PreludeWorld Renowned Conductor David Somers Never Wanted The Investment Firm He Inherited From His Domineering Grandfather He Only Wanted To Be A Composer But No Matter How He Struggles, David Can T Translate The Music In His Head Into Notes On Paper When A Guest Violinist At The Chicago Symphony Falls Ill, David Meets Alex Bishop, A Last Minute Substitute Alex S Fame And Outrageous Tattoos Fail To Move David Then Alex Puts Bow To String, And David Hears The Brilliance Of Alex S SoulDavid Has Sworn Off Relationships, Believing He Will Eventually Drive Away Those He Loves, Or That He Ll Lose Them As He Lost His Wife And Parents But Alex Is Outgoing, Relaxed, And Congenial Everything David Is Not And Soon Makes Dents In The Armor Around David S Heart David Begins To Dream Of Alex, Wonderful Dreams Full Of Music Becoming A Composer Suddenly Feels Attainable David S Fragile Ego, Worn Away By Years Of His Grandfather S Disdain, Makes Losing Control Difficult When David S Structured World Comes Crashing Down, His Fledgling Relationship With Alex Is The First Casualty Still, David Hears Alex S Music, Haunting And Beautiful David Wants To Love Alex, But First He Must Find The Strength To Acknowledge Himself 4.25 stars OMG, ALEX..So HUMBLE And so GIFTED And so deserving of LOVE And, David was so very perfect for him This is without a doubt one of my most favorite couple in this series.ALEX.I heart him He stole the show, in this one for sure I love Alex and David together, they simple were meant to be The writing style was AWESOME The smexy scene was soooooo sweet, and super HAWT I don t think I have ever read a book that depicts the beauty of humbleness and exemplifies this within a man so well.Other than a few dry spots, that could have been me, and my cumbersome never ending list of to do s while at reading Yet, nonetheless, I found myself really enjoying this read It was a beautiful love story 4 Beautiful Stars Book 4 in the Blue Notes Series is bit of a prequel to the other books, although it s meant to be read as a standalone novel For those of you who d like to read the series in chronological order, it goes like this 1 Prelude2 Blue Notes3 Aria4 The Melody Thief Prelude is the story of conductor composer David Somers, who appears in all of the first three Blue Notes books In those stories, David is friend and mentor to the young musicians who appear as main characters Cary Redding and Aiden Lind, in particular But David wasn t always as outgoing and willing to befriend other musicians Prelude is David s story of finding himself and finding happiness in music I hope you enjoy it Loved it This was a lovely story The violinist Alex Bishop and Conductor David SomersSigh so so sweet The first kiss, I had to wait till about 48% From there steamy smexy I had a hard time putting the book down very nice ending, just a bit unfinished HFN In the end a well rounded story.This read was so very enjoyable Prelude was a wonderfully refreshing romantic read.I loved Alex from the start David took a little time for me to warm up too, but once I got to know him and understand him a little, he captured my heart and didn t let go That s not to say I didn t want to shake him a few times, boy he was an idiot at times lol.I was a little worried I would be lost in such a professional musical theme, but I worried needlessly If anything I found myself wishing I could go to a performance just to experience what I was reading about lol.While there is a touch of angst in this story, mainly in Davids way of seeing things, overall this is a gentle slow read The first half is spent getting to know David and Alex as separate individuals before we see them come together as a couple and watch their relationship proceed In that sense this is the perfect read for when you need a calming read.On a side note, while I hate to speak ill of the dead, view spoiler WTH were David s parents thinking Leaving for a second honeymoon 2 weeks before Christmas Due to return home on Christmas Day They had a 4 year old son, why were they not home taking him to see Santa and letting him enjoy the holiday spirit before tucking him in bed Christmas Eve and being there when he woke all excited the next day hide spoiler 2.5 StarsLet me start by saying that Shira Anthony is on my very short auto buy list I love her And, Blue Notes is one of my favorite series Having said that, Prelude was my least favorite book in this series to date Why David David and Alex appeared in all the previous books, to my recollection They were peripheral characters but friendly and stalwart supporters of their friends and loved ones I don t remember much about Alex from those books other than he was a talented musician and deeply in love with David David came across as a legendary conductor who is extremely wealthy and very generous with his friends He also seemed completely devoted to Alex I was excited to read about the genesis of this wonderful relationship In Preludes, we learn that David has issues He s insecure because his grandfather, who raised him after his parents died when he was four years old, didn t support his love of music or his desire to become a conductor and a composer Granddad wanted and expected David to carry on the family business and rule Wall Street Granddad was insensitive, unsupportive, and at times downright cruel Despite David s rebellion, Granddad never kicked him out or disowned him huffs Okay, I m sorry but BFD I get that David had a rough time losing his parents at such a young age and that his grandfather was less than ideal pricky even but I didn t feel that his suffering warranted his downright sucky attitude David was described as extremely insecure, despite his tremendous success He had always lived a life of privilege, regardless of his grandfather s disappointment David often came across as condescending and snobby Blech Add to that his aloofness and his unwillingness to accept responsibility for his wrong doing and I was completely disenchanted.Alex, on the other hand, I really liked He, like David, suffered great loss as a child His mother died of cancer when Alex was still young and he