Blood in the Sand (Sanguis Noctis, #2)

Blood in the Sand (Sanguis Noctis, #2) I ve Read it And I ve loved it There are laughs a lot of and there are tears I ve cried like a baby on chapter 15 There is tender love and very hot sex There is action, there is blood, there are explosions There are a lot of things, all that I can search in a book Like the previous book, I ve loved Jed expecially him and Red The way that their relationship is growing in tenderness and in trust, it s moving and really realistic I ve loved that, despite the fact that both the two love stories are an essential part of the book, there is a story beyond that A very addictive story The characters are quite unique, and despite that, they fit perfectly each other I don t think that David falls in the classical stereotype of the sad, emo, blood addicted vampire, like someone can say He is somethingSomeone in some way,fragile than any other view spoiler I see him like someone that made a false step, that costed him one of his most important people And he know that very well And despite he mourns the loss, he lets him go, because it s better this way, for both of them Some people could say that they would rather read about an Happly Ever After, but, quoting Jed, most of the time, shit doesn t work , sad but true There also this kind of finals in life I found this ending so very true, and I loved it so much Maybe,than I would loved an happy end hide spoiler The bad thing about reading a long anticipated book immediately upon release is finishing it too soon Now I am back to waiting for the next new book from these authors Sigh I adored Blood Howl and loved spending time with Jed and Redford again It was wonderful to watch their relationship continue to grow and I m thinking that we will be seeingof them in the future as we try to figure out what s going on with Redford While I struggled a bit with the angst between David and Victor I want a HEA for everyone, no matter what , I dealt with it by convincing myself that this was a story about Jed and Redford This is how I deal with anything I don t want to hear or deal withstick my fingers in my ears and sing la la la so I can t tell what s going on Okay, I m five That s the way it is Anyway, I loved the book, it was definitely worth the wait and hopefully the authors will hurry up with the next book Sequel To Blood HowlSanguis Noctis Book Two When David, An Old Contact And Sometimes Friend, Hires Jed Walker To Look Into A Series Of Seemingly Unrelated Disappearances In Cairo, Jed Jumps At The Chance To Show His Partner, Redford Reed, Of The World He S Been Missing David S Boyfriend, Supernatural Expert And Resident Stuffy Professor Victor Rathbone, Joins Them In Their Journey To Egypt, Which Holds Many Dangers And Mysteries Than Jed Ever Expected Hidden Natures Resurface, Relationships Collide, And Instincts Are Stretched To Their Breaking Point What Seems To Be A Simple Case Turns Out To Be Anything But David May Have Called For Help, But He Has His Own Suspicions About Who S Behind The Kidnappings Suspicions That, Along With Clashing Personalities, Make Getting To The Bottom Of The Mystery Difficult While Jed And Redford Grow Intimate And Trusting With Each New Obstacle In Their Path, David And Victor Struggle Not To Lose Their Trust In Each Other In The Face Of Their Differences As The Four Close In On The Kidnappers, David Is Forced To Face The One Thing Dangerous Than The Mastermind Behind The Disappearances Himself This is a sequel to Blood Howl, and it s recommended to read Blood Howl first You ll get a lotout of the characters of Jed and Redford and understand their progression .I enjoyed this book a lot, but I also enjoyed Blood Howl The one hasplot and is much longer, which is a nice change since many books in this genre rarely get over 250 pages I love the dynamic between Jed and Redford in both books I ll admit they re pretty schmoopy internally gushy in this one It felt like 85% of their thoughts were about each other, but to be honest, I didn t mind at all Even Jed gets to his version of schmoopy, which still involved lots of swearing and lewd comments, but that s just his rough and often hilarious fa ade It s nice to readestablished couples or couples shifting towards establishment as they sort out their issues beyond the Let s get together decision And both have their issues and growth, especially Redford who is growingcomfortable in his skin and communicating I heart Redford s POV and how he registers and interprets new things Jed and Redford s relationship, and how they interact and learn to lean on each other are my favorite parts of both books.In comparison to the schmoopiness of Jed and Redford, David and Victor s relationship seemedpale and wayemo Which was by intention At times, David looked upon JR s closeness and felt both pangs of annoyance and jealousy for the intimacy they so easily shared Because one pair was sointensely felt than the other, I felt less connected to David and Victor and their progression, so some events later in the book didn t cut as deeply for me.Recommended if you enjoyed Blood Howl, and I look forward to any further adventures with Jed and Redford, especially as they iron outtheir working partnership dynamic along with their relationship And my guess from the breadcrumbs in this book, we may see further developments