The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird

The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird Best Books, The Last Flight Of The Scarlet Macaw One Woman S Fight To Save The World S Most Beautiful Bird By Bruce Barcott This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Last Flight Of The Scarlet Macaw One Woman S Fight To Save The World S Most Beautiful Bird, Essay By Bruce Barcott Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Bruce Barcott is an American editor, environmental journalist and author He is a contributing editor of Outside and has written articles for The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Mother Jones, Sports Illustrated, Harper s Magazine, Legal Affairs, Utne Reader and others He has also written a number of books including, The Measure of a Mountain Beauty and Terror on Mount Rainier 1997

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird ✪ Bruce Barcott –
  • Hardcover
  • 313 pages
  • The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird
  • Bruce Barcott
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9781400062935

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    First read in June 2008 Reread in December 2016 I liked the book just as well the second time, I m happy to say Below is my original review written in 2008 Since that time I have, in fact, visited Belize, though we stayed on a caye and never visited the zoo or saw most of the places mentioned in the book.I m an admittedly distracted reader and often have several books going at once, but once I was a few pages into this one, I dropped all other reading to immerse myself in it I should note that Belize has been on my travel wish list for some years now, but I had only a dim notion of the country s politics and history Purely as an education in all things Belizean, this is a terrific book The history, culture, geography, and major players are all there But beyond that, this book is a real eye opener in delineating the sort of uphill struggle environmentalists and concerned citizens face in taking on even fairly clear cut causes In the case of the dam that was proposed and opposed in this book, there was very little benefit the project would bring, yet its backers, though a series of Machiavellian end runs, managed to push the project through At the book s center is a remarkable woman, whom the author presents straightforwardly, warts and all Sharon Matola is clearly no saint, but we like her all the better for it Similarly, the book unfolds in a fairly straightforward manner, which is certainly refreshing given the usual trend of interminable narrative side tracks I also admired how Barcott never overplayed his hand he let the main characters and facts speak for themselves with a minimum of sermonizing He knows how to make a point without belaboring it.Ultimately, the book is both inspiring and heartbreaking I knew going into it that the dam was ultimately built, yet the reader is left with a glimmer of hope that the people in Belize will someday, somehow learn to stand up to their corrupt government As for my dreams of visiting Belize, well, let s just say that when and if I do go, I ll certainly have a different take on the place than I would have had I never read this book.

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    I started out loving this book, but I felt that it did get bogged down in too much detail around the middle.The Zoo Lady Sharon was a fascinating and brave woman who cared so much about Belize and its animals.Then you have the corrupt government, hiding information and making side deals while increasing the power rates of the impoverished citizens And the evil company that is only too happy to take the money that will further indebt this country.I went to Belize last year and found it absolutely beautiful I hope the people who run it can think of its citizens and less about their pocketbooks in the future.

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    I have to admit that I often read books with an eye to edit What would I cut to make it efficient This is a story of a woman trying to save the last nesting ground of the scarlet macaw in Belize from being flooded by the construction of a dam to provide her country with much needed electricity Did we need the chapter on the Mayan civilization Did we need to know the entire colonial history of Belize Did we need an overview of dams in the United States The answer is yes All this information and contributes to the conflict in this beautifully balanced book I wouldn t have cut a single word.

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    You ll love the writing style, the characters and the setting, but it will get your ire up.

