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You Don't Know Me To Everyone Who Knows Her, Annalise Decker Is A Model Wife And Mother She S A Permanent Member Of The PTA, Never Misses Her Kids Sporting Events, And Is Constantly Campaigning For Her Husband S Mayoral RaceNo One Knows That Annalise Was Once Deidre O Reilly, A Troubled Young Woman Whose Testimony Put A Dangerous Criminal Behind Bars Relocated Through The Witness Security Program To The Sleepy Town Of Deep Haven, Deidre Got A New Identity And A Fresh Start, Which Began When She Fell In Love With Local Real Estate Agent Nathan Decker Twenty Years Later, Annalise Couldn T Be Unprepared For Her Past To Catch Up With Her When Agent Frank Harrison Arrives With News That The Man She Testified Against Is Out On Bail And Out For Revenge, Annalise Is Forced To Face The Consequences Of Her Secrets Will She Run Again, Or Will She Finally Find The Grace To Trust Those She Loves Most With Both Her Past And Her Future

I can t help be amazed at the gifts God has delighted me with a wonderful husband, four amazing children, and the opportunity to write for Him.I ve been writing as long as I can remember I won my first book writing contest in first grade Over the years, writing has become, for me, a way to praise God and see Him at work in my life.Although I have a degree in Mass Communications from the Unive

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    This is one of those books that I tried really hard to like, but failed I think perhaps this wasn t the book for me in the first place I was all set to enjoy it, but for some reason, it just didn t click There was nothing wrong with it that I can actually pin point for disliking it, so I sort of feel bad giving it a low rating The I read, the I disliked the entire propulsion of the plot the fact that the main character was in the Witness Protection Program but has kept it from her husband I think that if you trust this person enough to marry them, you ll trust them enough to tell them about your past and trust that they won t do anything harmful with that information That just sort of felt unrealistic, and once we started jumping around to different character s heads, I had a hard time staying invested in the story It felt cheesy at times to me.I honestly would have just preferred a contemporary family drama I know people are placed in the WPP in real life, but I guess it s just not something I ended up caring to read about, which is not really the fault of the book, but mine.I will definitely try something else by this author, maybe something that just centers on the family dynamics and leaves out the suspense I know this author has many fans, so maybe this book just wasn t the one for me.

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    For those who have already fallen in love with Deep Haven and the characters that populate the place, You Don t Know Me is a wonderful addition to the series as it meets expectations for a story of heartfelt character and characters with heart Of the three I ve read, this one follows along the lines of The Shadow of Your Smile rather than My Foolish Heart it has a similar suspense and similar themes regarding falling in love again, forgiving, and truly desiring to know and understand another If you have yet to experience Deep Haven, any of the these three books can be enjoyed as a stand alone You Don t Know Me is part contemporary romance, part romantic suspense but mostly it s a character s study, getting into various characters thoughts and showing why they act the way they do and why they are all in need of grace and love Warren does a fantastic job of creating flawed characters whom the reader can care about and sympathize with And it s not just about one couple it s about multiple couples and family members and friends, showing how much we need others and how much our choices affect others I was especially intrigued by one of the younger secondary characters in this story It s easy for many of the other characters to judge him, but I love the glimpse we get into his heart This particular story is well crafted, well rounded, and boasts its own great cast of characters The storyline is certainly unique, although some of the elements I perceived to be similar to The Shadow of Your Smile along with the rather slow and somber progression of events and the drawn out, painful revelations kept it from being a favorite of mine But in my growing list of experiences with Warren s books, I ve discovered that if you enjoy meaningful and romantic stories with fabulous characters, it doesn t appear that you can go wrong with one of hers With thanks to the publisher for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion, to be shared during the Litfuse Publicity blog tour.

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    A gripping novel with the struggle of the human condition woven through the story and characters A home town that draws the reader in and a story I couldn t help but want to see resolved to a happily ever after You Don t Know Me is a gripping marvel of strong storytelling and solid characters that beg to have their story told in the way that has put Warren on the Christian fiction map.I couldn t put this book down No, once I met this Decker family, they became my next door neighbors and I wanted to know them better, watch them succeed Annalise has spent her adult life living a lie and now it s coming back to haunt the family she adores How do you reconcile a past that could harm your family and yet never want to part with your heart s reason to beat The story is richly entwined with real to life characters Subplots that contribute vital motivation for me to continue reading This is definitely one of those stories that pulsed in my throat and wounded my heart when they struggled.It s a story that feels real I m never left unchanged after reading a Warren novel The passion upon the page starts with the story and ends with hope and grace to be found in God s love A marvelous bit of news has become known that another Deep Haven will soon be entertaining readers again and I couldn t be happier This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers through Litfuse for my ARC to review.

