Leather+Lace (Opposites Attract, #2)

Leather+Lace (Opposites Attract, #2) Swathed In Chiffon And Lace, Steven Stanhope Owns The Stage As Stevie Tricks, Lip Synching The Songs Of The Famous Gypsy Queen But After He Escapes An Abusive Master Slave Relationship, The Only Collar He Ll Allow Around His Neck Is Black VelvetAfter A Four Year Absence, Steve Is Ready To Reclaim His Life And The Property He Left Behind But Is It Safe Definitely Not If His Ex Is Still Into Leather To Find Out, Steve Appears At A Charity Night For The Local BDSM Community, Using The Anonymity Of His Stage Persona To Mask His IdentityInstead Of His Ex Master, Julius, Steve Finds A Tangled Mess Centered Around Another Master Of Leather, Donato Rossi In Order To Unravel Their Ties To The Past, Steve And Don Must Find Common Ground And Work Together In The Process, They Learn That When It Comes To Love, Sometimes You Have To Make Your Own Rules

Unlike many authors, I haven t been writing stories all my life I ve been too busy living life.My travels took me from the fjords of Norway to the southern tip of New Zealand In between, I ve worked in so many different towns I ve lost count I ve shoveled cow shit, mustered sheep, been polite to customers, traded insults with politicians and need to be forgiven on occasions when I get confused

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  • 304 pages
  • Leather+Lace (Opposites Attract, #2)
  • A.B. Gayle
  • English
  • 12 January 2019
  • 9781623804190

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    4.5 stars Review completed March 20, 2014Respect.Trust.Acceptance.Authenticity.Honesty.Appreciation.Love.A few years ago Steve quite literally ditched his abusive Master s shackles and fled to England Now he s back in Australia to claim the life and property he had to leave behind and attends a charitable fundraiser impersonating Stevie Nicks Good ole Steve is quite er busy that evening I thought this was a c ck sucking contest, not bobbing for apples in a bloody barrel Sorry, no c ck just an appleSteve is relieved to not run across his former lover but it so happens that another Master crosses his path Master D At first sight there s no love lost between them but that s about to change when they start to work together to untangle their past This book oh, where to start Don wears a ridiculous moustache for crying out loud view spoiler But I told him to shave the f er off and he did eventually hide spoiler

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    At least 8 unfortunately GR doesn t have than 5 Before anything else it s a pleasure to read erudite and flowing prose, spiced with the right amount of Aussie ness to pique your interest, and garnered with enough local colour so you feel like visiting another country I noticed Gayle s abilities in that department already in Caught, but it is even pronounced in this story.SoooThis is a BDSM themed book which stands head and shoulders above the rest, regardless of whether written for the m f or the m m crowd, in fact even compared to the best QUILTBAG books out there it s top notch.For once BDSM is not just taken seriously and as what it is, rather than to create simple stroke fiction rife with exasperating misconceptions and exaggerations, no, this book takes up existing aspects of the lifestyle, such as the abuse at the hands of wannabes or abusers, and gives you an insight into the devastation that can occur in such cases I adored the fact that Gayle also firmly grabs hold of another kink, and adds cross dressing and being a drag queen to the equation, which she again did without any effort and seamlessly.This is a very realistic book, which I found at the same time to be deeply romantic, serious and also humorous, sexy without making sex than what real guys would make of it All behaviour, all emotions, fears and solution seeking were spot on, and above all, the MCs consequently worked towards a solution, even when they were behaving like very typical men.The BDSM, now from the vantage point of an active lifestyler, was well written and contained only very minor quibbles compared to the usual eye rolling stuff These were solidly outweighed by the superb storytelling and the sheer mass of what was right.I can t rec this book highly enough, it should be a must read for anyone interested in BDSM themed books It might be an eyeopener for many Side note if any reader thinks this is a rarity, or described in an OTT manner, no, it s this and worse even.

