Those Who Walk in Darkness

Those Who Walk in Darkness John Ridley S Those Who Walk In Darkness Is A Futuristic, Sci Fi Thriller Filled With Superheroes And Super Cops In A Battle Between Good And Evil Soledad O Roark Is A Tough, No Nonsense Rookie On An Elite Team Of Police Officers Whose Sole Mission Is To Capture And Deport Metanormals Metanormals Are Humans Who Have Altered Genetic Traits Which Enable Them To Perform Extraordinary Feats, Like Fly, Manipulate Elements Metal, Fire, Water , Become Intangible Move Through Solid Objects , Etc However, The Most Feared And Deadly Of The Metanormals Is The Telepath Who Can Enter The Mind And Take Total Control Of One S Actions, Emotions, And Thoughts With Little To No Warning If You Are Picking Up A Strong X Men Vibe, Then You Are Right On Point

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[Epub] ➟ Those Who Walk in Darkness Author John Ridley –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Those Who Walk in Darkness
  • John Ridley
  • English
  • 26 January 2018
  • 9780446530934

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    This story was set in a world that was uninteresting and peopled entirely with characters who were unlikeable and boring The plot was predictable but worse than that, it wasn t even fun to follow I read this all the way to the end hoping that there would be some twist or point that would redeem the time I spent reading I was sorely disappointed.

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    I d guess anyone who has any history in comic book dom especially the Marvel Universe when reading this book will find it difficult not to draw a few parallels with the X Men s struggles By the way, this book is so heavy with certain political baggage and hovering racism that I doubt most will be able to miss those either Fine they re there That s all I care to say on or about that If you re getting your instruction or education on political issues or having your views influenced by a book about mutants and super beings there are problems than the views of a comedian, actor, film maker, writer of superhero fiction being in a novel here There are some rather standard plot points here They aren t badly handled and the book itself isn t a bad read Soledad is a driven officer read obsessed who has had her sights on being part of M Tac the police squad responsible for serving warrants on metanormals since just after the disaster that brought about the events of the story She faces a lot of challenges from death to the political machinations of her superiors Not a hard book to read and the story works sort of within it s given reality especially if you have a comic book background there are some problems that bug me, I ll mention a couple later, under a Spoiler Warning I do plan to pick up the next book and see where he goes with the storyline I m going to discuss a couple of annoying points below, but they will require at least some spoilers, so if you want absolutely no spoilersplease don t read below the spoiler warning Seems like common sense doesn t it SPOILER WARNING SPOILERS BELOW LINE view spoiler The book begins after an event where a metanormal criminal super criminal took San Francisco hostage That kind of thing had happened before and one or other of the metanormal heroes superheroes had always saved the day People barely thought about it, the superheroes would save themonly he she didn t, and San Francisco was mostly destroyed The President of the United states issues an Executive Order that all metanormals lose their U.S citizenshipwait a minute.I m sorry, but no matter how badly we had have fractured the Constitution the President can t simply issue an executive order and revoke the citizenship of any group of American citizens I suppose that didn t bother a lot of people as it s not something I ve seen discussed that much The lawyer in the book, who saves Soledad s career and wants to help the metanormals would salivate at this action The story goes that the government offers 50,000 to any metanormal who will leave the country and will arrest the others I assume there is supposed to be some sort of immediate deportation The M Tac units are hunting down and euphemistically serving warrants on the ones that went into hiding We ll discuss that in a minute Surely at least one of the superhero types would have had enough money to hire a lawyer any competent attorney would have been able to find a judge who d stop this in it s tracks More, since none but one single metanormal was involved here we got some heavy handed racial profiling references the court would again have pitched the order out on it s proverbial ear.Since almost an entire city was destroyed, had the President had the presence of mind to order a state of emergency nearly the only way to give himself the power to do what s done in this book and then issued his order, and then fallen back on public opinion which the book tells us is firmly in favor of stoning for the metanormals he might have headed things the way they went, but to make it even remotely legal congress would have had to get into it sooner or later Building on that, the issue of serving warrants This is basically a euphemism for shooting on sight Another comparison is made in the book to the internment of Japanese Americans, that public opinion was okay with it an no one spoke up to stop it not even the courts True, but the Japanese weren t being shot on sight Some may want to point out that a lot of the metanormals seem to be the super criminal types so the M Tac officers had to shoot, but in the story s own structure all the metanormals seem to run on sight of the police Soledad herself refers to killing freaks as her job part of the character, but it s not an unusual attitude in the book so the author is painting a society where the metanormals are being shot on sight I doubt that the great majority of public opinion would stay with that kind of action for very long, even after the loss of an entire city.Alsowho was was anyone surprised that the only person to be able to illicit a little tenderness or caring from Soledad was turned out to be a metanormal I kept waiting for some sign that Soledad was discovering that she horror of horrors does after all have some metanormal ability that is only now showing up Would she kill herself By the way back to the President s infamous executive orderin the book these metanormals all so far seem to have one ability But, what makes a metanormal I mean would they overlook Batman How about Ironman There are a lot of holes in the story that makes this book work, I suppose it s just another part of suspending belief or suspending reality to enjoy the story But these and some other gaping plot holes did bug me a bit On the other hand, the book isn t a bad read, just try to accept it on it s own terms and read it as a story I wonder if the book story is going where it seems to be I actually hope not, but there s one heavily foreshadowed later plot or even outcome that almost screams look at me and I really hope we aren t going there Early on it begins to look to me as if we re headed for the the metanormals are the next step in evolution plot We ve established that the U.S, is busily running all of the Mutants or again metanormals out of the country to Europe or elsewhere The whole thing could be a set up for the oops America has no metanormals and everyone else does outcome No children of the new race here Ridley went so far as to include a conversation on the Cro Magnon replacement of the neanderthal Don t know if it s where he s headed, but I wouldn t be surprised hide spoiler

