The Melody Thief (Blue Notes, #2)

The Melody Thief (Blue Notes, #2) A Blue Notes Series NovelCary Redding Is A Walking Contradiction On The Surface He S A Renowned Cellist, Sought After By Conductors The World Over Underneath, He S A Troubled Man Flirting With Addictions To Alcohol And Anonymous Sex The Reason For The Discord Cary Knows He S A Liar, A Cheat He S The Melody ThiefCary Manages His Double Life Just Fine Until He Gets Mugged On A Deserted Milan Street Things Look Grim Until Handsome Lawyer Antonio Bianchi Steps In And Saves His Life When Antonio Offers Something Foreign To Cary Romance Cary Doesn T Know What To Do But Then Things Get Even Complicated For One Thing, Antonio Has A Six Year Old Son For Another, Cary Has To Confess About His Alter Ego And Hope Antonio Forgives Him Just When Cary Thinks He S Figured It All Out, Past And Present Collide And He Is Forced To Choose Between The Family He Wanted As A Boy And The One He Has Come To Love As A Man Note The Blue Notes Series Can Be Read In Any Order Each Is A Stand Alone Story From The Same Classical Music Universe

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[Reading] ➸ The Melody Thief (Blue Notes, #2)  ➮ Shira Anthony –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • The Melody Thief (Blue Notes, #2)
  • Shira Anthony
  • English
  • 23 February 2018
  • 9781613726945

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    The Melody Thief is the second installment in the Blue Notes series when looking at the publication order I liked this one a bit better than the first part, the main characters and the dynamics in their relationship were very catchy Cary is a successfull cellist and has been playing concerts all around the world since his childhood However, the relationship with his mother has always been complicated and after her death, he decided to leave the United States in order to live in Milan A great musician at day, he is looking for quick, anonymous and dirty sex at night However, on his way home after one night at a gay bar, he is attacked by two men in an alley Before anything worse can happen, another man steps in and Cary is immediatly attracked to the very hot stranger Antonio is willing to help Cary after his stay in hospital and the attracktion between the two men is immediate Unfortunately, Cary is keeping is true identity a secret and Antonio comes with a story of his own The story moves quite fast, we are following the characters for about two years The falling in love between Cary and Antonio happenes in the middle of the book and it is thus a bit different than many other stories in this genre The second half of the book is focussing on real life problems Cary s father is arising from the death and his sudden and unexpected presence in Cary s life is about to have a heavy impact on Cary s feelings and on his relationship with Antonio difficulties in parenting, sickness and addiction are being adressed I really had the feeling that this story could be happening just like descirbed in real life and that s what made me like the characters so much It was a lot of fun reading a story playing in Milan, as I m currently there for my studies I also like reading stories about gay men with kids and Massi was such a lovely character This story motivated me to keep reading the series 4 stars

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    I really enjoy books like this, where I love you is the middle of the story and not the end, and where you get to see the characters coping with life I really felt for Cary as the story began he s a man with one singular talent who has been made to believe that outside of his music he has little worth and must hide who he is Antonio is wonderful for him, both strong enough and loving enough to gradually convince Cary that he is worthy of a full and balanced life I appreciated that the story line with Cary s dad didn t end up all roses, and enjoyed the supporting characters, including a little boy who was not always an angel There is a sweetness to the second half of the book that will make this a comfort reread for me.

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    3.35 starsThe second book in Shira Anthony s Blue Notes series is a stand alone novel it might share the universe of classical music, but each stands on its own So there is no need to read the first book as the characters here are different In Blue Notes, the readers are being taken to the wonders of Paris In this book, Milan replaces Paris to give its voice to the story I find the city background and the world of classical music as fascinating as the first book For me it gives nuances and helps the story to be otherwise just another okay story.Personally, when it comes to the romance between Cary and Antonio itself, it misses its mark I think my issue with it is the fact that I didn t prepare myself for a story where the falling in love happens in the middle, rather than in the end The beginning is really good Cary struggles with his destructive behavior, his penchant for alcohol and one night stand on bar s toilets Rough and not intimate, that s his preference what he thinks as the melody thief So, I sort of thinking and expecting a long journey towards self healing, when Antonio and his son, Massimo, comes into his life Unfortunately, it turns out that Cary realizes that he s in love with Antonio and vice versa even before the half mark That the story afterwards is the life after the I love you s , when someone from Cary s past returns and makes Cary reanalyzes his choices and perception about family Not that it s not a good plot but for me, it reduces the intensity that I m expecting.In the end, I think the middle part is just okay and the ending slightly too predictable view spoiler with Cary winning a Grammy hide spoiler

