Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath Danny Bright Was Born To Entertain He Just Needs His Big Break So When He Hears That Blue Horizon Records Is Holding Auditions Looking For The Next Big Thing, Danny Jumps At The Chance It Doesn T Turn Out Exactly As He Imagined, Though Instead Of Getting Solo Contracts, Danny And Four Other Guys Are Put Into A Boy Band Innocent, Idealistic Elliot Price Thinks He S Headed For College An Impulsive Decision To Sing In The Local Talent Search Changes All That A Bigwig Producer Happens To See Him, Hands Him A Business Card, And Turns Elliot S Life Upside Down Elliot And Danny Are Close From The Beginning They Love All The Guys, But It S Different With Each Other Soon Their Friendship Turns Into Feelings Intense Than Either Of Them Can Ignore The Other Three Boys Only Want Danny And Elliot To Be Happy, But When Their Management Team And Record Label Discover Two Of Their Biggest Tween Heartthrobs Are In A Relationship, They Re Less Than Pleased Danny And Elliot Find Themselves In The Middle Of A Circle Of Lies And Cover Ups, All With One Bottom Line Money They Have To Stay Strong And Stick Together If They Don T Want To Lose Themselves And Each Other

MJ O Shea has never met a music festival, paintbrush, orflower crown she can stay away from She loves rainstormsand a perfect cup of tea, beach days, music, bright colors, and than anything a cozy evening with a really great book.She is from the Pacific Northwest While she still lives thereand loves it, MJ has the heart of a wanderer So she puts allher dreams of far off places and extraordi

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  • Paperback
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  • Catch My Breath
  • M.J. O'Shea
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  • 08 November 2017
  • 9781623808709

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    4.5 starsOk, I have to admit though I hate to since it makes me a relic, I know , that I have no idea who what Larry Stylinson is I had to google the name I can t get One Direction straight from any other boy band these days When I hear boy band , I think NKOTB or NSync or Backstreet Boys I am ancient So, I can t speak to whether this is some Larry Stylinson book or if that was the obvious inspiration for MJ O Shea s story All I can say is this I FREAKING ADORED IT Every single page, without fail, even in some of the harder times for the boys, I was in my happy place I loved the characters I loved the story I loved the warm fuzzies I felt I loved the clever use of tweets and crazy fangirls I loved the drama I loved the emotion I loved it all.Did I mention I FREAKING ADORED IT And truly, I can t explain why I loved this book SO much It actual breaks some of my no no rules for M M books LONG 350 pgs cut out a few pages some of the repetitive parts could have been avoided , about MUSICIANS these books don t typically grab me , and pretty TAME in the onpage smexy though not quite fade to black, and possibly descriptive than some YA ers might approve of BUT, gosh, it was just so satisfying Maybe the preteen, young girl in me needed some attention maybe the youthful side of me needed awakening Who knows I just can t stop smiling And I think, if I weren t such an old bat, I might have squee d over this book if I allowed myself.Elliot Danny are the hug worthiest characters I ve read about in a long time Danny sings Amy Winehouse s Valerie for his audition how precious is he And though it s technically GFY, the author didn t make it into some big deal internal crisis about coming out but rather just went with the flow of 2 boys, best friends, finding themselves falling in love with each other.And Elliot, Elli bean, my El you have secured a spot in my House of Huggables next to Ryan from ICoS and Parker from American Love Songs I love, love, love, love, looooove, you, you cutie patootie Sh t I m smiling while writing this review too my face hurts Who will love this book 12 year old girls who love boys in boy bands 12 year old boys who love boys in boy bands Susan and anyone else who shares her happy place of charming characters, sweet young love, and heartwarming moments Don t want to jinx it, but I ve read some really great books lately books that have HIGHLY entertained me just sayin Guess 3 star Susan is taking a break

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    M.J O Shea, you sweet, magical lady Thank you for giving me a book to FINALLY make me smile this week This book had my name all over it I mean, we have virgins, man, VIRGINS And lots of angsty, lovey goodness to boot It was just what I needed after a seemingly never ending book slump.I ll admit, I wasn t that impressed with the start of the story The set up of the band seemed improbable and rushed, and I felt like everything was coming together a bit awkwardly However, once the story got rockin and rollin it was smooth sailing for me Everyone has their own book tastes and I tend to enjoy lengthy stories with peppered with liberal amounts of sex and angst This one was a bit low on the sex side but I ll forgive it because these boys were practically YA range but the length and the delicious emotions that it wrung out of me was spot on I really got into the romance between Elliot and Danny and I loved experiencing their ups and downs alongside them It reminded me a lot of a mash up between Moonlight Becomes You and The Locker Room HEAVEN.My only complaints are the slightly unrealistic nature of the band I mean, did they ever not get along , the low heat level, and the shaky start However, these minor issues don t take away from the fact that I enjoyed the heck out of this book blissful sigh

