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Take This Regret5 Regretful StarsChristian made Elizabeth choose between him or their unborn child when he found out she was pregnant He regretted it almost immediately, but it was too late Now, 5 years later, making the only woman he ever loved leave him to raise their child is the biggest regret of his life.But life get them both oncein his path and this time he will do anything to keep him in his life This time, he is not willing to lose his family onceThis seems a simple love story Guy and girl fall in love, she gets pregnant, he gets scared, she leaves him, he come back for both of them a few years later, tears happen, romantic things follow and TcharaanHEA Well, expect that is not This is not a simple love story, this is a complex, gut wrenching and beautiful one You do not get a HEA that easily I hated Christian in the beginning, I hated Elizabeth near the end but ended up loving them both And little Lizzie, she is SO CUTE I feel like somebody should probably kick me for postponing the reading of this book for so long Boy, was I missing I really can t wait to start the next one 5 soul touching stars This is a story about Elizabeth who was madly in love with her boyfriend Christian They were soo happy in love until Elizabeth tells Christain that she is pregnant They are both in college to become lawyers and Christian tells Elizabeth that he doesn t want a baby That its either him or the baby Elizabeth chooses to keep the baby and walks away from Christian The love of her life The only man she would ever love..5 years later. Christian is a successful lawyer, working his dream job, he should be happy but he isn t Because something is missing, Elizabeth and his child his missing, a child he has never met..From the moment Chrisitian sees a little girl in a store. He falls in love with her. His never met this child before but the child is a taken by him as he is by her He follows them around the store and outside, unable to look away The little girl waves at himThis is when Chrisitian decides to look for Elizabeth and his child Ther center of Elizabeth s life is her daughter Lizzie. She gave up everything in her life for her little girl..Christian walks back in into their lives. Elizabeth is angry, hurt, broken She wants nothing to do with him She wants to keep him away from their daughter Afraid he will hurt her child and leave again.We see the book written from Elizabeth s POV and then from Christians POV This is wonderful as we feel and get a glimpse into what both are feeling.For months Christian spends time with Lizzie who loves her father unconditionally and slowly Christian tries to show Elizabeth that he is sorry. He knows what he did was wrong and will spend the rest of his life try to make it up.Elizabeth wants to try and forgive him but she cannot bring herself to forget the pain he caused her How she struggled without him.I must admit as much as I want to hate him for what he did I CAN T He tries sooo hard to make up for what he did How could I relax when I had to welcome Christian into my home, the one who had wounded me deeper than anyone, the one who haunted my days and held me in my dreams Elizabeth What do you want, Christian What did I want To make her smile, to wipe away her tears, to hold her To be a father, a real father, not one in title, but on who d earned that right I wanted to stay I want my family, I forced through the lump in my throat ChristianWe go through the indecisiveness of Elizabeth But I don t really blame her For what she went through, she is allowed to feel that way She was mine, had always been, and I d always been hers Despite what I d done, the wounds I d inflicted, she had always been mine our hearts had been tied, our bond one that neither of us could ever escape ChrisitanAfter a sad beautiful story of regret, love and forgiveness Elizabeth lets Christian back into her heart Maybe now I really understood why Elizabeth had run from me all of these months, why she would never allow herself to believe A love as intense as the one we shared, one that had not dimmed through years of betrayal but had only grown, was terrifying We had the power to destroy, to devastate and ruin, to lay the other to waste But I wasn t running Christian It s Ironic that the one person that broke you has the ability to fix you again Take This RegretThere Are Some Mistakes We Make That We Will Regret For The Rest Of Our Lives For Christian, It Was The Day He Betrayed ElizabethChristian Davison Has A Plan For His Life He Is Determined To Become An Attorney And To One Day Take His Place As Partner In His Father S Law Firm Nothing Will Stand In His Way, Not Even Elizabeth Ayers And Their Unborn ChildAfter Christian Cuts Her From His Life, Elizabeth Spends The Next Five Years Struggling To Provide For Her Daughter And Willing To Sacrifice Anything To Give Her Child A Safe, Comfortable Life For Five Years, Christian Has Regretted The Day He Walked Away From His Family And Will Do Anything To Win Them Back Just As Elizabeth Will Do Anything To Protect Her Daughter From The Certain Heartache She Believes Christian Will Bring Upon ThemWhen Christian Wrestles His Way Into Their Lives, Elizabeth Is Faced With Asking Herself If It Is Possible To Forgive Someone When They Ve Committed The Unforgiveable And If It Is Possible To Find A Love After It Has Been Buried In Years Of Hate Or Are There Some Wounds