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Tattoos & TeacupsThis was the perfect Sunday feel good read A hidden gem I found buried on my Kindle Another review I read said it best I felt like a fly on the wall of Rob and Chris relationship I felt everything right along with them Watching them fall in loveI had a smile on my face the whole time reading this one Low angst Great steam dreamy sigh Highly recommend As A Teenager, Robert McKinnon Left His Native Scotland And Moved To America That Was Sixteen Years Ago, And Professor McKinnon Has Never Quite Settled In His New Home Or Found His Place This Side Of The Pond He Might Be Prematurely Old, But He Has His Cat, And His Books, And That S All He Needs Then Chris Ford Explodes Into Robert S Life With A Crash Of Cymbals The Younger Man Is The Polar Opposite Of Robert S Calm Civility Bright Tattoos Cover His Skin, And He Wears His Hair In A Mohawk And Plays Drums For A Rock Band But He S A Shot Of Color In Robert S Black And White World, And Robert Turns Out To Be The One Thing Chris Can Count On Despite All The Reasons It Shouldn T Work, Somehow It Does Even If Robert Wasn T Looking For Love Especially Not With Someone Nearly Ten Years His Junior He Can T Deny Being With Chris Is Fun But Sometimes Chris S Free Spirited Nature Leaves Robert Feeling Vulnerable If They Can T Find A Balance Between Tattoos And Teacups, Their Relationship Won T Survive And Neither Will Robert S Newfound Lust For Life This is a lovely, sweet, opposites attract story about Robert, a college professor with a fondness for Kipling s poetry, and Chris, a tattooed drummer almost a decade younger For most of the book, the relationship progresses fairly smoothly, with just enough events and issues to give it some ups and downs, but no big dramatic moments of angst The biggest stumbling block to happiness happens slowly and not unexpectedly, like the inexorable approach of a freight train You can see damage coming but there doesn t seem to be a good way around it This story feels very true to life Robert as the POV character has just a touch of analytical detachment that keeps this book from wallowing in the emotions, but gives it a shy sense of wonder in the moments of joy ETA On a reread, still a sweet, enjoyable story. 3.5 starsThe best way to describe this book is a gentle slow tender romance with a wonderful relationship where you get to know and feel how Robert and Chris change, the differences which could be a complication are turned into an interesting dynamic, they click and the age gap is perfect for both of them Robert keeps Chris grounded and Chris provides excitement to Robert s otherwise dull existence A lovely romance where you want to see them have it all a home and family because they are committed to making it work Adorable MC s and they have a lot a fun in and out of bed which was very sexy Recommended I was completely charmed by this lovely book with its witty humor, loveable characters, sloooooowww burn and guyliner.We have Robert, a college professor, who just goes through the daily motions of life He feels as though he s kinda dull and well, he kinda was at first One drunken night he meets a young, energetic, tattooed, drummer, Chris They exchange some flirting and phone numbers, then The Romance ensues.I fell so utterly in love with these characters and I loved reading their love story Robert is so convinced he s no good for someone like Chris He has a teenage daughter and thinks he s too old and boring for someone like Chris Chris is convinced he s just a phase for Robert to go through and that he ll eventually find someone worth his time They decided to take the time to get to know one another anyway and I m glad I was there to read it There was a very natural progression of their relationship Ya know, go out on a date, walk each other to the door, meet the fam, some courting and wooing, dates, and THEN they have sex Crazy, right But sweet, very sweet So sweet angst free that it was borderline boring during the middle But then the normal breakup relationship issue came up and we were back It was pretty inevitable and predictable that Chris would be leaving given he s on tour with his band and is traveling But I was kind of surprised at how they handled the situation view spoiler They didn t even attempt a long distance Chris had to leave and so they were miserable for months thinking it was over Why I was kind of thrown since they were already so in love by this point hide spoiler 23 year old tattooed percussionist and 32 year old Literature teacher.I enjoyed the book pretty much At the end.To be honest, I thought I would DNF this book The first half is very inconstant and I couldn t feel that pull to go on with the characters and their lives It was nice but not mesmerizing And the sense of time is very wrong It gives the impression of isolated episodes with several months in between, so I had a feeling I was reading a long term relationship instead of a causal one that lasts only a little time I think that s because they were very new to each other one second and in the next one they were talking like if they knew each other for ages, but not that kind of way in which you feel them as soul mates but like actual years For instance, when Chris wants to meet Rob s daughter and Rob feels guilty because he hasn t talked about Chris to his ex It felt like if he had spent lots of Sundays with his daughter while being with Chris But then I was surprised when Chris asks Rob to go with him to a tattoo shop and the tattoo artist asks them how long they have been together and they answer A month That really shocked me, it was the relativity theory at its best.There is a confusion of terms in one moment of the book They are talking about a character having been treated of cancer only with surgery and chemotherapy, and two pages later the same character says he has been operated on and then only had radiotherapy It s not the same thing, and in the way it was told, it seemed that person only received one kind of therapy and not both Very obvious mistake.I want to add I don t get why some supporting characters are in the book, they come into scene once and suddenly they magically disappear I couldn t understand the point of them getting into the story to begin with.I also missed some Chris s POV.But then the second half came And it was sooooo gooood It improved a lot and I couldn t quit I was off guard when it happened but after a certain point their relationship was mature and charming It was like reading a different book