We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success

We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to SuccessIn this story three friends that where in high school where fooling around and they all got in trouble They where the trouble makers, their names where George, Sampson, and Rameck They where best friends that acted ghetto when they where outside of school They all wanted to fit in the groups that were cool, they wanted to be gang members One by one they all started to make good choices so that they can have a good future They all decided to become doctors at the end and still have a friendship pact that led to success I think that this story was very inspiring because the the way that they started was very bad, but then in the future they showed that making good choices lead to a better future They explain to us that making a bad choice can lead you to consequences that get you in trouble In total I found the story very inspiring and interesting My favorite character is Sampson because at the beginning of the story he was a non friendly person but was a confident guy even though he wanted to become a gangster But then he started to make good choices which inspired me to make good choices Overall, i think this story is amazing and highly recommend it to people so that they themselves, get inspired and will be able to know why it is good to make good choices in live Im not expecting to read about the authors books Sampson Davis because im into sports and adventures in the outside world, im not saying its a bad book but i think people should read this book if they want to get inspired by three friends that made good choices. The story We Beat the Streets by Sharon M Draper is the remarkable true story of how three kids from bad neighborhoods that were just full of drugs, gangs, violence, and crime and how they banded together to overcome these disadvantages to become doctors They made a pact to do well in school, get good grades, go to college, and become successful doctors They did this by always being there for one another and supporting each other whenever they needed it the most Without the support of one another, they each would probably not have accomplished their dreams and most likely would have just became another nameless victim of the streets where each of them grew up My favorite parts was when Sampson gets caught stealing ice es Learns a major lesson not to steal and when All boys the boys are accepted to Seton Hall. It bothered me a bit that these guys kept squeaking by each time they got in trouble Some of the things they did were serious like beating a homeless man almost to death , but each time they were able to find a way out of trouble I m not saying I begrudge their success, and they do try to show remorse for each of the things they did, but what message does it ultimately send to the children Do what you want and as long as you re sorry, everything will be okay and you can become doctors I know the hard work they put into their schooling, and that is precisely what the students as we read this school wide needed to know However, they never really mentioned how much actual work is really involved in earning a medical degree I suppose it wouldn t have held the interest of its intended audience if all they talked about was how much studying they did or how difficult the coursework was, but that may be precisely the problem The kids didn t see the reality, but the reality show version of their story There s no way you can become a doctor just by choosing the right friends and hoping to get out of every scrape with the law It s not a bad book, and it has a good message, but I don t think MY students benefited much from it. We Beat the StreetThe Three Doctors,Sampson DavisGeorge JenkinsRameck HuntNonfiction194 pagesGrowing up on the rough streets of Newark, New Jersey, Rameck, George,and Sampson could easily have followed their childhood friends into drug dealing, gangs, and prison But when a presentation at their school made the three boys aware of the opportunities available to them in the medical and dental feilds, they made a pact amongst themselves that they would go to collage and become doctors It took a lot of determination and a lot of support from one another, but despite all the hardships they faced along the way, the three friends succeeded.I think for three black kids growing up in the ghetto, would be hard in general, but for them to grow up and all become successful doctors is amazing This book inspired me becauseI want to be a doctor when I grow up, and if three black kids from the hood could graduate top of their highschool class, and go to med school, then so can I If I had to rate this book on a scale from one to ten, one being terribal nd ten being awsome, I would give it a ten because of how inspiring I thought this book was. This inspirational biography is about how three kids from the poor parts of Newark, NJ grew up to become great doctors I really liked this book because it was very inspirational The authors Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and George Jenkins provide each of their experiences from their own point of view before and after they met up in high school I had the unique experience of being in each of they lives as they encountered difficulty, good fortune, and many other events through the great vivid imagery The book starts off describing each of the authors as life when they were around ten years old The authors artfully change to another one of the three in each chapter, which kept the story from going stale However, like most biographies, there is no real plots or problems and solutions, which I prefer The authors still manage to keep the story interesting by recounting their fascinating stories