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    This is extremely well written and thoughtful I loved the Australian setting, the dialogue is a joy, and I don t have a single criticism about the way it s constructed I m not rating it because it was absolutely the wrong book for me at the time I read it I wanted a slutty, dirty fic and this is well not I wanted cheetos and coke drunk straight from the bottle, on a rug at the beach, and this is a fine restaurant meal EDIT Actually, I m rating this after all Even though it wasn t what I wanted to read at the time, it s really stayed with me over the last few days And honestly, the structure is damn near flawless I bitch all the time about authors screwing up the endings, and Gayle didn t admittedly the epilogue might be on the sappy side It s a great book, that goes way beyond the cheap thrills of most of the genre.4.4 shiny, pretty stars

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    So here is the thing I won t be able to properly review this book without the ever so slightly TMI So bear with me, if you will We ll get there and hopefully you will understand why this book is special To me, and also, I believe, in general.Ok, let s talk about kinksters Serious kinksters Especially gay or straight identified male doms sirs masters what have yous Let s narrow it down to those who elevate their kink to than just a part time hobby Who seriously invest into the community, who win leather awards, who teach workshops, who write books, who LIVE it No, let s quickly take a vanilla detour Did you go to university This might be a very German thing, but did you have some sort of students union executive committee People who devoted their time to semi official positions within the university s administration, kind of an elected students spokes person Think back, what were these people like In my experience these guys and girls were NOT the most successful students They were not particularly academically or thematically driven and invested in research or even their careers, they actually needed these roles to substitute a lack of involvement, success and belonging in other study subject relevant areas or, accurately, real life relevant areas.I ve encountered that in the BDSM community, too The most vocal, visible, coveted male doms are a fickle bunch They invest so much time and effort into perfecting their image because there is, often than not, not much else There are no time consuming careers, fulfilling relationships and family life, elaborate and interactive hobbies There is the kink, and that s it And that is dangerous.Not only their ego but their whole identity is dependent on their position within the BDSM community So the standard response to any criticism or controversy is not honest engagement but deflection and protective measures Because there is too much at stake, within a circle of male doms there is a tendency to continuous self affirmation and self perpetuating narcissism Nothing would be beneficial and needed than tempering humility and self enquiry, but the very structure of the community and the imagined demands of the chosen and treasured role make that almost impossible.And along comes Leather Lace A book that manages to tackle exactly this issue, from different angles, in a thoroughly sophisticated, intelligent, elaborate and empathetic way I JUST CAN T BELIEVE IT Seriously This is amazing.Where should I even start There is the issue of the insidious and devastating effect of abuse within an ostensible BDSM context The double triple layer of victimization is seriously stomach churning, and Gayle just nails the complexity of it with the character of Steve.Steve is a survivor of severe and persistent domestic abuse and the way he struggles throughout the book to find clarity is both enlightening and gut wrenching He desperately and resiliently tries to divide out what exactly trapped him in this insanity and with him so do we And Gayle doesn t take it easy on him and us, every aspect is treated with equal care and consideration the murky dynamics of co dependency, the radical attachment enforced through not exactly SSC S M, the slippery slope dynamics of abuse masked by ostensibly consensual dominance and submission.And through it all, and because of the confrontation with leather man Don, Steven struggles to accept and eventually perhaps hang onto his kink as something separate from the dynamics that almost destroyed him Something life affirming, something healthy, something precious not a dangerous liability but an invaluable gift And that GUTTED me It seriously did.Then there is Don, the coveted dom, who also got massively burned by love and life, and who is also trying to analyse and understand what exactly happened and how his kinky relationship dynamic contributed to the failure of his marriage And he struggles, too, with his need for the unrivaled rush of imposition and the suffocating and energy sapping responsibility that comes with living that role 24 7.His whole self image and identity has been tied up in the leather community for many many years So when we witness him seriously questioning his eligibility and effectiveness as a dom, his pain and disillusionment is palpable Good stuff.Let s throw these two together and let them dance And what a delight it is to watch them interact, an elaborate dance of attraction, fear, ambivalence, understanding and compassion.And as if that is not enough, Gayle s writing style is witty, snarky, humorous, irreverent, subversive and soulful You won t find ANY of the standard tropes here, in fact, if there was any doubt, Steve s and Don s very first sexual encounter will drive that point home Just marvelous.Oh, and Gayle treated another one of the loves of my life with insight and reverence Sydney What a marvelous backdrop for a really strong story.

