Slam! Limericks, Lies, And Puppy Dog EyesJude Biggerstaff Is All The Way Out And Loving It Mostly The Anglo Japanese University Graduate Is A Carnivore Working In A Vegan Cafe, An Amateur Poet With Only One Man In His Life His Dog, BubblesThen There S Karate Crumpet , A Man Who Regularly Runs Past The Cafe With A Martial Arts Class Jude Can Only Yearn From Afar, Until The Object Of His Affection Rescues Him From Muggers And He Learns That Not Only Does This Calm, Competent Hunk Of Muscle Have A Name David But That He S GayJude Should Have Known The Universe Wouldn T Simply Let Love Fall Into Place First, David Has Only One Foot Out Of The Closet Then There S Jude S Mother, Who Lies About Her Age To The Point Jude Could Be Mistaken For JailbaitWith A Maze Of Stories To Keep Straight, A Potential Stepfather In The Picture, Ex Boyfriends Who Keep Spoiling His Dates With David, And A Friend With A Dangerous Secret, Jude Is Beginning To Wonder If His And David S Lives Will Ever Start To Rhyme Warnings Contains A Tangled Web Of Little White Lies, A Smorgasbord Of Cheesy Limericks, A Violin Called Vanessa, Some Boots That Mean Business, And The Most Adorable Little Dog Ever Poetry, It S Not, on Twitter as jlmerrow, and on Facebook at

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    2.5 starsWell here s where I m conflicted.This book was all kinds of ridiculous.But some of that ridiculous was kinda hysterical the first karate class Had me in stitiches And some of that ridiculous is just the kind I like closeted alpha being a jerk but eventually coming around Swoon Yet some of that ridiculous was so eye rolling do I actually LIKE Jude the MC or does he bug the CRAP out of me until I want to scream However, worst of all, much of that ridiculous was just boring I skimmed all parts not Jude David and Bubbles I think I would have enjoyed this book much if it was shorter I wouldn t have the time to get even annoyed with Jude, Keisha might not have even existed, Kevin would be a non factor, and I could still get my kicks at cracking up over a dude named Knut PS it has nothing to do with Slam performances FYI I mean it does, but not really Alas, I finished having sharpened my skimming skills and having a new desire to pen and perfect my own limericks There was a young gal from the cityWho liked books that were smutty and wittyShe preferred man on manZane, Hsin, Damen, Vadim were her clanSuch escape made her horny and giddy Can you BELIEVE that was my FIRST

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    Posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf InflictedI liked this story mostly Jude Biggerstaff is out and proud, loves his eyeliner, lives with his mom, is a meat eater who works at a vegan caf , and looks younger than his 22 years Though he has a degree, he s unsure of what he wants to do long term The one thing he is certain about is his attraction to Karate Crumpet aka Dave , who saves Jude from a trio of muggers This story made me laugh out loud a lot Told from Jude s perspective, the reader is privy to his insecurities, his directness, his creativity, and the deep affection and protectiveness he has for his mom, his best friend, Keisha, and his dog, Bubbles The chatty dialogue and rambly inner thoughts wore me out at times, but I loved Jude so much that I was able to overlook this Still, this wasn t free of problems While I appreciated the diversity of characters, and loved that Keisha is mixed race like Jude is, I didn t appreciate the fact that Keisha was fraught with so many negative stereotypes that I couldn t help but be offended despite my overall enjoyment of this story It s not her fault she s skint She s applied for loads of jobs, but she never finished uni and she got fired from her last job because she had a shouting match with the boss in full view of all the customers She also lives in a roach infested flat with piece of shit roommates view spoiler and has a deadbeat father Well, at least he s white hide spoiler

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    I disliked mostly everything about this book I made myself finish and I m not willing to spend than five minutes on this book, review included So this is going to be all over a bitThoughts first 30% was extremely forced, OTT, ridiculously quip filled and tiresome with Jude convincing me he had ADHD the humour was of the bang you over the head variety the characters were caricatures and highly unlikable there were serious race related issues that disturbed me there was zero romance None Jude s discomforting insistence on sex now, within a day of knowing David, and the continuing persistence at every opportunity with desperate innuendo was unnerving one movie does not our thing make maybe because I live in NYC, but slam poetry seems dated to me the poetry was meh the Disney accepting, best friend than parent mum is without any credibility and is just aggravating Not parents who accept their child s sexuality in general, mind you Just this mother there are several similarities to the author s story in Winter Warmers what do the MC s see in each other the story itself has no substance whatsoever.AnywayI m coming in at four minutes Time to conclude I am putting this author on pause Her last few books failed to impress me really I think that which used to be subtle and gracefully executed has now become mechanical, soulless and unfunny Plus, the racist characterisations in this have turned me off the author.Not a great review, but I am anxious to move on to a better read.

