Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged

Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged Pride And Prescience Or, A Truth Universally Pride And Prescience Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged , A Mr And Mrs Darcy Mystery, Embroils The Joyous Newlyweds Elizabeth And Fitzwilliam Darcy In A Mystery Involving One Of Their Wedding Guests Pride And Prescience Carrie Bebris Babelio Pride And Prescience Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged , A Mr And Mrs Darcy Mystery, Embroils The Joyous Newlyweds Elizabeth And Fitzwilliam Darcy In A Mystery Involving One Of Their Wedding Guests Pride And Prescience Or, A Truth Universally AcknowledgedAppareilsSlectionnez La Section Dans Laquelle Vous Souhaitez Faire Votre Recherche Pride And Prescience On Your Left Ca Fait Prs Demois Que J Ai Lu Ce Livre Depuis Le Temps Que Je Veux Vous En Parler, C Est Dcid, Cette Fois, C Est La Bonne Fiche D IdentitPride And Prescience Carrie Bebris Livres Not Retrouvez Pride And Prescience Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Pride And Prescience Janeaustenby IN Studio Proudly Created With Wix Textes, Alice Images Et Mise En Page, Alice Et Eliza

Carrie began her career in publishing after previous roles as a newspaper reporter and college English teacher.As an editor for fantasy publisher TSR, Inc., she developed supplements for the Dungeons Dragons roleplaying game before striking out on her own as a freelance writer and editor She wrote two fantasy novels, Pool of Radiance Ruins of Myth Drannor 2001 and Shadowborn 1998, with

❰BOOKS❯ ✪ Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged Author Carrie Bebris –
  • Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged
  • Carrie Bebris
  • English
  • 08 October 2017
  • 9780765318435

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    I ve always liked the idea of a sequel for Lizzie and Darcy the original Pride and Prejudice story almost demands further exploration than the simple happy ending that Jane Austen leaves us with I was also pleased to find that this was not another bodice ripping romance sequal of Lizzie and Darcy like others I have read and been disappointed with I thought that Bebris did a very good job in keeping the characters of Lizzie and Darcy intact everything they do and say in the novel is fairly on par with what I felt Austen herself may have written about the couple Bebris language was perhaps slightly too descriptive it is the type of descriptiveness and attention to ordinary everyday items that you find in a regular historical novel which is perfectly fine, but not quite the style of Austen s writing However, that is a very minor annoyance My main grievance was the whole supernatural story line Perhaps the hint of supernatural elements or mysterious happenings would have been acceptable, but I felt that the use of real enchanted rings and amulets and magic took the characters too far from their original setting and made the whole story not feel a bit unlikely That said, I did enjoy the novel overall, in particular the character s accuracy to their original counterparts.

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    Since first reading Pride and Prejudice many years ago, I ve always had a vague hankering to read a good continuation But the operative word here is good I ve skimmed many a sequel in a Barnes Noble, only to be horrified by awful writing and ridiculous characterization.Anyway, I enjoyed the first chapter of this one when I read it online, so I decided to commit to the whole book Unfortunately, the first chapter was by far the best.Overall, the writing was tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me There were a bunch of words and phrases that didn t seem true to the period, like when Elizabeth tells Darcy, You must admit, it s a really shiny stick A really shiny stick Are we in Regency England, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer Some of the characterization was questionable also Caroline Bingley is a major character in this book, and she was unrecognizable But the worst, the worst, the absolute worst thing was the plot Everything just seemed so implausible The resolution of the mystery was a joke view spoiler Hello You can t explain the crazy things that have been happening by asserting that voodoo magic is real and that s caused everything hide spoiler

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    Have I mentioned how much I love Pride and Prejudice I do, without apology My daughter and I sit down to watch the BBC version at least every other month I ve seen all the movies Matthew McFadden is my favorite Darcy Naturally, I would gravitate towards anything even remotely related to the story except those stupid zombie ones a girl has to have some standards.I liked this book Yes, it was silly and didn t quite get the feel of the time period, but Bebris put on a good show The story begins only days after the double wedding Caroline Bingley has announced her engagement to an American at the reception What follows is a mystery with a supernatural flair I loved the interaction between the Darcys, but felt what went on between Jane and Bingley fell a little flat I could not find any sympathy for Caroline Bingley at all She s just too awful a character to garner any delicate feelings.It was a fun read I think I ll be picking up Bebris other Mr Mrs Darcy mysteries in the near future.

