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Plan B Danny Marshal Has Always Lived His Life Out Loud, But His Androgynous Appearance Is Only A Small Part Of Who He Is One Night At A Frat Party, Danny Meets Lance Lenard, Football Jock And Apparent Straight Guy Lance Is Shocked When He S Immediately Attracted To Danny S Feminine Side Danny Is Happy To Be The Subject Of Lance S First Man On Man Experiment Until Lance Begins To Struggle With The Fact That Despite His Appearance, Danny Is Indeed A ManLance S Whole Life Has Been Focused On His Goal Of Playing In The NFL, And He Knows Those Dreams Will Be Smashed If Anyone Finds Out About His Little Secret Although Lance Has Come To Hunger For Danny S Touch, He S Not Willing To Give Danny What He S Grown To Crave A Boyfriend Who S Proud To Love Him For Every Flamboyant And Snarky Cell In His BodyLife Sends Danny And Lance In Different Directions, Each Of Them Focused On His Respective Plan A But The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Often Go Awry

It s been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan s Desire in January 2011 I ve published 2 free reads with the M M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.I m still in shock that I m listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, You are so out of your leagu

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  • Plan B
  • S.J.D. Peterson
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  • 04 July 2019
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    OMG I love the cover and the book is just Fabulous This is a stunningly executed character driven, emotional drama, which delves deep into souls of two very unlikely MC s Ms Peterson did not leave me wanting for a moment in this book, I eagerly turned the pages to delve into the world of Danny and Lance, poles apart, with nothing in common yet we see misconstrued perceptions change and a relationship borne of secrecy develop with both men unable to abate the attraction they have for each other It is also a journey of discovery for our two very complex characters, putting their differences aside they find an unlikely friendship blossom and grow and with Lance having no prior experience with men they were like a couple of teenagers experimenting for the first time, with the sexual tension between them palpable and left me holding my breath in anticipation these two were definitely hot and heavy in the bedroom Danny Marshall is all Broadway and bright lights, overly confident and not ashamed of it, his attitude being If you ve got it flaunt it So with all his eccentricities, a Frat House party was his worst nightmare Compounded when a drunk and intense Jock left him speechless for once was it lust he had seen in the Jocks eyes there was just something about him and it was eating into his consciousness and he just couldn t seem to shake the feeling Danny is selfish and doesn t do relationships, his love is the theatre with its face paints and sparkles and if he is the centre of attention, then all the better So obsessing over a drunk Frat Jock was unnerving and totally out of character Everyone has a Kink and for Lance it is men who are pretty, feminine and not afraid to display it, only Lance, who is straight, has never acted upon it and being a football playing Jock having the gorgeous creature on your arm turn out to be a man rather than a woman didn t quite sit right in the equation But with Danny he can t help himself, every fibre of his being is attracted to the flamboyant boy with his make up, tight trousers and spiked heels, and trying to stay away was not an option.Danny was under no illusion that they would ever be than Jerk off buddies Lance had a plan which he had been working towards ever since he could remember and he was resolute and determined to achieve his goal and that was to play NFL Football Danny also has a plan, his being to see his name in lights in a leading role on Broadway So mix that up with having nothing in common, sexuality confusion, secrecy, misunderstanding, lack of communication, touch of the green eyed monster and NO Plan B You just know it s not going to be pretty The story unfolds from Danny s POV and we stay with him right to the end, he may be brash, a bit of a smartass who loves to be the centre of attention with the clothes and make up to prove it but inside he is actually sweet and endearing, if a little frustrating and although we don t get a peak into Lance s thoughts, he is so affectionate and doting with Danny, I just found him adorable But when the honeymoon period is over, what are we left with Danny is the biggest drama queen going, he had his pouty moments and his sarcastic retorts full of acrimony and Lance had his shockingly inconsiderate moments and they were also both selfish and driven by ambition Yet the signs were there for them to see, but they chose to ignore them, instead preferring to accept it as casual rather than seeing it for what it was I have to say I found them both extremely frustrating at times and some of their behaviour made me so cross, but this is a tale full of emotion and drama and I couldn t put it down I loved it and there is a very nice HEA For reviews, please check out our blogSinfully Sexy Book Reviews you can now also find us on Facebook

