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Whiskey and WryMy interview with Rhys Ford as she discusses Whiskey and Wry over at The Blog of Sid Love know what I really like about Rhys Ford books I know what I m going to get Great MC s usually 1 really likable and 1 that takes some warming to , tons of side characters like, A LOT , a zany mystery that usually is impossible to guess because it comes from left field but the answer is always the least important part of the book , hot sex, and a sprinkling of melt your heart tenderness You get all that in Whiskey Wry but this one THIS ONE This one does it BEST Everything that I like about Ford s books, I liked even Every couple that I grew to love in Ford s books, this couple I loved even Every dark and evil twist that threw me in Ford s books, was darker and eviler and threw me even I LOVED IT I so so so liked Miki and Kane in Sinner s Gin book 1 of the series But Damian and Sionn are officially my favorite Ford couple Damien is Miki, but less grouchy Sionn is Kane, but less perfect Together they are surprisingly sweet, very hot, and their love is the kind that saves each other big smile But what kinda sets this book apart most is shudder Parker Oh, wait till ya ll meet Parker THIS GUY SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME That is one messed up mo fo Yuck and written so so well My one 1 tiny tiny little niggle and this is hardly the author s fault is well you guys know grey shirt cover guy I can t let him be Sionn in my mind if he s gonna be 100 other MC s in my coming books GAH So disappointed I need to scrub my brain of his image and think of someone else But that Damien Spot on and so yummy I would not recommend this book as a standalone which is a good thing, because Sinner s Gin is also a great read Enjoy them both This review can be found at Love Affair with an e Reader He Was Dead And It Was Murder Most Foul If Erasing A Man S Existence Could Even Be Called MurderWhen Damien Mitchell Wakes, He Finds Himself Without A Life Or A Name The Montana Asylum S Doctors Tell Him He S Delusional And His Memories Are All Lies He S Really Stephen Thompson, And He D Gone Over The Edge, Obsessing About A Rock Star Who Died In A Fiery Crash His Chance To Escape Back To His Own Life Comes When His Prison Burns, But A Gunman Is Waiting For Him, Determined That Neither Stephen Thompson Nor Damien Mitchell Will EscapeWith The Assassin On His Tail, Damien Flees To The City By The Bay, But Keeping A Low Profile Is The Only Way He Ll Survive As He Searches San Francisco For His Best Friend, Miki St John Falling Back On What Kept Him Fed Before He Made It Big, Damien Sings For His Supper Outside Finnegan S, An Irish Pub On The Pier, And He Soon Falls In With The Owner, Sionn Murphy Damien Doesn T Need A Complication Like Sionn, And To Make Matters Worse, The Gunman Who Doesn T Mind Going Through Sionn Or Anyone Else If That S What It Takes Kill Damien Shows Up To Finish What He Started Reread March 2019 Still love these two Reread May 2018 I enjoyed this second go round so I bumped up my rating I love Sionn and Damien so much They go together perfectly Originally read December 2017 Someone is out to make Damien believe he s not who the thinks he is He can t remember anyone but his best friend Miki so maybe he is crazy Throw in a killer who needs Damien dead and he doesn t know what to do except run Until he finds Sionn.This was another great addition to the Sinners series I am loving these books I didn t like it as much as the first one Something was missing though I m not sure what However, I loved both characters and all the side characters I love Ford s writing and the heroes are swoon worthy I will definitely be reading. Written December 17, 20143.8 Stars Devastating captivating and thrillingBook 2The first book Sinner s Gin was a well enough good start to this second M M series Sinners by Rhys Ford I picked up this fall I really enjoyed her other romantic crime series Cole McGinnis All over 4 stars An 8 40 hrs audiobook narrated, with strong expression and big emotions, in an unforgettable style by Tristan James.I m another amused fan for these adorable Sinners Miki St John, the singer in Sinner s Gin was the only survivor after an tragic accident that killed the other three band members See 1 Sinner s Gin 3.7 stars about Miki and his steaming love story with the cop Kane MorganSo we all belivedWhen Damien Mitchell wakes in an looked asylum he finds himself without a life or a name They call him Stephen and the asylum doctors tell him he s delusional and his memories are all lies The guitarist in Sinner s Gin is assumed to be ded Then a day starts Damien s Montana prison to burn and at the same time is an evil gunman waiting outside Then Damien flees, he start to run for his life A few months later is Damien back in San Francisco The city he vaguely remember The place he comes to to look for his old friend, the