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    4.5 I thought at first that my best review would probably just be HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA snort snigger giggle HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE ROFL LMFAO oh god I m wetting my pants.But I though later that was probably a bit of a cop out LOL This type of humour is right up my street, from the word go I was in seventh heaven So what or who should I say, was the pull of this book No need to think too hard because for me it was Jude Biggerstaff The snarky, pretty Euro Asian, flaming, flamboyant, all up in your face twink with the wicked one liners and loopy limericks Then following a close second was his sarky bezzie mate Keisha with the butt that could blot out the sun and make lesser planets feel inferior, and of course who could leave out Bubbles the cutie mutt All my stars are related to how this story made me feel I love stories that actually evoke physical responses, and this did just that I don t know how many times I found myself giggling out loud and actually snorting, and to be honest it came at a time when I really needed a laugh It just didn t quite reach the full five stars because I did think the ending was very abrupt and I woud have liked just a tad sexual tension between Karate Crumpet David and Jude Unfortunately I think Davids character is slightly overshadowed by the force that is Jude, but I had to round it up just for the pure fun I got from reading it I think this is probably going to be either a yay or a nay book depending on whether this sort of humour has you in tucks or rolling your eyes, its very full on in its nature I loved it and if I need cheering up it ll be a cuppa and a heavy dose of Jude the not so obscure There once was a book name of slamA book I m real fond of I am Made me feel lots of gleeWant to laugh till I d peeAnd frankly I don t give a damn INNIT Thanks to my besties Mark, Tina, Gina and Bev for another great buddy read Thanks guys D

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    I usually enjoy J.L Merrow s books I find her style refreshing, and her Briticisms are right up my alley But, after reading Slam , I feel she s reached a plateau and things are about to take a turn toward failure Merrow s writing is rapidly becoming stale and at the same time too apparent, making her stories dull and or less predictable.So J.L Merrow s formula Let s see what we have here, in no particular order A blue collar first person narrator A well off and or highly educated love interest sometimes it s the other way around, with the narrator being the well off one, but that s the dynamic between the MCs A single working class mother who was abandoned by the narrator s father and raised her only child alone The narrator has one or pets that are treated almost like separate characters in the story The narrator or his love interest does karate Sometimes, they both do karate There are references to car brands usually it s a VW model, but here it was a Ka and how people drive them Several scenes take place in cars and there is at least one reference to the hand brake The characters drive around and or sightsee and or eat out in local old pubs Said pubs are described in detail There is also at least one reference to some British celebrity living in the area or frequenting said pubs There is one one and a half mediocre sex scene s and it usually appears near the end of the book at around 80% Despite the sex scene appearing so late in the story, there is no sexual tension between the main characters and sometimes it s a bit unclear what they find in each other There s some kind of minor or major misunderstanding between the MCs Sometimes it keeps them apart for a while Expect to stumble over certain BrEn expressions, like I don t give a monkey s, Keep your hair on , et al Expect to stumble over certain Merrow isms, like my flabber had been gasted or my gob had been well and truly smacked .Apart from the above, in Slam , Jude the hero also kept saying ew and pouting, kept finding things lush, and kept going all warm and gooey or tingly or whipped creamy inside, to name a few of his habits.So, I got it Jude was a young, loud, flamboyant kind of person And it would have been okay if his love interest, David, wasn t the exact opposite He was older, restrained, unflashy And exactly because of that, and because of the fatherly way he reacted to Jude s dramatic mannerisms, he came across as much older than he really was, which was a bit disturbing, even though it was alluded in the book that Jude always went for much older men The plot didn t help much in this respect, either, because David kept having to protect Jude from dangerous situations and take him to the AE Much like a father would do with his son.I won t comment on Jude s mother, her age and the role it played in the story I m willing to let it pass, since she was an undereducated woman with self esteem issues trying to rebuild her life with a new man I can t say the same about Keisha, Jude s best friend, though Too many times her side story felt redundant Unless the author plans to do a view spoiler n f f hide spoiler

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    Wonderful I m laughing thinking about Jude and thinking about this book It s clever and funny and has a nice twist of angst to it as things play out The angst is totally telegraphed but it didn t stop me loving everything this story is and ever wants to be Go read it now.