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    So one day I was browsing for books Something I do often and while in the New Release category of a publisher s site, I came upon a great cover I am not normally drawn to covers but something about this caught my eye I looked up the synopsis and cruised over to Goodreads to see if any of my friends had read it They hadn t but in a review I saw two words in quotes that I immediately Googled From there, I was lost.Oh yeah, those two words Larry Stylinson. Why did those two words cause me to buy the book and get lost It is the combined name of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from the boy band One Direction who have rabid shippers who strongly believe they are a couple, or in love, in REAL HONEST TO GOD THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN EXIST over the top, head over hills in love Do I believe this Well, just a smidge or maybe Just google the name and see some of the near missed kisses, the longing looks between them, the secret arm rubs that no one was supposed to see, leg pinches under the table, secret hand gestures I digress, the book, I was reviewing the book.Catch My Breath was the perfect read for me when I needed it I wanted a book to obsess over and I got it OH BOY did I ever So Danny Tell me why I should choose you What makes you different We meet Danny Bright on the first page waiting for his chance to audition for his big break He goes out there and gives it his all intending on being a solo artist but is thrown off when he is told he and three other boys will be put together as a boy band they are just missing that One Thing, the one thing that will really take them to the top That one thing comes along in the curly haired form of Elliot Price Once Elliot is on board, they boys name themselves Static and they are a band From their first meeting Danny and Elliot are attracted to each other, as friends Of course Elliott sees Danny as but never lets on.As the boys get thrown into a house for a reality show, their friendship continues to grow and they boys begin to realize they might be than just friends How can they be How will this affect the band Danny had one of those moments, one of those few times when you become aware that everything is changing His life was changing And these guys, they would become part of it Tate, Webb, Reece, Elliot They were his new family Let me just say that reading this book I had the biggest grin on my face I was asked numerous times by friends, family and co workers as I read it at work what I was reading I could not stop talking about it and even strong armed my girlfriend into reading it with me so we could obsesses, I mean talk about it together This book was adorable From seeing all the boys as they are made into a band and how they instantly bond with one another despite their differences To of course the budding romance between Danny and Elliot and the pain in my heart at their having to hide it I adored this book But when we re in here alone When we re in here alone, you re mine So a book about a boy band, I guess that means I should pick a favorite one right Okay, fine It s Elliot Not only is he from my part of town the boy just had my heart in a tight grip His relationship with his family and his best friend Sara are what give this young man the foundation needed to handle this crazy life he has been thrust into And can I just say, I LOVED Sara There is a part in the book where she and Elliot talk and my friend messaged me to say OMG THAT IS SO YOU She was great, a constant support for her friend no matter what Danny, oh that man boy The things he is forced to do for love and the band made me love him and at the same time angered the holy hell out of me Why Why is it that even today in 2013 we are still so afraid to let someone be who they are To make someone hide their sexuality because it s not good for business Sure, this is a book but it happens and it really does make me sick We should not live in a time where it s okay to portray a young man as a complete womanizing whore but it is not okay for him to be gay Ugh I will not jump completely on my soap box but I have to say it bugs me to no end Why is this necessary I guess the girlfriend is just hiding what s in plain sight Who wanted people to think they slept their way around town when they were only eighteen years old And really Did their publicity team think that was such a good alternative to people thinking Elliot was gay I could go on and on about what I found amazing and fantastic with this book It just hit every button for me and I how could I ask for Danny and Elliot are now in my favorites and as a reader I could not be happier about that I have become one of those screaming fans that is in love with the boys of Static, the than a bromance of Delly and simply a fangirl for this story in so many ways Just writing this review, looking at what I highlighted and going over my quotes my cheeks hurt I wish I could share each quote etc that I liked but I think I have babbled enough Did I mention how much I loved this book Maybe Catch My Breath is a wonderful, smart and fun read Like I said, I smiled throughout this book even when it hurt my heart From first meetings, to games of speed, sneaking in secret touches, jealousy over bread sticks, forced separations, fake relationships, sneaking phone calls Oh yeah, that one was pretty hot there at the end , first times and red carpet kisses I LOVED this book It has become my go to book when I need to feel better, when life has thrown me a bit to handle and I need to sit still and yes, catch my breath.

