All in Color for a Dime

All in Color for a DimeA Long Unavailable Comics Classic Returns Eleven Comic Book Collectors Recall Their Childhood Comics Heroes Than In All The Reprint From The Arlington House Original Sports An All New Introduction By Comics Buyer S Guide Editor Maggie Thompson And Includes Pages Of Full Color Comic Book Art

Richard Allen Dick Lupoff born February 21, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York is an American science fiction and mystery author, who has also written humor, satire, non fiction and reviews In addition to his two dozen novels and than 40 short stories, he has also edited science fantasy anthologies He is an expert on the writing of Edgar Rice Burroughs and has an equally strong interest in H P

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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • All in Color for a Dime
  • Richard A. Lupoff
  • English
  • 07 December 2017
  • 9780873414982

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    In the dark days before the Internet, genre fans often shared ideas and concepts through fanzines Beginning with the first issue the Hugo winning Xero 1960 1963 , comics played a central role with the regular column All in Color for a Dime, featuring an extraordinary cast of rotating writers Lupoff who co edited Xero and Thompson selected eleven pieces for inclusion in All in Color for a Dime Highlights from the entertaining book include Ted White on M.C Gaines, Lupoff covering Captain Marvel, Roy Thomas recounting the Fawcett stable of heroes, Ron Goulart revealing lesser known, second tier heroes, and Harlan Ellison showcasing George Carlson.Thanks at least partially to these writings, the popular conception of comic books within the science fiction community began to change from contempt to at least a grudging acknowledgment Open enjoyment and acceptance of the medium would have to wait another 30 years until the arrival of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, et al.

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    This book was the foundation for my lifelong pursuit of all things comics especially early fanzines The stories told and the history behind so many great comic books, companies and creators is something that if done well, can ignite a fire in your soul, and this book did just that In fact, I remember buying this for my dad s birthday in the early 70 s Not because he was into comics, but because it fascinated me especially the pictures And while I know it was wrong, that book has become one of my prized possessions 40 years later

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    This book started a life long love affair with Comics and pop culture It s really a collection of essays about Golden Age comics characters from some of the industry s most recognizable names of the day.

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    YES YES YESthe book that got me interest in comics history

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    I second Chuck s thoughts on this I read it a long time ago, before I was even aware that Steranko had anything out It gave me an appreciation for the reprints that were common at the time.

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    This book is not a history of the comic book in the strictest sense of the term It is rather a collection of essays each of which deals with a particular topic with each essay being written by a different author all of them well known, at least to SF and or comic fans Most of the essays deal with comic books as such, however there are two that don t One deals with the Thimble Theatre comic strip, which is where Popeye initially appeared That essay leaves this person wanting to read at least one specific storyline The second one deals with those movie serials which were based on comic strips.The other essays cover a wide variety of topics including Planet Comics, The Justice Society of America, Timely s heroes and Captain Marvel among others A special delight is Ron Goulart s article on some of the lesser known super heroes of the Golden Age The title of the book is from a series of essays that originally appeared in the fanzine Xero However, as the editors make clear, this book is not a simple reprinting of those essays Where an essay was retained it has been re written by the author, other essays were not retained for various reasons, and new ones have been added If you have an interest in comics in general or particularly in the Golden Age the 1940s then you should find this book worthwhile I have reread it several times in fact my copy is falling apart and never cease to find it informative and entertaining.

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    This is an excellent early survey of comics history and fandom with nostalgic articles from some of the pioneers of the genre.

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    Who knew Popeye was such a brilliant strip

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