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    Really funny story with my favourite kind of MC Jude is 22 although he looks like a teenager , part Japanese, wears eyeliner, writes poetry, plays the violin and talks a mile a minute He s taking a year off after finishing Uni to get over a broken heart and to decide what he wants to do with his life He lives with his very cool Mum and has a ferociously loyal best friend, Keisha He s been eyeing the leader of the local karate club David as the group jog past his cafe every afternoon Then one day Jude is attacked and David comes to his rescue.I was laughing out loud all the way through this book I love Jude so much He s so out and PROUD and in your face I don t think I ve met a romantic hero or heroine who wore their heart on their sleeve as openly as Jude He tries so hard I felt really protective of him because he was so extroverted but I, the reader, could see his vulnerabilities I didn t miss David s POV at all because I could understand completely why he fell for Jude The secondary characters are all a lot of fun.The book is made up mostly of very funny rapid paced dialogue But there is a good balance with the serious issues that Jude, his Mum and his friend face It s written in British English and has quite a strong regional slang on top of that, innit I loved every word of it but if you only like American English you might not appreciate it as much.My only gripe was that it ended fairly abruptly One minute David was being all asshole y, the next minute Jude had forgiven him with no real grovelling on David s part I hate it when that happens I m the sort of reader that really needs the hero to stand up for himself and make the wrong doer work hard to get him back But it s still a HEA and I enjoyed the rest of the book so much that I can give it 4 stars It s the kind of book that I will enjoy rereading because I know I ll get a lot out of it the second time around.P.S I could have done with another sex scene at the end Particularly with Jude wearing that skirt of Keisha s Maybe the author could do a little Christmas short story starring Jude and David and some exotic piece of clothing under the Xmas tree hint, hint

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    Pre ordered, now I just have to remember to download it ha, a miracle has occurred, I got the email from Samhain and I downloaded it go me 4.5 Ok, I had to slay the laundry, fight the kids homework, wrestle meals , accompany the dog on sniffing odysseys and I still prevailed and finished this book today.Not because I have superpowers, although I really wish I did, but no, it s because this is an awesomely funny, entertaining yet actually very meaningful story.Jude Biggerstaff yes, poor Jude had to hear a lot of those jokes growing up, I m sure works in a Vegan cafe, loves his mother, his dog and his best friend Keisha All the funny and sometimes touching poetry in this story just adds that little something extra that takes a book from good to really good Jude s inner and outer voice is hilarious, I actually did laugh out loud a few times, he is also an accident waiting to happen, and he has a really good heart, and he is far deeper than he lets on.He falls for his Knight in shining JimJams PJs David.David wants to take it slow and Jude the king or maybe princess of innuendos doesn t make it easy for him to withstand his charms, and I m glad David saw what a gem Jude really is I really enjoyed this story, Keisha s sidestory and Jude s mom s all added to it, if I had a complaint it was that I wanted to know about David, and a bit of how their story continues, but seriously, I had fun reading this one and it was worth all the harrowing adventures I had to overcome to get to read it all in one day.