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    First thing first, I don t know anything about the Larry train I know of One Direction, know few of their songs but I don t follow their fandom So I have no issue what so ever with personal bias of the actual bromance that inspired this book.For the positive part the story was cute The boys were likeable It was nice to have a story regarding boy band And M.J O Shea brought the social media frenzy into the story, which definitely a portrayal of current generation The female characters were also portrayed nicely, even if I was a bit annoyed with Elliott s friend Sara acting all fan girly over Danny and Elliott Fans, I can understand But best friend acting like a fan girl is just weird.Now for the not so positive part my GOSH this one was LONG and FELT like it I started reading this on June 24th So it took three weeks for me to reach the finish line and I actually SKIMMED a lot Duly noted that I now had a full time job again and my reading time reduced significantly However, when a story hooks me, I can make it a priority to read This one I actually put down one time before decided to pick it up again because I just want to clear this out of my current read list.I think my personal problem with it was that I got bored with the plot I never NOT believe that Danny and Elliott loved each other from the very beginning They were definitely in love with one another and got all lovey dovey There was no real problem between the two of them except that they must follow contract that stated that they must acted straight, in which created jealousy They always declared their love despite the jealousy though So, I felt that the conflict was all external and it got repetitive after so many chapters.So, verdict it was cute but it didn t stand out among all those titles I ve read this year.

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    Written July 23, 20144.3 Glimmering Stars maybe the cutest ever A sweet Boy Band story and a great YA M M as well I started to read this book a couple of months ago a Monday BR with two lovely Portuguese girls, Isabel and Barbara but stopped after 8 9% to read another book Anyway, I liked what I d read and immediately bought this 12 hours audiobook when I saw it was for just 2.29 A good decision Yap That s why there are so many stars from a not YA NA reader.This was surprisingly captivating for a lady who thought she had finished reading these youth romances But, oh boy, how delightful fun and boyband cute adoring young love appetizing this novel was A enjoyable and nicely done audiobook narration by Tyler Stevens was it also.for just two single bucks don t miss that opportunity Catch My Breath is romantic and simply fantastic well made Young Adult M M novel about Danny Bright, a born entertainer, and the innocent, idealistic Elliot Price It is about their love for each other, the band, their struggle whit fame, fear, hard and tough contract terms It is a story filled with strong emotions, young love, sex debut non explicit , kisses and touching, but also about jealousy, heart wrenching pain, storming happiness and the joy of creating, singing and be admired A tale about that first beautiful love These five goodlooking charming guys first meet and are pushed together after auditions by Blue Horizon Records A record company looking for new big cash cows stars This fantastic journey start with five happy young boys Danny, Elliot, Tate, Reese and Webb al around 18 21 but it doesn t all turn out exactly as they first imagined It isn t just to sing, smile and be happy Soon are Danny s and Elliot s lives upside down It was so terribly tough They, Danny and Elliot, were forced to hide, deny, pretend, lie, etc etc For god s sake never let your teen, any friend etc, sign a contract before you skimmed through it and twisted and turned all ifs and buts All for one I would love to write a lot about this little gem There is so much to comment on, to ponder and reflect upon It felt in my heart, I was like a mum and these boys where my dear sons But there s no time now It s bedtime over here Catch My Breath is a love story I would recommend to a slightly older teenager Because this is both so very cute and also so amazing beautiful A must read for you already grown up who like to again and again meet that sweet romantic first love You ll get tender and grand huge love A good one and audiobook listening as I m not going to forget in a hurry The coziest thing I ve read listening to in a long time I LIKE much much than I thought And the RL story view spoiler Read here hide spoiler

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    4.5 sSo, boy bands I was just a little too old when this happened I knew who they were and what was happening I just wasn t into it So, fast forward and of course I have no idea who this is because now I really am TOO OLD How cute are these two Too cute I could post a million pictures but well, not a review.So, prior to this read I was introduced to that above too cute for words and wow, I could totally get behind the major conspiracy which seems to follow them Totally So, my Pea thought that this would be a great book for me based on my love of this You see it too don t you So much touching Anyway, this isn t a review about Sterek, this is a review about Delly So, did my girl do good Did she know that I would like this Was she right Yes, yes, and yes This book was sweet and fun and heartbreaking and everything a really good true love story should be Love at first sight even Danny and Elliot just were way too cute for words and I couldn t get enough of them and wanted everything for them to be rainbows and just perfect So, too old or way too old I think that anyone who loves a true love story with the cutest of cute boys will love this one.Thanks for a great pick for me Pea Read.My Sweet Pea s pick for our Snowman challenge I have helpers Thanks for helping with this one Amy, Cory and Dani