That Go So Deep They Can Never Heal They Say Everyone Deserves A Second Chance I want to start off by saying that this review is completely biasedit is solely based on my personal experience and therefore my emotional status, I mean absolutely no disrespect towards the author or anyone who enjoyed this bookI debated with myself over whether I would write this review or not, but I have to because this story hit me hardit got personalThis is not was good reviewers do Good reviewers take the entire book into consideration Good reviewers analyze the writing, the plot, the character development Good reviewers take in the entire book I got past the first three pages and had already developed an extreme hate for this book Guess I am not a good reviewerat least not today Take This Regret is the story of Elizabeth and Christian Elizabeth gets knocked up by Christian, Christian decided he doesn t want the baby because fatherhood would get in the way of his career plans so he gives Elizabeth an ultimatum him or the baby Six years later and Christian is a lawyer, Elizabeth has her life together, their daughter is 5 years oldChristian has never seen her, talked to her, asked about her but somehow he gets a surge of fatherly instinct that makes him want to barge into his daughter s life Like I said before, this book got personal, but then again, good writing and story telling is meant to get deep inside your skin and make you feel somethinganythingeverything and nothing at the same time AL Jacksonmission accomplished Lets get the technical out of the way The writing was good, I will give it that The characters were well thought out and while, their personality was very one dimensional they were realistic in some cases while completely unrealistic the next The concept of book is relatable as you can tell by how it affected me, and it has a naturalistic validity that few books have Ok Now I have to breathe Please understand that I wish I was ok with this book I wish it didn t make me mad I wish it didn t upset me the way it did I wish I didn t want to tear my e reader apart But wishing never gets anyone very far I hated this book I hated it right down to every word, every sentence, every period I hated it to its core Maybe because my fatherly issues are ones that Dr.Phil would love to have an entire series of shows over, or because I am the typical emotional brat that girls like me tend to be whatever the causeI just know that I regret even opening this book I despised Christian I did not feel sorry for him Even when he expressed his sorrow, his longing for his daughter, his love for ElizabethI despised him I despised ElizabethI wanted to smack her face off when she said she still loved Christian I hated how unstable she was around this man who decided it would be a good idea to walk into a 5 year old s life out of the blue as if he was the fucking ice cream man You see, unlike Elizabeth I never got past his abandonment It s weird, I know because these are fictional characters, but god be damnedI wished I had magical word rearranging powers so I could re write the story and make Elizabeth not be with Christian The author does write Christian as someone who deserves a second chance, someone who feels like shit after abandoning his child, someone who is gorgeous and successful, but empty and full of regret He should feel like the vermin of the Earthhe should feel guiltyhe should.But I don t believe in second chances I don t believe I should receive themI don t believe I should give them Harsh, I know, but that is how I view the worldand this book just made me crawl back into that deep place where I am incapable of forgivingas if it were something to be earned..it isn t I know, but I also know this is one of the things that I will never get past I tried to handle Elizabeth s weak knees, her swooning over Christian but the entire time I was thinking You stupid bitch I couldn t shake that thought When it comes to the way the plot progressed, I found it to be quite realistic Of course Christian had a right to see his daughter.legally at leastand yes I understood why the author wrote Lizzie and Chrsitian s interactions the way she did I get it, but I don t like itand I guess that is part of my big issue with this book Since this book is not real life, and the characters are fakeit can be said that Christian was genuinely sorry for leaving his childbecause the author wrote it that way so it must be sobut as a reader I linked it to the physical worldin which people leaveand should not be allowed back in So..good job AL Jacksonyou are one of now three authors who has been able to dig deep into my soul..you have talent I must saybut for now I ll suck it up and just take this regret. 