Shadowed He Can Hear A Whisper A Block Away And Can T Remember WhyOpen Your Mind, To A City Where Mystery Chases Up And Down Office Back Stairways, Turns Brother Against Brother, And Plays Out On Frozen Sidewalks Where Lives May Be Shattered If The Enemy Even Looks At The Ragged Man Passing By In The Crowd And Even That Man Cannot Guess What Memory Will Be Next To Batter His MindPaul Was No Detective, No Thief, Only A Student Trying To Get Some Distance From His Father And Brother When He Found Himself Marked By The Power To Enhance His Senses, He Had Only That Treacherous Gift And What Few Tricks He Dared To Teach Himself, To Search For Some Explanation Or At Least The Chance To Give It Meaning By Exposing A Few Petty CorruptionsPaul Thought If He Lived In Poverty To Keep His Existence Secret From The World, At Least Nobody Could Force Him To Use That Gift As A Weapon Against Others But Just When He Thought He Was Untouchable, The Last Thing He Expected Shakes His World And Drags Him Into The Perils Of His Family, His Power, And Two Women Who Each Have A Different Claim On His LifeAs Paul Begins To Play Cat And Mouse With Enemies He Can T Even Name, He Must Break Every Rule That S Kept Him Alive, In Every Frantic Chase And Every Gamble He Makes To Break His Family Free And All The While, He Knows His Greatest Enemy May Still Be What Lies Behind His Own SecretsIf You Think You Know Everything A Paranormal Thriller Can Do, Take A Closer Look novel Shadowed was nominated for a Global Ebook Award The series he s launching with the upcoming The High Road is meant to prove one thing how writing a thrilling cliff hanger for heroes who can fly takes writing to a whole new level Don t get him started on puns.

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  • Shadowed
  • Ken Hughes
  • English
  • 06 August 2019
  • 9780985048402

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    Shadowed by Ken Hughes is a paranormal thriller about a young man named Paul who struggles with super power enhanced senses, a family based intrigue, and amnesia.A dark world has consumed Paul Schuman, a former student who now survives by taking small burglary jobs stealing secrets Not knowing how or why, when he concentrates, Paul can hear and see things a block away He also has the uncanny knack of blending into crowds so well, he can walk past his dad in a hallway, and the father fails to notice the son at his elbow.Mixed in the muddle are Paul s brother Greg, sister in law Lorraine, their father, and the family PR firm at risk from loan sharks Add in a conspiracy about a research lab accused of mistreating animals and cops investigating Paul s string of burglaries, and the result is the film noir tone of Paul s Shadowed world.Hughes used a deft hand mixing many story lines The hopelessness of Paul s noir world, and his confusion with the amnesia were so well put, many times the story dropped me onto the gritty streets with the muddled hero The bad guy was deliciously evil The chase scenes were great Paul s cleverness with outsmarting a guard dog was well done.Some elements of Shadowed disappointed Resolving the central mystery of how Paul acquired his paranormal senses and the resulting amnesia did not come out clearly at the end Without a thought, Paul plunged into reckless situations that seemed at odds with his cautionary paranormal talents Shadowed delved so deeply into Paul s point of view that it was difficult in the first half of the story to figure out what was happening Once there, I did not like my time in this anti hero s scrambled head Despite these challenges, I am glad that I stayed with the story to the end and got some answers, but just like Paul Schuman, I struggled with just muddling through.

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    Thrilling AdventureAs a thriller, Shadowed, by Ken Hughes, reminded me of Robert Ludlum s The Bourne Identity I got drawn into the story as quickly as The Bourne Identity, and as frantically tried to figure out the story plot With the paranormal element, the adventure was much than just a thriller The sheer twists and turns reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock.Using his heightened Senses, Paul tries to gather information and track down clues He s hampered by his inability to remember, yet he s convinced there s a Reason for his superhuman powers.On a deeper level, it s also a story of a father and sons, and a story of brothers It s about people believing in each other, against the odds, in spite of lies and betrayals.The book will thrill you, challenge you, and keep you along for the ride Take a step into the Shadowed.