on the David and Victor front as well in future installments. da www.sognipensieriparole.com4,5 Il primo episodio di questa serie mi era parso promettente, ma un po lento nella narrazione e affrettato nel finale Questo secondo episodio stata invece una vera sorpresa C sempre una forte componente hot, ma meglio dosata con le scene d azione e soprattutto con l elemento paranormale, e con le ambientazioni esotiche siamo al Cairo, e le autrici rendono bene l atmosfera calda e caotica del luogo.Ritroviamo la coppia di Jed e Redford, ovvero il pazzo ex corpi speciali sexy egocentrico possessivo e il suo adorabile lupone mannaro, che alla fine sono sempre pi presi l uno dall altro, nonch fracassoni e monotematici prendetevi una stanza, una tenda, un box doccia, qualcosa eh Ma il vero cuore del libro per me sono stati David e Victor OMG, David e Victor Una coppia non coppia, due che stanno insieme per opportunit convenienza paura della solitudine qualcosa che ci lega anche se non importante.Insomma, due personaggi fascinosi e strazianti allo stesso tempo Che dire di David Io saltavo le pagine dei soliti due fracassoni il pazzo e Fido , per tornare a bearmi di questa figura tragica, ovvero dei tormenti di David, del suo resistere alla propria natura sanguinaria e violenta, del suo annichilirsi per non cedere, del suo essere perfetto nella sua corrotta imperfezione.Quando David si muove nella stanza e di solito se ne stava in silenzio, accigliato ,persino Jed con le sue sbruffonate finisce in ombra.Mi piaciuta l idea di inserire due maschi alpha in competizione tra loro, perch l atmosfera ne risultata ancor pi elettrizzante.Ma inutile dire a quale dei due andava la mia vera simpatia Ed anche inutile aggiungere che quando ho chiuso il libro i miei pensieri erano tutti per David e per la ricerca in ogni senso che ancora lo attende.Quindi un altra serie di cui bramo l episodio successivo. Because I hadn t read Bk 1, I was quite lost at the beginning and nearly dnf d However about 1 4 through I warmed to Jed and began to enjoy the story I will definitely have to go back and read the first book A different style of writing and yet another different take on the supernatural world Surprised the hotel didn t object to them coming in disheveled and blood covered most of the time but then it was fantasy.4 stars for some great entertainment. Note to self Stop jumping on the book page on Goodreads right as you are sitting down to read the book Don t mark it as currently reading don t read other reviews or comments just read the book I only recently discovered these authors I only discovered the first book in this series, Blood Howl, last week So my timing on this one was perfect I was able to literally jump from one book to the other without having to go back and refresh my memory of what happened in the first one Considering how many books I read, this was a major plus for me.Right off I will say that Jed and Redford rank up there for me as one of my all time favorite couples regardless of the genre of books I ve read Jed is such a bad ass but he melts when it comes to Red, who is about as opposite from Jed as one could get They are absolutely perfect for each other and together Jed is hilarious and Red is a sweetheart I should also point out that I hate seriously HATE series that focus on one couple throughout I want my happy ending after the first book With Jed and Red, I would be perfectly fine reading book after book about these characters That has only happened with one other series for me Normally I get bored with a couple if their story is allowed to play out too long and I give up on the series completely I can t see myself getting bored with Jed and Redford Ever.With that being said.Jed is hired by David who was introduced in Blood Howl to go to Cairo to investigate disappearances there He and Jed aren t exactly friends but they have worked together in the past Redford is along for the ride as well as Victor, David s current boyfriend friend bed mate not sure show to describe what Victor is to David David is not forthcoming with all he knows about the disappearances so Jed is basically going in blind.A lot happens in this book Redford has changed as a result of things that happened to him in Blood Howl He is hearing voices and behaving aggressively at times While he is still shy and somewhat naive, he takes a bigger role not only with the job Jed was hired to do, but in the bedroom as well watching him go from little innocent to all dominant was sexy as hell Jed, while still the bad ass mercenary, goes all mellow and sweet when it comes to Red David is an enigma He is very secretive and that secrecy has the ability to destroy not only him but the others as well Victor also introduced in the first book is a stuffy professor who has a couple of secrets of his own The journey to Cairo and back is full of action and emotions for all involved I hate doing reviews with spoilers so I won t say what all happens before, during and after the trip But I will say that something happens that had the ability to totally piss me off but it didn t because I saw this coming early on I wasn t happy about it and it bothered me to an extent but not enough to put me off from what I hope will bebooks in the series The authors make a point in setting this up throughout the book so it seriously should