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    Leather Lace is the second of what I hope will be a number of stand alone books whose characters will make cameo appearances in each other s stories The plus symbol in the title is not just and It indicates that the final result is the sum of the two Both aspects contribute to something new.While the characters in this book are different, they exist in the same world and time frame as the series opener, Red Blue, and one minor character links in You don t have to have read Red Blue first.Fans of Caught will also be pleased to see Nat and Danny making an appearance as they join the Opposites Attract universe.DedicationI ve always been fascinated by the concept of BDSM Not so much the mechanics, but the mind set and why people would become involved Lately, kink is drifting into mainstream literature, coming out of the closet, as it were, with scenes depicted as glamorous and exciting But one day, I had a conversation with a writer who had lived the scene and been badly scarred both mentally and physically His experiences made me think about the flip side, when the rules of safe, sane, and consensual are ignored.I also find the concept of drag fascinating We have some great drag artists in Sydney For the most part, they tend to be the over the top caricatures, real ball busting females, but others can be glamorous even if, in real life, there is nothing femme about them.So, being me, I was intrigued as to what would happen if the two met and mixed One who, by convention, flouts rules, and the other who continually expounds them.Books like John Preston s Mr Benson A Novel and david stein s Carried Away, with their concept of putting yourself totally into another man s hands, gave me the extreme fantasy sparked by their own experiences To ensure I understood the reality, I read every book I could find on the Old Guard and the traditions of BDSM by writers like Guy Baldwin, Joseph Bean, Don Bastian, and Thom Magister There are also great online sites such as Fetlife where people speak of their lives with sometimes unflinching honesty I also contacted david stein, who cleared up a few misconceptions.Rush Derr IV needs a special thanks for sharing his experience of years spent performing drag in the States and Canada.Others helped enormously, starting with readers and fellow writers Stevie Carroll, M J S nchez, and Melanie Tush, who followed its progress in NanoWriMo A special shout out to Melanie for her feedback on bikes.Once the first draft was complete, it was the turn of my faithful duo, Don Schecter and Kate, who steered me through the process of converting the raw version into something worth publishing They were assisted this time by a new critique partner, Jess, who not only helped with the text but gave a further polish to the bikes.Writing about a scene you don t participate in is not easy I m indebted to Sascha Illyvich for his course on writing BDSM and Dusk Peterson, who provided lots of advice and leads on real life Master slave relationships From them I learned there is no single way to do things In the end, I hope I captured both the best aspects of what BDSM and slavery can mean while also showing what can happen if care is not taken to do it correctly According to two real life slaves, Jason and Christopher, who read the finished text, I did.I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of fellow writers Barry Lowe, Eden Winters, Charles Edward, Kayla Jameth, and my Goodreads buddies, Vivian de la Cruz and Jo After finding a couple of things others had missed, they assured me the story had been beta ed into submission and was ready to send off to Dreamspinner Press.Here I d like to thank Elizabeth North, Ginnifer Eastwick, her great team of editors, and the art department, represented by Paul Richmond and Anne Cain.Finally, but definitely not least, I need to thank Stevie Nicks for not only giving me the inspiration for the title but providing me with a worthy artist any drag performer would be privileged to emulate Her songs captivated me just as much as they did my hero.Reproducing lyrics in a book is fiendishly expensive, so I wasn t able to include some verses at the end and only referred to them, which is a pity, because I think the impact of what Don said to Steve afterwards has been lost duet Lovers forever face to faceMy city or mountainsStay with me stayI need you to love meI need you todayGive to me your leatherTake from me my lace.Here s a playlist of Stevie s songs, chapter by chapter you want a teaser, the first chapter is up on my website and can be accessed here and if you check out my Pinterest board here, you ll get some visuals to whet your appetite.