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    I must admit to having achieved the mid century mark without having read Pride and Prejudice this book may compel me to correct that failing Further I have never seen any of the movies made from the book I truly enjoyed Pride and Prescience and I plan to read of the series It was great fun even for a Pride and Prejudice newbie.

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    Messo nello scaffale svago proprio perch non avendo grandi aspettative non ho avuto alcuna delusione Un po di astinenza dalla Austen non potevo rileggerli per l ennesima volta e un po di voglia di leggerezza Carino e scorrevole , non un vero poliziesco , nel senso che il finale un po fantasioso , ma nel complesso non mi sono pentita di aver ritrovato l atmosfera , i personaggi e l ambientazione della cara Jane.

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    I d like to give this book 5 stars, because much of it is delightful The whole idea of following Elizabeth and Darcy through their marriage and into their new life together, was a joy The way the story of their new life unfolded into a mystery was beautifully executed So often the event that begins the mystery is abrupt, shocking, out of proportion with what has come before And sometime this is very effective But having spent many hours in Jane Austen s version of this world, it would not have been, in this case, and the author did not make that mistake.She is, however, a very good example of just how brilliant Georgette Heyer is Was No, is Her work still lives, and will forever.Georgette Heyer managed to write books in the Regency period, using Regency slang and Regency idioms, and yet never becoming obscure or prescious Bebris uses modern slang unconsciously, throughout the book I figured, all right, inside information, sure is, you re sure, right now There s hardly a page in the book without a glaring example One of the delights of good historical fiction is to sink oneself in the period, and this includes the language To use modern phraseology seems, well, lazy on the part of the writer But that wouldn t lose the book two whole stars That was just a disappointment The relationship between all the various characters is true to the source The relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, after they are married, is a delight.No, the problem with the book is where the author takes it at the ending I ve already indicated that this review contains spoilers, but let me reiterate, I m now going to spoil the ending of the book Read no further, unless you don t care Elizabeth Darcy is one of the most clever and witty women in literature But in this book, she doesn t solve the mystery because she is smart She solves the mystery because she is psychic Yup We discover at the end that Elizabeth Darcy has the Gift, and I gather that is going to fuel the subsequent novels in the series, probababy right into the Darcys old age.Why does Elizabeth Darcy, Jane Austen s Elizabeth Darcy, need to be psychic to figure out a puzzle The puzzle was, what is wrong with Caroline Bingley, whose behavior after her marriage goes from odd to demonstrably insane So, wouldn t the first guess be, it s probably something about her marriage Even Mr Collins ought to be able to get that far The uncanny power that Caroline s husband turns out to possess over her, is because of an enchanted ring And there we are, right out of the bounds of Regency story telling The ring s power is abated at the touch of Elizabeth she intuits that it is an item of power, and thus solves the crime Well, no, the crime is solved as is traditional in British mysteries with the bad guy s confession.And the fact is, if someone seemed to have an uncanny power over another, in Regency England, sorcery is NOT the first thing anyone would think of This is, after all, the Age of Enlightenment, and educated men and these are all educated men scorned such superstitions And at this time, Dr Mesmer was the talk of Europe Dr Mesmer s techniques were used in an attempt to cure King George III of his madness Demonstrations of Mesmerism were seen in every capitol, and every knowledgable person would have heard of him And yet no one brings it up in this story Which means the author never heard of him Which means the author s research seems to have been, let us say, less than optimal for the writing of this book She does mention the War of 1812, as a reason why the American is stuck in England, but doesn t carry that further one of the characters is corresponding with someone in the United States throughout the story And who would be carrying these letters The Redcoats on their way to attack New Orleans The lack of research was a disappointment But stepping off into the world of fantasy, giving Elizabeth Darcy, whose character is firmly set by her creator, a significant power not in the original, well, that took the book out of the delightful category and into the, Huh, what the heck And here s the thing A psychic power, in storytelling, is an external plot point An external plot point is an event that is completely in the control of the writer, that comes and goes at any point Captain The Dilithium Crystals are melting No, wait, they re fine The child is dying No, he s better Oh, wait, he s dead Nope, he s up again An internal plot point, events driven by previous events, or by character behavior, are much satisfying A Deus ex machina, after all, is an external plot point at the climax of a story Most annoying.An example of an internal plot point would be Darcy writing Elizabeth a long letter to explain their misunderstandings, and reveal his family history, and then not staying around while she reads it An internal plot point would be Elizabeth s friend choosing to marry Mr Collins because she doesn t want to be an old maid, or Lydia running off with Wickham because she is a flibbertigibbet.Giving Elizabeth Darcy psychic powers just means the Dilithium Crystals will always be there to help her solve the problem And isn t that lazy storytelling as well

