on par with the quality of Twilight For me, however, Same Page, failed to make me want to turn the page and after a mind numbing 214 pages, closing the book to stare at the pretty cover was the most satisfaction I got from my investment in this book.

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    This book was awful The characters spent way too much time describing themselves like pages I mean, I ve never been a fan of characters describing themselves in books But these characters were borderline vain Who does that Who looks in the mirror and have an inner conversation with themselves describing, erm, themselves I think I just wasted my money on a fanfic Or if this is not a fanfic, then the author wasn t very imaginative when she was creating images of her characters Jaxon was supposedly a womanizer who suddenly found himself attracted to a guy But it only took him two seconds to hit on said guy If you were as straight as a stick, won t you hold back at first before you fire up your charms and hit on the first guy you see He s got blond, curly hair and a Southern accent His assistant, Ali, is a dark haired sprite who suspiciously remind me of someone Liam has russet hair, ivory skin and red, red lips I dropped it like a hot potato after the first chapter I just couldn t go on Sorry.

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    So, I got this one because although I detest alternating first person narratives, I loved the premise and there was a great build up beyond the basis of the love at first sight I actually really enjoyed the research Jaxon did as he started exploring what a relationship with Liam would entail.But I have to confess that at 150 pages in roughly half , I m completely bored The past 50 pages or so have been painful to get through, as the plot just does not advance Jaxon s talking to Buddy are very off putting and the supporting characters are just cardboard cut outs, which is very disappointing Tinkerbell seemed like she d be a really great character and Garrett was also interesting, but he fades from the story The side plot with Duchess I feel was poorly done and unnecessary.I keep going back and forth because the writing is very smooth but it hasn t grown on me at all I love that Jaxon is so personable but I don t get the connection between the two men They make great friends but I don t feel that electricity that Jaxon spends the first two chapters obsessing about I think much of what I m having trouble with could be fixed with better pacing.

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