Peril at End House

Peril at End House An Alternate Cover Edition Of This ISBN Can Be Found HereHercule Poirot Is Vacationing On The Cornish Coast When He Meets Nick Buckly Nick Is The Young And Reckless Mistress Of End House, An Imposing Structure Perched On The Rocky Cliffs Of St LooPoirot Has Taken A Particular Interest In The Young Woman Who Has Recently Narrowly Escaped A Series Of Life Threatening Accidents Something Tells The Belgian Sleuth That These So Called Accidents Are Than Just Mere Coincidences Or A Spate Of Bad Luck It Seems All Too Clear To Him That Someone Is Trying To Do Away With Poor Nick, But Who And, What Is The Motive In His Quest For Answers, Poirot Must Delve Into The Dark History Of End House The Deeper He Gets Into His Investigation, The Certain He Is That The Killer Will Soon Strike Again And, This Time, Nick May Not Escape With Her Life

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • Peril at End House
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9780007119301

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    A comprehensive 4 star book with Poirot at his enigmatic best More to follow in the morningWell ok, its the afternoon here in the UK So, yes 4.5 stars for certain, Poirot at his superior best and Hastings playing the foil to a T Following the denouement, I did remember it Bloody obvious that really but I still hadn t got it with about 15 pages to go, and that is what reading a good murder mystery is all about As one of my author friends says keep em guessing till the end and she did.This is a well crafted book, the location is, although fictitious, set in one of my favourite counties in the UK and truly beautiful, the characters are well described, human and flawed, and Poirot is just his mysterious and superior best Hastings thankfully after Black Coffee has his part to play and is than just an on off the set character, albeit showing his usual deluded romantic character with his completely incorrect guesses, fantastic.I am now up to October in this challenge albeit behind in 2 others so will take a break from the genius that is Poirot, but I shall miss him until the next time we meet I cannot believe that he is already in retirement yet we have so many books left to read YAY

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    Peril at End House Hercule Poirot 8 , Agatha ChristiePeril at End House is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie first published in the US by the Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1932 and in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in March of the same year The book features Christie s famous character Hercule Poirot, as well as Arthur Hastings and Chief Inspector Japp Poirot and Hastings vacation in Cornwall, meeting young Magdala Nick Buckley and her friends He is persuaded that someone is out to kill her They meet all of her friends at her home called End House Though he aims to protect Nick, a murder happens provoking Poirot to mount a serious investigation Peril at End House is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the US by the Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1932 and in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in March of the same year 1993 1372 247 1387 9789644890628 20 1390 1392 244 9789643637873 1394 48 9786009502103

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    Peril at End House, the eighth book in the Hercule Poirot cozy mystery series, was selected as the next book to read in the April 2018 Agatha Christie Readathon that I m hosting on my blog at This Is My Truth Now Four weeks of books from all her different series and lots of fun with her canon I m really glad this book won the poll as I hadn t read it before And who wouldn t love a book with a title containing the words peril and end Poirot has never been sarcastic and witty than in this book It s charming but at the same time, if he said the things to me that he says to his sidekick, I m not sure I d turn the other cheek so quickly But it makes his complex personality all the interesting and readable It s always amusing to see how he falls into the capers he investigates in this one, he stumbles upon a woman who thinks she s just been hit with a tiny piece of falling debris, but it s a bullet Then he learns someone is trying to kill her unsuccessfully three times prior to this experience Who has that kind of luck Both the victim for surviving all the attempts and the villain for not succeeding.The cast is a great size in this mystery There are a number of servants, guests and friends in the house where main character, Nick, a woman with little remaining family, is trying to find her way In typical Christie fashion, the suspicion is cast on everyone from Nick s suitors to her cousin, her best friend to her lawyer Or is there a team of killers It gets complex as we learn she was set to inherit money than even she d known about now there s a motivation to kill, Poirot thinks What if it s not about the money you currently have, but the money you re set to get so let s kill off a few people in a row and make that chain happen quickly I m not giving away any spoilers here, this is discussed fairly early on in the novel But knowing that makes the details even delicious So does the different types of romance happening in the book, as well as the visit from the Australian couple who seem to know something than they are letting on So many wonderful little nuggets in this 100 year old detective wonder It s a bit sad, too, when you see what happens at the end People are complicated and really need guidance in life, and it was interesting to see how Poirot can fill that role sometimes.My only slight concern with this one and why I give it a 4 is that the ending was a little confusing at the same time as open to a bit of interpretation I can t say than that without giving thigns away and it s still a strong mystery but I like my Poirot answers to be concrete He always leaves a few dangling threads but I was afraid if I pulled too hard on this one, I d be left with a rather stringy garment, and who wants that All in all, I m really happy with this one Descriptions are spot on and witty I felt like I was at the house The fireworks made it spooky The mysterious cousin who was really never intended to be there makes things even interesting, especially when you learn some interesting facts about this family and their history.My favorite part was the list of suspects draw out in the book like a chart really pulls it together, but also helps readers decide for themselves whodunit I may have to re read them all this summer when I have a bit time Thanks to everyone participating on the blog with this Readathon

