Dapper Carters 8 Rules of Dating

Dapper Carters 8 Rules of Dating Ever Wondered How A Guy Gets Over A Terrible Breakup That He Caused Dapper Carter SRules Of Dating Is A Sexy And Erotic Laugh Out Loud Comedy Of Errors About Dapper Carter A Five Tool Playa Athletic, Handsome, Intelligent, Charismatic, And Witty His Problem Is That He Has An Insatiable Appetite For Women He Has An Even Bigger Problem Because His Wife Of Six Years, Kennedy Craig, Ain T Going For It No And Humbles The Playboy On Their Sixth Wedding Anniversary When She Files For DivorceDapper Embarks On A Downward Spiral After The Divorce At His Wits End He Eventually Repairs His Damaged Ego And Moves Out Of Suburban Jersey Into Brooklyn To Get His Swagger Back And Find True Love By Developing And Incorporating Eight Rules To Help Him Navigate Through The Treacherous Dating Minefields Of New York City This Ain T No Self Help Book In His Search To Find True Love He Finds Than That He Finds Himself

Alan Mitchell was born in Newark and raised in Linden, New Jersey He earned a B.S.in corporate fitness from The College of New Jersey in 1991 The author has cut his teeth as a production assistant on over one hundred music videos and commercials There he began to hone his skills as a writer and develop his eye as a director.Alan s writing career began with rewriting screenplays for independent

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    You have to read this book with an open mind Ladies before you begin you must realize this book is written from a male perspective I didn t find the tone of this book to be offensive I found it to be very direct and thorough Although the book is fictional, I m sure every woman can relate to at least one of the female characters If you cannot relate to one character in its entirety, you will definitely be able to recognize one or two of your own personal traits It was helpful to gain insight on male behavior from a male s point of view If you want to learn about accounting, you ask an accountant If you want to learn about men, ask a male In my opinion, the biggest lesson in this book is one I learned as a young lady years ago Never make assumptions when it comes to dating Many of the female characters in this book assumed that they would be the only woman in Dapper s life, but he never told them so This book also teaches males and females that it is ok to wait until you are ready for commitment Dapper married before he was ready and his behavior as a husband showed us that Once he divorced, he was able to explore himself Had he done this sooner, he may not have been unfaithful to his wife It is important to know who you are, what you stand for and what you need before entering into a monogamous relationship.

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    3.5 STARSDapper Carter is an admitted womanizer He is not trying to be in love and he flat out stated he has no respect for most women So you have to take this book for what it is and like the book description states, this is not a self help book It s told in first person so we also get some ideas and reasons for why Dapper behaves the way he does besides just being a jerk I didn t laugh out loud, but I was entertained For some reason, I like hearing about people dating experiences in stories also club scenes I enjoyed following Dapper as he goes from being a married serial cheater to a serial dater All I could do was shake my head because you could see the failures before they even happened And when Caesar imparts his wisdom there was a lot of eye rolling and lip pursing It was a nice change to get a story on what guys go through when they are dating I ve never been to NY but, while traveling with Dapper, you get a good idea of the lifestyle and culture from Dapper s point of view anyway There is also a great deal of sex and explicit language in this book but I didn t consider it erotic This story shows that sometimes people do change but they change when they are ready.

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    Dapper Carter, a complete jerk and a DOG S DOG, has to grow and learn the hard way that LOVE IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING ON THE PLANET But his lust and greed for a fresh body takes him on a journey that costs him money, pride and the love of his life In a haste to regroup, he finds a way in the new world to become a success at sales and dating After losing time and time again, Listening to his male buddies he finally feels the empty sugar crash of just sleeping with anybody, when he finally does score As he establishes the dating rules along the way, she, or they, just aren t what he really wants Will a new shot at real love come and change his seemingly dry and tired ways I loved this book and I can t wait to see Dapper either mess it all up AGAIN, or whatever should come with part 2 THIS BOOK IS WORTH EVERY PENNY, ESPECIALLY TO A WOMAN LOVE N LIGHT, AIGHT Teresa Rae Butler, host of Cream City Classica Radio, co host of FACES ON TV, book editor, graphic designer, and author of, EAT THE DAMN CAKE, ANA MAY EAT THE DAMN CAKE, ANA MAY