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    Initially I was going to give this book a 4 Pants Off, but I spent the weekend thinking about it and going back to look over my fave scenes which is like pretty much everything So Sunday night I realized that I am all kinds of in love with Catch My Breath which is so surprising cus M.J O Shea books are always a little so, so with me This one I love so damn much giving me boy band feels causing a pants losing and so it had to be added to my Oops Where did my pants go I d like to tell you where my pants went First I was all like this is so sweet like YA and then boom a Mr Elliot Price started saying and doing out sexy things At first he was awkward as fuck and out of nowhere he starts saying shit like you re mine and I m gonna put your feet on my shoulders and fuck you just like Danny s face my pants were in a state of shock and disappeared Then I realized that I love Elliot and my boy band feels were EPIC Like the only group I was crazy about was the Backstreet Boys keep the backstreet pride alive and I never once thought about any of those guys getting together whispering I lie I totally thought Howie and A.J were banging and no one can tell me otherwise and how hoped to be a part of their little love nest.Then there s the somber mood of big money management trying to keep the boys apart but you can t stop love bitches, you just can t stop it There s been times I wanted to commit character murder but the urge was strong as shit for this, strong as shit YOU CAN T STOP TRUE LOVE YA BASTARDS The writing was sweet and I love all the boys in this story, keeping the bromance strong and beautiful I ve never been in love with M.J O Shea s writing like I am right now This book is surely getting on my faves of 2013 and phew where the fuck is my pants

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    Thanks to all the friends that join me and Isabel in another Cute BR view spoiler Delly are so cute together hide spoiler

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    Catch My Breath is an amazing story It s a YA fan fiction kind of story, with a lovely story that takes you on a crazy journey that will make you scream at the characters and shout with joy Personally I fell in love with the blurb, then I heard Larry Stylinson and I was skeptical I am not a 1D fan and for those who aren t you shouldn t worry about not liking this It was nothing to do with 1D in my mind and that made this story great.So, where do we begin Danny is straight, has a girlfriend and the perfect life He auditions to sing and ends up in a boyband, that changes his life forever He meets Elliot who is single and the two make a connection That could cause problems, right You would think, cheating, lying and overall angst But not really the case here Danny broke up with his girlfriend before anything happened Yes people, he did it before Shocking, I know It was soooooooo cute I am not joking, these two boys had me smiling.Once they got together we had a steady romance that was sweet, sappy and just plain adorable Of course in a book we can t have a simple romance any, right Yep We had some villains who wanted Danny and Elliot to pretend they were just friends view spoiler Even though most people had guessed hide spoiler

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    This book is definitely worth reading, a modern take on love between two musicians who are part of a boy band.I m sure this plot has been done before, band members falling for each other but having to keep both their sexuality and their relationship under wraps for fear of jeapardising their career success, but this story is done really well and with a slightly different spin.This book is definitely up with the times and presents a very modern scenario that I think we all recogonise It starts with a music executive offering a group of solo artists the chance of a lifetime, to be part of a boy band This is followed by the discovery of the final member at a local talent show The group then take part in a reality TV show They have to live in a house with a couple of other music groups and solo artists They are filmed constantly, need to participate in challenges, spend time in the diary room and be interviewed regularly Social media also features strongly with short parts of the story being told in tweets which gives a unique view of the fans view of the band and its members.It is against this backdrop that Elliot and Danny start spending time together They are under continual pressure due to the unique situation They are getting to know their fellow band members, adjusting to their living arrangements, dealing with new feelings for each, trying to manage other personal relationships, dealing with the music execs.Danny is funny and adorable and Elliot might look like an angel but has a voice like sin They are immediately attracted but Danny isn t in a position to act on his feelings But the time he spends with Elliot, he realises he needs to make some changes It was like everything else was boring shades of gray, and Elliot was a solar flare, bright and burning While Danny is struggling with his new feelings, Elliot is equally struggling It was hard to remember that they were just good friendsWhenever Danny was in the room, Elliot had to keep reminding himself that anything else existed at all Danny and Elliot finally get together but then enter a complex world involving stress, lies, hiding who they are, fake publicity and lack of support from the record company The story is not superficial, rather delving deeply into the emotional turmoil of each man Of course there is a happy ending and in true romance fashion, a heart felt song written to celebrate their love.4.5 stars

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