altogether, and it was for the best I prefer a book going from lowest to highest than the opposite but I still can t deny the first pages were difficult to endure Apart from that there is a turn I liked a lot and make some kind of difference from the typical love story Sometimes there are important things than love, like maturity and dreams, and you have to try them instead of heading for the one we expect It was very real and honest, a good point.Oh, and please, very few times I like a kid that much but here it was just a momento Nescaf Uncle Chris is gay, Cassie tells the realtor with relish Really, Jessica says, a polite but amused expression plastered on her face Cassie, shut up, Chloe whispers furiously from behind us, but she is ignored Mhmm, Cassie says That means he doesn t like girls He likes boys instead My mommy says that s okay, though You can like whoever you want to like Is that so Yes So when I grow up, I m going to marry a penguin So, yes, I was worth it Not mind blowing, but still. A warm and sexy story about two very different guys falling in love Buttoned up college professor Robert McKinnon meets extroverted percussionist Chris at a bar and the rest is history The whole focus of the story is Robert and Chris s journey to love There is not a lot of angst along the way although one very poignant period and the secondary characters are just gentle accessories to the men s relationship For a tender story the sex is surprisingly hot The book is divided into three parts, Part One, The Intermission, and Part Two The author changes the tenses for the latter two which I found an interesting and effective way of creating mood and tension Even though the premise is a common stereotype in m m romance, the story is told in a natural, clich free way I think most people would enjoy this book Recommended. 4 StarsTattoos and Teacups is a very sweet story about the power of opposites attracting and choosing not to settle for the life you have, but deciding take some risks and hopefully living life you want Robert is a 32yr old English literature professor, not to be confused with Gerard Butler his much older doppelg nger, even if they are both Scottish heartthrobs who has settled into the life of a much older man and is completely comfortable in his regimented days He has accepted the fact that he will never find love, if that is in fact a real thing He prides himself on his professional life and the accomplishments he s earned, even if he may be lonely Chris is a beautifully alive 23yr old percussionist, not simply a drummer, who is confident and self assured Chris finds himself in Boston, on a short month or two break from a cross country van tour with his band, recharging before continuing on out West They have a chance meeting in one of Robert s favorite pubs, where he has had a few too many pints and his Scottish accent has gotten noticeable thickerChris can t help but mistake him for the dreaded Butler Robert doubts he has anything to offer the gorgeous younger man, can t possibly believe he would ever be interested in the older professor, but Robert decides to take a chance and uses the number Chris left for him My good friend J said it best, it was like being a fly on the wall watching this couple fall in loveand as unlikely a pair as they werefall they did It was a bit quick, but sometimes love happens quickly, it felt genuine The real story here was what happens next Life comes calling and tough choices have to be made Sometimes when you love someone you have to put yourself aside, then figure out what comes next for you I was surprised than once whilst reading this, which is always a treat This couple shows real vulnerability coupled with all the hot and steamy sex, you get the full view of who they are All in all a good, low angst enjoyable read. 3.5 starsWhat works for me The professor and the percussionist I do enjoy their being an opposite attract The age gap works, although when I read the blurb, I somehow think that the gap will be wider, or that Robert will be in the late 30 s or early 40 s The story is pretty clean no cheating ex, no heavy angst, no overabudant drama, no bitchy ex wife Which is nice Plus, there are actually things that happen OUTSIDE the bedroom Including the men connecting with Robert s daughter and extended family, watching Chris s performance, etc The cat Any story with a cat wins my heart What doesn t work for me The sorta kinky sex thing view spoiler That turns out Chris gets turn on with spanking or calling Robert Daddy hide spoiler I do love a cup of good tea It usually puts me in that warm happy place In fact I went to go make a cup before finishing this review LOL And Tattoos and Teacups it s just like a cup of great tea comforting, plus leaves you all warm and yummy inside.Robert is a 32 year old, Scottish, English professor who has a lead a very staid life He is a father of a 14 year old survived testicular cancer and just never got it right in the love department.Enter Chris 23, tattooed with a dirty and wicked mouth he puts it to great use, BTW P and a percussionist He s the wild child to Robert s studious geek.This opposites attract romance though they might be opposite at first or second glance getting to know them as the book progressed eh, not so much was an easy, light and breezy read The sex was hot, their love believable though I actually bought it once they spent time apart There was no unnecessary drama, just a romance with well fleshed out characters I kind of didn t want the book to end a sign of a well thought out story Though there was no major drama or paranormal creepers or rough and dirty tumbling, this story was pretty tops.What kept me from rating it five stars scratches head I don t know Drinking a hot cup of tea never changed my life and neither did this story It left me mellow and quietly satisfied.But I will be reading from this author I really liked the characters down to the kids.

Anna Martin is from a picturesque seaside village in the south west of England After spending most of her childhood making up stories, she studied English Literature at university before attempting to turn her hand as a professional writer.Apart from being physically dependent on her laptop, she is enthusiastic about writing and producing local grassroots theatre especially at the Edinburgh Frin

[Reading] ➿ Tattoos & Teacups By Anna  Martin –
  • Paperback
  • 244 pages
  • Tattoos & Teacups
  • Anna Martin
  • English
  • 23 November 2017
  • 9781613725900

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