was shuffled from foster home to foster home until he eventually landed in a group home After being belittled, beaten, and stabbed hello STABBED , he ran away and was forced to live on the streets scraping to just get by But he was a joy to be around, despite his troubled past.And therein lies my biggest gripe with this book I didn t care for the blatant inequality in their relationship David was a self absorbed, insecure, cold fish He was aloof and, when stressed, pushed Alex away to the point of being cruel Alex, on the other hand, was compassionate, understanding, and had the patience of a saint He pined and waited for David then approached, offered his love and companionship no pressure , then retreated and patiently waited some And Alex wasn t the only one EVERYONE treated David like this china doll, going out of their way to be nice to him even if he s a prick in return giving him space when he needs it then fawning over him when he allows it Lather, rinse, repeat Blech.Other issues Helena and Rachel Why David s relationship with Helena was another indicator to me that he s a selfish prick Why marry a woman when you know in your heart that you can give her nothing than friendship I get that Helena wanted it too but, again, the length to which David s friends go to please him was ridiculous Rachel Um, what I Didn t Get It She added nothing to this story for me She was a little irritating I was hoping that Rachel got adopted into another family and maybe David would be supportive in helping Alex to track her down You know, do something selfless for once But nope In the end, it was all about David Helena was there for David Rachel was there for David Alex was there for David John and Roger were there for David And all because David s grandpa was mean to him Waaaaaaaaaaaah Call the wambulance Ugh Barf.Bottom line needless to say given my lengthy rant above , I didn t care for this one Nevertheless, I will definitely continue with the series because I honestly believe this was just a fluke. Originally reviewed for The authors have outdone themselves with this latest installment in the wonderful Blue Notes series David, Alex, their music, their passion, their struggles,their perseverance all portrayed wonderfully in this story.I love music I love Chicago I love vulnerable men I love artistically talented men I love kind, patient, understanding men I love men in love I love good friends Wrap all of these together in a thoroughly engaging and beautifully told story and you have Prelude David comes from a wealthy family His parents died when he was four years old, unfortunately leaving him with a hard nosed grandfather who expected him to carry on the family business and not pursue his love of music David stood up to his grandfather and pursued his dream, becoming a very talented musician and maestro indeed going on to become maestro for the Chicago Symphony Despite his professional success, David has never fully come to terms with his insecurities most of which have root in the way he was treated by his grandfather Enter violinist extraordinaire, Alex Extremely talented, extremely comfortable in his tattooed skin, Alex takes an interest in David after performing with the symphony David is attracted to Alex, but fights it Alex is just a contrived persona, right He s a Hollywood production, hot shot snot, not a true musician, right This is where David starts a journey of discoveries David discovers that Alex, starting with his musical abilities, is so much than what his preconceived notions of him are He finds himself very attracted to Alex and the two enter into an affair I found it really interesting that once David decided to pursue a relationship with Alex, he was sexually very forward and very passionate while making love Very unlike the formal outward demeanor he usually possessed Alex certainly takes note of this as well seems still waters run deep hmmm The pair seem to be doing marvelously together, friends and family members are happy for them until David s self doubt gets in the way While I certainly loved the surface components of this story The music, the Chicago setting which I have a huge love for the waterfront parks, Michigan Ave., House of Blues..yay , it was David s journey to dealing with his past, and facing his vulnerabilities, that really captured me I loved the dichotomy, yet similarities, in his and Alex s early years Alex grew up orphaned, literally fighting for his life in group homes and on the street Yet with the help of some wonderfully supportive friends, he found his way to his life s passion music David of course, while growing up privileged, had to find his way to his passion very much on his own and without support of family or friends Ultimately the authors present a marvelous portrayal of David with much love, understanding and patience from Alex exploring and coming to terms with his insecurities The use of music, and the way in which the reader is allowed to witness the freeing of the character s artistic muses, is stunning throughout the story When the title of the composition that David is working on throughout the story is revealed, it took my breath away Several secondary characters are fully drawn and very relevant to David and Alex s relationship and contain some surprises of their own The only component I would have loved to have seen drawn on would have been the emotions of David and Alex during love making I love when the sex scenes really lend to the plot and it would have been interesting to me to experience of David s inner dialogue with himself during these times, given how passionate he seemingly was during these times versus his usual staid demeanor Highly recommended Works well as a stand alone, although seriously read the entire series D A Hearts On Fire Review FOUR A HALF STARS Prelude , book 4 of the Blue Notes series by Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes features musician orphan main characters, violinist Alex Bishop and conductor David Somers They were introduced in book 1 as a couple and we finally get their story in this book Thankfully this series does not need to be read in