4.5 Stars Take This Regret is a beautiful, eloquently written, tender story about love lost and love redeemed The story opens in the midst of a heartbreaking betrayal We are introduced to Elizabeth and Christian and their all consuming love for one another, only to abruptly have that love come crashing down before our eyes Yep, Christian commits a monster of a betrayal one that seems unforgivable even of the most forgivingThis is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by this author, and I could not have beensatisfied The story moves at a slow and steady pace, which is fitting for what it entails true forgiveness and the renewal of broken trust take time The alternating POV s were perfect for getting to know both main characters on aintimate level Christian suffers in silence, seething with palpable regret for dismissing the life he should have been living When he is faced with a second chance, he vows to do everything in his power to make things right againI was initially unsure if Christian s character could or would adequately redeem himself after so selfishly abandoning his family As the story jumps five years ahead, we meet LizzieChristian s and Elizabeth s five year old daughterand this is where the book grabbed a hold of me, wrestled endlessly with my emotions, broke my heart, and then, ever so gently, began to mend it.I love the fact that their daughter Lizzie was continuously present throughout this book allowing the pain and point of view of a five year old to shine through The love Elizabeth had for her daughter and the way she took on the difficult role of a single parent was inspiring Christian s determination and kindness amazed me and softened my heart into a complete, hopeful pile of mush Although the majority of this story held a melancholy tone, its messages of hope, forgiveness, redemption, and second chances were immeasurably uplifting Delicate, yet powerful read Book Stats Genre Category Romance Steam Caliber Moderate sexy Romance Intense Broken but beautiful Characters Damaged Lovable Well executed Plot Second chance love story Writing Vivid, expressive, and engaging POV 1st Person Alternating dual perspectives Cliffhanger None Next Installment Follow up 4 EMOTIONAL STARS My soul mourned for what it had lost, for every day I had lived without them, for every moment wasted, for time that could not be reclaimed Christian and Elizabeth were in love and they were going to attend law school together and then they planning to get married and live happilyThat was until Elizabeth dropped the bomb that she is pregnant.Christian refused the idea to be a father and mess up his future plan He made Elizabeth choose between him and their unborn child and she chose to be a single mother Christian has made the biggest mistake of his lifeNow 5 years later Christian finds himself living in San Diego, opening a branch of his father s law firm, which happens to be where Elizabeth grew up They haven t spoken since the day she leftFate gives him a look at what exactly he s been missing out on all these yearsbut Elizabeth just can t forgive what Christian did, shut her and their unborn baby out of his life.Life is full of regretsCan Christian manage to prove that he change and want his family back What will it take for Elizabeth to forgive Christian Would she be able to forgive,trust and love him again The only power I had was in today, and I was determined to live every day for Lizzie and Elizabeth Even if Elizabeth never forgave me, I would live for her As the book goes on we learn what both characters have to deal with in order to work together..Wow Such a wonderful story The situations, the emotions all felt so real This book is about regret. This book make me think about life in general and how one decision can alter your entire life I love this book and their characters.I like the man Christian turned out to be.He know he make a huge mistake and he was prepared to do whatever it takes to make it right No longer would I live in regret, striving to make up for what I d done I d live for the day, each one set out and purposed to be the best father and husband I could be And no matter what life brought our way, I would never walk away And then there is Elizabeth.Whether you agree or not with her decisions you understand them Ms Jackson did such a fabulous job with the characters You can connect and really feel for them Such a lovely story It s worth the reading I am truly not one of those people who gets a kick out of not liking what everyone else likes If it s something I enjoy, I don t care how popular it is I ll jump on the bandwagon and wave my flag like the village idiot Heck, I love the most crazy, wth just happened Harlequins I can find Literary snob, I am not.That being said I hated this And, oh the reasons why1 It was ALL about the kid Not what I call a romance Don t get me wrong, the kid was cute The kid was the most likeable character in the book, in fact 2 Manufactured melodrama overload and a hero that is pathetic.ETA 3 Not only first person, but rotating first person We d see things through the h s eyes in first person and then see the exact same things through the H s eyes in first person Double wammy Obviously that s YMMV I ve seen first person done well, but it rarely works for me My takeChristian kicks Elizabeth out when he finds out she s pregnant and doesn t see her or the kid until the child is almost 5 years old Wouldn t it have been just as dramatic andforgivable to make the time period shorter 2 years maybe IMHO, the author wrote things to be as melodramatic as possible without having a way out that made sense for the characters or anyone on this planet Why so long Does that even make sense if he misses them so badly Is that even forgivable This lady needed to readHarlequins If you re going to go this far over the top, go all the way Make it practically campy in it s OTT drama Dude should have been a giant dick then just as he was going to find his love and newborn infant, he gets hit by a car and spends 5 years with amnesia all while having mysterious dreams of a blond woman and child that would cause him to wake in a sweat and make