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    Dapper Carter s 8 rules of dating By Alan Mitchellalanomitchell gmail.comalan alanmitchellbooks.comhttp www.alanmitchellbooks.com www. author alanmitchelltwitter dappercarterRating 5 stars Please note this is a book for Mature Audiences only Review Alright Ladies, this is a sexy saucy read that will leave you wanting I really enjoyed the book it made me blush at some points when the graphic details reminded me of a XXX movie Alan has a knack for making the reader feel overdressed when reading this book Despite the R rated material I found myself wanting to slap the crap out of the title character Dapper Carter who seemed in denial of his faults throughout most of the book Dapper was a serial cheater who should have been happily married He had a dime piece high school sweetheart turned wife that he took for granted cheating on her the night before their sixth anniversary I mean come on, the man was a total scrub with no job living off of a wife who loved him through thick and thin, turning a cheek to his infidelity until the day he woke up to an empty house and one fork to eat with And what did Dapper do He did what most men do, blame the wife for his troubles, blame the world for his divorce and decide that he lost the best thing in his life after she left him He didn t have this epiphany while he was having sex with strippers.As I read I felt sorry for Dapper, I really did But as the story went on he took me on a whirl wind roller coaster of emotion The man made me angry putting on weight and sleeping on his best friends couch because he was depressed He made me shake my head he was feeling a little desperate chasing a vegan who really was concerned about preaching on the detriment of eating meat than going on a date with him, or dating a single mother of several kids whose father turned out to be gay The book was hilarious at some points, Dapper s best friend Caesar had some of the most bizarre comments to help Dapper out when in reality Caesar is portrayed as an egotistic jerk with loads of money and a bizarre appetite for foreign women Caesar was no better off than Dapper he was constantly sleeping with hordes of women coming out of his room to tell his best friend to shape up only to go back to sleeping with said women No role model there.In the end we are given a crash course in how a man s mind works, why they put themselves in impossible situations and how they view dating women As Dapper progresses in the book we learn that he had to go through this divorce to get back on his feet His wife babied him too much, pampered him until the point I was beginning to believe the cheating was a cry for help The man only got back his confidence once he found a hole in the wall apartment and was able to see the real value in taking care of ones self He got a job, worked his butt off and eventually found himself In the end I found I began to like Dapper, not for his imperfect nature, but because he showed a potential to be a great person once he got back on his feet I could identify with him and that s the hook that caught me Wonderful job Alan, this is truly a good read.

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    Dating From a Male PerspectiveDapper Carter is a sexy, vigorous, and ingenuous brother who has a good life as a married man until his promiscuous lifestyle causes him to fall flat on his face It s been said that it takes a man hitting rock bottom before he realizes the error of his ways It applies equally to Dapper when reality sets in A divorced Dapper decides to re enter the dating field, learning many things about women that he was blind to in the past Will Dapper learn from his past mistakes or relapse during his journey Alan Mitchell s novel, Dapper Carter s 8 Rules of Dating, is an interesting novel I found it to be informative as it s from a male s perspective regarding women and relationships At times it was very humorous Overall a fast and exciting read I look forward to reading other novels from this author moving forward.Reviewed by Tekisha

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    Dapper Carter was a man that forgot what he had at home He was a married man that likes to visit the strip clubs Going to strip clubs, getting cash advance or credit cards For lap dancing and private sections One day his wife Kennedy saw the bank statement and it was on from there This book was good from the beginning to the end It had me on the edge just to see what was going to happen next It has a good story line, but it was also real and honest I must admit Dapper was a mess One he saw that he was losing everything he had to get it together His friend Khalil, and Caesar was then for him When Kennedy opened his eyes So if you are looking for a good read that will have you wanting 1 click this 5 star.

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    This was a good book Dapper is a very believable protagonist His relationships with his friends are very realistic and Dapper goes on a relatable journey throughout the course of the book He changes The book was also well written The prose was crisp and clean and I felt as if I were seeing New York City and New Jersey through Mitchell s wonderfully descriptive passages Karen WalcottAAMBC Reviewer

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    Dapper Carter s 8 Rules of Dating centers on the fall of a womanizing ex college athlete who must go through trials and tribulations in order to redeem himself It allows the reader to understand the transformation that can take place when a man loses everything Dapper Carter s 8 Rules of Dating is an invigorating must read that reveals the realities of a broken man and the strength and courage it takes to become a better person and a better man.

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    Dapper Carter s 8 Rules To Dating was a fantastic read I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much that I got it in the mail at 3 30pm and finished it 9 30pm the same day I couldn t put the book down I got mad when my kids interrupted me while reading it I hid in the walk in closet for an hour so i could finish the book without being disturbed It was a laugh at loud, reflective story of hell raising, self discovery redemption As I was reading this story, I visualized it as a movie starring Terrence Howard or Anthony Mackie as the character, Dapper who was a big time player who lost everything, including himself, because of his selfishness and foolishness In regaining back his life, he discovers who he truly is and repairs the broken pieces of himself.This is a story that many can identify with concerning love and loss however the twist is that its a man s perspective The honesty and vulnerability that the author gives Dapper during the rough phases of his life caused me to sympathize with him, forgive his earlier indiscretions and bad behavior and even cheer for a happy ending for him The hysterical part was the actual 8 rules which EVERY man and woman can identify with and use to their advantage at any point in time These rules caused me to reflect on the craziness I went through while dating and wished I had created some I have recommended this book to many friends, have tweeted about it, told my Facebook family friends and even put it on Pinterest As an avid reader, any book that I will re read, laugh out loud about and can visualize the story and scene is a great book and I look forward to other books from the author, Alan Mitchell Hell I m waiting for the movie

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    Again How this book was classified As comedy Well I will tell you one thing I didn t laugh even once In fact while reading the first few chapters I wanted to put it away, just because I couldn t stand insults towards ALL women, just for the purpose of insulting And the ending oh pleaseeeee Like the author couldn t come up with something better than changing the main character and his two best buddies 180 deg in the last 5 pages I do admit couples would have fun reading it aloud together It was nice for once to read erotic book written by man I liked that it was spicier than the one written by women.

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