Graveyard Scavenger Hunt

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt Pete Is Stuck With His Weird Grandparents For A Whole Week To Make Matters Worse, They Live Next Door To A Creepy Old Graveyard After Going In The Graveyard Alone One Night, Pete Finds Himself Face To Face With A Living Skeleton, Benny Bones BartonThe Only Way For Pete To Leave The Graveyard Is To Win Benny S Game, A Scavenger Hunt Worse Yet, If Benny Wins, The Dead Get To Come Back To The Living World And Benny Is A Trickster And A Cheater Pete Davidson is not exactly thrilled at the prospect of spending a week with his Papaw and Mamaw while his parents go on a Caribbean cruise, especially since he hardly knows them and they live far away from civilization and the life to which he is accustomed In addition, they are rather strange, and Papaw tells Pete not to enter the nearby graveyard However, Pete doesn t heed the warning, and suddenly he finds himself in another world that is akin to the Twilight Zone and that is inhabited by various creatures and monsters In order to return home, he must win the requisite scavenger hunt against Benny Bones Barton, a conniving skeleton with his own ulterior motive Combining mild horror with fantasy, Brian Barnett s novella, Graveyard Scavenger Hunt, creates an engaging middle grade read in the tradition of R.L Stine and Alvin Schwartz Barnett accurately depicts the psyche and thought process of an adolescent boy, producing a realistic protagonist The journey on which Pete embarks is reminiscent of Dorothy s adventures through the land of Oz Despite dealing with potentially frightening elements and characters thematically, Barnett crafts them in such a way as to make them only mildly fearsome There were some grammatical errors, but none that detracted from the narrative, which is written in the third person limited voice and told from Pete s point of view The story itself unfolds in a quick fashion, and while it could be longer andfully developed, the present length will appeal to young readers.I received a complimentary copy of this e book in return for an honest review. Pete s grandparents live in the middle of nowhere with a graveyard next door not quite Pete s idea of a great place to stay while his parents are away, but what choice does he have Something bad is going to happen, he thinks, and author Brian Barnett builds a convincing tension as he introduces this fascinating cast of characters, slowly turning a boy s everyday concerns into something much scarier.Smoothly written for eight to twelve year olds, with a pleasing mix of innocence and scares, the story evokes the Wizard of Oz as young Pete tries to do right, fails to do wrong, and struggles to save the world But perhaps the world has been saved before, and perhaps it will be saved in the future too ifstories follow Meanwhile Pete s mysterious pawpaw might prove to knowthan it seems And readers can enjoy a fun adventure filled with smiles and cheats galore.Disclosure I was lucky enough to be given a free ecopy of this novella and I really enjoyed it. This book was so much fun to read The author was kind enough to give me a copy to read and review It is creepy right from the beginning but not too much The characters had me smiling throughout the book One of the things I look for in a book is whether I am transported to the scene in a book Brian Barnett definitely nailed it As I was reading, I had a movie going in my imagination which I could see vividly I can t wait for my daughter to read it and also read it to my other children It is a wonderful introduction to the horror genre for children I am looking forward to reading other novels the author was written Thank you so much for letting me read this gem of a book. www.superreadingkids.blogspot.comThis was a really fun story to read and I think it was the perfect start to a very interesting series It has that creepy feel with the graveyard being right next to Pete s grandparents house, as well as Pete s grandparents coming off as very mysterious indeed Of course, we all know when you tell a kid not to do something that is the first thing they will do, so it was no surprise when Pete jumps into the graveyard, even after Grandpa tells him not to It s what happens after the fact that takes us on a thrill ride Besides our main character Pete, we meet a lot of different characters that bring a lot of different elements to the story Even Benny Bones He is a mess indeed Let s just say he definitely is the bad guy and he does a splendid job of it too Some of the other guys in the story are wonderfully imaginative and I enjoyed learning a little about them Plus, the scavenger hunt idea is so fun to read along with it made me want to get a list and go save the world too I think kids from 9 years old and up would enjoy this story It held my attention and I especially enjoyed the bonding time with the grandparents That made the story muchenjoyable having some really cool grandparents in it I gave it five stars There was very little that I disliked about this book and I actually had to put a lot of thought into it before deciding whether to rate it four stars or five I chose four stars because there were a couple of moments that I found hard to believe and there was one scene I disliked due to personal opinion When I first saw this book I was interested but reluctant to add it as a book I wanted to read as the cover made it look like a really scary book I normally only read juvenile horror so when I discovered that it was a children s book and read a few reviews stating it wasn t scary I decided to read it and was glad I did I really love games of all kinds, playing them and reading about them, so the fact that the story was based around a scavenger hunt really interested me and I enjoyed reading about this unique scavenger hunt almost as much as participating in one.While there were a few scary moments the book wascreepy than anything else with several humorous moments thrown in which was perfect for me.I usually read this book before bed with no