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    This book had my feelings being twisted and pulled in a few directions Just the way I like it lol.Cary was a deeper character than at first appears I worried about him a lot Antonio was pretty much the Knight in shining armour kind of guy Pretty much perfect.Cary s mother was harder to like While I could sympathise with her after learning , I still didn t understand how she ended up so cold to Cary growing up.John I never liked from the start I was all set to like him after learning the truth, but in that I actually ended up liking Janet John just left me cold Selfish man I admire Cary for being able to understand him, because I sure couldn t.Massi is just adorable He is so well done, one of the most believable kids but still a cutie Overall this is a true love story between Cary, Antonio and even little Massi I m always happy when a book can have my emotions engaged and this had them all over the place, from tears of sadness to tears of joy, not to mention the stomach tightening parts of wondering if it was all going to go wrong.Another full bodied story that I m so glad I finally got around to reading.

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    4.5 StarsWow I really liked this one Cary Redding is a world renowned cellist flirting with addictions to alcohol and anonymous sex His life outside of the limelight has required that he take an alias and not get close to anyone, which is fine by him One night, however, his carefully constructed world is threatened when he is saved from muggers by a handsome lawyer, Antonio Bianchi Antonio is everything that Cary is not responsible, dependable, honest, and true A loving father of a sweet six year old son, Antonio is drawn to the troubled musician But Cary is unaccustomed to the love and romance Antonio offers And, Cary s past long thought dead reappears, turning everything on its head I loved this book I usually shy away from stories involving addiction It s too dark and heavy for me As such, I was reluctant to try this story Cary, however, eventually grew on me It was a pleasure to 1 travel his journey with him and, 2 see how far he came by the end He definitely went from zero to hero in my book As for Antonio love, Love, LOVE him OMG He was sigh all that and a bag of chips You know why Responsibility is sexy, accountability is sexy, and vulnerability is f cking sexy Antonio was all that and then some He had my heart from the get go I loved Massi and the non traditional extended family Cary s view spoiler dad was the only dud in the group I didn t care for him I m not sure that I was supposed to I could appreciate his character to a certain extent and I sympathized with his situation to a point However, I was frustrated with his attempts to drive a wedge between Cary and Antonio and his deep seated bigotry granted it only came out when he was drunk but still I was also miffed by the unknown cause of his death What happened hide spoiler

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    3.5 OH THE DRAMA Stars When Cary is mugged and hurt on the streets of Milan after a night of anonymous rough and dirty sex in a gay bar, his savior, lawyer Antonio Bianchi, takes him to the hospital where he s treated for a broken wrist set and cast and concussion Cary tells Antonio his name is Connor Taylor, and when the doctor recommends Cary be looked after for a few days, Antonio takes Connor home with him to recuperate from his concussion So begins a series a lies and half truths Cary tells Antonio so that Antonio will not find out Connor is actually Cary Taylor Redding, renowned cellist Of course, Antonio is a patron of the arts so it turns out he already is well aware of who Cary is from the beginning But that s only the beginningCary is filled with self loathing and is pretty self destructive in his actions Peter B Brooke s narration rips your heart out It broke my heart Once again, Brooke s narration is crisp, well enunciated and shows off his wonderful range of accents I think it s hard when any narrator also has to do children s voices, so I don t really fault not caring for the voice Brooke does for Massi, Antonio s son.Personally, even the good narration did not save me from nearly rolling my eyes out of their sockets on this one folks Don t get me wrong, it s written well This is a really good story with realistic, flawed characters I just don t care for that much realism in my romance Major spoiler and trigger warning here view spoiler At the beginning of the story Cary has rough, dirty bathroom sex with multiple different partners Even after meeting, and starting to fall for, Antonio hide spoiler