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    Title You Don t Know Me Author Susan May Warren Pages 362Year 2012Publisher Tyndale Annalise Decker has the perfect life, a handsome husband running for mayor, three beautiful children, and a loving mother in law She spends her days taking care of her children, volunteering to lead committees, serving her church and community, attending potluck dinners at church, and campaigning for her husband She has been a member of the Deep Haven community for 20 years and has made numerous friends She has a wonderful marriage and considers herself a Christian However, she is hiding a big secret that nobody in town knows about, not even her husband She stops for a cup of coffee, and her life hits a roadblock Her handler from the Witness Security Protection Service is waiting for her at one of the tables In her past, she led a very different life She testified against a drug lord while living in St Louis He vowed to find her when he got out and kill her Agent Frank Harrison agrees to put her in the WitSec Program, fakes her death, creates a new identity for her, and finds her a new place to live The only people who know she is still alive are Frank, her mother and her father Now, Frank tells her the drug lord has been paroled due to the overcrowding in the prison system He vanished into Canada, and no one has seen him in a while Is Annalise truly in danger from him If so, what is she to do now Should she leave with her family, making her children and husband give up their lives to start over Can she leave her family behind to keep them safe Is God punishing her for her past sins by taking away her good life Can Annalise depend on the Lord for protection and provision Nathan Decker has married the woman of his dreams She is smart, beautiful, and a great mother What could he ask for Nathan is a real estate agent, mayoral candidate, father, and Christian But Nathan has secrets of his own Unbeknown to his wife, he has maxed out their credit card and will have to use their son s college fund to pay it off unless he sells a lot of houses He also feels trapped in this town where he grew up due to his father s actions Can he get past living with his father s ghost Annalise never talks about her family or her past, but that s okay with Nathan Then, her Uncle Frank shows up and she begins to act much tense and irritable The two are arguing a lot What is going on with his wife Eventually, Annalise is forced to reveal her past to Nathan Needless to say, he is stunned He thought he knew her How could she have deceived him all of these years Who is Annalise Decker How could she put their family in such danger Can their marriage survive the secrets Can God protect them and keep them safe This was such a good story including romance, suspense, and drama It was interesting to follow the family s different relationship dynamics I enjoyed the closeness of the family, their protectiveness of one another Don t miss this one My rating is 4 stars.Note I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at

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    Imagine you re sitting on a plane and the woman sitting next to you is visibly upset You re naturally curious and compassionate, so you ask a question or two How are you and Why are you on this flight The woman says she s on the way to see her daughter, who is going into a federal witness protection program She s saying good bye Forever.That happened to author Susan May Warren, and she turned the experience into a book, You Don t Know Me, the sixth novel set in the fictional Minnesota town of Deep Haven In the close knit town, Annalise Decker is a devoted wife, supportive mother and community activist Her husband is running for mayor, and life, from the outside, looks perfect Then a federal agent shows up with news that could wreck her world the man she testified against 20 years ago is out of jail and seeking revenge And Annalise s carefully guarded secret, that her real name is Deidre O Reilly and she s in the Witness Security Program, is in danger of being made known She has to decide if she ll give up the life she s built on a lie to protect her family or entrust herself to the grace and love of her family and the protection of God.I picked this book up on sale for Kindle before Christmas last year I ve read one other Deep Haven book and a novella, both of which made me eager to pick up another one in the series Though they all take place in Deep Haven, you don t have to read all of them or have read them in order I m not even sure which ones I ve missed, but each time I ve taken the trip to Deep Haven through Warren s novels, I ve not been disappointed.Warren blends suspense, humor, romance and inspiration like a perfectly seasoned soup Her stories are warm, comforting, hearty and keep you coming back for .I cannot imagine what it would be like to say good bye to your family forever, start a new life and then have that life threatened Annalise s choices are not easy and Warren makes her struggle real to the rest of us, who probably will never have to face that kind of choice.I appreciated, too, that this story was borne out of something that really happened to someone through an encounter the author had in real life As a writer, that inspires me, because I see stories everywhere Warren s tale is encouraging in so many ways It s not fluff it s tough.And often than not, I m loving books that aren t afraid to go deep.

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    Nathan and Annalise Decker appear to be the perfect couplehe is running for Mayor of Deep Haven, and Annalise doesn t know the word No She is know as the Woman who does it all She has three perfect Children, a Loving Husband, and the Mother In Law everyone would wantHelen.But Behind closed doors, things are not always as they appear Annalise has been keeping a secret that even her husband of twenty years does know She is not who she says she isshe is in Witness Protection She was once know as Deidre O Reilly, who as a young girl made very bad decisions Deidra defied her parents and ran away from home, she picked up with a drug dealer In the end the king pin thought he had killed her She ends up testifying against him, and he threatens he will kill hereither himself or through his connections.She is put in the Northern Minnesota Town she now lives in and a fulfilling life with the typical ups and downs that parents experience All that is put into jeopardy when Uncle Frank arrives to tell her that Garcia is out of jail.Hard to imagine..what will she do Should she leave and hope her family will be ok without her Should they all leave, and the town think them dead What about Helen What a ride we begin, and can t put the book down until we know what is going to happen Who is going to survive Will things ever be the same Love that there is an epilogue in the book Enjoy your return visit to Deep Haven, there is even a few comments about the people we met in previous books I received this book from Litfuse Publicity Book Tours, and the Publisher Tyndale, and was not required to give a positive review.

