North By Northanger, or The Shades of Pemberley: A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery

North By Northanger, or The Shades of Pemberley: A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery3.5 stars This is the third book in the Mr and Mrs Darcy series As the couple are getting settled back at Pemberley, Elizabeth finds an unexpected message from the past in a letter written to the future Mrs Darcy from her husband s mother, Lady Anne which mentions a precious family heirloom that was lost, one that Lady Anne believed to be protective of women in childbirth A chance encounter in Bath leads them to Northanger Abbey to meet the son of a woman who was close friends with Darcy s mother A bizarre and gothic encounter there lands the Darcy s in trouble with the police, leaving Elizabeth no choice but to secure the aid of Lady Catherine much to her dismay They find out about the item through both correspondence and from Lady Catherine In searching for the item, they find a correspondence between Anne and Mrs Tilney and understand about the heirloom Their search and their bizarre experience at Northanger Abbey begin to converge as the mystery unfolds and Elizabeth s pregnancy comes to term I think this one was my favorite to date in the series. 3.5 My favorite in the series so far I really enjoy the way she writes Jane s characters I feel like they are true to the original even when they end up in totally off the wall situations Fun fan fiction. Anche questo romanzo segue il filone gotico ci sono le lettere che stabiliscono un contatto epistolare e quasi paranormale fra le due Mrs Darcy, c un diario perduto e poi ritrovato c l abbazia di Northangher terrificante e ostica ai due visitatori sembravano quasi Brad Janet del RHPS , ci sono strane presenze che incombono sulla vita dei coniugi Darcy, ci sono passaggi segreti e nicchie, scatole chiuse con serrature e codici segreti da svelare, c tutto insomma, non manca nulla, o quasi Unica grande assente lei Catherine Morland, ormai Mrs Henry Tilney C Northanger Abbey ma non i suoi abitanti. This installment was utterly lovely I think it might even be my favorite so far in the series view spoiler Bebris did right in turning away from the supernatural in the series in this installment I love the focus on the Darcy family, and the mystery of Lady Anne in particular I was equal parts devastated by the sadness that Lady Anne suffered and furious at Lady Catherine s part in it Whether the figurines had any mystical power or not, the one given to her by her mother clearly had quite a bit of sentimental power for Lady Anne, and obviously it brought her a great deal of comfort It was horrifying that Lady Catherine kept it away from her simply out of the foolish belief that anyone discovering that Lady Anne held Catholic beliefs would create a scandal for the family Horrible woman It makes her sound as though she has her sister s blood on her hands.Bebris did a great job with this story I love that she weaved the history of England into the story and in the crossover between the two novels playing on Northanger Abbey s past and including the Dissolution of the monasteries in the 1500s A brilliant story I loved it hide spoiler This mystery novel is the third in the series by Carrie Bebris They are all sequels of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice You do not need to have read Pride and Prejudice to understand this novel although it will help you greatly if you do In this story, Elizabeth feels the presence of Darcy s mother in the house, Pemberely She feels that she is not the mistress and the late Lady Anne, who was adored by all who knew her, still remains At first it appears that Elizabeth is not pleased with her presence or any rememberance of her That will soon change Lizzy is expecting a child, her husband wants to hire a physician to see to the birth, buy Lizzie wants a midwife They go to Bath to meet the physician and while there they get a letter from a Captain Tilney who wants to make there aquaintence at his home Northanger Abbey, if you have read Jane Austen s novel Northanger Abbey you will understand and appreciate the connection between these characters and novels The Darcy s arrive at Northanger Abbey on a horribly rainy night and find that their reception by the housekeeper and msater most peculiar and disturbing You see, they went chiefly because Captain Tilney mentioned in the letter that their mothers were close friends and was curious about their relationship In addition, Darcy and Elizabeth have grown very curious about Lady Anne because Lizzy has discovered a letter addressed to her from Darcy s mother