Appointment with Death

Appointment with DeathThey have been in prison so long that, if the prison door stands open, they would no longer notice It was rather frustrating to have to waitthan 100 pages for the murder to happen, but oh, it was so worth it Poirot s final d nouement was particularly appreciated And I m so ridiculously glad they all had their view spoiler happily ever after hide spoiler Among The Towering Red Cliffs Of Petra Sits The Corpse Of Mrs Boynton, A Tiny Puncture Mark On Her Wrist The Only Sign Of What Has Killed Her Hercule Poirot Has OnlyHours To Solve The MysteryA Tyrannical Old Martinet, A Mental Sadist And The Incarnation Of Evil These Were Only Three Of The Character Descriptions Levelled At Mrs Boynton, The Matriarch Who Kept Her Family Totally Dependent On Her But Did She Really Deserve To Die On The Excursion To Beautiful Petra Hercule Poirot Hears About The Murder And Feels Compelled To Investigate Despite The Family S Request Not To Do So Do They Have Something To Hide And, If So, Can They Keep It Hidden From This Master Sleuth First book of the year and I don t have much to report, interpret, gauge, or infer This is the first time I ve read it in English Before that I read it when in my teens, in French The latter translation was superb The translator, Louis Postif, was a genius.Returning to this book, it does not lend itself very well to a reread The first time I was impressionable I wasn t impressed by Poirot this time around.There was no determining proof of guilt in this case Only the flimsiest trace of misdemeanor This happens to most clever mysteries The writer paints herself into a corner then is inconvenienced Despite the low score, it was a good experience reading an old favorite. Re read on October 2016I stand by my rating 10 StarsThis is perhaps one of my most favourite Christie s No matter how many times I read it last count was 8 , this story does not get old, all those descriptions and sequences retain their power to thrill me even when I read it today I simply love this book and the mystery of it.This has nothing to do with anything Jerusalem, archaeology, historical artifacts Nope Absolutely not. This is one of my personal favourites.An obnoxious old woman, Mrs Boynton who used to the warden of a women s jail has kept her daughter and stepchildren in psychological bondage for their whole lives she gets her kicks from exercising control over other human beings Obviously, they wouldn t mind if somebody murdered her.Well, what s hoped for happens In the Red City of Petra where the family is on tour, Mrs Boynton is discovered dead with a puncture mark on her wrist, sitting outside a cave on the mountain trail And as is the norm with Christie any of her children could have done it.But unfortunately for the murderer, Hercule Poirot is also part of the tour party This story is exquisitely plotted there is no dependence on coincidence As usual, the emphasis here is on the personality of the victim If we follow the clues diligently as Dame Agatha provides them from the first chapter onwards, or if we correctly interpret the ten important points Poirot notes down, the identity of the murderer is obvious But we won t We will be flabbergasted at the end, when Poirot reveals all, how simple it was.A challenge to armchair detectives concentrate on the character of Mrs Boynton, mull over the points Poirot notes down, and try to guess the murderer before all is revealed. This is almost like a tourist brochure for Israel and Petra The plot has a great sinister beginning and in true Christie fashion there are many with motive for murder In his typical fashion Poirot goes after the psychology of the murderer However the end is quite dampening and disappointing Average read. 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Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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