guy named Miki San FranciscoSionn Murphy is a former bodyguard, now an Irish pub owner, who lets that stunning beautiful boy with a big comboy hat play and sing for supper and some coffee outside Finnegan s Soon are they starting to drink coffee together, begins to talk, joking and becomes friends Damien also starts to remember and from his life before the accident And there are these feelings, this new throb with desire and lust Another Sinner in need of a strong Irish man It is hot, a lot of suspense, a big warm family, intense and a bit melodramatic But Oh Boy so alluring nice to listening to It means well, it s sort of like secret, like a treasure Something found and known only to a few That s how I think of you Something beautiful and dark, hiding in plain sight There is a poetry, an almost pompous sensual expression in these books I don t know if it s this narrator, or the text itself that creates this almost musical sense Anyway, that feeling makes these stories fascinating Maybe it s also that feeling, plus these really great told thriller parts, which makes me without strength and common sense I can t resist I m helplessly easely stuck and seduced into this grand emptional Sinners drama Do you like stories with a lot of strong feelings, smexy hot pretty longish bedrooms scenes, lovely big cuddly family moments, some very nasty cruel villains and light suspense If yes, then you can t but looking forward to another Rhys Ford story Next 2.5 The Devil s Brew, Miki s Valentine s Day novella and then the third novel 3 Tequila Mockingbird about another Morgan brother I LIKE sometimes vexatiously view spoiler The Sinners series 3 novels and 2 novellas and later Sloe Ride hide spoiler 4.5 WHEEZING AND WAILING I am unable to write a coherent review, so I am gonna rave about the pants losing this book caused After reading the ending of Sinner s Gin you know shit was gonna be epic, and epic it was.I d like to tell you where my pants went It got lost somewhere between Damien wearing that cowboy hat and Sionn just speaking I couldn t even handle all the words or their explosive chemistry Then of course there is all the explosive action that is never absent from a Rhys Ford book, it begins explosive and then ends even explosive gawww that ending Then there was this Shut up and listen to me Irish, Damie whispered, licking at the spongy head hidden beneath Sionn s hood You say you re safe I know I m safe So unless you re going to get me pregnant, I m going to suck you clean and fill my belly with your taste Because I need that I need you Right Now Because the only thing thats going to make me feel better right now is you I can t even I don t even know cus I am filled with too many feelsHi you ve reached Darien s pants Sorry I unable to be found right now, but I hope to be back after a few days because Whiskey and Wry was just too sexy Sorry if I m unavailable to lose my pants for youSeriously though, let s get to real talk Whiskey and Wry is another superb hit by the author With action packed writing and unforgettable characters that will surely delight all the fans I just really enjoy that the characters are flawed and there isn t any of that trying to fix them They will work things out in their own time Also, this villain be cray, cray but so very entertaining Whiskey and Wry offers family drama in both the positive and ugly side of what it means to be a family they say blood is thicker than water but that s just being literal.Loved, love, love the crap out of this book I was entertained, lost my pants, Miki and Damien are just so freaking amazing I wanna eat them up with a spoon Looking forward to Shaken Stirred not the actual title of the book I m just going on how it will probably make me feel.Its been a pants less few days sigh Like this from listening to the audio.Audio is good, but warning the gore seems worse somehow for listening to the descriptions than reading them Also what s with the accent switching Damie Californian with a hint of British varies from American to strong Irish to English Even Donal that chunk of Irish rock at one point turns English made it confusing who was talking in some places The writing editing felt smoother than in the previous book The plot is frankly ridiculous with a heaped helping of euww There s instant attraction and lust in the middle of danger The character dynamic is set emotional smaller sensual man paired with a big strong hero type There s always some erotic somethings and less pleasantly some intestines But I enjoyed it.It s like a cream cake you know it isn t good, but that doesn t stop you craving one or the licking of your fingers afterwards.The ever expanding Morgan clan are here in force, with their best ignored Irishisms Our boys emote to family, to friends, to each other There s cuteness and feels I think what Rhys does best is dialogue, because there s a real sense of the characters with easy banter and camaraderie I don t even care about the obvious introductions to characters for future books seems everyone in this family is gay or that the last chapter is a teaser for the next book these are things that bug me, but I don t care Love these guys.It s an enjoyable read, exactly what I was in the mood for and I fear I hear the trap snapping shut, I m snared and reaching eagerly for Connor. 