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    I absolutely loved this book and five stars doesn t convey how much I got out of reading it If I had to pick one word to describe it, it would be fresh Fresh setting Australia, fresh take on BDSM coupled with a solid background of the traditional side of it fresh treatment of what can often be a by the numbers romance with a Dom and a sub meeting and falling in love.I read it and felt each and every character come alive on the page, flawed, damaged, real As Steven s past with Julius is revealed, drip by poisonous drip, I shared his suffocating panic at being trapped and admired his courage in freeing himself on so many levels.Don.OMG, I loved him so much Loved that he wasn t a model type hottie but just a guy, real, hurt, decent to the core And Dom to the core, too.I can t think of a single jarring note or a word I d change.Except it makes me want to shred all my books and start over g

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    I enjoyed the slow development of this story watching the growing mutual discovery and relationship between Steve, a man who let love convince him to go far deeper into a slave relationship than he truly wanted, and Don, the Dom whose last lover, and slave, recently died This story has BDSM front and center, but not in the sense of having a lot of scenes, or pain and bondage as a common event Instead it s about the concepts of BDSM, the way it can work and the way it can fail when sane, safe and consensual is lost along the way Master slave relationships are a small part of BDSM, and in truth neither man in this story really wanted that kind of 24 7 intensity Each of them was persuaded by a lover But Don s knowledge of the subject, and Steve s need to figure out where he went wrong, result in a reason to explore and discuss the options when these two meet.Steve bought a house with with his first lover, Julius, but was unable to stay in the progressively BDSM relationship view spoiler As they got deeper into exploring BDSM, Steve slowly moved from doing scenes, to signing a contract as a slave Julius then used that as consent to abuse him, disguising his own fear of losing Steve, and his inability to dominate him properly, with punishments and confinement that lost all grounding in consensual Eventually Steve escaped, traumatized by the experience and confused about what parts of his combined love and fears and desires were sane and which were unhealthy He saw a therapist, but not a kink friendly one, and she convinced him that his enjoyment of any parts of BDSM was an unhealthy addiction, and that he should stay away from the scene completely hide spoiler

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    I meant every word I said Give to me your lace, and I ll give you my leather Steve reminded me, and my son, of Nina Flowers This is my first book by A B Gayle and it will not be my last It is well written, well edited, well researched, unique and interesting The MC s are three dimensional, in spite of one POV Don has the right amount of mystery for who he is and Steve s inner voice is essential for the reader to understand the primary storyline There are elements of BDSM, but it isn t a BDSM book There is also some drag yet, once again, it is not a book on drag, but both are integral to the story being told I loved my city being on display, my culture I loved reading a book with oh so familiar landmarks and places I know so well as a backdrop not the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge it s just lovely to have a book set in my backyard. But it could have been set anywhere and been a good book simply because of the writing, the characters and the character s chemistry Full review at On Top Down Under Book Reviews This book was supplied to me by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press, in return for an honest review

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    This story might appear to be about BDSM but, really, the core of it is two damaged souls fighting their way back to where they want to be The blurb explains things well so I ll focus on how I felt It is rare to find a story where I can feel the emotions of the characters Where they take on an almost life like characteristic that speaks to me, makes me think, and makes me ache for them These two have so much in common yet, at times, are worlds apart The build of the relationship is so carefully drawn, with such great build up and exploration, that nothing happens too fast Actually I suspect some might think things happen too slow I don t think so but this is really about the men not about BDSM101 or even how a good top or bottom behaves It is daring cross dressing is still not exactly mainstream and it delves into areas that many don t want to go and that is the recognition that all sorts of relationships can be dangerous and bad because of what happens My heart bled for the sub who was so mistreated and for the Dom that got his heart ripped out That they find each other is chance and happenstance or is it Wonderful story poignant, heartbreaking, and uplifting all the same Highly recommended Disclosure I read this in a non final version but not for the purpose of reviewing it My review is my own.

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    Leather and Lace is a very well written story A.B Gayle shows us in beautiful words why someone feels the need to serve, or why another one is driven to be a Master Steven is a drag queen, who returns to Australia after fleeing an abusive relationship with his former master Julius He has lost himself and surpresses his desires to submit and to serve.Don is a leather master who lost his slave Alex to Julius He has his own fears and doubts After the death of Alex and Julius he comes to Australia where he meets Steven who isn t the unfaithful slave he has expected him to be He discovers the truth behind Julius and Stevens relationship and is horrified as he finally realizes what Steven has gone through He tells Steven to listen to his heart and not to believe his mother and therapists, who are trying to persuade him that kink is sinful and morbidWho is looking for a BDSM erotic story might be disappointed The book deals mostly with the psychological aspects of BDSM The D s relationship is not exactly displayed, but the roles and the sensuality of it It s a wonderful story moving, heartbreaking and hopeful and not in the least what I expected

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