mysterious sketches Meanwhile the blow to the head made him a finance genius and he becomes the most powerful tycoon on the planet Then when he finds the heroine and his child, he goes all megalomaniac alpha and takes over with fake threats of taking the child, etc etc.This hero was such a weenie He had no good excuse His dad was a pushy, arrogant bastard cry me a friggin river.Basically the H h could have been together earlier per the H if Elizabeth had made the first move Because that makes sense after someone kicks you to the curb while pregnant Just go chase him down, girl I feel like I need a gif here.Apparently Christian was emo boy sleep with anything in a skirt because I FEEL so much for almost six years whle waiting for her to sue him for child support, or call, or something to open the lines of communication He only finds them by a fluke I know some of the alpha heroes we read about would drive us INSANE in real life, but jeez this dude was so far down the Greek alphabet we may have to invent a new letter.The author wrote herself into a hole then used Elizabeth s breakdown as a way out A way for Christian to look like the better person didn t work for me and put them oneven footing I suppose before the HEA Because, no matter how nice Christian was to the little girl, it was damn impossible to explain those 5 years, so she had to make Elizabeth look like a head case who made bad decisions too Puke Need another gif here O Gosh I am having a mental breakdown so much anger and emotions were sucked out of me and for me to really be a satisfying read there need to be a balance of good and bad and in this case the bad was heavier than the good part THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE BUT A TRAGIC STORY OF A MAN WHO ABANDONED HIS OWN CHILD FOR HIS OWN SELFISH REASONS This story is of a child not to be wanted and a man who did not want to face his own mistakes, who did nothing and could have done nothing still, just because he was moved to work by his father law firm to the town where heroine and his child happens to live near by, he only then considered pursuing them again Christian I could not warm up to him, even though the author was trying to make him redeemable I felt his effort to change was forced the attempt was not by any means sincere and emphatic and the author did not succeed in convincing me THAT CHRISTIAN REALLY WORKED HARD TO FIX HIS MISTAKES AND REUNITE WITH HIS CHILD AND A LOVE OF HIS LIFE ELISABETH When he found out she was pregnant he wanted her to have an abortion or she must choose between him or to keep the baby, but without him so how come he loved her then, if he even did not try to find a way and still support heris that what they saying love is for good and bad Elisabeth decided to keep the baby and I respect her, but guess what he did whilst she was pregnant he did nothingapart from drinking and sleeping with other women and that was like A SLAP ON MY FACE Were was his love for her in between another women s legs She was pregnant and sick and he was having a good time During the party someone has told him he s a father, so he went to the hospital and saw Elisabeth on the bed sleeping and her best friend touching her cheek and he made his own assumptions that she will be loved and take care of so he does not need to be there HOW STUPID IS THAT IF HE WAS A REAL MAN HE WOULD FIGHT FOR HER He even did not wanted to see his new born baby Then during those five years he still slept with women yeah, he loved her but did nothing to find them and his pathetic excuses for not wanting to intrude in their life. for goodness sake he s the father of his child by delaying the reunion he is hurting his own flesh and blood by denying his daughter her own father He did nothing to support them financially another pathetic excuse. yeah if she wanted his help she could always find him on the internet and call his number WHAT A JOKE Then when he saw his daughter he ever so suddenly felt in love with her and again it felt like fake. it was forced and not realistic to love her so much after seeing her one time There needs to be a bond between the child and a father to create such strong profound feelings and it needs time for this to grow so I was not convinced on that account Then he threatened her with the court if she did not cooperate and she nearly got a break down by his threats and then he asked her why she was so angry with her Then again when he bought his daughter an expensive doll for her birthday he rolled his eyes at the price BUT EXCUSE ME HE PAID NO MAINTENANCE WHAT SO EVER NOT EVEN A PENNY, GOT HIS PRECIOUS LAW DEGREE,LIVED IN LUXURY AT HIS OWN CHILD EXPENSES AND HE S NOT HAPPY HOW MUCH MONEY HE NEED TO SPEND ON HIS DAUGHTER HE SHOULD SET UP A TRUST FOR HIS CHILD EVEN IF HE DECIDED NOT TO PARTICIPATE AS A FATHER ROLE HE COULD SIMPLY PASS HIS TRUST TO Elisabeth, but he did nothing of the sort, so for me its too little too late.The only positive side of this story is Elisabeth she worked very hard to create stabilization for her daughter and even managed to get her own degree She loved her daughter and did not trust Christian when he suddenly appeared out of the blue demanding impossible after how he throws her out of his life Then there was her friend who stood by her even after when her daughter was 5 years old, he still was a very present figure in their life s and she should stick with him and not with Christian I wish