The Ninety Days of Genevieve

The Ninety Days of GenevieveEen Negentig Dagen Durend Sekscontract Was Niet Wat Genevieve Loften In Gedachten Had Toen De Arrogante En Zeer Aantrekkelijke James Sinclair Haar Kantoor Binnenliep Maar Genevieve Is Een Carrierevrouw En Ze Houdt Van Uitdagende Onderhandelingen Bovendien Biedt James Haar Een Interessante Deal Aan, Eentje Die Ze Niet Mis Wil Lopen En Een Avontuur Met Hem Wil Ze Misschien Ook Niet Mislopen Ze Besluit Zijn Gevaarlijke Spel Mee Te Spelen Ze Kan Altijd Stoppen Als Zijn Eisen Te Ver Gaan Wat Genevieve Niet Voorziet Is Dat Zij De Hoofdrol Zal Spelen In Een Serie Steeds Stouter En Exotischer Wordende Fantasie N Ze Belandt In Een Werkelijkheid Vol Seksuele Avonturen En Genevieve Leert Genieten Van De Zeer Decadente En Een Beetje Duistere Wereld Van De Steenrijke James SinclairOok Uitgegeven Als Intieme Nachten Genevieve Lofton wants to sign James Sinclair with her firm, she agrees to 90 days of whatever he wants If she doesn t back out he will give her his signature But she must do everything he wants trust me everything and anything he wants The character of Genevieve is focused only on business She really doesn t have time for romance or relationships Being top at her firm is what she is focused on She is sexy, but never really realized it, that is until James came along and helped her find her true self She does things she never dreamed she would But she does these things to land James as a client, Right James Sinclair is a bit of a mystery at first And at times I was unsure of his true motives Was he really using Genevieve, just to see how far she would go for him His character was strong, dominate and masterful This book has just about everything you would come to expect from an erotic novel With sexy scenes, and light bondage, to kinky Some were so well written and others not so much.Spoiler Alert, for anyone who has not read the book I found myself torn with this book The basis of the story was good, but I felt it lost something along the way Mostly in part to co workers, acquaintances, etc coming up to Genevieve asking throughout the book if she had heard the latest about James No one knew that they were seeing each other And for me the reader this was a distraction Another part I didn t care for, was the last gift that was delivered to her As much forethought that went into his planning of scenes etcetera, I thought he could have done better than just sending an engagement ring with a note that said Marry Me Favorite line He stared at her for a moment, then grinned slowly I have a proposition for you, he said But it might not be quite the kind of business deal you were expecting 3 5 starsI received an ARC of this book from the NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Review from Way Too Hot Books Mr Gray, you got served According to Goodreads, The Ninety Days of Genevieve was first published in 1996 I tried to check that out, but I didn t manage to find any details about 1996 edition If this information is not correct, please let me know But if it is my mind was trying to figure out how old I was back than and what I was doing My innocent self was happily making fool of herself while dancing to Macarena, Where Do You Go and Un Break My Heart or crying my eyes out after watching Jerry Maguire and sleeping in one bed with my four friends after Scream And all that time I was completely unaware that out there were this whole different world of chains and whips and pain and pleasure A lot of hotness, sugar kink one romantic dominant bastard First thing, all of you who think that this book won t be your thing because it was written that long ago note the sarcasm , do not worry The Ninety Days of Genevieve has ageless feel and you will barely notice age gap between you and setting of the story Genevieve is young, attractive and successful woman who finds herself in the middle of the lion s liar Mr Sinclair thinks that Genevieve needs to learn the lesson So, we have classic plot twist sexual agreement by now predictable turn of events in this kind of novels But this doesn t have to be a bad thing It surely is not here I couldn t go to sleep until I finished reading it my sister woke up to get ready for work and I went to sleep I shall do that damn striptease thing My favorite thing about this book Where to start Relatable characters, absolutely captivating erotic atmosphere, great romance, amazing steamy scenes You can even learn few things from this book like how your sexual appeal comes from inside, from your confidence and attitude, at that moment when you finally let go and forget about your inhibitions Or how there is no place for inhibitions between two people who are in love Or that you should always tell him her what you want in the bedroom and outside of it Fluffy romance Only thing that I found a little bit over the top was love story It is this whole knight in the shiny armor throws his fairy, kinky princess on his white horse and ride into the purple and pink sunset ending But that is why The Ninety Days of Genevieve is sugar kink Who should read it Fans of romantic stories with kinky twist, nothing too shocking or dark Just your regular full blooded female fantasy Imagine how On Dublin Streetby Samantha Young would look like if Braden was Dom Dear gods of kink I am sweating already Initial reaction I actually didn t realize this novel went back as far as it did for publishing and that it s actually a re pub, but my biggest issue was how static the characters seemed despite some purportedly steamy scenes, alongside problematic scenes that just made my skin crawl despite reading it from a distant eye It takes on the rather familiar premise or was this one of the titles that shaped that particular premise it s