Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses

Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses Taken As A Child From The Streets By Gaetano, A Siledian Mafia Boss, Idun Is Now His Slave And Bodyguard After A Shooting Gone Wrong, The Boss Sends Idun To An Exclusive Resort To Recover From His Injuries But Idun Knows That When The Boss Shows Kindness, He Should Be Very AfraidCelestin Works Against Human Trafficking, After Escaping The Bonds Of Slavery Early In His Life When He S Assigned The Rescue Of Idun, He Never Imagines He Will Fall For His ChargeThis Is A Game Of Cat And Mouse, Where Nobody S Who They Seem Will Idun And Celestin Find Trust In Each Other, And Will They Fight Back To Back, When The Battle Begins Gay Erotic Romance NovellaPagesWords Explicit Same Sex Scenes, Nudity And Profanity 2.75 stars Short, Sexy and Steamy You know it, my three favorite colors Idun is mob boss Gaetano s best bodyguard, but a recent job gone bad left him injured and on his boss s shit list Gaetano doesn t take kindly to failure So when his boss tells him he s sending him to a resort to recover, Idun is righteously worried You don t fail Gaetano and you definitely don t get rewarded when you do The last time Idun failed him, it cost a young innocent boy his life Celestin goes undercover as an escort at the resort in order to gain access to Idun and rescue him from Gaetano Idun is all man, tall and sexy to spite the obvious scars he carries not only on his body, but in his heart and mind Celestin quickly falls for him and quietly tells Idun who he is and why he s there But just when Celestin thinks this rescue mission will be a success, they are betrayed and Gaetano sends Napolean Guns to kill them both This was a short, sexy read and I completely devoured it There was a lot of content and story for so few pages and the characters were compelling I would love to seebooks set in this world Di Meo has created and I d love to know what happens when Idun is reunited with the family Gaetano stole him from when he was a boy I believe the second half of the title, burning kisses, is what happens anytime Celestin puts his lips on Idun Wether it be them kissing or Celestin marking Idun s body and Idun is always thinking how the kisses set his skin on fire If you are a fan of gay erotica, this one is a must read Good lord these two guys are sexy, and Celestin can t even wait for them to completely heal and get out of the hospital They are ripping off gowns and going at it right there on the hospital bed DEFINITELY Recommend this one. I liked the story, it was very interesting and sweet.But a few things kept pulling me from the story There are often breaks of narration, which are very confusing Since this is a close 3rd POV about two men a reader is easily confused when there is a break in POV and it often took me quite a few lines to get back into the story The same goes for the formatting of dialogue, quite often I found that one character was speaking, the other did an action and the first one was speaking again, all in one line Which also constantly broke the narration.There were also quite a few instances where there was a choice of words that sounded like the character was about 60 in our own time, since this is a story about the future this was annoying The characters are young adults but they sound a lot older.I kept going in this novella because the story and the characters were compelling I wanted to knowabout them.Story wise it is great, but it could use an edit on narration and choice of words.

Jay Di Meo followed elves, angels, and trickster demons around as a child As an adult, she started documenting all the paranormal activity especially the skin on skin sort As an author, she gives you fair warning all her stories are true especially the one about the handsome merman and she keeps the cutest, hottest guys in her closet.

[Download] ➵ Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses  ➾ Jay Di Meo –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 67 pages
  • Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses
  • Jay Di Meo
  • English
  • 05 July 2018

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