trouble falling asleep afterwards or having any strange dreams upon doing soat least stranger dreams than I normally have This book causes no nightmares and is safe for anyone to read at any time of day or night Even people who scare really easily, such as myself, should enjoy this creepy tale It s a good all ages read and I think both children and adults will really enjoy it. The hunt for a great kid horror book is over When youngster, Pete Davidson, is dropped off at his grandparents home in the country, he has no idea he ll be participating in a contest with the very fate of the world hanging in the balance.Pete s grandfather, Orville, warns him to stay away from the graveyard next door, but boys will be boys, and soon Pete finds himself challenged to a scavenger hunt by Benny Bones Barton, a reanimated skeleton who claws his way out of the grave Along the way, Pete must overcome the ravaged terrain of the ancient cemetery as well as the monsters that dwell within its rusted gates monsters that include an enormous, hideously deformed ghoul Author, Brian Barnett, has created a thoroughly entertaining and enthralling childhood adventure If you re a fan of the Goosebumps or Eerie, Indiana series, than you ll especially love this story The horror and suspense aspect is mild enough for young readers, but also satisfying for adults The characters are unique and the dialogue is crisp and exciting You ll find yourself reading at a breakneck speed to its final, shocking moments I can t wait for Mr Barnett s next book. I wasn t quite sure what to expect from this book Knowing it was a fiction for children of similar age as the main character Pete 12yrs , I expected some gore and some stomach churning descriptions To my surprise, I found a truly entertaining story, with colourful characters and a great story line Pete, 12 year boy, is left with his grandparents for a week He finds the whole situation very unsettling his papaw has got a strange sense of humour, the house is creepy and dilapidated and there s a graveyard next door But dead are just dead Right Pete soon discovers that nothing is as it seems, and he needs to weigh carefully who to trust On other side, help can come unexpected.The storyline itself is dynamic and captivating, with entertaining twists The idea that even monsters hate bad manners made me smile It makes them somewhat less scary andhuman.All in all this is a brilliantly penned story for young readers however I am sure that young adults would enjoy it too Every horror reader, regardless of age, had to start somewhere For me, it was books like Point Horror and Fighting Fantasy Whereas they read tame nowadays, in my youth I spent many a hour scared by these books They were my introduction to the horror genre and I will never forget them When I came across Graveyard Scavenger Hunt, I expected much of the same The story details one boy s adventure into a creepy graveyard whilst staying at his grandparents Let s face it, we all got a little bored in this situation as a kid Exploring was the only way to reduce the boredom It s this simple premise that instantly hooks the reader andwell, you should read for yourself GSH is a brilliant little book, short and taut, scary in the right places for a younger audience but gripping nonetheless, the story takes the simple premise and turns it into a fun little romp Since our main character is young, we re instantly placed in his shoes and that s when the book reverts us to a childhood that s all too familiar True, we might not have chatted with a skeleton in our youth but every child remembers their first graveyard excursionand the imagination running wild Brian Barnett uses this to perfect effect and creates a phenomenal story that belies its short length.It s been a while since I read a YA children s horror novel but after reading this, I can see myself getting back into these I literally scrolled for Point Horror on my Kindle afterwards As I was reading, I remembered what hooked me to these books in the first place It took me back twenty something years and through the nostalgia, I had a ball reading this GSH is 1 in a series If this is the case, I can t wait to read the next one As a child, discovering books of this quality made the trips to the library worth it I will ensure that my kids when they arrive and my nephew read this when they reach the right age With books like this, it restores hope that children can put down their iPads and mobile phones for just a second and educate themselves.5 A great horror tale for all the right reasons If you love horror of any kind, this deserves a read It might not be adult, full of gore or obscene, but who cares when a story this good pulls you in and takes you back to your childhood An excellent read for adults and kids alike. What a fun and clever story I found me to read I am not a fan of scary stories, so I was glad when the author warned me It s not horrorjust spooky Well, it wasthan spooky, it was entertaining and engaging Young Pete Davidson is forced to spend a week at his Grandparents house He hadn t seen them in a very long time and he didn t remember how their house looked like less that they lived next to a graveyard Against his grandpa s warning, Pete trespasses into the graveyard to pick up some papers that were blown by the wind What could actually happen It s just an old, abandoned cemetery Imagine his surprise when something grabs his foot from the ground and takes him into the land of the dead, ghosts and ghouls Now Pete has to win his way back home and save our world I highly recommend it Read my complete review on

Brian Barnett is the author of the Middle Grade novellas Graveyard Scavenger Hunt, Chaos at the Carnival and the collection A Closetful of Monsters He is a Full Member of The Fictioneers with nearly 300 credits in magazines such as The Lovecraft eZine, Spaceports Spidersilk, and Trembles Horror Magazine and in various anthologies produced by Blood Bound Books, James Ward Kirk Fiction, Thirt

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