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I Love Pasta Smooth Or Ribbed, Long Or Short, Pasta Is A Machine Designed To Capture The Sauce, To Hold It, To Transport It In The Proper Quantity To The Mouth, To Define The Flavor Of The Recipe The Ribbings Increase The Surface Area, To Extend The Staying Power Of The Sour Or Sweet Notes Of The Various Seasonings The Loops Catch Small Fragments Of Flavor The Spirals Withhold And Amplify The Density Of Sauces Pasta Was Created As A Carrier Of Sauces, And There Are No Limits To It In This Marvelous Vocation And Italian Gastronomic Tradition, So Widely Varied In Its Regional And Territorial Products, Offers An Extraordinary Wealth Of Combinations, Worthy Of Being Proposed A New For An International Audience, To Respond To The Hasty And Quotidian Repetitiveness Resulting In Unchanging Cuisine Thus Was Born The Idea For A New Book On Pasta, The Fruit Of Academia Barilla S Gastronomic Experience And Of Barilla S Centuries Old Technological Competencies, To Promote Knowledge About Pasta, Giving Value To The Extraordinary Variety Of The Formats Produced Today In Italy At Least Combining Them In Simple And Varied Preparations, Each One Tested And Experimented With By The Chefs At Academia Barilla, Along With Text And Suggestions For Excellence In The Final Result The Volume, Large In Format And With A Carefully Designed Editorial Program, Is Structured Using The Individual Formats As The Basis It Presents Their Technical And Physical Characteristics Reports Origins Of Their Names And Brief Historical Annotations, Rich With Significance Suggests Ideal Combinations With Sauces And Seasonings And Proposes Traditional Recipes From Italian Gastronomy, Splendidly Illustrated Using Images Produced During The Preparation A Different And Original Point Of View For Discovering How Much Originality And Taste Is Hidden Behind A Plate Of Pasta

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Love Pasta book, this is one of the most wanted Academia Barilla author readers around the world.

❮Ebook❯ ➬ I Love Pasta  ➭ Author Academia Barilla – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • I Love Pasta
  • Academia Barilla
  • English
  • 24 November 2018
  • 9781627100878

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    I love Pasta, is so much than a Recipe collection of different pasta dishes This brilliant book shows how Pasta is made, shaped, dried packaged etc We also learn the history of the name Barilla and how the company was at one time sold to the American multinational company Grace, but in 1979 Pietro Barilla was able to regain a majority stake in the company Recipes are broken into the following categories Long Pasta, Short Pasta, Baked and Egg Pasta, Soup Pasta where we find recipes for just a few of the following dishes Bavette with Pesto and Clams, Bavette with Jumbo Shrimp, Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti with Clams, Spaghetti with marinated tomato and hard ricotta, Genoa style minestrone with ditalini rigati, ditalini rigati with seafood and saffron and so many many recipes Along with the recipes there are beautifully photographs of the dishes I thought the book was really well written I enjoyed the history behind the company I also thought the pictures were stunning It was also a nice touch to have a picture of each type of pasta and describe it for the reader I highly recommend this book to lovers of Pasta, to those who are just learning to cook and to people like me who have been cooking for years but have a deep love of all things Pasta 5 5 starsI received an ARC of this book from the NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I can sum up this book in just one word YUMMMMMM Having grown up in a half Italian household Pasta has always been part of the menu This collection brings together some mouth watering recipes with the history of Barilla.Cooking Pasta for family friends is my favourite dish especially spaghetti meatballs but this book will give you so much It tells you what sauces go together with the mind blowing number of pasta varieties.From one family to another I m sure this book will quickly become a family favourite.

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    Anyone who knows me knows I love pasta I can eat it every day for any meal This book is a lusty dirty book for pasta lovers think pasta porn It s filled with full color photos of pasta dishes that just make you hungry It s got the history and explanation of various types shapes of pasta.While not every recipe is one that I d make, I still found myself drooling with anticipation The recipes make you dream of Italy and a good glass of wine by the sea I need to go find some lunch because this book has left me wanting.

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    From my book review blog at thanks to Taunton Press for providing me with a copy of this eGalley through NetGalley Although it was provided to me at no cost, I am under no obligation to give a positive review.As I noted when I reviewed Ivan Ramen , I dearly love noodles Well, most pasta is counted in there too And what do you know, along comes a book called I Love Pasta You just know I was excited to request it and did a Snoopy Happy Dance when I was given permission to get the eGalley Hey Hey, Macaroni OK, on to the review It only takes a quick glance at the cover to see the logo by pasta giant Barilla Yes, they ultimately were responsible for putting this tome together, but in all fairness it wasn t a cover to cover marketing ploy Sure, the included recipes suggested Barilla pasta in each dish, but I don t believe anyone is under any illusion they have to use Barilla pasta, although I have always liked it The first twenty pages or so are a history of Barilla, but that s a small price to pay for the goodness that follows.First, the book does a wonderful job of explaining the history of pasta, including, one of the most fascinating aspects in my opinion, the etymological origin of each name It also discusses why different pasta shapes and textures are better with some sauces and not so much with others It was very nice reading some science behind the cooking.Hands down the best part of this book is the recipes Awesomeness.There are three sections of recipes long pasta, short pasta, and soup pasta Each one includes about 30 recipes incorporating one type of pasta in that group The recipes are straight forward when it comes to ingredients and directions They also include prep and cooking time as well as a difficulty level for each recipe.But the absolute best part Every single recipe is accompanied by a full color picture of the finished dish Not just a small inset black and white picture Full page, full color Yeah, baby While I m not a professional chef and don t expect my recipes to yield anything looking like those pictures, it s still nice to see what it should look like when done correctly.So, in case you can t tell, I really enjoyed this book I m a big fan of cooking and have cookbooks and cooking magazines than you can shake a proverbial stick at Still, this is definitely one I ll keep handy.Rating 5 stars out of 5

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    I received an arc from NetgalleyI really enjoyed this book I loved to know the history of Barilla, it s so curious to know better a big enterprise and I enjoyed the history of pasta and the etymological origin of the name of each type I liked the book divided in sections according to the type of pasta I must admit that I have tasted all those types of pasta so I love to know recipes for them I think that the recipes are easy to make and original and I love the variations they make from classic recipes of pasta The whole edition it s great but the best part is that every single recipe is accompanied by a full color picture of the finished dish I have to make some them

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    This book was food porn in the most lovely of ways To me there is nothing quite like a good plate bowl of pasta The recipes are lovely in that they are both volume and weight measurements The pictures are just beautiful While there are several recipes I will never be able to cook due to my own food allergy, I cannot wait to work my way through all of the ones I can Received copy to review from NetGalley.

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