Well of course Darcy and Lizzy run into a mishap, an evil plot of familiar and unfamiliar charcters, and the great Lady Catherine de Bough all while they are trying to solve a mystery of Lady Anne before Lizzy is ready to give birth This book was such a page turner, wonderful if you like mysteries and Pride and Prejudice, I would say it is the best of the series Kind of read I figured out the antagonist before I hit the halfway mark and spent the next 50 pages pissy at Lizzie and Darcy for not getting it I skipped to the last 3 chapters and feel fine about that choice. North by Northanger or Shades of Pemberley a Mr Mrs Darcy MysteryBy Carrie Bebris Written in 2006This is my second book by this author She has written several that are all about the Darcy s and a mystery that puts them in the setting and characters of one of Jane Austen s books I really enjoy them because it combines two of my loves JA and mystery.I don t want to give much away so this will be a short review It is less than a year after Elisabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy have married She is with child Darcy lost his mother during childbirth so he is very overprotective and will do anything to protect Elizabeth.They are invited to visit a friend of Darcy s mother at Northhanger Abbey After they leave the Abbey, they find themselves in terrible legal troubles Because of this Darcy s aun,t Lady Catherine De Bough must come to Pemberley and remain with them for many months A mystery ensues making even complications Darcy is busy trying to find answers to the legal matter Elizabeth has her hands full dealing with Lady Catherine who continues to not like her and not accepting her as the new Mistress of Pemberley It is a wonderful story, well written in my opinion, of course that is just mine I am not very qualified in literature I am now reading my third book in the series and enjoying it also I would give it a 4 star This book is cute as a button A light mystery and a self referential spin off of Pride and Predjudice Apparently the third in a series of Mr and Mrs Darcy Mysteries, this book supposes the Darcys while awaiting their first child caught in a scandal with over a man claiming to be Frederick Tilney a character from another Jane Austen Book called Northanger Abby, and unraveling another mystery dealing with a prized possession of Mr Darcy s late mother.It gets a little eye roll y and impossible toward the end, but most of the book is sweet, fun, and generally authentic to all the characters originally created by Austen in the 19th century I had a great deal of fun picking out the dialogue and characters from various books that floated around in the background of the story and through individual scenes.Recommended If you re in to this sort of thing. Obviously, if you are reading a take off or continuation of the Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy love story, you like d the original I like this series and that while there are mysteries they aren t necessarily murder mysteries they are mysteries, where is this or that, who did this or that finding the answers and discovering lost history is the endgame. Named Best Historical Mystery Of By Romantic Times BOOKreviews After The Intrigues And Excitements Of Their Time In The City, The Darcys Are Than Prepared For A Bit Of Peace And Quiet At Pemberley This Is Time That They Can Spend Together As Elizabeth Settles Into Her Pregnancy However, Such Serene Solitude Is Not Meant To Be First A Letter From Lady Anne Fitzwilliam Darcy, Long Deceased, Is Discovered The Contents Are Both Mysterious And Prescient For Mrs Darcy Then A Summons To Northanger Abbey Involves The Young Couple In Intrigues That Threaten Not Just The Darcy Legacy And Good Name, But Mr Darcy S Freedom As Well And To Make Matter Even Worse And Uncomfortable For The Expectant Mother, Darcy S Overbearing Aunt, Lady Catherine De Bourgh, Arrives On The Scene To Further Bedevil ElizabethAdd To This Rumors Of Treasure And Past Scandals, And It Becomes Obvious That Peacefulness Is Not At Home In Pemberley, But Secrets And Spirits Of The Past Are, And Their Revelations Can Have A Most A Chilling Effect On Both The Darcys And Their Family To Come

Carrie began her career in publishing after previous roles as a newspaper reporter and college English teacher.As an editor for fantasy publisher TSR, Inc., she developed supplements for the Dungeons Dragons roleplaying game before striking out on her own as a freelance writer and editor She wrote two fantasy novels, Pool of Radiance Ruins of Myth Drannor 2001 and Shadowborn 1998, with

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