3.5 StarsThe second part of the Sinners series did not disappoint You have Damien who s desperately trying to piece together his fractured memories He s not sure what s real, only that he needs to find his best friend Miki who will help unravel the answers he so desperately wants Scared and paranoid, that feat isn t so easy to achieve Barely scraping by, he meets up with pub owner Sionn and of course, sparks fly The danger Damien is in escalates as those he cares about get hurt or end up dead.As I ve read Ford s books, there s definitely a formula she adheres to You have one hero who s a bit damaged, who s been through hell and has a hard time trusting The other has his own demons to wrestle with, but at the same time he s unafraid in risking anything and everything to protect the guy he loves This veered off just a bit from her usual MO view spoiler where her alpha MC was verse instead of the smaller man stereotypically always bottoming hide spoiler I shall read ALL of Rhys s books So many things should have caused me to lose my mind while reading this and I will admit a few things almost pushed me over the edge but I think I liked it The Morgans are kind of adorable and Damien and Miki were also adorable I know I said I d pretend about where the Morgan s were from and I totally did For the most part But Sionn And boyo I mean really Boyo The taste of you is better than any pint I ve ever had on my lips But Sionn issues aside I really did like Damien and Sionn together, they had a proper meet cute and I liked how their relationship developed They got all soppy and cute It was proper book crack stuff Something I m not certain I liked in this book was being in the villain, Parker s, mind Studying the knives he d found in the woman s kitchen, he selected the first he d sharpened, a slender, long blade made of hammered German steel Now, this is probably the finest thing you own, Parker murmured, sliding the flat of the blade across her wrinkled cheek And here you were using it to cut lemons for your vodka She gurgled again, and he cocked his head, trying to make sense of her frantic bleating Patting her leg, Parker smiled reassuringly and began to carve away the skin on her face.That was a really a very tame scene for him He didn t really make sense to be honest but I was fucking terrifying So again I liked it and I didn t but I have to say I m not at all regretting starting this series I liked seeing Miki and Kane again and I m excited about Connor s story and I really can t wait for Quinn s and Rafe s While I don t enjoy parts of it, it is fun and at times sad and a little angsty What s a bit odd is that the nookie scenes are not my favourite I find myself a little confused about what s going on and they feel overly long I m not sure I ve ever said that before This reviews gifs have been brought to you by the lovely Robert Sheehan My Damien Let s not discuss me casting an Irish actor as one of the few non Irish in the book. I ll be honest, when I first started reading this book I was disappointed I thought it was going to be about Miki and the delicious man who had him, Kane.What I got, though, wasn t what I expected Two new characters well, one was mostly new and their story I continued reading because I love Rhys Ford s work What did I find 1 The new main character was sexy as hell.2 The new love interest was neck and neck as sexy as Kane.3 I love Donal, the clan leader of the Morgan family.4 Rhys Ford makes the CREEPIEST freaking villainThis book was every bit as good as Sinner s Gin for me The characters were three dimensional They each had issues and strengths They were family and no one would screw with what s theirs When Donal gives his speech, I wanted to cry with him He s an amazing man and every person in the world should have a father like him One who doesn t care who you love, only that you DO love And his wife, the little velociraptor Brigid, is the very definition of a mother.Overall I love these characters and I hope that there is to find out about them.

Rhys Ford is an award winning author with several long running LGBT mystery, thriller, paranormal, and urban fantasy series and was a 2016 LAMBDA finalist with her novel, Murder and Mayhem She is published by Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications.She s also quite skeptical about bios without a dash of something personal and really, who doesn t mention their cats, dog and cars in a bio She

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  • 06 July 2018
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