A Crackup at the Race Riots

A Crackup at the Race RiotsOriginally Published By Mainstreet Doubleday In , This Debut Novel From An Underground Filmmaker Uses Print, Photographs, Drawings, News Clippings, Handwriting, A Poem, Attempted Diagrams, And Clip Art To Enhance The Text, Which Primarily Tells Of A Race War That Happens In Florida, Where The Jewish People Sit In Trees, The Black People Are Run By MC Hammer, And The White People Are Run By Vanilla Ice Or As The Author Himself Described It Front Of A National Television Audience, I Wanted To Write The Great American Choose Your Own Adventure Novel In Actuality, It Is A Collection Of Hard Luck Stories, Off And On Color Jokes, Script Scraps, Found Letters, Free Rhymes, Drug Flashbacks, And Other Missing Scenes, All Exploring The World Of Show Business With Fingers Prying In The Cracks And Feet Set Lightly In The Black Humors Of The Real World With Chapters About Books Found In Monty Clift S Basement And Tupac Shakur SFavorite Novels, And A Set OfSuicide Notes With Room Included For The Reader S Signature, The Book Is A One Of A Kind Post Postmodern Examination Of The Dangers Of Public Life From A Unique Voice In Independent Culture, One That Might Make William S Burroughs Sigh And Turn The Page At Least

Best known both as the writer of films Kids 1995 and Ken Park 2002 and as the director of films Gummo 1997 , julien donkey boy 1999 , and Mister Lonely 2007 , Harmony Korine has been deemed as the enfant terrible of modern independent dramatic film Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of PBS cinematographer Sol Korine spent many of his days at revival theaters, drawing vast

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  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • A Crackup at the Race Riots
  • Harmony Korine
  • English
  • 20 January 2017
  • 9781937112103

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    For a couple of years this was my favorite book of all time Even today I can t help but get excited when reading it.Harmony Korine s book has no flowing narrative Instead this book is a collection of a bunch of seemingly random things Such as strange lists Titles of Books I Will Write 1 A Life WIthout Pigment5 Gentle Jesus and Drugs21 Diary of Anne Frank part 2Rumors4 Ray Bradbury had scoliosis12 G G Allin voted for Jimmy Carter18 Johnny Rotten collects baseball cards21 Tom Petty has a dirty fish tankThen there is the section of 11 different suicide notes each one ending with a blank line for a signature The different letters written by Tupac to his mother.He includes random poems, pieces of dialogues, notes added in handwriting, pictures, and Even though this book seems random and without direction, this book has many red threads of commonality running through it In many ways it is like a companion piece to his film Gummo for they both have that scattered feel In the end the books is really a reflection of the American landscape Korine is reacting to remarking on many different aspects of our culture such as racism, homophobia, drugs, depression, celebrity obsession, satanism religion, and ADD His approach is different but perfectly appropriate given the subject matter.

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    Throw almost every traditional aspect of literary fiction out the window The results will barely prepare you for this mess of a book, written by none other than divisive arthouse filmmaker Harmony Korine I am definitely something of a fan of the man s work as a matter of fact, his directorial debut Gummo remains one of my favourite movies of all time This book is somewhat similar to Korine s avant garde films, but I think it s fair to say that it takes his unconventionality and unhinged insanity even further, if you can believe it As expected from the eccentric Korine, A Crack Up at the Race Riots is an absurd and experimental trip that feasts gleefully upon the utterly bizarre It is not even remotely close to being a novel, and nor is it a short story collection or a collection of poetry Instead, it is comprised of lists, dialogues, letters, flash fiction, and plenty Everything is at once extremely deadpan and wackily zany Throughout, Korine is having a ball telling jokes and making up some of the most unexpected and ridiculous little scenarios and condensing them into phrases It s funny throughout, but there is also a great amount of dark, disturbing, and disgusting content Sometimes this content is intermingled with the humour, other times the book just features an entry that is straight up dark and has you waiting for a punchline that never comes In the middle of the book, there is a series of fictitious suicide notes and they brilliantly showcase both the black comedy of the book as well as its generally disturbing and seemingly disturbed nature It s by no means anywhere near perfect It s not something I would call great, it doesn t come close to matching the quality of my favourite entries in Harmony s overall oeuvre, and yet it remains a rather entertaining read with many spurts of brilliance and hilarity From page to page, the book is filled with seemingly boundless surprises.