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    I had put off reading these for ages, because I normally don t like a new author taking a beloved set of characters from the classics and extending their stories But this was recently recommended to me by a GR friend who felt that the author did a credible job with the characters I must say, I agree I love the original Pride and Prejudice, and was relieved to find that Ms Bebris did a fantastic job of respecting Ms Austen and the characters themselves.The mystery itself was clever I don t often vacillate between suspects, but reading this, I at once knew who the culprit was, only to change my mind several times in the course of just a few chapters In the end, ultimately, the villain is not a shocker, but I have to say, I just wasn t sure until the denouement There was also a paranormal element to all of it that I hadn t expected and enjoyed quite a bit.A fabulous read I m happy to say I discovered when there are a whole raft of additional books in the series just waiting to be bought and read I look forward to being happily entertained by one of my favorite all time fictional couples for quite a while to come.

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    This is a great books for Jane Austen fans Although not strictly a cozy by today s formula, it does feature a mystery, with Elizabeth now Mrs Darcy trying to figure out is behind it It eventually features a murder about page 225 but the murder does tie into all the mysterious accidents that have been occurring throughout the book The characters are delightful, very much the beloved Jane Austen characters we already know The settings are old English estates, with the staircases, and drawing rooms, and vast parks for walking paths About 2 3 of the way through I began to suspect who the perpetrator is but it s not completely obvious A little sluggish reading than most cozies because of the Austen era resemblance but easier English to read Good book and I will continue this series.

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    It was really of a 3.5, while I enjoyed the blissful afterglow of Darcy Elizabeth s and for that matter Bingley and Jane s nuptials, the introduction of voodoo esque touches left me feeling meh The mystery itself was enjoyable, and I thought the victim was deserving enough without having to add that additional layer Having read one or two of the others, I get that Ms Bebris is going for a Gothic feel to these tomes, so if you are interested in the injection of the supernatural added to Jane Austen s characters and time period Enjoy And yes, I m going to read them all just to see if I m correct about the supernatural aspect flowing throughout the series.

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    This totally delightful series of regency mysteries completely capture the wit and whimsy of Jane Austen providing a completely believable what comes next story line for Darcy and Elizabeth assuming they started solving vaguely supernatural crimes together and frequently ran into every other character Austen ever wrote I m a bit of a fanatic for Austen sequels and Bebris totally nails the style and light, frothy energy that is the hallmark of any Austen story Yes, the stories can veer into the supernatural to the point where one feels like one might be reading Austen by way of Bram Stoker but honestly they re so much fun I can forgive some flights of fancy.Bebris also gets her leads just right Whatever Pride and Prejudice lovers may claim as their reason for loving the book the way they do I guarantee its alllll because of these two and their beautiful, sizzling chemistry Elizabeth is every bit the witty fireball we know her to be and Darcy is her besotted, slightly starchy perfect match.The whole series is great fun and I absolutely recommend it to any fan of Austen fiction.

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