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Good in BedWell by reading some of the reviews below, I guess I am the only one that really did NOT like this book I thought it was quite IRONIC That Violet loved the screenplay because the lead character didn t need to be rescued unlike Cannie She seems so winey and down on not only herself but everyone else To me this was NOT an uplifting book, It was actually rather depressing and I only finished it because it was the book selected for my book club so i felt obligated to finish it It was a chore to read I have another one Jennifer weiners books and now i am thinking should I waste my time Hopefully little earthquakes is better than this book Sorry I just didn t connect at all with Cannie I felt she was flat and i really hated the scene where she ditched the guy in the restaurant when he said it wasn t a date Come on she can t be friends with men only date them Put your feet on the ground and smell the coffee What is the author trying to say here Pretty sad in my opinion I admit I am not a chic lit fan, but i thought well i liked Stephanie Plum so maybe i have judged chic lit unfairly This book to be was not worth the time i spent on it Waste of time Update I had another book by this author I gave it away I am not going to waste my time reading it when there are so many other GOOD books out there This author is NOT for me She dummies down her writing, my thoughts are if you need your literature dummied down for you then do something else She is not added to my DO NOT READ list. This was an interesting book I read it for an on line book group I did like reading it, but at the same time, it s definitely not one I would recommend or would be on any must read list I would write The thing I think Jennifer Weiner did well was writing in a way that I did get sucked into Cannie s life and her pain I think anyone who s had a lost love can really relate to that kind of misery, and I think she did a great job describing it So much so, that my mood was somewhat muted days after reading it You do just kind of want to grab her and shake her, and say, Give it up But, at the same time, it s true to life in my experience When you are that upset over someone, you don t really act in a level headed way However, there were plenty of blatant flaws with the story, in my opinion It was just too good to be true too many times for my gag reflex In a way, that s what s great about fictionanything can happen spoiler At the same time, it s nice to have things be somewhat realistic, and I don t think the instant celebrity best friend, screenplay hitting big, and swiping the x s job are in line with that I expecially didn t like how she ended up having her baby by being pushed by the new girlfriendseemed so Jerry Springer I even thought that was rather unrealistic Made me roll my eyes a little But, I did like the ending Dr K is a great character.Overall, it did keep my interest, mostly, and I m not sorry I read it But, I know I won t be seeking out her other books. this book had a lot of things going on none of it was starts off with this ross and rachel break situation and a semi harsh column about dating a large woman, and then it turns into a soap opera i expected an evil twin to appear it was just bad real bad also she was a size 16 at 5 10 with big boobs lord really cry me a river. The third worst book I have ever read I just cannot stand main characters who portray themselves as perpetually victimized, while refusing to take any responsibility for removing themselves from the victim state It didn t help that I felt the author intentionally crafted her characters to be as pathetic as possible, then framed the story in such a way as to imply the reader has no right to condemn any of them for their decisions Insultingly bad, even for a genre I refuse to call this anything but chicklit that has set the bar pretty low. Weiner S Witty, Original, Fast Moving Debut Features A Lovable Heroine, A Solid Cast, Snappy Dialogue And A Poignant Take On Life S PrioritiesFor Twenty Eight Years, Things Have Been Tripping Along Nicely For Cannie Shapiro Sure, Her Mother Has Come Charging Out Of The Closet, And Her Father Has Long Since Dropped Out Of Her World But She Loves Her Friends, Her Rat Terrier, Nifkin, And Her Job As Pop Culture Reporter For The Philadelphia Examiner She S Even Made A Tenuous Peace With Her Plus Size Body But The Day She Opens Up A National Women S Magazine And Sees The Words Loving A Larger Woman Above Her Ex Boyfriend S Byline, Cannie Is Plunged Into Miseryand The Most Amazing Year Of Her Life From Philadelphia To Hollywood And Back Home Again, She Charts A New Course For Herself Mourning Her Losses, Facing Her Past, And Figuring Out Who She Is And Who She Can Become This was so good that when it ended I felt like I had lost a friend I got so attached to Canny, that I just wanted to call her and chat with her about her life I would read this book again and againin fact, I have. Blah What is up with these 20 something books The I don t like my job, I can t find a mate, I m almost 30 angst books They are all written in the EXACT same voice, and even hit the same highlights in both this book and Girls are Weird, a father s funeral results in a hook up with an ex I guess I really dodged a bullet there.In the interview after the book, the author seems very proud of herself that she wrote an anti fairy tale, meaning the protagonist does not end the book skinny this is a book about a woman obsessed with the fact she s fat Ummokay But the protagonist does 1 sell her screenplay, 2 become close friends with a movie star, and 3 have a handsome doctor fall in love with her his specialty is bariatrics but he likes fat chicks plot twist How is that not a fantasy This is a quick read that is sometimes amusing, but there s really no there, there The blurb on the front cover from the New York Times really says it all This season s beach book Queen for a Day As in read and quickly forgotten How is that a selling point for a book My first grader can sound out words and takes great interest in what I m reading He didn t understand the title of the book, so I told him that it was about someone who sleeps all night and never gets up to get in their parents bed.My husband wanted to know if it was fiction He was hoping not.I liked this book because I liked the character and cared about her She s