not come as any kind of surprise to anyone.This book is an emotional roller coaster One minute I was laughing Jed the cat lady I laughed so hard my kid came in the room to see if I had lost my mind , the next I was I won t say sad frustrated maybe I felt for all the characters I love how the authors kept Jed funny even when serious stuff was going on The comedy relief is needed for such a serious story.I rarely give books from a series a 5 star rating because I am always left with unanswered questions Trust me, there are tons of things left unanswered in this one It s rare for me to give ANY book a 5 star rating But Jed and Redford sealed this one for me I will be one of the first to buy the next book in this series I can t wait to jump back into Jed and Red s world again.Final note I would not recommend anyone reading this without reading Blood Howl first You will probably still enjoy the story but you will not get the feel for the characters You have to see where they came from before you can go forward with this one That s my opinion. 4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.coWarning Scenes of blood during sex David , extreme violence Jed , extreme possessiveness Redford and extreme tea drinking Victor.Review Jed and Red are hired by David to dig into the disappearances of people in Cairo Jed jumps at the chance and now, along with Red, David and Victor, it s time to find out the truth of what is happening in Cairo Red is fascinated by Cairo, but Jed s behavior is putting a downer on his enjoyment Will Jed finally notice that his behavior is upsetting his little wolf David is keeping secrets which could have an adverse effect, especially when Jed finds out what they are really up against Victor s secrets come out and his relationship is rocky, as David finds it hard to resist the allure of his past.Wow This is a really well written novel that has a lot of twists and turns and at the end you sit there thinking after all that, there s no real answers But damn it was good This story is written from Jed, Redford, David and Victor s POVs so there is switching back and forth between them As we get to see everything, from each person, we begin to really see into each personality David is laid back, cool and sophisticated, but it is all a fa ade that begins to crumble when he sets foot in Cairo Victor is quiet, bookish and intelligent, but it hides a kinky heart Redford is shy, innocent and sweet, but he is now also conflicted with a wolf that is possessive and dominates Jed is brash, sexually out going and a hard case to crack, but he also likes to be submissive in bed and is completely devoted to Red and he really loves to blow things up.This story is quite complex in its weaving as nothing is quite what it seems and the ending is not what you d want It s quite bittersweet as we follow the relationship of Victor and David, and their feelings for each other Red and Jed s relationship is a great one, but Jed really should curb his flirting, unless he wants an angry wolf on his hands The actual storyline seems quite simple, David has noticed a pattern of kidnappings in Cairo and wants Jed to investigate and stop the culprits the only problem is David hasn t been forthcoming with the full details, and the truth shocks the shit out of Jed, before his attitude embraces it that is.In this book we see both Jed and Red s relationship, as well as David and Victor s which means twice the sex squee We find out the truth about David and about Victor as their secrets get spilled We see Red struggling with the after effects of Filtiarn s from Blood Howl experiment and we see Jed s absolute trust and belief in Red And we see David s weakness in the face of an old lover, as the doubts about himself seep in.So we have secrets, doubts, violence, explosions, blood and guts galore, rescues, hunting, surprises, hot, hot sex, lots of showers to wash off all the blood,explosions and an ending that has you wondering what will happen next So really I can t think of anythingenjoyable than grabbing some drinks, some nibbles and this book, and having a good read that would rival any Hollywood blockbuster for explosions. Very good paranormal m m romantic suspense in which Jed and Redford are hired by Jed s friend David to travel with he and Victor to Cairo to rescue some people that David believes have been kidnapped by an old associate of his More, please. 4.5 starsThis is very good paranormal M M romance that follows on from Blood Howl In some series, it doesn t matter if the novels are read out of sequence, but for this one, it is definitely necessary to read them in order.Jed and Redford are now working Jed s jobs together, with Redford taking over the planning and logistics Redford has come a long way from what he was in the first novel, yet there is still an air of naivety about him despite all that has happened to him After the completion of a retrieval, Jed and Redford are flying to Cairo, for another job, but this time, it s a personal favor for David a source of Jed s who appeared in the first novel , who has joined them, along with David s lover Victor view spoiler David, a vampire, believes his Sire is responsible for numerous disappearances and kidnappings in Cairo, and he s asked Jed to take care of the matter hide spoiler

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