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    Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings were taking a vacation on south of Great Britain enjoying the climate I thought it rains nonstop everywhere in British Islands please correct me if I am wrong.One day they met a young woman Nick Buckley who was just shot at and had a hat with a bullet hole to prove it, but who was also absolutely clueless about the attempt at her life Poirot got interested and during the talk with her it turned out there were three earlier attempts which she did not take seriously In the view of such dire circumstances the great detective forgot about his retirement plans and tried to do anything in his power to prevent a murder His clever opponent continued attempts it looked like Poirot s presence did not crumple his her style To nobody s surprise Hastings remained clueless through the whole story business as usual.I rated the book with 4 stars, but these are the weakest 4 stars I gave to Poirot book so far It was too slow in the beginning and in the middle Nick s life being threatened felt sort of underwhelming to me Usually Poirot mystery means mysterious clues that seemingly do not fit anywhere, even mysterious happenings, etc None of this were present here I suppose it happened because usually the reader sees Poirot s action investigation as opposed to Poirot s reaction which happens here his attempts to prevent a murder P.S Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first book where Poirot makes such a great deal of his famous mustaches.

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    I always enjoy a nice Agatha Christie book She can be relied upon to be entertaining and a bit tricky Peril at End House is normal Hercule Poirot fare The characters are mostly English upper class, the setting is an English country house and Poirot gently mocks nearly everyone Interestingly even he seems to be initially confused by the situation as a murder actually takes place on his watch Of course eventually he comes to grip with the proceedings and displays the murderer to great effect in front of a gathering of all the concerned parties.The end was a complete surprise to me and it was a very clever one Nicely done Ms Christie.

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    I picked it up at random, and was wondering if I would get to read a decent mystery novel I wasn t left disappointed Agatha Christie can weave a mystery out of anything, I guess She creates an atmosphere of certain mystery and unease that pulls all your attention and creates a craving to know , thereby getting you hooked without letting you know This one got me hooked from the first chapter Until I finished The solution is ingenious, and unprecedented Recommended.

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    Evil never goes unpunished, Monsieur But the punishment is sometimes secret Agatha Christie, Peril at End House 8 of 39 completed While on holiday in Cornwall, the elderly Belgian detective who just can t seem to retire, Hercule Poirot, meets flapper Nick Buckley, who has recently survived three near fatal mishaps, including just narrowly being missed by a falling boulder, having her brakes fail, and having a heavy painting fall on her bed, and when they are discussing these occurrences, Nick has a bullet pierce her hat Coincidence Non, Poirot suspects, non non non This Poirot mystery involves a missing pilot, two Magdalas and a gang of friend suspects And fireworks on one fateful night, just in case we need noise to cover up ahem And the idiot Hastings, who is comically clueless all the way through as Poirot castigates him for his failings and vapidity.Hastings It s always darkest before the dawn Poirot No Not another proverb I can t bear it And another example, a zinger Poirot, I Hastings said I have been thinking An admirable exercise my friend Continue it And yet another You have a tendency, Hastings, to prefer the least likely That, no doubt, is from reading too many detective stories That is a nice touch, because this is what we learn to do through reading Christie s mysteries, to suspect the least likely suspect So Christie through Poirot turns us around and around, manipulating us throughout In Peril at End House we get, from time to time, actual lists of suspects for us to consider, thanks to Poirot, complete with motives, just so we can keep score and keep track of shifts in the evidence Poirot s process in solving mysteries is 1 to apply logic and order to all we think we know 2 to apply psychology to see if we can understand all the characters and their possible motives, and 3 something different from either of these two things, thinking, which usually involves an all night sit alone in a chair We revive one earlier idea here, too, Poirot making a house of cards, in typical meticulous fashion, as he thinks Reading through each Christie mystery novel one by one, you see development, she s trying out new things In this one Christie is back on her game, after having gotten through her deepest grief from the loss of her mother and the deception and desertion of her first husband, a period which produced a couple relatively bad books In End House, Christie tries this new idea out Instead of at least initially solving a murder, Poirot goes through half the book with Poirot trying to keep Nick from being murdered which involves a different, proactive skill set, of course And Poirot, typically confident and sauve and meticulous, is in this one sometimes nervous, unconfident, beating himself up for his failures, all of which is Christie trying to expand Poirot s emotional palette.There is a murder, at one point, of course, and we try to outsmart Christie, knowing what Poirot knows, but until nearly the very end we have no idea whodunnit I defy you to say you predicted it One nice touch is that the new playwright Christie, fascinated with plays, has Nick suggest that End House would be a great place for a play, then has Poirot enact a play and a play within a play for the finale This is one of the very best of Christie s mysteries that I have read thus far, and I was happily surprised because I had never even heard of it before.

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    This one was very enjoyable Poirot is on holiday poor chap never took a holiday that didn t turn into work for him and he comes across a vivacious young girl who has several attempts made on her life Poirot steps into the scene but someone gets murdered by mistake Eventually, the truth comes to light but not before a number of red herrings The investigation gets confused because there is a forgery as well The plot was great and so were the characters But what I really enjoyed was the interplay between Poirot and Hastings This is one of the finest books in that respect The two of them keep mocking each other, but in a playful manner The contrast between them also stands out starkly It s such a beautiful relationship And I absolutely adored Hastings in this book He can be so hilarious when he is moaning about Poirot s eccentricities

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    Some books don t stand up to rereading This is one of them.The characters are mostly a bit ridiculous including Poirot s faithful sidekick, Hastings too many of them are very shady.There are too many coincidences.The crimes are too unlikely.Lastly not view spoiler one but two criminals are effectively let off the hook hide spoiler

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