hard to tell of a woman who s at the beck and call of her supervisor sensually for 90 days As to how those following days goI think I d best leave that for the full review as well as my reactions because I m still meditating on how I feel about this Probably a 1.5 2 star read overall for me, though not sure if I ll keep it at that yet.Full review The Ninety Days of Genevieve by Lucinda Carrington left me mostly with mixed emotions for a novel of its genre I wasn t familiar with this title before I saw it listed on Harlequin s line of requests a while back, nor did I realize this was a title that was published many years ago It might be credited with contributing to the workplace steamy alpha male boss meets submissive employee but the overarching narrative put a cold impression on me On one hand, it doesn t waste time in showcasing the steam factor, and I somewhat understood that Carrington was going for different fantasies and imagery in the text for erotic overt and undertones And that s not a bad thing different displays of imagery can be good I remember at one point Genevieve visualizing herself as a Dominant over her boss and saying That s progressive, at least it s recognizing a woman can not only have active fantasies about sex but also have the willingness to take the lead Where there s a step forward in this novel however, is accompanied by moments where it takes five steps back Way back.This novel lacks distinct characterization and personalities Mostly while reading this, I felt like I was just wading through erotic image after image and boundary pushing scenarios without much heart or identity for the characters within I spare no hesitation in saying that I didn t like Genevieve she was incredibly judgmental especially of other women and oddly naive who didn t see that coming One example of her judging It was the first time Genevieve had actually watched women bodybuilders working out She was surprised to see that both of these women were conventionally attractive They had strong, muscular bodies, but their faces would not have looked out of place in a cosmetic advertisement As she watched them straining to lift weights that would have given some men problems, she wondered why they wanted their bodies to look so unfeminine At one point after this, a guy shames the women whom Genevieve observes by calling them Lezzies supposed to be condescending towards lesbians.Dudeas a person from an exercise science background and who has a general appreciation for the capabilities of the human body male or female and knowing from experience that not all people in this field do it just to look good for men or that exercising is unfeminine this is pretty darned ignorant and perpetuating antiquated, harmful stereotypes which this narrative doesthan once in general Don t get me started on saying why using someone s anyone s sexual identity as a backhanded insult is abhorrent, because I could rage for days Ugh It s not just the fact this was penned in the latter 1990s, it s just crummy logic and showcasing to begin with.But then again, it has a f f sex scene, but part of me wondered how much of that was, well, playing to fantasy When I reached the point where Bridget the woman Genevieve was engaging says Playtime s overlet s go and find the men, I had my answer.I went back and forth through this novel between saying certain ideas were interesting but not expounded upon and others being complete turn offs And some of these ideas aren t bad, it s just nothing was done with them and there wasn t a human or sensual connection just jaggedly presented scenes of varying quality one after the other The other scenes between with the problematic turns threw me out of the book for how shallow and inaccurate they were, mostly through Genevieve s pampered and overly privileged lens.In the end, while I m giving this 1.5 stars at the most, I can t say I would recommend The Ninety Days of Genevieve too immature and lacking direction for my preference, but maybe I need to read another book by Carrington to see whatof her style is like I don t know We ll see.Overall score 1.5 5 stars.Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Harlequin Mira. I promised not to read anyof that romance erotica crap, but I guess I m not that good with promises Saw this one at the bookstore, always been a fan of nude photography the cover of Latvian edition , so it got me hooked, I read the cover synopsis, realized I ve got to give this one a try I wasn t disappointed If you re reading Genevieve for hot sex thumbs up, it s good, open minded, almost like an imaginative soft pornography, actually, dish the soft, it is pornography, but very enjoyable Plot Not so great OK, at its worst it was still better than 50 shades From the point of view of fetish, it gives a better perspective on things, and leaves a good aftertaste, and I m kind of curios to find out what s my kind of kinky Contrary 50 shades, Ninety days for Genevieve doesn t judge or suggest any wrongness in one s desires, its the opposite it encourages you to experiment.What was questionable heroine s moral stand She was willing to have sex and what not with a stranger just for the sake of job Ok, he s sexy and cute, but still It turned out for them alright, but imagine if the initial mutual appeal wasn t there, would she do the same thing Opening up and liberating your inner self I approve Whoring for money and career, not so much.

Lucinda Carrington wrote four highly respected and popular erotic novels in the classic early period of

[Epub] ❧ The Ninety Days of Genevieve By Lucinda Carrington –
  • Paperback
  • 270 pages
  • The Ninety Days of Genevieve
  • Lucinda Carrington
  • Dutch
  • 24 January 2019
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