I could have a friend like Scott.It is common in our days for people to expect someone else is going to clean up their mess, simply because they forgot to put a condom or did nothing to protect themselves during sex and far too many children are becoming a victim of it. 1 1 2 to 2 starsIt s a shame that the last book I m reviewing for 2011 is a book I would not recommend This story is melodrama and redundancy at its best To say I did not enjoy this book would be an understatement The hero begins as a selfish, irresponsible coward who redeems himself and becomes an admirable and somewhat endearing character The heroine, however, does the complete opposite She starts out as a sympathetic, endearing, and admirable character who evolves into a heroine that is self consumed, difficult, and shrewish She is one of the worst, if not the worst, heroines I ve read to date Her lack of accountability for some reason she s under the impression it s the hero s responsibility to make sure she doesn t have sex with him , selfishness, and complete disregard for her daughter s emotional well being made her pathetic, spiteful, and unsympathetic The ending became anticlimactic because I stopped rooting for this couple.I know many readers loved this book but I was not one of them I was left feeling frustrated, annoyed, and disappointed Because of that, I cannot recommend this book. 6 starsShe was mine, had always been, and I d always been hers Despite what I d done, the wounds I d inflicted, she had always been mine our hearts had been tied, our bond one that neither of us could ever escapeChristianWOW This is anachingly beautiful, heart wrenchingbook about a second chance at love and with an wonderfully sweet HEA that tugged at ALL my heart strings The level of emotion it pulled out of me right from the beginning was so strong and intense I read most of it either with a huge lump in my throat or in tears most often happy tears since the point of this book is about healing Just the way it is written makes you feel everything that they are going through in a very realistic way Puts you right there with the characters.Five years ago, when Elizabeth told Christian that she was pregnant with his child, he made her choose between him or the baby He had a plan for his life, and that plan does not have room for a child But in the face of his betrayal and despite being cut from his life, Elizabeth struggles to provide the best life she can for their daughter And for this whole time, Christian lives on regretting his decision In the present day, he finds himself in a supermarket, staring into the eyes of a little girl that he justknowsis his daughter and every bit of regret that he spent the last five years trying to push away come crashing to the surface and he realizes that he will do everything in his power to win his family back He finds himself drawn to his little black haired, blue eyed daughter, to the love he feels for her mother, his achingly deep regret at how he treated and abandoned her when she needed him most and he knows, in every fiber of his being, that he will do everything in his power to make things right.The story is told in alternating perspectives between Christian and Elizabeth, which is vital to this story, because otherwise Christian would just come off as a really big jerk But being able to see into his mind allows the reader to understand the damage done to him in his past that made him make the mistakes he did and show how he comes to the realization that he needs to make things right It also shows us the healing process that Elizabeth goes through learning again to trust the man who, though she still loves him, betrayed and abandoned her and broke her heart.I loved seeing all the effort Christian into fixing his relationship with the love of his life and with his daughter it brought me to tears so many times I loved how grateful and respectful he was for every inch Elizabeth gave him How much he treasured every moment spent with his daughter How patiently he waited for Elizabeth to learn to trust him again And how he did everything in his power to win back her heart, earn back her trust, and put his family back together.This book was basically all about the healing process that Christian, Elizabeth, and their daughter Lizzie go through Aboutlove as intense as the one we shared, one that had not dimmed through years of betrayal but had only grown The story is fully relationship and family centric There is no bad guy, no evil ex s, no external drama or anything to deter from the characters journey.It was an absolutely beautiful MUST read that is definitely going on my favorites shelf EDIT I wish I had a longer,in depth review for this book, but I wrote it before starting the blog so its not as detailed as some of my other ones so I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that this is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS Like seriously, few books have reached in to my heart as deeply as this one did I highly highly recommend it Here s how I picture Christian and Elizabeth Forof my reviews, come visit 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Amy Lichtenhan first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day to day life.Years later, she shared a short story she d been working on with her two closest friends, and with their encouragement, this story became her first

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