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted Danny is such a girl I grabbed my new white, waist length coat with black fur trim around the hood and slipped it on Yes, I d bought it in the junior girls section and I fucking loved it All soft and snuggly Loved the way the fur felt around my face when I put up the hood I m a very tactile, as well as visual, guy But there s no question he s all man Sure, I took some ribbing for it, a few nasty insults tossed my way here and there when I walked by, even had some old guy ask me if I was a boy or girl I answered by cupping the bulge in my pink skinny jeans and asking, Would you like me to show you After my disappointing experience with The Girl For Me, I was a little worried that I wouldn t enjoy this story There were lots of similarities in the plot, even in the main character s name It turns out my worries were unfounded This story was told beautifully, with lots of humor and heart Right from the beginning, I fell in love with Danny Danny is a busy theater major who doesn t do relationships He has big plans for the future, and no time for anything than casual encounters That all changes when he attends a frat party with his best friend, Bo, and is captivated by the rugged and muscular Lance, whose goal is to be a big football star.Though Lance is very attracted to Danny, he sure has a funny way of showing it He behaved terribly at the party and I ll admit I didn t like the way he treated Danny in the beginning But Danny s no pushover and he gave as good as he got I love their relationship buildup and Lance s conflicting feelings He s deep in the closet and not yet ready to take the next step in their relationship It s too late for Danny, as his heart is now involved.Both men are young, selfish, and wildly immature at times They make decisions hastily which creates a lot of unnecessary turmoil in their relationship, but what can you expect from 21 year old college students Since this story was told from Danny s perspective, I could feel his emotions keenly, reminding me of the confusion and chaos of my own young life I loved Danny and Lance, Bo and his girlfriend, Katie, and all the fully developed colorful supporting characters The tense, heartbreaking and sad moments made the ending so sweet and satisfying This story was a joy to read.

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    4.25 STARS Sometimes Plan B is the real dream come true I could see it in his eyes He was seeing me Not the dolled up feminine fa ade he d first been attracted to, but me, without makeup, and stubble on my chin He saw me, Daniel Anderson Marshal, man Meet Danny MarshalHe was a totally different character to what I am use to when reading m m He loves makeup, hair, accessories, and of course, his passion, which is acting in theatre And I loved him to pieces The story was told in his fun pov He may look quite feminine on ocassion, but he is still very much a man His biggest dream is to be a big star on broadway, which is why he doesn t mind being the centre of attention Danny is confident, flamboyant, selfish, sarcastic, a drama queen but also such a great friend.His carefree life is turn upside down when he meets a jock, Lance Lenard at a frat party Lance will not stop staring at him, and after the first words that come out of his mouth are insulting, Danny hopes to never see him again Yet, he still can t shake off the weird feeling his stare caused Lance soon pursues him in hopes to apologize and become friends Danny is not interested in his friendship, but soon gives in They start hanging out with each other but the attraction becomes too strong for both of them to deny I d be lying if I said I wasn t scared, because