Hercule Poirot's Christmas

Hercule Poirot's Christmas4 Stars Guess Who s Coming For Christmas The family s all been invited to Gorston Hall for Christmas and the devilish and domineering old coot Simeon Lee has a trick up his sleeve plus two surprise guests to wreak havoc and add to the fun until the big crash and thenthe scream from the souls of helland then Bloodso much bloodblood everywherefresh, wet, gleaming blood Oh, this is a good one Superintendent Sugden has his work cut out for him, but with the expertise of Hercule Poirot, they make quick work of the interviews to sleuth out the culprit.Thank you Agatha Christie adding this one to my favorites Fast moving with a few good twists along the way Hercule Poirot s Christmas is a detective novel, written in 1938 by the so called Queen of Crime , Agatha Christie It is the 20th book in the canon of 45 featuring the diminutive Belgian detective whom she invented If you tend to lose track as to which Poirot novels you have read, it may be helpful to note that Hercule Poirot s Christmas was published in the USA a year later, under the titleMurder for Christmas , and again underwent a change of title in 1947 a paperback version then being entitledA Holiday for Murder .Agatha Christie was well into her stride by now, and this is a fairly typical mystery for her, of the locked room variety In the introduction she states that she had been asked to writea good violent murder with lots of blood , since her readers at that time felt that the murders in her novels were getting too refined and abstract There is certainly a lot of blood in this one, although the story itself is stillof a jigsaw puzzle to use an analogy made by one of the characters than anything else, and the copious amount of blood view spoiler proves to be a bit of a red herring hide spoiler This is one of these Agatha Christie books where the Dame had not yet been out of ideas No wonder I rated this novel 5 stars I read Hercule Poirot s Christmas in French, and the translation by Louis Postif was delightful.This is a locked room murder where a wealthy patriarch dies in gruesome circumstances There isn t a lack of suspects or red herrings The author kept her cards close to her chest and surprised us readers since this book has been published.Personally I rate this book very high among Christie s books All of the very best are classics This one is better written than The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and may be on par with Murder on the Orient Express I fully recommend it and hope you find some pleasure in it, in English or some other medium. 3 stars This is such a classic Agatha Christie A nasty old man, his mostly estranged family bearing many a grudge, brought together with a smattering of servants and unexpected guests for a very dysfunctional Christmas in the family mansion When the old man inevitably ends up dead and some precious jewels go missing there are any number of suspects for the police and Hercule Poirot to investigate Of course Monsieur Poirot s little grey cells will quickly sort out the truth from the lies and secrets and solve the case.So good to re visit Agatha Christie from time to time and be reminded of what a consummate story teller she was It s going to be a grand Christmas All my children around me Oh, you bet it will be, Simeon, you old rich curmudgeon Children, children, everywhere, and every one a suspect But the epigraph, even before we meet him, is telling Yet who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him Lady Macbeth This book was written in part as a response to a letter to Christie from her brother in law James, who asked her for a real murder and noof these anemic killings A good violent murder with lots of blood James got his Christmas wish, and how Some describe the scream at the moment of his throat being cut as like a soul in hell, or like a stuck pig I certainly hope all the blood made James happy.There s the usual collection of suspected foreigners A Frenchman, a South African, a Spanish beauty with huge eyes, but the focus is on a family home for the holidays to see supposedly Dear Old Rich Dad Whom everyone hates, as it turns out, inheritance notwithstanding, and he hates them all in return, so there.Simeon has a box full of uncut diamonds worth thousands of pounds in 1938, now millions he likes to sift through his fingers that image plays out in this story in various ways.It s 1938, so at least two mentions are made that there is a war brewing, which is surprising for Ms Christie, as she typically wants readers to escape the real world in her fictions She may have meant to set the action in WWI It s not clear to me This is one of those closed set murders where, as the constable notes, one of em did it, one of em did it, but which As is typical, the grisly murder is seen by some as the work of a lunatic or a madman but that s never the case, and isn t here And no, Agatha, I didn t guess who it was Merry Christmas, Agatha, if you are reading over my shoulder This book is not one of your best ones could have used a bitChristmas and a littlesubtlety, but it s generally not bad. Invalid Simeon Lee was a wealthy man his lifetime accumulation of his wealth was well known but he wasn t a man who was liked, especially by his family His eldest son, Albert and his wife had cared for the old man in the old mausoleum they called home, always doing the old man s bidding But when Simeon decided to call his sons and their wives home for Christmas, no one could know what was about to occur.As the family gathered on Christmas Eve, the bickering and hatred flowed through the house The summons from the sick room for his family to be by his side then the demand that no one bother him until morning, was common place But it would be the last time his family saw the old man alive Hercule Poirot joined the local police in their investigations he was currently on holidays in London so offered his little grey cells But would this one baffle him It seemed that it would Hercule Poirot s Christmas is another delightful mystery by Agatha Christie which fits nicely in the Christmas season I thoroughly enjoy the little detective and his uncanny skills he employs his little grey cells well Recommended. I read the 1939 edition of this book thanks, library which is titled Murder for Christmas I see why they changed that, as there are a million books of the same name I guess a lot of people fantasize about murdering their family members In Simeon Lee s case, it s easy to see why.This was fine, but not a favorite Christie It s a little too god everyone is horrible for me I preferred the short story that is also Poirot having an old fashioned English Christmas at a country estate, even it is even less plausible. In Hercule Poirot S Christmas, The Holidays Are Anything But Merry When A Family Reunion Is Marred By Murder And The Notoriously Fastidious Investigator Is Quickly On The Case The Wealthy Simeon Lee Has Demanded That All Four Of His Sons One Faithful, One Prodigal, One Impecunious, One Sensitive And Their Wives Return Home For Christmas But A Heartwarming Family Holiday Is Not Exactly What He Has In Mind He Bedevils Each Of His Sons With Barbed Insults And Finally Announces That He Is Cutting Off Their Allowances And Changing His Will Poirot Is Called In The Aftermath Of Simeon Lee S Announcement

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • Paperback
  • 335 pages
  • Hercule Poirot's Christmas
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9780007120697

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