Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street

Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street In This , Word Full Length Novel, Jonah Sweet Has A Secret Need To Be Dominated And Punished, With Whips And Chains And Leather Cuffs He Also Has A Degree In Puppetry From A Good University, But Can T Find A Job And Is Still With His Mom And Dad In Queens So He Signs Up For Cooking School, Hoping To Learn A Trade But It S Nothing Like He Thought It Would Be And He Winds Up Flunking Everything From Cutlery To Hard Boiled Eggs The Only Other Skill Jonah Has Is The Ability To Read Other People S Thoughts, Which He Knows Isn T Going To Get Him Very Far On The Day Of An Important Cooking Exam, Jonah Meets David Abernathy, The Owner Of The Cooking School And A Billionaire Who Owns Restaurant Chains, Casinos, And Real Estate The Harder Jonah Tries To Impress David The Worse It Gets But Handsome David Abernathy Sees Something In Jonah With No Explanation At All, David Sets Jonah Up In An Office, Buys Him A Brand New Wardrobe, And Brings Him Into His Unusual Home On Delancey StreetThough Jonah Is Stunned By All This, He S Even Stunned By The Fact That He Can T Read David Abernathy S Thoughts But Jonah Is In No Position To Turn Any Offers Down He Takes The Job In Spite Of David S Rude, Nasty Disposition And His Erratic Rants From There They Enter Into An Unusual Relationship Filled With Light Bondage And Discipline And Love Than Either One Of Them Could Ever Have ImaginedWhen David Introduces Jonah To A Little Boy In A Wheel Chair And Explains His Past, Jonah Only Falls Deeper In Love With David He Discovers A Gentle Side Of David No One Knows About But Will Intense Love And Exotic Sex Be Enough To Compensate For David S Complicated Personality And His Vicious Need To Control Everything And Will Jonah Be Able To Put Up With David S Public Outbursts And His Violent Moods

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✰ [BOOKS] ✸ Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street  By Ryan Field ✽ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 152 pages
  • Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street
  • Ryan Field
  • English
  • 10 February 2018

10 thoughts on “Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street

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    I finally get to use meh in a review.Meh.Strange, choppy, full of typos Reads like a second draft I tried and tried to understand the cover, but I can t.A BDSM story with an abusive, borderline psychotic Dom, David, who is rather repugnant, and also bipolar The sweet natured sub, Jonah, is willing to take and witness unseemly amounts of abuse, his continued loyalty makes him complicit,And WHY OH WHY were the MCs both psychic Why could they both read the thoughts of everyone but each other Not really paranormal, but a bizarre and inexplicable plot device that served no purpose and made.Absolutely.No.Sense.I would never finish a book worth less than three stars, unless it was unintentionally funny This one is often hilarious Jonah is wretchedly incompetent at cooking school, but at least he has his Masters in Puppetry to fall back on Excuse me, what So Being John Malkovich like The, ahem, outfits both wear in their BDSM scenes had me giggling What is this, 1978 Finally, David s Tourette s like verbal abuse was often funny, as were the foul thoughts that these two mind readers yanked from their victims.There was I can t do this a subplot about a tragic and heroic child in a wheelchair I kid you not.Weirdly undisciplined and self indulgent, like this review This level of weirdness always earns an extra half star Meh

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    Dear Jonah, You are a perplexing but lovable combination of sweet and edgy I want to hug you and spank you at the same time Bless you for putting up with David and for understanding that sometimes the ones who are hardest to love are the ones who need love the most You are an angel A very kinky angel With puppets Love, Madison

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    Did not like the writing or the story seemed like an adolescent fantasy.

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    Jonah needs a job so that he can move out of his parents house and get a job so he has enrolled in cooking school Unfortunately, he is not very good at it and things are looking bad until he wins the opportunity to be David s assistant David and Jonah are like chalk and cheese Jonah is incredibly sweet and generous and slightly naive while David is a bit of a bastard They connect sexually and Jonah starts to fall in love but David keeps treating other people like crap and Jonah is finding it harder and harder to put up with David is pretty unlikeable for most of the book except for the times he is with Bobby, view spoiler a young boy who was injured in a car accident caused by David s drunk driving and who now is unable to walk hide spoiler

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    Wish we had half ratings, I would have rated this a 3 1 2 as oppose to just 3 stars Jonah is so funny and sweet, just like his last name Able to read minds, but still manages to forgive people for some of their thoughtseven his parents David on the other hand takes on a different attitude in that he treats people how he reads them, never thinking that he is intruding on private thoughts and has a temper They cant read each others minds though and that makes for some interesting scenarios where each of them are at a disadvantage on how each tries to figure out the other They both fall easily into their roles as Dominate Submissive and I had some trouble with the fact that in their rough play, David will punch and kick Jonah with permission, but thats their preferances as a fictional couple and who am I to judge.

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