order, each book can be read as standalones I only read book 1 of the Blue Notes series But I can say Prelude skates perfect figure eights compared to the first book It might be my favorite but trust me, I ll read books 2 3 sooner than later The words from this book, they were beautiful I heard its music the entire time, a literary symphony played through each chapter And Alex and David, they were instruments, their music fine as solos but togetherjust necessary to make the music complete as was their love.Tattooed, rock star like Alex Bishop, to me, he was like a violin, the instrument that he played But the violin can cross so many genres and can be a great accompaniment Such as Alex I enjoyed him but all his interactions with David from their first glance to their last words, he s great He could have let all of the hurt and pain of his life being an orphan, being abused, being homeless, etc change him into someone bitter or worse a statistic But he persevered and accomplished so much He was a good man but not touching the fantastical white knight vibe He was a good man but an even better man with David David, somber David, he reminded me of the string bass deep, resonating and touching So lonely David was Just imaging how he was raised, how cold his only parental figure was, not even being able to outright grieve shakes head His pain touched me Don t get me wrong, at times, he could be downright cold and mean Even knowing why he s so messed up and antisocial did not excuse his ways when he used them to hurt others But he s such a well written character with great depth I want to shake and embrace him.David is a maestro of music but Alex is a maestro of David And David is one difficult piece to attempt to play Both men are equals in a number of ways they re orphans, had rough childhoods economically different , share a passion for music The adults they became and they way they perceived the world was vastly different Insecurity is a harmful emotion for David It picked away at any semblance of self esteem he has He tried so hard to be void any emotions that when he began to feel, I felt along with him And those insecure, loner main characters, when they fall in love, oh man, you re pretty much guaranteed an excellent love story when written rightand this was Visibly these men were opposites, wild child Alex and staid David but I enjoyed how they made it work.The authors include great backgrounds Chicago, Paris, anyone , supportive non bitchy, strong women in both men s lives and great characters The writing was on par, saturated with emotion The romance between Alex and David, thoroughly believable and wonderfully paced no insta love here, it s a slow burner I devoured these words and was sad to see it end But it ended at the right spot and delivered a well deserved HEA.This quote sums the feeling of this bookSlow, plaintive, utterly romantic, and full of angstI recommend this book for lovers of words, great music appreciation, and delicious, adult main characters. When David Somers first lays eyes on Alex Bishop, he reacts in his typical snobbish, distant way but when Alex lifts his violin and plays, David is immediately entranced Even before he knows Alex, he senses that his legendary control is in jeopardy On the surface, they are as different as night and day, but inside, they have a potential to make very beautiful music together, but only if they can create an effective counterpoint from the various melodies available.David Somers is a talented, accomplished, and complicated man He s trained himself to be the epitome of self control This is an asset professionally, but a huge detriment for his personal life He s so afraid of losing control that he neglects his family and friends He s had a life of privilege, but he s poor in so many ways He s had all the advantages money can bring, but there s an emptiness about David which he senses, but can t begin to figure out how to fill Alex scares David to death because he causes him to feel things he is terrified to face Anyone who was nurturing in David s past, he tragically lost, so he is uneasy about forming relationships As confident as he seems, David is actually insecure and he s terrified that someone will discover his secret Inside is a man who wants to love and be loved, but he doesn t know how Fortunately, Alex discovers David s low self esteem and offers him understanding than anyone else in his life, but it s David who has to learn to trust his feelings, to let out the gentle, sensitive side of the Maestro which will allow David to make the kind of music he feels but can t express.Alex is a true survivor and a shining example of what a man can do if he believes in himself and stays the course In this story we discover Alex s troubled past, the struggle he has had to fight for what he believes in than anything in his life Determined to make music his life, he does what he has to do to become an accomplished musician He doesn t stop to feel sorry for himself, he doesn t resent or reject those who try to help him he very graciously accepts their help Alex has always known who he is and what he wants and has vehemently pursued his goals He s an accomplished musician, confident, but without a single vain bone in his body Alex wants to be with David and he knows David wants to be with him, but will not push him He s patient and understanding and far tolerant than most people would be Wisely, he stands back and lets David fight his own demons, hoping it will lead to him coming out on the other side with the confidence and desire to be in a relationship.I loved this story Alex with his wisdom and zest for life is my favorite character in this series David, even though hard to understand, is growing on me Together, they have an amazing amount of talent, passion, and drive I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance, music, passionate sex, and a love hard won Thank you, Shira and Venona, for reminding us that, no matter what the circumstances, we determine our approach to life.NOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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