Death in the Clouds

Death in the Clouds A Woman Is Killed By A Poisoned Dart In The Enclosed Confines Of A Commercial Passenger Plane From Seat No, Hercule Poirot Was Ideally Placed To Observe His Fellow Air Passengers Over To His Right Sat A Pretty Young Woman, Clearly Infatuated With The Man Opposite Ahead, In Seat No, Sat A Countess With A Poorly Concealed Cocaine Habit Across The Gangway In Seat No, A Detective Writer Was Being Troubled By An Aggressive WaspWhat Poirot Did Not Yet Realize Was That Behind Him, In Seat No, Sat The Slumped, Lifeless Body Of A Woman

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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    Almost 5 but just fell short, not for any failing on Poirot s part, but just because for some reason, that maybe I need to think about, it just wasn t 5 see below as I have changed my views slightly Review to follow tomorrow, Monday.So here we are on Monday, and I m still thinking its about a 4.4 rounded down to 4 stars The story is an excellent one, with a uniquely limited cast of characters suspects I know in the past I have seen the David Suchet version of this, but I don t remember reading it at all, and I certainly didn t work out guess who was the perpetrator.Poirot weaves his marvellous magic, travelling to and from between France and England to dig out clues, discard red herrings and ultimately unmask the murderer As I said an excellent story that kept me enthralled, not just entertained, for 2 nights, hmm so why am I not giving it 5 stars I will have to ponder that oneAnd here we are almost a week later and I ve rounded up my marking as the I think about it, the I am convinced this is over 4.5 and therefore rounded up to 5 This rounding up has nothing to do with the flak I have received at only giving it 4 stars, honest In reality it is an excellent book, Ms Christie is as ever so wonderfully descriptive and so I have no hesitation in upping it to a 5 book.

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    Not the best of Christie s mysteries, and some truly appalling casual racism that threw me out of the story as a modern reader Blah blah context, I know, but the characters themselves were detestable I quote this as an example as the two romantic protagonists get to know each other over dinner They liked dogs and disliked cats They both hated oysters and loved smoked salmon They liked Greta Garbo and disliked Katherine Hepburn They didn t like fat women and admired really jet black hair They disliked very red nails They disliked loud voices, noisy restaurants and negroes They preferred buses to tubes.These people are meant to be the heroes of the text It s bad enough to dislike cats and Katharine Hepburn That would strike these people off my list of friends anyway But to be so openly prejudiced against fat women and negroes Yeah, not really the protagonists I like.The whole bloody plane should have gone down in the ocean.

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    Hercule Poirot at his best A gripping who dun it high in the air drama The only case where Jury actually convicts Poirot of murder before their opinion is not upheld.For a change we see Poirot moving around looking for clues rather than solving the case from the comforts of his chair Interesting read

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    Every time Poirot travels anywhere, one of his fellow travelers passengers is murdered The man is a walking jinx, I tell you.

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    A woman on a plane in the middle of a flight was killed by a poison dart Thus we have the settings where Agatha Christie always shines a limited number of suspects all of them with some hidden agenda Poirot to the rescue Speaking about the great detective he was on fateful flight Unfortunately due to his stomach not agreeing with flying or in the layman term his fear of flying he was asleep the whole time thus missing the moment when somebody used a blowpipe to send a dart toward the victim It is not just Poirot who missed it none of the passengers saw it happened you can imagine the probability of this This question along others like who had a motive for murdering the old woman, what a dead wasp has do do with anything, and countless others were for Poirot to answer, in the end He did, arranging a marriage along the way and forcing people whose marriage was toxic to finally the get a divorce Some points worth noticing The heroine of the story was taken wholesale from the Mystery of the Blue Train If you can see this connection it is possible to figure out the identity of the culprit finding other similarities with that book This heroine as well as her love interest were quite racist by modern standards but no so much in 1935 I was lucky I read a modern adaptation of the novel with racist remarks removed not to trigger modern sensitive people Agatha Christie used plenty of red herrings to hide a very simple solution to the mystery behind them I wonder how many people figured our whodunit before Poirot presented his explanation In the end this was a good mystery easily worth 4 stars.

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    This is one of Agatha Christie s most enjoyable mysteries, with Poirot not only solving the murder but also enjoying success with his match making powers It is during a flight from Paris to Croydon that a murder takes place when moneylender and blackmailer Madame Giselle is found slumped in her seat, apparently killed by a poisoned blow dart The whole thing seems incredible and Poirot sets out to discover who the culprit is, while protecting the innocent There are some wonderful suspects here a crime writer, a cocaine addict and her favourite archeologists among them A side story has dentist Norman Gale teaming up with pretty hair assistant Jane Grey, who has used her winnings from a sweetstake to indulge a long wanted trip abroad and, in doing so, changes her life forever Christie never seems dated and Poirot is my favourite fictional detective of all time Wonderful storyline, characters and a deft hand make this an assured and well plotted mystery that is a joy to read.

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    loved it How he never let the killer suspect the game was known till the end.

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    This is the book that Agatha Christie wrote after she d had her run in with the Doctor, and it shows I contend that Jean is the Doctor Okay, that was my nerd moment It s a fun read, as always, with a good solution One nice thing about Agatha Christie is that she gives you all the clues It isn t like she says, last minute, And I knew you were the murderer because your fingerprints were on the gun If fingerprints are on the gun which they never are, of course , you know as soon as the detective does She doesn t always give you all the evidence, but the clues are there.

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    B.R.A.CE 2018 Agatha Christie , , , Agatha , , , , , , , , Agatha Christie , , , Christie , .

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    Not one of Agatha Christie s best novels but enjoyable nonetheless The usual formula a murder and a small group of suspects What makes this story unusual is the setting During a flight from Paris to Croydon a passenger is found dead Apparently the victim of a poison dart from a blowgun No one saw anything Not even Poirot who was sleeping This is 1935 and there were only a few passengers in the section of the plane where the murder took place But how could someone shoot a poison dart from a blowgun in mid flight without someone seeing something Madame Giselle was a money lender and blackmailer who is found slumped in her seat as the plane prepares to land in Croydon There is a small prick in her neck and dart on the floor by her seat At the inquest it is determined that death was from the venom of a boomslang a rare South African tree snake Poirot is one of eleven passengers in the rear compartment of the plane In addition to himself and Madame Giselle there was Jane Grey hairdresser , Norman Gale dentist , Daniel Clancy mystery writer , Armand Dupont and his son Jean French archaeologists , James Ryder businessman , Doctor Bryant, Countess Cicely Horbury and her friend Venetia Kerr Could one of them have been blackmailed by Giselle During the flight there had been a wasp buzzing around that was killed by Jean Dupont If Poirot had not discovered the dart on the floor by Madame Giselle s seat it might have been assumed that she had died from an allergic reaction Throughout the book Poirot continually comes back to the wasp Much to the vexation of Inspector Japp There must be a reason Poirot keeps coming back to the wasp The reader also learns that Madame Giselle had a daughter who she had given up as a baby but who would inherit her fortune Who is the daughter and how does this come into play Could she be one of the other passengers The story ends with the usual gathering of suspects where Poirot will reveal the identity of the murderer Poirot, with his egg shaped head, huge mustache, and little grey cells is one of the most enjoyable characters in the genre He uses his being foreign Belgian and vanity to get people to talk For the murderer it is to their regret to underestimate Hercule Poirot.

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