Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin Reread March 2019 Boy I sure do love Kane And Miki just breaks my heart every time Reread May 2018 Still love these two so much Originally read December 2017 Miki had everything and then it was gone When his little four legged thief steals one thing too many from next door, his handsome cop neighbor pays him a visit Neither can get the other out of their head But when a dead body shows up in his car, Miki and his cop are pushed together again This time for good.While reading Mary Calmes Tied Up in Knots, Morgan and his rocker boyfriend were mentioned Thanks to my friend Bo who pointed out they are the mc s in Sinner s Gin I was intrigued so I decided to give it a shot Boy am I glad I did I loved this book It had all the things I love in a romantic suspense with comfort healingI wish I could take that kind of pain away from him, but that s going to haunt Miki for the rest of his life But I ve got his heart and soul, even the shredded pieces where his best friend used to be KaneAnd a touch of humorWhat the hell do you eat Never mind Don t answer that I ve seen what you eat I m surprised you re still alive I eat Miki pointed to the pantry There s food in there There s a salt lick and artificial preservatives in there, Kane shot back I m surprised you re not a giant, salty Cheeto Miki and KaneKane was absolutely perfect He was everything Miki needed He was swoon worthy and sweet but also the dirty talking alpha I love I also loved his family and can t wait for of themWith Miki, I can feel the wind He lets me have a taste of the sky every time I kiss him That s not something I even thought of before, and now I can t imagine my life without it KanePoor Miki He s had such a hard life I wept with him in the beginning losing his family by choice And I wept for the little boy lost But he is strong and pulls himself out with Kane s and his family s helpSometimes, Miki, you ve got to stop building sand castles just to watch the ocean take them away, Kane murmured against his cheek Sometimes, you just need to find someone to sit on the beach with you KaneAnd man That last little snippet On to book 2 for sure I m so glad I picked this up and I m looking forward to of these twoWith Miki, I can feel the wind He lets me have a taste of the sky every time I kiss him That s not something I even thought of before, and now I can t imagine my life without it Kane Fun book, great audiobook, but there were a couple of wee niggles I noticed because I was listening and not reading.First, while it makes sense that Kane s parents have Irish accents, since they are in fact from Ireland, why do all their children sound like they re about to break out into Riverdance All Irish people do that right Of course, they do DON T BURST MY BUBBLE I kept thinking that if Greg Tremblay had narrated the book he would ve given the Morgan kids a lilt to their speech, but not a full brogue But GT can do no wrong.Second, the word lover is used way, way, way too much In the immortal words of Liz Lemon 3.5 Written December 6, 20143.7 Stars Thrilling crime romance with a lot of heatBook 1Sinners is my second audiobook series by Rhys Ford I d big hopes for it to be a good story, with interesting characters to follow See Bevs 4 star review, it inspired me to add this book to start with And I liked most of itWell done, interesting characters, good crime plot.Want to jump over to the next part San FranciscoMiki St John, the singer in Sinner s Gin, survives the tragic accident that killed the other band members Damaged both in body, heart and soul is all what Miki wants, to hide from the world and grief and die He doesn t have any parents or a family He was a toddler foundling who grew up in different foster homes and he still have a lot of anxiety and fear in his luggage to carry His Sinner s Gin brothers were both his best buddies and the and only family he had.Still, a year later, limping with a cane, has Miki basically locked in himself alone at home..a renovated warehouses Not alone maybe, along with a thieving little wild pooch dog A dog who is stealing from the angry cop nextdoorsThere s a dead man in Miki St John s vintage Pontiac GTO, and he has no idea how it got there Kane Morgan, is the SFPD inspector a police renting space in the art co op next door When Kane on day follow the dog who ones again has taken precious art timber from him, he finds a corpse in Miki s garage The body shows to be a man who sexually abused Miki as a boy is now dumped in Miki s car Crime, danger and steaming heatAs the murderer case begins to straightened out is the fast growing attraction between Miki and Kane and intense This crime plot is quite thrilling and in the end can t Kane and his work colleagues catch the killer before Miki becomes the murderer s final victim I taught my sons to be men I don t care who they love I care about how they act The moment they stop having manners or treat someone poorly, then we ll have words Said by Kane s lovely colorful Irish super mum. Kane has this huge lovelyIrishfamily A lot of brothers, big cuddly manly men, and they are also or less cops or the like as well as their gorgeous big bad dad Mrs Morgan is the mother we all wish for, the one who cock a lot of food and gives you these tender mum hugs.That part in this book, when