likable and funny and she means well My major criticism about this book, however, is that the unrealistic twists and turns rival those of a Great Adventure roller coaster I think that if I took a big red pen to this book I d remove the parts that have anything to do with Hollywood Even the manuscript sale seemed over the top to me I d change the push to something that didn t involve another person, like a slip in a puddle after an argument with your ex boyfriend s new girlfriend I d leave the family dysfunction I thought her passages about her father were touching and honest.All that said, though, I liked it enough that I ll probably read In Her Shoes, which I believe is the sequel to this. Twenty eight year old Cannie Shapiro had just taken a break in her relationship with her boyfriend when he was heading towards wanting marriage and she wasn t quite sure what she wanted But when she sees the headline in a magazine Loving a Larger Woman she is immediately furious when she sees her ex s name in the byline Now Cannie is trying to get her life in order and her weight under control She always knew she was plus size but the humiliation of seeing it in a national magazine has her questioning everything in her life along with her relationship with her ex Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner was somewhat an emotional roller coaster of a read It was often quite humorous but also rather touching in moments when Cannie is dealing with different areas of her life There s romance mixed with grief Anxiety mixed with humor Indecision, heartache, grief, loss, emotional growth and joy Pretty much any type of emotion a reader could think of wrapped into this one I will say I wasn t a huge fan of Cannie wanting to hold onto her relationship after she d initially broken things off but as the read went on I grew to understand her fears and thoughts along the way so the story drew me in as she went through her life after her public humiliation Overall, an emotional roller coaster of a ride with the main character while dealing with being a plus sized woman in a society obsessed with weight I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Forreviews please visit At one point in my life I felt gung ho to read the work of the woman who bravely stood up to Jonathan Franzen s derision Then I read this book Then I read a little bitabout Jennifer Weiner s various online and in print literary spats With the disclaimer that one book is in no way representative of a writer s oeuvre particularly not the first book of a roughly 15 year publishing career I think Good in Bed is an easy target for criticism It may not be fair to criticize a single book with lady legs on the cover as full representative of women s fiction, no , but can we be honest Cannie s life is a romantic fantasy There s nothing wrong with that if that s your thing, but it IS fair for other writers to call it what it is And to criticize or personally dislike that thing that it is, too.Here s the plot, with SPOILERS that I don t feel like blocking out, you ve been warned Not so svelte reporter Cannie Shapiro s mourning the end of her relationship with a blonde Yanni lookalike, whom she dumped and is upset with for not taking her back once she realizes she loved him anyway even though he s a pot smoking slug after post breakup pity sex He somehow becomes a love columnist for a major magazine, even though he always seems to be wearing sweatpants in public, and writes about their relationship, including what it was like to love a larger woman This throws Cannie into a tailspin about her weight, she enrolls in a dieting study at the University of Philadelphia led by a cute prematurely gray doctor Yanni gets a new girlfriend Cannie writes a screenplay, meets a major Hollywood starlet who helps her sell her screenplay, then finds out she s pregnant with Yanni s no love child She drops out of the study, cute doctor knows she s pregnant and pursues her anyway, she chooses to have the baby even though Yanni still doesn t acknowledge her after she tells him she s with child and keeping it She becomes a single mother prematurely after Yanni s new girlfriend accidentally pushes her and she falls while seven months along and the Hollywood starlet BUYS AND FURNISHES HER AN APARTMENT and cute doctor totally proposes to her at the end, because he s fallen in love with how Cannie reminds him of his deceased sisterShe also loses weight recuperating from the traumatic labor.I was on board with the book until the screenplay That s where things got wacky For one thing, chubby girls can eat pray and love our way through the end of a relationship but 99.9% of us aren t going to befriend Jennifer Lawrence and marry a cute doctor by the end of our journey If our ex boyfriend impregnates us, he may ignore us whether we decide to go through with the pregnancy or or not, and most likely none of us are going to have someone buy us an apartment to help us with the financial burden of being a single parent And I would HOPE many of us eventually realize that, Yanni in sweatpants or not, no one is obligated to still love us and want a relationship with us after we have broken up with them The point is, Good in Bed raised some interesting conflicts and resolved them in completely ridiculous, divorced from reality, wish fulfillment ways The criticism that I would make of this book is that such resolution of problems is lazy writing problem solving, in terms of the real world as opposed to the world where authorial deus ex machina is possible I would have to readof Weiner s work to make a statement about her work as a whole, but at the conclusion of my first Jennifer Weiner experience I m left feeling irritated at the idea that criticism of work such as Good in Bed is construed as sexist action when really, the book is either composed of lazy writing or is such fantasy that it becomes so unlike a story that would really happen and thus, is not to some people s liking And by some people, I do mean me Blech.

Jennifer Weiner is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of sixteen books, including Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and, most recently, Mrs Everything A graduate of Princeton University and contributor to the New York Times Opinion section, she lives with her family in Philadelphia Visit her online at

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