Blood and Matzah

Blood and Matzah Shira Thought She Knew Everything And Had It All A Comfortable Life, Her Loving Parents And Their Unique Family Business, Pleasant, Engaging Lifelong Friends, The Joy Of Her Faith, The Community Of Her Synagogue, And The Love Of G D No Danger, No Hardships, And Certainly No Nagging Questions About The Why Of It All Is That So Wrong What Could Be Missing Ah, There Was No Adventure, No Lure Of The Unknown, No Romance This Last Part Was A Problem For Shira S Mother, Miriam Certainly, There Was Very Little Sex And Then Along Came Avram Full Of Charisma, Enigmatic, And Definitely The Sexiest, Most Alluring Man She Had Ever Encountered One Mesmerizing Touch Of His Hand And She Was Undone Completely, Utterly, Irrevocably Little Did She Comprehend At That Electrifying Moment That The Timeline Of Her Placid And Insignificant Existence Would Soon Spin Out Of Control And Turn On The Proverbial Dime How Could She Have Foreseen That This One Small Act Would Propel Her Into The Juxtaposition Of Time And History, Mortality And Immortality, G D And Science The Upshot Of Which She Reluctantly Comes To Discover, Is That All Of These Are Not Necessarily Mutually Exclusive This Mysterious Man Becomes A Catalyst For Shira S Self Discovery, Engaging Her In A Topsy Turvy, Rollercoaster Of A Ride Spanning The History Of Her People And Ultimately Causing Her To Question Everything She Thought She Knew About G D, The Order Of The Universe, And Her Place In It Like The Stone In David S Slingshot, She Is Catapulted Along Within The Great Pendulum Of Time, Flung Into The Past, Exposed To The Seamier Side Of Death, And Thrown Into The Tawdry, Violent Underbelly Of The Undead All Because Of Avram And His Kind This Chance Meetingor Was It Chance Was There A Master Hand At Work, Giving New Meaning To The Expression Blood Sacrifice G D Help Her Don T Worry He S Planning On It Nu, You Don T Have To Be Jewish To Understand But It Couldn T Hoit Eh, It S Up To You To Discover About Shira And Her World, Visit Bloodandmatzah And Blogandmatzah I enjoyed it kind of Of course I read itI wrote it Don t ask me how many times though I wanted to read a book about Jewish, time travelling vampires, so I wrote one So I obviously can t be objective That s not my purview Don t worry, you don t have to Jewish to read it but it couldn t hoit Eh, it s up to you. very weird concept for a story good writing, kept me interested still weird

YOU GUYS ROCK Unfortunately, I was four flags short so I didn t win the bet with my husband Looks like Mickey D s instead of prime rib at The Outback Woot My blog is synced with GR Okay, I need to get out and am a complete technocrap rube.

❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Blood and Matzah  ❤ Author Christine  Brown –
  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Blood and Matzah
  • Christine Brown
  • English
  • 09 August 2019
  • 9781461057994

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