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    This is a review of a book that is incapable of being reviewed, simply due to how it reads differently every time I return to it Much like Korine s filmography, A Crackup at the Race Riots teeters between the liquid narrative embedded into the page and the imagery the reader can t help but be possessed Besides, if you think about it, every fragment is a scene in someone s life.

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    i ve read this a few times now and i think i love it it s fantastic and terrible it s beautiful, if you re willing to see the beauty in our ugliest parts.harmony korine also writes and directs movies kids and gummo , anyone it s my projection that if you like his film work you will like this book, and if you do not like his film work you will not like this book at all for practical purposes, this book is a sequence of half remembered scenes, suicide notes, dialogue fragments, movie ideas, rumors, and jokes quoted from the back of the book this book is uncomfortable there s a lot of anger and aggression here there s a lot of sadness and vulnerability here harmony s descriptions are so vivid and unforgiving he deals with some pretty intense subject matter there are passages that are late night scrawl when you re alone and hide where know will see, and they almost make you feel like you shouldn t be reading there are passages that will make you laugh and you will feel like you shouldn t be laughing my friend jeff s review said it well there are things in life that are worth just observing observe this and swish it around in your mind enjoy the funny looks that you will get in public for reading a book with a burning cross and bunnypeople on the cover.

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    Harmony Korine has recently fascinated me as an individual I ve seen 3 of his films, and after watching his last interview with David Letterman while he was high out of his mind on Youtube, I couldn t help but be curious as to what goes on in that fucked up brain of his I was absolutely elated the moment I was able to find this book, because its currently out of print I enjoy it because of how pieced together it is It reflects Korine s indifference with being conventional just by how it s put together, yet it is most likely on purpose because he has that same collage esque quality he uses to create his films Another reason why its an awesome read is because you can pretty much flip to any page that you want and just read tidbits of it that interest you which was, for me, most of it It s like Naked Lunch in that sense It s weird, yet alluring because it s weird If you have a vulgar or semi vulgar sense of humor, you ll be very amused It s nonsensical and gives you the most arbitrary information and stories about people you wouldn t even think of and probably never heard of.You also get to read a letter Tupac wrote to a fan, compared to one he wrote to his mother, which was pretty amusing.

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    My verdict, considering Korine is one of my all time heroes It s okay Far from his best work and probably for completionists or enthusiasts of avant garde literature He had, and would go on to make much greater things I ll fight anyone who ll try and tell me that Harmony is just weird for the sake of being weird, but I can t fault anyone for getting that impression from this book If you re already used to bizarre things then this will just be another one of those things I m just not sure if his voice translates well into the novel format Even in print most of this feels like it strives to be an image so than a piece of writing There are however moments of excellence though specifically the fragments detailing Tupac and suicides And apart from that, this book as a whole is fun nonetheless, if you need a quick fix of weird and have a juvenile sense of humor.Another thing I like to look at this book as a fragment of a time in culture where enfantes terrible and weirdos like Harmony actually had some kind of space in the mainstream Remember that at least one person on Letterman s crew had to suffer through this book That shit would never happen now.

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    Still haven t really figured out who the murderer is, but I think it is the priest

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    Little poetic collection of ideas and scenes.

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    The book is called, A Crackup at the Race Riots Harmony Korine wrote it, although he can t really recommend it David LettermanTo me, there is something majestically and inarguably captivating about this first novel from the so called enfant terrible of dramatic independent film Its synopsis states clearly that no plot, linear narrative, character development, or scene setting exists Everything is somehow connected though, as each and every page investigates and or muses upon the fractured leftovers of everywhere and everyone on this planet Korine perfectly presents a novel setting about the bastard wisher with a pure, refined combination of pulchritude and putridity Throughout his entire career, Harmony Korine has managed to turn the beautiful and the ugly into each other simultaneously, thus, allowing those who willingly acknowledge his work to possibly find some sort of new meaning within life I personally believe that pages 6 and 175 serve as bookends that connect and complete all that lies between them T.S Eliot s words accidentally anthropologically endorse Korine both as a novelist and as a person The paragraph of text that ends the book serves a very similar purpose Most people have deemed A Crackup at the Race Riots as a literary companion piece to Gummo, but over, this novel is actually a companion piece to everything that Harmony Korine has created or destroyed.My only possible complaint would be that the book may end up being read with lightning speed by any diehard fan of the author Otherwise, A Crackup at the Race Riots is an essential collection for those who either appreciate or despise how Korine has developed an ultimate portrait of omnipresence.

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