Fancy's Baby (Hometown Reunion #8)

Fancy's Baby (Hometown Reunion #8) Some Lucky Baby Is About To Be Discovered By Talent Scout Kika Mancini, And Hopeful Parents In Tyler Are All Stirred Up The Only Baby She Wants, Though, Belongs To Nick Miller And He S Not Even Tempted By What Kika Is Offering His DaughterWhat She S Offering Him, However, Is Another Matter Entirely

Pamela Muelhbauer was born and raised in Minnesota, one of six children She and her husband Gerr, live in a small community just northwest of Minneapolis They have two children, Amy and Aaron, and a bichon poo that thinks he s human The marriage spend much of their recreational time in the lakes region of northern Minnesota They enjoy roasting marshmallows over an open fire and listening to th

❰Reading❯ ➽ Fancy's Baby (Hometown Reunion #8) Author Pamela Bauer –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Fancy's Baby (Hometown Reunion #8)
  • Pamela Bauer
  • English
  • 24 June 2017
  • 9780373825561

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    Kika Mancini is a talent scout looking for a baby to star Fancy s Furniture commericals and she has her eyes set one in particular, a cute little redheaded two year old in Tyler There is just one big problem in her way, the girl s father, Nick Miller, isn t interested in the proposal for his daughter, but her is interested in Kika herself.I found that this was the one in the series that I would not enjoy, there is always at least one in every long series I read and this was the one Kika was one of those characters that just seems to be in the right place at the right time a lot and I found her very annoying most of the time She screams I m tough and then crumbles into nothingness at other times She s very wishy washy and I didn t enjoy reading her.Nick is similar He wants nothing to do with Kika but can t keep away from her He continuously goes against his own advice regarding her and it becomes like a broken record with him He doesn t seem like a strong character either The romance between the seems very forced and Nick doesn t seem at all guilty that he is interested in another woman after his wife of 13 years died the 2 years prior It just doesn t seem realistic to me I know that he moved on and was ready to start again, but even I m like this feels like he is just forcing himself to believe that he is in love Kika just so he can justify why he feels attracted to her Kika is similar only hers has to do with her loving Nick s kids and she is justifying that by loving their father as well The whole relationship feels very forced and not natural like the other books in this series felt.Nick has 3 kids, Zachary and Patrick and the baby, Melody Patrick and Zachary are the older brothers of Melody and are almost interchangeable There are times when you aren t sure which one is the older brother and which one is the younger brother between them Neither one of them is distinguishable as a character at all Melody is the best character in the whole book in my opinion because I feel like she is the only one with any character development She seems to actually grow and learn new things At the beginning of the book she doesn t talk at all, despite her age, and then she starts talking and doing other things she hadn t before Her interactions with Nick and Kika were very realistic and I felt like they made sense Overall, it was an okay book that picked up closer to the end, but I m not sure I would give it another read unless I read this series through again in the future.

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    This was a quick little read, but I felt the main characters weren t very flushed out Without revealing spoilers, both Nick Kika have things in their past and I would have liked to have seen those explored a bit I just felt upon closing the book I really didn t know them any better than I did when I opened it.Not disappointing exactly, just could have been better.

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