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At Bertram's HotelI think I don t like Miss Marple s stories in which she has a tiny role I like a full on Miss Marple with lots of her wise notions and summing up of characters This book finds her about 3 chapters in staying at a famous and absurdly old fashioned, supremely comfortable hotel in London Bertram s Hotel is like a step back in time to when Miss Marple was a girl, which is a good thing right Wrong, there is something dreadfully amiss in this perfect setting and the police with an assist of a little, old lady will find out what it is. Bertram s Hotel is a bastion of never changing respectable old English perfection.Or is it Not everything is what it seems in this place and our fluffy Miss Marple must step in to help the police solve a missing persons case and a murder mystery.Can she do it Of course she can Alright On one hand, I really enjoyed the story because it s not one that I d read or listened to before, so it had a shiny new feeling to it On the other, I found the ending to be less satisfying than I d hoped resolution wise If you re an obsessive completionist fan of Christie, you ll want to read this But for the average reader, I m not really sure I d be ready to push this one in your face Overall, I enjoyed listening to Jane unravel the threads and point the proper authorities in the right direction.Recommended for fans of Agatha Jane.Stephanie Cole NarratorPublisher HarperAudio Miss Marple has the best nephew in the world Raymond West who is constantly thinking up little treats for his Aunt Jane In this novel though, it is his wife, Joan, who suggests that she needs a little trip and Miss Marple says she would like to go to Bertram s Hotel She stayed there as a girl and is somewhat surprised at how little it has changed Bertram s is a haven for the well to do in London visited by retired army officers, clergymen, the aristocracy and wealthy Americans Muffins are served for tea, the fires are always raging and elderly ladies find the chairs easy to rise from It seems too good to be true and soon Miss Marple is re visiting old haunts and hunting down her favourite linen and china Not for her the delights of the theatre, galleries or museums, we learn that she loves shopping a weakness that makes me somehow like her evenOf course, no visit for Miss Marple can ever be uneventful This novel includes a missing clergyman, a notorious racing driver, a wealthy, somewhat notorious beauty, her daughter and a spate of audacious robberies in London I enjoyed the investigation by Chief Inspector Davy known to all as Father and the wonderfully vague, and forgetful, Canon Pennyfather I also enjoyed the setting of Bertram s itself, so evocative of a certain type of hotel in London, where tourists can make believe they are comfortably ensconced in the past A very enjoyable mystery indeed. At Bertram s Hotel Miss Marple 11 , Agatha ChristieAt Bertram s Hotel is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 15 November 1965 It features the detective Miss Marple Miss Marple takes a two week vacation in London, at Bertram s Hotel, where she stayed in her youth The hotel has a personality of its own, and a niche clientele of important church people, older women who lived through the Edwardian age, and girls looking for a safe place to stay in London Miss Marple enjoys her trips around London, and learns that she cannot go back, life moves forward She witnesses the complex lives of an estranged mother and daughter and as always works with the police to solve crimes 1995 1373 300 20 1373 370 1375 320 1965 An Old Fashioned London Hotel Is Not Quite As Reputable As It Makes Out When Miss Marple Comes Up From The Country For A Holiday In London, She Finds What She S Looking For At Bertram S Hotel Traditional Decor, Impeccable Service And An Unmistakable Atmosphere Of Danger Behind The Highly Polished Veneer Yet, Not Even Miss Marple Can Foresee The Violent Chain Of Events Set In Motion When An Eccentric Guest Makes His Way To The Airport On The Wrong Day I think I liked the idea of this bookthan I actually enjoyed it The feeling that there is something dark and thoroughly sinister behind the pleasant perfection of Bertram s Hotel and its highly trained staff maintained a heightened sense of suspense and kept the reader itching to find out what happened next.Unfortunately, you ll reach a point when you find out the mystery is not as interesting or anywhere near as sinister as you thought it might be view spoiler There is nothingdisappointing to find out that the hints of a criminal organization might have been true to a certain extent, but the original goal of the crimes is revealed to be just for fun hide spoiler One of the most boring Agatha Christie novels Though advertised as Miss Marple novel, she is nothan a decorative piece in the plot The novel is actually an ode to Christie s fascination with old world British charm Weak plot which is mostly a drag will compel you to put down the novel and spend your time productively by reading any other book Avoid this novel unless you are a die hard Christie fan and have to read all her works I learned what I suppose I really knew already that one can never go back, that one should not ever try to go back that the essence of life is going forward Life is really a One Way Street, isn t itI put a spoiler warning on this post not so much because I will discuss the details of the plot but because I will discuss some of the characters in a way that will give away much of the conclusion If you are planning to read the book, don t read any further You have been warned view spoiler At Bertram s Hotel is one of Dame Agatha s less outrageous novels starring Miss Marple There is not a lot of action in this story but there is a lot of interaction between the characters which eventually leads to the highlight of the plot So, in a way this book starts at the end and works towards the crime It certainly would not be a Marple story if there was no crime As mentioned, I will not go into the details of the plot and contain my observation to the following 1 This was one of the best Marple stories I have read The characters were detailed and life like and Marple did not interfere too much with the goings on at Bertram s The structure of the book was great in that it was a mystery, but not the usual who dunnit I.e Christie delivered a story that was built on the mere suggestion that something was wrong, but the actual crime was a result of the interaction of the characters, whereas usually the crime precedes this 2 I really don t like Miss Marple Really Can t stand her 3 I m still perplexed as to how Christie s books get away with some of the most patronising, misogynist, xenophobic, judgmental attitudes without getting muchflak for it So, here s my main problem The