from their past Moreover, the authors explain how each event affects them, finally putting it all together into the doctors they are now The book is very easy to follow along and understand how each person changes My favorite character was George He was kind of a static character compared to the other two, but he greatly impacts Rameck and Sampson Without him, I feel like they wouldn t have been able to persevere in their goal of becoming doctors George also didn t get in trouble as much as Rameck and Sampson, who were arrested as juveniles, but they quickly learned their lesson and never got in trouble after that.Overall, this book is a good read if you are interested in an inspiring story The three doctors growth is apparent throughout the story I would recommend this book to people who like biographies, but it s a little too slow paced compared to a fictional book I gave this book four stars because it was inspirational, but failed to maintain my interest completely. The Book We Beat The Street is a book that shows what people have to live with and I liked how the authors wrote the book by showing the new problems. We Beat the Street is a book about a friendship between the 3 main characters Who are Sampson, George , and Rameck The three of these friends go on many adventures some that become life changing like drugs, fighting with gangs, and getting to their dream this appealed to me because of their common goal to become successful and get out their neighborhood All of the boys start off in a poor neighborhood and have to grow up fast in order to make it in there world They must go through many trials in order to achieve their goals They also must all do this together, i think the theme of the book was to work together and be careful of what you do because they must work together and keep form trouble Throughout the book I was kept on edge about what these 3 friends would do and very excited about the book I never saw the film but i can imagine it being just how i saw it in my head and in visioned it being very actions packed.Overall i loved the novel and thought it was a great representation of the struggles of a young poor African american boys because it showed realistic places, people, and lives My favorite character in this book has to be Rameck because i felt like he had the most change and showed the most of all characters that hes not perfect.This meant a lot because of my book club conversation why Rameck is such a great person but in a sense complex character.Overall this book was full of adventure that kept you on your toes to the very end and i would again strongly recommend to other kids and teachers for book clubs. We Beat the Street is a book about three boys who became friends and overcame challenges together Sampson, Rameck and George grew up in the inner city surrounded by fighting and drugs Living in the inner city meant only one future, selling drugs, but the boys wanted than that They wanted to be successful and show that no matter who you are or where you live anything is possible So the boys formed a pack stay together, work hard and become doctors and that s exactly what they did I really loved this book It showed the importance of friendship and that you have to work hard Not only that but it inspires you and shows that it doesn t matter who you are or where you come from but how hard you work This book teaches you to never give up and anything is possible Each boy faces challenges before meeting one another I really like how real this book is, how these guys were ordinary people, they made mistakes but despite it all they kept going I enjoyed reading this book a lot The only thing I would say that I don t like is the style of the book Each chapter is about one guys specifically, there are only like three chapters in the entire thing about all of them In the start of the book I liked it because you got to see how each of them grew up and what they faced and learned but as they met one another I didn t like it as much From there it was like the same scenario but told three times from each of the boys point of view Other than that the book was amazing All in all this book is a must read There really isn t an age limit on it because everything in the book goes on today The difference is instead of just hearing it on the news you get to see it through three different guys who all experienced it This book has the ability to inspire and give hope to everyone which is why its so great I definitely recommend this book to anyone Even though its nonfiction it still captures your attention and makes it all the better After reading the book and knowing it was true it gives you all the hope This book really shows anything is possible. This book is about three black men trying to make it through like all black men but these men makes something out of there life and become a doctor. Growing Up On The Rough Streets Of Newark, New Jersey, Rameck, George, And Sampson Could Easily Have Followed Their Childhood Friends Into Drug Dealing, Gangs, And Prison But When A Presentation At Their School Made The Three Boys Aware Of The Opportunities Available To Them In The Medical And Dental Professions, They Made A Pact Among Themselves That They Would Become Doctors It Took A Lot Of Determination And A Lot Of Support From One Another But Despite All The Hardships Along The Way, The Three Succeeded Retold With The Help Of An Award Winning Author, This Younger Adaptation Of The Adult Hit Novel The Pact Is A Hard Hitting, Powerful, And Inspirational Book That Will Speak To Young Readers Everywhere

Drs Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt are practicing physicians, authors and the founders of The Three Doctors Foundation.

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