I am I don t know if I am as brave as you are or your friends But I m done being miserable I m done missing you and wondering where you are Driving myself crazy wondering who you re with He brushed his lips against mine and spoke with our flesh touching I do know that I love you, all the rest is just details Then there is Lance Lenard the jock with the dream to make it into the NFL He will do anything to get it But he has a secret He is attracted to feminine men This information could mean the end of his career before it has even started So he hasn t revealed it to anyone When he crosses paths with Danny in his glitter, tight clothing, and six inch heels, it is lust at first sight He can t stay away from him And even though he has never tried being with a guy, Danny makes him want to try with him Lance was a bit hard for me to like at first because I didn t understand him I didn t get what his intentions were with Danny, did he want to fuck him or did he want I wasn t sure He was lost and hadn t come to terms with the fact that he was gay He hid the truth behind his relationships with girls Danny agrees to help him with experimenting with him to see what Lance feels Soon after, they become jerk off buddies You panic when I get a paper cut or stub my toe That s because the thought of anything marring this perfect body drives me insane You mar me all the time Those are love marks, which only enhance your perfection You re such a big sap But I m your sap Yes, you are As time passes by, the closer they seem to get But Danny still guards his heart, after all, he doesn t do relationships I loved how tender they were with each other, and how much passion there was between them The sexual tension was always high and they seemed to not be able to control themselves It was so cute how they would snuggle with each other Again, I had a hard time liking Lance when it seemed that he continued to want to keep Danny as his dirty little secret I know he was afraid, and I get that he had a lot to lose, he had worked so hard to get where he was at, but I wish he would have been less of a coward at times I mean, Lance didn t even have a Plan B if football failed, that s how determined he was to make his dream happen Danny got that He knew their arrangements was with no strings attatched But soon, feelings started growing And because they don t communicate, things start getting bad between them They become jealous of misunderstandings and hurt each other My heart broke for them, I just wanted them to be together Like stupid jocks who don t have a Plan B Do you have one now Yeah, I do Lance took our joined hands and ran them down my cheek I want to be as happy as my sister and Bo are I can only do that if I have you in my life You re my Plan B, Danny There were a lot of emotions that I was feeling while reading this I felt happy, sad, mad, and frustrated I so badly wanted things to work out for them There was a separation period and my heart was hurting for how much time had gone by But it was really necessary These two characters had so much growing up to do They were both selfish, did things they shouldn t have, were ambitious, but under all that, they genuinely cared for each other That is what kept me turning the page and had me not wanting to stop They were adorable together My only wish would have been to have a few chapters in Lance s POV That would have made this book better But overall, I really liked it The ending was super cute I really loved their HEA conclusion I actually wish it would have continued, I loved it that much I also want to mention that Bo was such an awesome best friend to Danny I really liked him It was such a great sweet and sexy emotional read.