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    Disclaimer I received this book free from story cartel in return for an honest review.Where to start The book is about Paul, who has to deal with super powers that come onto him suddenly The book is well formatted and edited, no issues there It was a pleasure to read a typo free indie book.However, I found the book very confusing The opening chapter threw us into the story so quickly, that I reread the first chapter a few times to try and make sense of it, and checked online to see if I d accidentally stumbled onto a book in the middle of an on going series Nope, opening book of the series.It was so confusing, that it took me a very long time to get into I usually read books in a day or two, a few if I m extremely busy This book took me weeks to get through Although I was tempted to give up in the middle, I persevered for the sake of giving it an honest review Once I passed the halfway mark and reached the 60 70% mark, the reading picked up a bit.My main problems with the book There was so much back story alluded to, that it really needed another book If Paul obtained his powers two years earlier, why do we only first meet him now And all of the many, many, many earlier circumstances history, stories, coping mechanisms etc which took place in those two years that are mentioned and hinted at only served to confuse the story Most of the characters were very one dimensional, good Paul, evil Quinn with the minor characters also very threadbare How did Paul come across Sarah and what exactly is that connection all about There s not much meat to that whole sub plot Nor did I feel that Paul grew very much from his experience from start to finish What is most disappointing, is the feeling that there is so much the book could have been Note in my review, the book got 2 stars, basically because there 1 star is I hated it as opposed to Goodreads 1 star classification as I didn t like it which is 2 stars in While I didn t like the book, I didn t hate it either probably because I felt that the author had many good ideas and there was a lot of potential for .

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    A very well written, edited and formatted book, which was what notably caught my eye when first viewing Shadowed Crisp, clean and thorough, it was a pleasure to see considerable care had been taken to present a professional appearance.The premise of the story itself, someone discovering abilities in themselves they cannot fathom or understand, which distances them from other humans is a common theme it seems these days Paul, the main character, struggles with his heightened awareness, making choices and decisions after secretly observing sometimes nefarious others while still trying to protect his family and find out what happened to change him in this way.Maybe it is why it took me a few tries to get started and finish, but I found I couldn t connect with Paul and his motivations for the most part, nor the secondary characters with which he interacted The story itself, however was told in a complex, suspenseful way other readers might enjoy.Originally posted at

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    Well written, but I had some core skepticism about the concept that never went away Paul s actions through the first half of the book didn t entirely feel organic to me, and I spent most of that part questioning why he would get involved with his family again in the first place It s a fun paranormal that almost leans closer toward superhero conventions, and the worldbuilding in that aspect was thoroughly visualized Truth be told, I d have been intrigued by it if it had been focused on his isolated borderline criminal underbelly existence, than by the storylines surrounding his family, his origins, etc.

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    I liked the concept of this a man suddenly beset by special powers who can t remember how he got them With most stories where people have heightened perception, they seem to take it all in their stride, yet Paul seems to lack the intelligence to process all the extra data he gets He lurches from one bad decision to the next because he s an ordinary bloke not an expert politician, businessman or even PR person, though such characters surround him and leave him confused While I didn t like Paul much, I did feel quite sorry for him, which is why I found the ending funnier than I believe the author intended Poor, poor Paul Four stars.

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    I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel Thank you Overall, I enjoyed the book It was suspenseful and kept the reader guessing as to who the good guys and bad guys really were.I wanted to know about what happened to Paul that gave him the ability to Open his senses, but I think the author may have done that on purpose, to make the reader feel as confused as the character.The book did not really have an ending, it was just left wide open for a sequel.I would recommend this book, and I would read by this author.

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    Interesting idea, slow executionThe idea of the main character s abilities interested me from the beginning However, the story was slow to developed and the characters were all pretty thin I needed background and character back story development I would be interested in how these powers came into being Good luck w with future writing I enjoyed the author s writing style.

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    SHADOWED is a well written novel that asks the question What if Paul has an odd ability He can hear the slightest whisper But can he put it to good use This novel is of an allegory but very readable and enjoyable.

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    I was able to download this book for free thanks to

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