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    Title YOU DON T KNOW MEAuthor Susan May WarrenPublisher Tyndale FictionSeptember 2012ISBN 978 1 4143 3484 4Genre Women s fictionAnnalise Decker is the model wife and mother She s a member of the PTA, never misses her children s sporting events, and is helping her husband campaign for mayor of Deep Haven, Minnesota But, Annalise is really Deidre O Reilly a troubled, run away teen druggie who ended up putting a prominent drug lord in prison Relocated through the Witness Security program, Deidre received a new identity and a fresh start But twenty years later, Annalise is not prepared when her past catches up with her When her protection agent shows up with the bad news that the drug lord is loose and plans to fulfill his promise to kill Annalise, she isn t sure what to do Allow herself to be replaced somewhere, alone, without her family Or disrupt everyone s lives and uproot the whole family YOU DON T KNOW ME is the latest spellbinding story set in Deep Haven, Minnesota Full of colorful characters that we all know and love from previous books, this is a story that will tear at your heartstrings and make you ache for the characters All of them with points of view in the story, from the protection agent, Frank, to the daughter, Colleen s, boyfriend, have a personality that I just fell in love with There are a couple things about the ending I didn t like, but I won t share, as I don t want to give away any spoilers But I do recommend YOU DON T KNOW ME for a great read that will keep you on the edge of the seat 13.99 384 pages 4.5 stars

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    You Don t Know Me is the sixth A Deep Haven Novel Susan May Warren has written over the years It was much different than the first three, which were published years ago The first three were good, but I can tell that Warren s writing has been finely honed since then Which isn t at all surprising since she s a great encourager of aspiring authors like myself, going so far as to make an entire online community of Christian writers called My Book Therapy.I haven t read many of Warren s books lately, but that was because I ve been in my historical romance cocoon during the last few years trying to decide what kind of historical romance I wanted to write myself I do like her books, and I knew going in to this blog tour that I would like whatever it was You Don t Know Me was about strictly based on what a great story crafter she is.You Don t Know Me was poignant And even though it was a contemporary romantic suspense, it had that certain mood that I adore reading I love it when at the beginning of a novel, you just know everything is hopeless everything goes wrong, and it starts piling up so fast the heroine doesn t know what to do, where to turn, how to survive And yet, in the end after many trials and heartaches she gets everything she s always wanted Perfection.I was given a paperback copy of this book by Tyndale House in order to read and give my honest review for a LitFuse Publicity Blog Tour I give Susan May Warren s You Don t Know Me 4 Stars.

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    Review on Don t Know Me is the sixth Deep Haven novel, but the first I ve read I was able to follow along easily and thoroughly enjoyed reading it I ve read many of Susan May Warren s previous books, and I don t think I ve ever been disappointed with any of them I found it very interesting that the main character in this book Annalise is a member of the Witness Security Program and how she never told her husband that in all the years of their marriage.I loved the characters Annalise, Nathan, Frank, and Tucker were probably my favorites, but I liked almost all of the main characters.There was one thing I didn t like in this book On page 156, Pastor Dan says I have a word from the Lord for you today, church I don t know who this is directed to, but someone needs to hear it He then goes on to say things like, I love you , says the Lord I see things, and I know you, and I love you Period I know stuff about you that you don t even think I know, and yet I love you I don t like when books say that God said something that s not in the Bible It s one of my pet peeves.You Don t Know Me s story was really good and I look forward to reading Deep Haven books in the future I recommend it if you enjoy books with a little suspense and some romance I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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    have not read all of the Deep Haven novels by Susan May Warren, but I have now read three of them My Foolish Heart, The Shadow of Your Smile, and this one Oh, and a novella that took place in Deep Haven Hook, Line, Sinker.The premise of this novel drew me in immediately, much like the amnesia story in The Shadow of Your Smile I was fascinated to see how a story of someone in Witness Protection would play out I really enjoyed the beginning of the book, too getting to know the characters and falling back into the setting of Deep Haven, Minnesota it was interesting and intriguing.Towards the middle, however, I started to realize that this book was not going to focus on the action part of the book as much as the emotions part of the book Now, I am not against exploring characters and their thoughts and feelings sometimes this makes for a really good read but other times I just get too bogged down in it And also, because of the feeling oriented plot, when that part of the story came to a head, everything just seemed to spin unrealistically out of control.Read my complete review here

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