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    2.75 stars So I started out with the first chapter loving this Cary was obviously struggling and my heart broke for him and couldn t wait to see his journey of finding himself and his music again It turned out to be a nice enough story, just something about it kept me at a distance I liked the characters well enough but I didn t ever quite feel connected to them or emotionally invested Things just sort of happened There was the addition of a surprise character, which was fine, but some of what transpired was a little odd view spoiler I got lost in the argument Cary and Tonino had about Cary s Dad Cary was mad Tonino wouldn t tell him, but he kept interrupting every time he tried to talk And the whole I won t have him here seemed weird and over the top, but if he had explained he didn t feel safe with him around Massi it would have made sense hide spoiler

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    This was my first Blue Notes story but it won t be my last Shira Anthony wrote a wonderful contemporary romance that had me eagerly reading to find out about both the main characters It even had me in love with little Massi the six yr old son which is rare for me having had 5 of my own to contend with over the years D What I liked most though, was that it didn t do the instantly get together and everything turns up roses, instead it showed how a relationship needs to be constantly worked at to keep that happy ending Something else I truly know from my 37 years together with the father of the 5 children The final bit that sealed the deal for me and turned this into a truly good book was that the truth about how much hard work goes into achieving success in any field but especially that of a good classical musician wasn t ignored.

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    What a little gem of a book.Cary, likes to live life on the edge Different guys each night in tatty bars One night whilst in Milan he is mugged and then saved by Antonio.Although Cary tells Antonio a made up story of who he is, it comes to pass that Antonio knows exactly who Cary is.They begin a friendship, when horror of horrors, Antonio introduces Cary to his son and Cary doesnt do kids.A sweet build up of a love story.Recommended.

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    Review Summary A wonderful story, absolutely enjoyable as a stand aloneReview I m not a fan of insta love and I love stories that show what happens after the couple ride off into the sunset together, so I really appreciated this one Cary and Antonio get to know each other a bit before falling in love, and once they do there s still quite a bit of story left to see what their life together looks like That really worked for me.The world of classical music and professional musicians was beautifully drawn, making me feel I was right there, living it with Cary I appreciated the opportunity to be immersed in another world for a while, and to experience Cary s journey along with him I loved and ached for the significance of the title.I ached for Cary and his belief that his only worth was his musical ability It was understandable With his family background, but there were also a few moments at the beginning that seemed to contradict that, moments when he d say or do something suggesting he knew he was worth than that That made getting a clear sense of his character a bit tricky at first, but once the story and I got into the groove, all was well.Cary started out so damaged, and the meet cute was when Antonio rescued him from a mugging, so right from the beginning Antonio was clearly the knight in shining armor I liked him, but I thought he was maybe a little too perfect, with his patience, understanding, awesome family, and so much Even though Antonio was arguably less than perfect with his lack of musical or artistic ability, I thought that was part of what made him a good complement to Cary and it helped me better appreciate why he was so drawn to Cary.There was one thing about Antonio that confused me, a seemingly trivial detail but one that once mentioned required an explanation that never came why was he circumcised Because it s so unusual for Italians to be cut, and because we were so explicitly told that he was, I expected that we would get an explanation which would offer some new insight into Antonio and or his family it never came, so it just endlessly niggled at me.I also felt like there was some lack of resolution with Cary s brother, who I had hoped and expected to see him visit Family was such an issue for Cary, and I loved that he got a second chance at understanding both of his parents It was a big deal for him to finally realize they both loved him, each in their own ways Some of the storyline with his father felt a little unnecessarily over dramatic, like a plot device to create tension in his relationship with Antonio But aside from that, I loved the opportunity it provided for him to heal a bit, and thus make his HEA with Antonio all the believable.This was an engrossing story that I was able to enjoy greatly without having read the first in the Blue Notes series Whether I might have enjoyed it if I d read the other first is, of course, impossible to say But the claim that it stands alone is one I can happily vouch Recommended This review was originally posted at Reviews by Jessewave, where I received the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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