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    Danny, you rock I fell in love with the awesome character of Danny, and I really felt for the helpless Lance My heart was beating super fast for the entirety of the book, because it seemed as if there was no end to the tension and that I would snap at any second.The push and pull that was Lance and Danny s relationship went through so many ups and downs, I feel as if I ve had a couple rounds in my washing machine.I loved Danny and Bo s friendship The way they were always there for each other just made me deliriously happy and remember my own great friends, who ve been there for me in every big moment, be it a celebration or recovery.I love the way the moment of HEA just dragged till the end It was so much sweeter for that My heart broke for Danny, for the sheer amount of pain his heart went through, and for Lance, for how he couldn t be with Danny despite the intensity of his feelings for him.There is just one thing that irked me Danny and Lance got a very abrupt HEA I wanted Lance to elaborate his Plan B, but the author made do by saying that Danny being Lance s first priority was his Plan B And it felt a bit unfinished to me Also, there was no mention in the epilogue of what Lance ended up doing I would ve liked to know about it.But all in all, a good book I m not so sure I d revisit it But if I do, it would only be for Danny.

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    Twenty year old Danny is a masculine young guy with a healthy libido, who cultivates androgynous splendor He s not a cross dresser but he does like to shave his beard stubble, wear elaborate eye makeup, and squeeze into slinky pants and blouses that have a feminine look It s no surprise that he s out and proud of his gay orientation and very brave, as he dolls himself up and escorts his roommate Bo to a frat party in the book s first scene There Bo meets his true love Katie Meanwhile, Katie s brother Lance won t stop staring at Danny In the weeks that follow, Lance ignores Danny s blistering sarcasm, trying hard to forge a friendship while hinting that Danny s androgynous look turns him on Could Lance, an aspiring NFL football player, be bi curious Danny doesn t mind having a friend with benefits, but tells himself he is not looking for a committed relationship.As the school year progresses with football practice and Danny s theater auditions, Danny and Lance become sex buddies For a while, Danny enjoys initiating the skittish Lance into the joys of gay sex This requires patience and slow steps But then Danny starts to fall for Lance, whose actions indicate that he s in love as well Of course, neither guy initiates a conversation about this Meanwhile, Lance can t have a boyfriend if he ever hopes to play in the NFL Unfortunately, Lance has no Plan B Playing in the NFL is the only future he s ever prepared for So what should Danny do Should he decide for both of them to terminate their relationship for their own good Along with its gorgeous cover art, there is a lot I liked about Plan B First, the writing is smooth, powerful, and self assured Even though Danny likes to describe his clothes and occasionally explain too much about his or another character s background, I never had to fight through excessive wordiness The strong pace kept me turning pages.Second, our heroes are strong, complex characters Danny is massively self centered, conceited, and abrasive But he s also smart, funny, brave, and assertive His joyous, wild, sexual energy is the source of Plan B s strength as a book Meanwhile, Lance doesn t get a viewpoint, but conveys vivid confusion, fear, sexual hunger, loyalty, strength, and patience He s hardworking trying to overcome dyslexia , and seems a good match for Danny.Third, the story has an epic emotional intensity while never veering into melodrama Danny feels everything strongly he s irritated, he s heartbroken, he s in a rage, he s overcome with lust, he s filled with dread, and he s sometimes blissful But such emotional storms are realistic for a twenty year old living life to the fullest Danny knows he s gorgeous and revels in his sexuality The blunt, raw masculinity of his narrative voice prevents the book from edging into sappiness He and Lance have intense sexual chemistry, and their detailed sex scenes are hot and well written Because of all this, I think Plan B will be a five star book for most readers It almost was for me except for two things First, why aren t our heroes willing to compromise to keep the love of their lives Especially when it all it requires is some honest communication and compromise Second, our heroes fail to achieve crucial character development by the end of the book In the first half of Plan B, Danny has a toxic behavioral pattern that threatens his and Lance s romance He will see something that makes him unhappy, misunderstand, refuse to ask Lance for clarification, decide for both of them that they should break up, and start picking fights to make this happen Meanwhile, Lance tends to knuckle under to Danny and not demand an explanation for Danny s behavior By the end of the book, our heroes repeat the same toxic pattern Have they learned nothing Even so, there is a happy ending, and this is an emotionally intense book that is well worth reading.

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    DNF 40%1st person POVterribly done.All telling.No GFY tension whatsoever.Poor writing.Redundant.Weird shifts.Info dumps.Unnatural dialogue.Cardboard, cliche characterisations.Chick lit I can t get attached exposition.Manufactured drama issues.Immature.Boring.

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    My favorite book of 2013 Plan B I m not gay He shook his head vigorously, then stopped and hung his head He sounded so miserable when he whispered Am I loved watching this straight boy lose control, and the sexy sassy flamboyant guy fall for him hard, gobsmacked and awestruck.A bit heavy on the sex and fantasy stuff, but the romance was enough to make it work for me.I really cared for these young college guys, struggling with their horniness and emotions and trying to figure what the heck was happening.I was prepared for the view spoiler three years later hide spoiler