characters are mostly stereotypical This would be fine as I m used to Dame Agatha s casting by now, but then you get the division between the British characters, the Americans, the Irish, and the rest of the world The British ones are all straight laced, except for one or two, but even these are described and treated respectfully The American ones are described as curiosities and are slightly mocked for their being tourists in London and for being fascinated by the quaint English things around them The Irish one, a decorated veteran, is a lovable rogue but also a blackmailer And then there is the French Polish Italian racing driver, who is described as someone who looks like he is up to no good and undoubtedly will be trouble to all involved with him, even though there is little to evidence this It is purely Miss Marple s impression that he is a most unsuitable young man Despite the stereotyping, Bertram s Hotel is full of fabulous characters One of my favourites and probably one of my favourite Christie characters is Bess SedgwickBess Sedgwick was a name that everyone in England knew For over thirty years now, Bess Sedgwick had been reported by the Press as doing this or that outrageous or extraordinary thing For a good part of the war she had been a member of the French Resistance, and was said to have six notches on her gun representing dead Germans She had flown solo across the Atlantic years ago, had ridden on horseback across Europe, and fetched up at Lake Van She had driven racing cars, had once saved two children from a burning house, had several marriages to her credit and discredit and was said to be second best dressed woman in Europe It was also said that she had successfully smuggled herself aboard a nuclear submarine on its test voyageI rooted for Bess all the way through the book So, reading the ending was a huge let down Not only in the way the story ended but also in the way that Marple, or is it Christie, at one point described Bess a nymphomaniac even though she wrote to say that Marple would not call her that, but would call her a woman who is too fond of men And the Miss Marple s counter part, who is just as sanctimonious as Marple, describes Bess as wild and destined for ruin because she will not submit to society I was already raging at this point when Marple finished it off with thisYes, said Miss Marple The children of Lucifer are often beautiful And as we know, they flourish like the green bay treeOh, get lost, Marple The part that eludes me is that Dame Agatha seemed to be rather progressive for her time There were a lot of turns in her autobiography that I would not have expected The last thing I expected was for Christie to describe a woman as wild just because she was fond of racing cars, sports, and adventures, because if this truly was Christie s attitude, then she herself was beyond redemption So, what I am taking forward to the next Christie book is that her characters may have standards and values that are consistent within the characters and the social s of the time but are not necessarily consistent with the values of the author I m told that this is something that can happen hide spoiler I enjoyed this particular story very much Not the most imaginative beginning to a review but that s the first thing I wanted to say Gone here, are the orderly presentations of suspects Mrs Agatha Christie here departs from her usual structure although the style is as sterling as ever and I can t for the life of me imagine who was she copying with such a fearless endeavor.While reading the bits where Miss Marple appears, I was regretting that she doesn t exist she is a relic as much as the Hotel Bertram itself was Pardon the irrelevancy, but I d be interested in reading even a fan fiction of her, regardless of genre or quality Miss Marple is witness to 2 or 3 crucial occurrences that propel Inspector Davy Father to fulfill the completion of bringing a criminal gang to justice, to stop an entire organisation in its tracks But Miss Marple herself never takes center stage, she is a glorified witness, who understands what she sees Very different beast, this book is.I like old fashioned detective stories most when the motive for the murder is money Thankfully here this is the case But the murderer needs the money for her lover This was, I think, an unnecessary addition It makes the dated in a good way scenerytheatrical, and that is not so good Take Lady Sedgwick, one of the main suspects, she doesn t to me, come across as a believable person The way she exits the story is laughable and not convincing, plus it s oh so melodramatic I felt nothing for her I couldn t view her as a believable adventuress, mother, or mastermind But maybe that s just me I kept my focus throughout this book No part of it was tedious because you felt that bits of the puzzle would ultimately come together And the revelations, interceded between blurbs of Lady Sedgewick, kept coming till the very end. Even at Bertram s, thought Miss Marple, happily, interesting things could happen Miss Marple is sent yet on another vacation by her nephew, Raymond This time, she is off to London, to stay at Bertram s Hotel, a place she last visited in her childhood The place retains a nostalgic and old fashioned feel that appeals to a select group of clientele Yet, mch as Miss Marple is enchanted by Bertram s, she feels something is amiss When a clergyman goes missing and a man ends up murdered, Miss Marple confirms her suspicions.The 11th book in the Miss Marple series, At Bertram s Hotel, originally published in 1965, is a book that I initially did not quite love but did towards the end Miss Marple is off on another vacation, courtesy of her nephew Raymond who greatly cares for her She goes to London, to Bertram s Hotel She stayed there as a girl and was charmed by the atmosphere and place Upon arrival, Miss Marple realizes that the hotel has kept that charm despite modern times Bertram s has a nice old fashioned clientele, comfortable, old fashioned premises, nothing rackety about it, a lot of luxury without looking luxurious Aristocracy, clergymen, wealhty tourists, army officers and older ladies that like the Edwardian style stay here It all looks awfully respectableor is it I did not love the format at first but it grew on me as I read on This book is ceratinly different than other Marple mysteries but it keeps the same essence What appeared to be separate incidents happening to different guests and staff in the hotel comes together to reveal a larger plot I most liked the old time hotel atmosphere Christie created and did not much mind that Miss Marple was somewhat on the sidelines in this book We still see her sharp as ever This is one of the Marple mysteries I was most looking forward to reading and I greatly enjoyed it.

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