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    This is a new review due to second read through 5 I love you book stars I LOVE THIS BOOK I love it so much I want to buy a HARDBACK yes, a hardback and do this And maybe do a little happy dance This book is all kinds of ridiculous, but ridiculously funny, hysterically funny It s very OTT, so it s kind of a hit or miss type of book depending on if the humor hit your nail on the head Ha This is my second read through, and I enjoyed it so much, even though I knew what was going to happen I was eagerly reading and enjoying the character of Jude.Jude is the voice of the book He is the book He is the reason I love it The story almost gets the backseat, since his character is so big He is young, sassy, flamboyant, effeminate, over the top enthusiastic, talks a mile a minute and so totally in your face out and proud He s basically the typical gay stereotype So either you re going to roll your eyes at him and the book, or you re going to laugh yourself silly and give the book a big hug see first GIF Look, I really appreciate you bringing me here, but I think there s something you ought to know about me David smiled If it s that you re gay Oh, puh leeze No God, no I mean, yes, obviously, I m fruitier than a greengrocers convention, but no, that wasn t what I was about to say Jude works at a vegan caf despite not being one, which he makes a point out of too , and the highlight of his week is when a pyjama posse martial art class jogs by in their jim jams as Jude puts it The tasty one in front is David, the other MC David is pretty much Jude s opposite Where as Jude is the gay stereotype, David is the guy next door normal straight guy stereotype He s a bit older, down to earth, responsible, conservative and not so out and open, because he is gay I was worried I d scared you off, I said as I slid into the passenger seat Being too gay and all No I, er He hesitated, and I looked at him sharply Well, slightly less bluntly, anyway My head still hurt I don t have a problem with you being gay, Jude I m well, I m into blokes myself You are I may have squeaked a bit But you re so Butch, I should have said And manly, and muscular, and gorgeous, and I bet you re hairy too in all the right places What came out was, Straight The setting is in the UK, so the humor is very British Their rapid paced dialogue is typically British English with a bit of slang Like bloody hell , innit , dead tasty , sod it , bugger and All right, keep your knickers on I bloody loved it Maybe because I m used to the British spoken language than American It was like reading a sit com, with a series of mishaps and misunderstandings causing hilarious situations I don t want to give away what the story is about, you should read it yourself and experience the the hilarious ridiculousness Starring Jude Biggerstaff great last name, huh Jude Biggerstaff David did a double take Biggerstaff I was still miffed with him Yes Bigger Staff And it is too I leave you with a little limerick from Jude There was a young girl from Nantucket Whose bum size was measured in buckets She cried bitter tears For her humongous rear Because nobody wanted to Did you get the limerick Haha I didn t at once, probably since English is not my mother tongue I had to read it out loud for myself like a limerick and I finally got it Thank god I was alone And not commuting on the train or something I laughed so hard I tell you, Jude s voice is awesome If you like it, you ll love the book Several laughs awaits you DAnd btw, Slam was the WINNER of the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best LGBT Romantic Comedy.

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    Disclaimer Contains spoilers, and disdain lots of disdain.I was so looking forward to this book, and it was a horrible let down I need to stop having high expectations for books, every time I have of late they have been complete crap This book has so much going wrong with it I don t know where to start I had issues with the characters, the dialog, the morals, and the plot The book was just asinine, the I read the I didn t care for anything or anyone Let s start with Jude, the main character the farther I got into the book the less I liked him Jude was a cartoon character of a person, with every interaction with another character a scripted show The dialog in this was so phony, so fake it was hard to read, the side characters just perfect opportunities for Jude to show off his skills at sexual innuendo The other main character, David, I never liked He was an immature, clueless, asshole of a man I mean he tries to bring Jude to a restaurant owned by his ex boyfriend on their first date, and succeeds on their second I don t care who you are, I think most of us know this is a really bad idea So you have that drama, and the fact that Jude is 12 years younger than David I am not big on age gap relationships, but there are exceptions to every rule This was not one of them, this relationship came off as Jude having father issues due to his dad abandoning him and his mother, because he sure as hell wasn t mature or adult enough to relate and have a connection to someone older Now the big reason I hated David was the cause of the big fight of the book, the break up before the make up David is in the closet at work, he doesn t want his employer and coworkers to know that he is gay He works for a construction company and feels that it would put his job in jeopardy I hate this, because this means he can never be honest about his relationship with Jude Jude who wears makeup, who is proud of his sexuality, who has never lied about who he is will never be fully in David s life.Ever.So how can they have a real relationship, David can never really be in love with him because there will always be that fear of being outed David even admits after his big show of love and apology he would never have done what he did if it wasn t for the fact that it wasn t in their home district, and the surety that none of his coworkers would be there Fuck you David, fuck you sideways.So yeah this book was an epic fail.

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