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    Le dar a tres estrellas a la historia y cuatro a la voz de Danny, el protagonista, pero lo voy a dejar en tres.Danny, due o del POV y due o de todo el libro, gay, estudiante de teatro, fan del maquillaje, la ropa, divertido, abierto, con una vida en la que nunca se ha escondido, conoce a Lance cuyo sue o es jugar al f tbol americano y que nunca se hab a planteado mantener una relaci n con un hombre Se conocen, experimentan y se enamoran, pero la vida es complicadaNo soy fan de los GFY, no lo era ni cuando no sab a que eran problem ticos para mucha gente, no es que me parezcan bien o mal, es que no creo en ellos Empec este libro temiendo lo peor, pero la realidad ha sido que en ning n momento he sentido que el libro lo fuera, para mi est claro que Lance se ha sentido atra do por hombres anteriormente, no es un GFY, es un chico bisexual que nunca hab a conocido a la persona que le empujase a dar un paso que le supondr a que muchas cosas en su vida cambiaran y que se tuviera que enfrentar a situaciones nada agradables.La voz de Danny es maravillosa, leer sus pensamientos y sentimientos, un chico divertido, realista y seguro de si mismo Pero, la relaci n con Lance no me ha terminado de convencer, se ha centrado tanto la autora en lo que supone esa experimentaci n sexual para Lance, que en el camino me he perdido d nde pasa eso a ser amor S que lo es porque los protagonistas hablan de ello, pero no porque la autora me lo haya hecho sentir as , solo el ltimo tercio del libro me ha parecido que su relaci n destilaba emoci n.De todas formas, lo que me ha parecido m s interesante de la historia es el hecho de que porque uno tenga unos gustos sexuales u otros uno de los protagonistas deba elegir entre un sue o, jugar en la NFL, o un amor Bastante triste Y, unido a esto lo que m s me ha sorprendido es leer muchas rese as del libro criticando a Lance por su comportamiento Queremos que los autores nos den historias m s o menos veros miles, pero cuando nos presentan personajes que lo son, ya no nos gusta, no estamos dispuestos a perdonarles todo lo que no sea un comportamiento intachable, y no es as como somos, perfectos, incluidos aquellos que no perdonan algunas acciones El comportamiento de Lance a lo largo del libro puede no gustar y puede no ser perfecto, pero es real, y es m s, creo que es f cil de comprender Es muy f cil decir que no hay que vivir escondido, pero es muy complicado en seg n qu situaciones llevar eso a cabo Lance es un chico criado dentro de una familia tradicional norteamericana que ha estado toda su vida prepar ndose para jugar en la NFL, llevar p blicamente una relaci n homosexual, qu puede significar para l Hay que ser valiente para dar un giro as a tu vida, y aunque todos sabemos qu es lo mejor y lo correcto, no es tan f cil Por eso, me gustara o no lo que le a, pod a entenderle perfectamente.Quiz s no es un gran libro, pero te hace reflexionar, no me entristece o cabrea o s , pero de otra manera que uno de los protagonistas quiera llevar una relaci n homosexual a escondidas, lo que de verdad, de verdad me entristece y cabrea es la raz n por la que quiere hacerlo, el por qu , es eso lo que est mal y hay que cambiar, lo otro es solo una consecuencia.

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    This Book Is Freaking Sweet The Book and my Thought s The storyline is sweet and realistic Both MC were adorable, and in the end both were lovable The behavior of both MCs left me a bit bewildered at times The 3 year erratic jump boggled the brain a wee bit, but I got over it because it got even better I must admit this book did start off slow but, and it still held my attention By the end of the book, I found it was worth my tired red morning eyes in closing this book I found every single thing made perfect sense Ah GAWD I also have to say, I Love, Love, Love the Cover The Book and it s Entirety Would I Change AnythingNOI Loved It and, this is how I feel about the ending To enjoy this book in it s entirety, I say be patient, because even as I say it started off a bit slow, it was ooooh so worth it I simply loved the ending 4.5 Stars Re Read on Feb 14, 2014

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    Edit First read 11 2 2013 Re read 8 4 2014 I loved this first time around, I loved it even the second Nuff said From the first page I knew I was going to really enjoy Plan B Danny is full of it ber Flamboyant, flippant and individual Androgynous enough to be mistaken as female but far from girly in attitude he s larger than life and comfortable with who he is Out and proud he lives life with a this is who I am, deal with it attitude and that also applies to relationships, sex is fine and fun but relationships are not on his agenda until the night he goes to a frat party with his best friend Bo, who s got the hots for a girl Katie there At the party Danny finds himself being ogled by a brooding jock Lance Their first meeting doesn t go too well and for the first time his confidence is shaken but he can t stop thinking about Lance who s straight but seems to have a strange fascination for Danny No guessing where the story goes from that point GFY stories can be either hit or miss, for me this was a hit Admittedly there are parts that you could question and the relationship does have its moments of exasperation but the chemistry and connection between Lance and Danny is so compelling that it makes it hard to put the book down I ve read it in practically one sitting and a lot of that is to do with how much I loved Danny s persona, he s definitely a stand out character, in fact the whole cast of characters help to make this a very enjoyable read and thats why it gets 5 stars from moi Love the cover too Yum DRecommended

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