The Labours of Hercules

The Labours of Hercules3.5 5 stars Interesting collection of twelve stories inspired from the twelve tasks of Hercules For a change Poirot finds his match and regrets not having read the classics In this collection we find Poirot s fascination for his great love I really like the ending of the last story Humming a little tune, he went out of the door His step was light, almost sprightly Miss Lemon stared after him Her filing system was forgotten All her feminine instincts were aroused Good gracious, she murmured I wonder really at his age Surely not This collection also has a previously unpublished version of the story The Capture of Cerberus which was not published because of references to Hitler Agatha wrote a different version which was then included in the collection. Real Rating 2.5 of fiveThin gruel.The Agatha Christie s Poirot filmed version isn t a lot better, though a lot prettier to look at it resembles the book not at all. Of all Agatha Christie s collections of stories featuring the great Hercule Poirot, this is the one of which the man himself would most approve It has the order and method, to be sure A perfect dozen cases, updating the Labours of Hercules for the modern world well, the 1947 world The stories have a certain inevitability to them it would be a shame to name a character Hercule and NOT do something with the classical allusion The format is both the collection s greatest strength and its weakness The strength is that it seems so perfectly fitting for Poirot and that it allows Christie to be very clever and imaginative as she comes up with modern counterparts for the Labours The weakness is that we must suspend a lot of disbelief to accept that Poirot found all these cases in their classical order, and inevitably some of them are a better success than others.So, for example, the tale of the Nemean Lion is clever and charming a Pekinese is the lion , but in order to make all twelve stories fit, Poirot is obliged to do some globe trotting and adventuring that are out of character for him not quite as bad as The Big Four, but still or to happen to be on the spot for cases that are far outside his normal sphere I was a bit tired of the Labours conceit by the end, but I did really like some of the symbolism gossip the new Hydra, for example and I loved that Poirot got a hint of love interest in the last story Fun read structured like twelve short stories I like to read a classic mystery once in a while Hercule is ahumorous detective than I remember Some surprise twists and solutions. Twelve Hercule Poirot short stories, framed by the device of having each story relate to one of the labours of Hercules Some of them are a bit of a stretch, like the Nemean lion being kidnapped Pekingese dogs I read this once and found it utterly forgettable Someone recently requested it from me on PaperbackSwap, and I read the first few stories again before sending it off I wasn t interested enough to read them all.2.5 stars For Poirot completists only. This one is a special favourite Hercule Poirot sets out to emulate the twelve labours of his mythical namesake but using the little grey cells, not muscles It has got some absolute gems The Lernean Hydra , The Erymanthian Boar , The Augean Stables , The Stymphalean Birds , The Girdle of Hyppolita and The Capture of Cerebrus. Ko e u sezona turpin s Ar katru Kristi gr matu man arvien vair k nostiprin s p rliec ba, ka vajadz ja visu ito izlas t agr jaun b , jo tagad redzu visas vi as pavir bas, kuru da s gr mat s patie m nav maz Bet is st stu kr jums ir tie m labs, laikam st stos nav p r k daudz iesp ju izpl st un sap ties pa ai sav meistar b o kr jumi u biju las jusi pusaud u gados, un bija oti pat kami neko neatcer ties, ja neskaita pa u H rakla varo darbu koncepciju Un dz v vienm r, or , ir j iev ro zelta likums pats nekad nedari to, ko tav viet var izdar t citi THE LABOURS OF HERCULES is a mixture of mystery, adventure, and an unexpected literary conceit Agatha Christie transforms the ancient Greek mythology of the twelve labours of Hercules into a modern mythology and of the twelve labours of Hercules Poirot And the result is quite charming.The book consists of a short preface and twelve stories It was an absolutely delightful collection of short stories I thought connecting them to the Twelve Labours of Hercules was ingenious Much of its charm comes from the clever manner in which Christie juxtaposes the physical strength of the ancient Hercules with the mental power of the modern Hercules Poirot and the witty way in which she transforms the ancient stories into a 20th Century setting The Lernean Hydra becomes malicious gossip The Augean Stables concerns a dirty political scandal and so on The stories were exceptionally well thought out and written with tremendous humour Naturally some stories are better than others, some worked very well for me, others a bit lessThe Nemean Lion which finds a wily lapdog at the center of a dognapping gang and The Girdle of Hyppolita, which concerns a missing art treasure And from a mystery point of view, these are very likely the best of the twelve stories, for on this occasion Christie is much less concerned with creating a head spinning plot than she is in having fun But each of the stories has its own charms, with the concluding The Capture of Cerebus among my favorites.I d recommend this book to those who haven t read many mysteries and are curious to see what they re about First Published In Book Form In , The Labours Of Hercules Comprises An Even Dozen Mysteries Starring Christie S Most Popular Sleuth, The Ever Dignified Hercule Poirot The Introductory Chapter Of The Collection Sets Up The Rest Of The Book At A Dinner Party, Another Guest Compares The Labors Of Poirot To Those Of Hercules, And The Little Belgian Is Not Amused He Has Already Decided To Retire, But Makes Up His Mind To Take OnGreat Cases Each Somehow Reflecting The Labors Accomplished By Hercules As A Farewell To Crime Solving All Of The Cases Are Quite Different From Each Other, From Searching For A Lost Poet To Hunting Down A Particularly Ferocious Murderer, From Solving Mysterious Deaths Of Religious Cult Members To Saving A Young Would Be Politician From Potential Blackmailers Frequent Christie Interpreter Hugh Fraser Brings Stories Like The Cretan Bull And The Apples Of The Hesperides To Dazzling Life

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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