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    bigotry is insidious.antiheroic hero creative use of super abilities excellent use of tactical principles and fascinating exploration of police special unit psychology.not for the faint hearted or sqeamish.i could never tell whether the author was trying to make a point about bigotry or just letting the character be her flawed complex self which i think is one of the best recommendations for depth of characterization i can give it all seemed natural and made perfect sense and there was no deus ex machina, just some messed up situations in a messed up world.

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    pre Heroes pre Superpowers pre Iron Man , a look at superheroes in everyday society and the consequences thereof

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    Started reading this in a used bookstore and had to buy it because it was easier than digging up the copy I had in the basement stashed in places unknown The story is set near future where Soledad O Roark is a rookie on a SWAT team that specializes in taking down renegade superheroes supervillains That sounds far fetched and Hollywood B movie claptrap but the difference is in the way Ridley handles the story and character there s plenty of tech talk for the geeky and there is action, but the novel really unfolds like one of Joseph Wambaugh s police novels Soledad has issues and baggage and develops like a character in a mainstream literary novel The fact that she s a minority and a woman ads to the complexity I knew John Ridley from his stand up comedy bits on Comedy Central in the mid late 90s and saw him briefly at Bouchercon in 1999 where I picked up his EVERYBODY SMOKES IN HELL and LOVE IS A RACKET Still haven t read those, but I probably will There is one sequel WHAT FIRE CANNOT BURN, but it seems that Ridley has turned from fiction to screenwriting Three Kings, Third Watch and directing His novel STRAY DOGS was filmed by Oliver Stone as U TURN Highly recommended.

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    Soledad is tough, and unapologetic Soledad likes weapons, hates freaks Soledad sees the world in black and white, and she is proud of it Soledad hides her feelings from the world Pity her range of feelings hatred loneliness anger is not that vast.Ridley s book presented to me as an original, post 9 11 look on the world of superheroes is plagued by a spiteful, bitchy, untrustworthy protagonist, whose motives are impossible to understand not to mention share Her extremely conservative, bordering fascist take on things is always annoying, and often repulsive Soledad does not learn, and she is happy with that.The book is not badly written if we exclude a couple of temporary, incomprehensible shifts of pov, and the feeling that you are reading a screenplay rather than a novel But the main character view spoiler Man, did I wish to see her shot down or at least changing, comprehending But no, sir hide spoiler

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    After a supervillain blows up San Francisco, mutants the only powered people in this setting are outlawed in the U.S. Soledad O Roark is a cop with the LAPD MTAC unit which serves warrants on and goes after mutants, and has to deal with a conspiracy to disgrace her, a complicated love life and her own bigotry.Except she never really does deal with that last bit possibly in the sequel it s interesting that Soledad s black, but aside from a brief mention and Soledad breaking up a dispute between a black and a Korean that doesn t really play into things Soledad and all the other cops just hate mutants, no questions asked The little we re given about why doesn t make sense either we haven t gotten the full story or it s just bad writing on Ridley s part.Acceptable airport read, but not much than that.

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    This book has a very hard edge, and a lot of profanity It s written into the story well, and is accompanied by a lot of angry feelings and fast action Unfortunately, the story wasn t strong enough to keep my attention.The story started quite exciting, with Soledad on her first call with the Mtac team, facing a villain with super powers But every time I put the story down, I didn t rush to pick it back up, and after forgetting about it for 3 days, I realized I just wasn t invested in the story, and so DNF d it.

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    Soledad Bullet O Roark is a super power hunter, taking some of them down with a gun of her own invention She s a cop with issues and has problems with relationships and her world is such that she keeps trying to connect with someone but no one likes her life for long enough to stick around and try to make her open up and other members of the team die too often for it to be reasonable for her to date one.It s an interesting read but somehow it s not quite as interesting as it could be I didn t really connect with the characters or the situations they were getting into.

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    i have been an on and off fan of the superhero mythological, this is one of the many book that make me sit back and looked at it all again i have to say that i loved this book, simple and plan as that i loved it, it was an interesting read.

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