Miki gets a bit of this warm and caring family, was one of the best topics in this story for me He, Miki, is so much in need if some love and to feel some belonging Miki s emotional damage and Kane determination to teach him how to love and be loved is, of course, beautiful to follow As I said to Irina in a comment belowthe steamy parts are a bit too longish and tiring sometimes I actually audio jumped a minute or twoIt might be me, but I m a bit tired of all these too many, explicit, and too lengthy sex scenes, in a lot of romances these days It becomes even obvious and silly feeling in audio books view spoiler Imagine to listening to smexy coupling scenes in 5 minutes or hide spoiler I love a good mystery crime romance and this one did not disappoint Miki has had an awefull childhood if you can even call it that , but his tables turned, when he met his bandmates friends and they started Sinner s Gin together A tragic accident however, takes all of that away from him and now Miki is merely surviving instead of really living Kane is a cop, just like almost everyone else in his big family He meets Miki, when following a toolstealing dog to it s house He is immediately drawn to the man When dead bodies, from Miki s past start showing up, Kane wants to do everything, to keep Miki safe As much as I enjoyed this one, there were also some things that bothered me This was mostly about the writing though I hated the fact that both men kept being referred to as the singer and the cop That was a bit weird to me Also, the sexscenes, were a bit strange It seemed like they were having orgasm after orgasm, when it was really just one It was like they came and then they came again right away, or just kept coming Like I said, a bit strange Their cocks, were mentioned as their sex , another thing that annoyed me Just call it a cock or a dick P But like I said, I really enjoyed this one and those are just little annoyences that I can deal with I will definitely read of this series Why was the step a big mistake What was the boom at the end of the chapter 20 a gun, a bomb, what happened If there was no bullet wound what was the stuff trickling down Miki s armgun oil The villain was crazy but why the episode with the arson on Sanchez house Made no sense Do I have to pull all the strings together with my imagination Isn t the cliffhanger a bit far fetched Was there ever such a happy family including ber mother like the Morgans Oh, and of course love heals everything.Call me thoroughly confused and annoyed later.20 hours later, temperature back to normal, sad to say the time spent thinking didn t make the book better I was okay with it first I don t like this overly damaged characters theme very much, where the heros have to go through hell first before getting rescued by their knights in shining armor But if I would try to avoid the theme I would find nothing to read in this genre But please dear authors don t push it too far Miki was abandoned by his parents at the guessed age of two in nothing but a diaper on the streets Sexually abused and tortured by foster parents for years Got hired as a singer of a rock band, got famous and but lost his newfound friends and bandmembers, his soulmate Damien the only man he ever called family and his career in a terrible car crash with him as the sole survivor and permanently damaged Why not hang, draw and quarter these characters, I m sure some knight will come, stitch them back together and kiss it all bettermeans this kind of damage can t be healed by the love of a man and a big happy suffocating you with warmth family like the MorgansAfter I resigned myself to another round of love heals everything and over the top characters it went fairly well Kane was nice, Miki cute, the dog funny, the villain evil, the details gory, build up of the romance slow, I liked Kane s partner Sanchez, Miki s manager Edie, I couldn t stand the Morgan clan at first glance at least those I got to know the worst part of the family, the parents, appeared in the second half I never liked The Waltons so that might be just me everything was fine.Then middle of the book a drawn out shower jerk off scene major pet peeve and everything went to sh..I couldn t read the sex scenes For the life of me I can t explain why but I found them way too long, gratuitous and sorry, off putting.Every profiler would have a field day with our killer who suddenly went arsonist Why Sanchez house How could he know where the family lived I still don t get it.A mysterious boomerang bullet who whizzed past but somehow grazed hit Miki in at the shoulder and hurt him as he fought for his life in the showdown According to chapter 21 there was no wound According to the author who commented here on the thread the liquid dripping down Miki s arm was sweat and not blood It couldn t be blood because there was no wound but what hit him then Call me fussy but that small detail bugged me to no end.The worst was the lack of explanations answers I went back in the chapters because I thought I missed details, I read chapters twice but couldn t find any and the red dots started dancing I wanted to know what happened at the end of ch 20 but after that came the epilogue three months later, everyone was happy all you need is love.end Oh, and someone finally mentioned therapy for Miki for his bad knee NOT for the child abuseSims at boiling point ANDHEADHITDESK Better not talking about the build up to book two and the cliffhanger I thought the story couldn t get worse I won t read it, promise. 4.5 still knocking myself mentally upside the head for not reading this sooner stars For me, there is nothing not to love about this book Umm, okay maybe I could have done without all the gory details about what the killer did to his victims and there was quite a contest between Eww and Ugh during those scenes, I can tell you but the rest definitely made up for it.I wanted to cuddle and mother Miki the whole time when he showed his vulnerability although he would be over the hills and far away if he would have the vaguest idea about it and yet I loved his inner strength despite everything he s been through in his childhood, despite the loss of his bandmates and best friend and when he faced his old demons If there was ever a guy who virtually screams love deprived it would be him and although trust is virtually an alien concept for him, he opens up to Kane Okay, it was a bit insta lovey dovey, but I loved the fact that there was no unnecessary drama regarding their building relationship and never a doubt that they belong together As for Kane, apart from being hot and a cop two of my favorite things in books I loved the way he cared for Miki For him, Miki was always the center of things and came first whatever he did, what did not only apply to Miki s safety, but also to his needs during sex and otherwise He was just to die for and I kind of wanted him for myself No, scratch that, I wanted the whole Morgan Clan All For Myself Well, now I hear at least one of my friends objecting, because Kane s father is already reserved, but I might be ready to fight over him The Morgans are a special breed and I can t wait to read about them Oh, and not to forget about Dude, the little love instigating rascal Who would be able to resist that look I just love Rhys Ford s writing style and the humor made me once again laugh out loudIf you re going to own a dog, you should keep it on a fucking leash I don t own a dog, Miki spat back Then what s that furry thing next to you A fucking kangarooWell, after reading the ending, it might be a good thing that I did not read this book when it came out, otherwise I might have had to write Ms Ford an email if she intended to kill me Sooo, right on to the next There S A Dead Man In Miki St John S Vintage Pontiac GTO, And He Has No Idea How It Got ThereAfter Miki Survives The Tragic Accident That Killed His Best Friend And The Other Members Of Their Band, Sinner S Gin, All He Wants Is To Hide From The World In The Refurbished Warehouse He Bought Before Their Last Tour But When The Man Who Sexually Abused Him As A Boy Is Killed And His Remains Are Dumped In Miki S Car, Miki Fears Death Isn T Done With Him YetKane Morgan, The SFPD Inspector Renting Space In The Art Co Op Next Door, Initially Suspects Miki Had A Hand In The Man S Murder, But Kane Soon Realizes Miki Is As Much A Victim As The Man Splattered Inside The GTO As The Murderer S Body Count Rises, The Attraction Between Miki And Kane Heats Up Neither Man Knows If They Can Make A Relationship Work, But Despite Miki S Emotional Damage, Kane Is Determined To Teach Him How To Love And Be Loved Provided, Of Course, Kane Can Catch The Killer Before Miki Becomes The Murderer S Final Victim Solid 3.5 starsI really didn t expect to enjoy this as much as I did I typically don t like musician books and though I do enjoy Rhys Ford s style, I have to be in the mood for her mystery storylines They get quiet convoluted at times for some reason, I like those kinds of books in the Winter time Summer is all about sexy and sweet BUT, I actually really liked Sinner s Gin.Miki, the lead singer of the band Sinner s Gin and sadly, one broken, broken man emotionally and physically is so sympathetic and it s hard NOT to want to hold him close and take care of him The we get to know about his past, the harder it is to swallow How he manages to love anyone after all of that is beyond Kane, an Irish American detective and Miki s neighbor is your strong and steady cop and I LOVED him He was EXACTLY what Miki needed and the 2 of them together sigh well, I just really loved their pairing and how they came to depend on each other so much Sprinkle in Kane s family, who I enjoyed as side characters and one big WHOPPER of a twist at the end setting up perfectly for book 2 Whiskey Wry and I could overlook some of the slower, draggier parts in the middle to really enjoy the book as a whole. Loved it Recommended UPDATE Jan 2016 Dammit, why didn t I take 5 minutes and write a review Dammit Update August 2016 awesome re read I will review this time but first, I need to re read Damien s story Only 1 right now at Dreamspinner and , and get the audio for only 1.99 7 25 15

Rhys Ford is an award winning author with several long running LGBT mystery, thriller, paranormal, and urban fantasy series and was a 2016 LAMBDA finalist with her novel, Murder and Mayhem She is published by Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications.She s also quite skeptical about bios without a dash of something personal and really, who doesn t mention their cats, dog and cars in a bio She sha

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