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    Nonfiction books are often thought of as being good for us , as if they were literary vitamin tablets, but many people take their summers off from their vitamins by reading trashy novels or mysteries while ensconced under an umbrella on a sandy beach So what would you say if you could read a book that has the best qualities of both genres If you think that such a book doesn t exist, well, think again Bruce Barcott s recently published book, The Last Flight of The Scarlet Macaw One Woman s Fight to Save the World s Most Beautiful Bird NYC Random House 2008 , is that book It tells the true story of a woman who courageously faces down a corrupt Central American government and several international corporations to protect what she loves.This witty and well written book tells the compelling story of transplanted American adventurer, Sharon Matola, also known as the Zoo Lady of Belize who spearheaded a tremendous six year battle to save the only known habitat of the last 200 scarlet macaws in the country from being flooded by a proposed dam.The author begins by his tale by delving into his colorful heroine s peculiar personal history We learn that Matola s love for the tropical rainforest began shortly after she joined the Air Force and took a wilderness survival course in Panama But after her Air Force adventures, Matola did try to be normal for awhile She fell in love with a dentist and settled down in the suburbs of Iowa City, but she quickly found that married life was too confining She panicked Matola hopped a train and ran away to join the circus, where she became a tiger tamer A few years and adventures later, she was hired to help film a nature documentary about orphaned native wildlife in the small tropical country of Belize When the filming ended, Matola was unemployed, but still responsible for the care of a motley group of the film s stars, an orphaned jaguar, puma, ocelot, and some tropical birds So she did the most sensible thing under the circumstances she started a zoo.After a rocky start, the Belize Zoo became a big hit it filled a tremendous hunger among the people by showing them their amazing wealth of native wildlife, which most of them had never seen, and provided them with a sense of pride in the natural wonders in their tiny country.But the love affair with the nation s wildlife did not last because the Zoo Lady learned that there were plans to build a dam that will flood the pristine Macal River valley near the Belize Zoo The Macal valley was an environmental Noah s Ark populated by jaguars, tapirs, pumas, river otters, ocelots, howler monkeys, tapirs, harpy eagles and by the last 200 scarlet macaws that nest in the country Scarlet macaws that ecotourists pay good money to see It doesn t take long before Matola declared war upon the government and the international corporations proposing to build the Chalillo dam, especially after it was revealed that dams in general cause a tremendous amount of environmental destruction upstream as well as down, that this dam will be constructed on geologically unsafe earth immediately upstream from a city of 15,000 people, and that this dam would result in higher energy rates for the citizens of Belize while making a few corrupt government officials fabulously wealthy Barcott succinctly sums up the situation thusly the dam was a fiasco environmentally devastating, economically unsound, geologically suspect and stinking of monopoly profiteering Matola s efforts to protect the Macal River earn her a place on the Belizean government s loudly trumpeted list as an an enemy of the people even while children continued to cheerfully wave and shout Hello, Zoo Lady as she rode her motorcycle through the countryside Because she persisted in her battle, the government decided to punish her by building a new national dump next to her zoo despite the fact that runoff from the landfill would end up polluting the nearby river and the people who use its water This punitive move was finally stymied after Britain s popular Princess Anne visited the country and spoke out against it.In addition to the unique Matola, Barcott s storytelling introduces us to a large cast of other colorful characters several of the People s United Party politicians such as the astonishingly smarmy Minister of Everything, Ralph Fonseca, and party spokesman Norris Hall the British Belizean politician and entrepreneur, Lord Michael Ashcroft Jacob Scherr and Ari Hershowitz of the National Resources Defence Council In the pages of this book, you also become acquainted with the astonishing beauty and richness of this tiny country, as well as learning a little about how the politics in third world countries actually work Not only that, but reading this book really makes you want to visit Belize itself.Even though this book is nonfiction, it reads like a thriller you will find yourself perched on the edge of your bed long past your normal bedtime, turning the pages as quickly as your eyes can read them and then what happened The author does a splendid job of weaving together a wealth of information about the ecology of dams, the politics and conservation of endangered species, the background of the National Resources Defence Council NRDC and the Privy Council of England, the history of Belize and the many injustices suffered by this tiny nation and how they conspired to damage the country yet again, and a quirky cast of characters all of whom are fascinating enough to make Carl Hiaasen envious.This must read book is a clear voice in a wilderness of confusion regarding the clashes between people and wilderness, progress and the environment, politicians and citizens You don t need to love parrots or hate corrupt politicians to be enthralled by this book because in the end, it is a powerful tale about a very unusual, passionate, committed, stubborn and inspiring individual People like Sharon are rare and strange and sometimes aggravating, Barcott writes about his hero These people aren t perfect They aren t simple heroes They are complex human beings And we need them Because without them the world would be lost NOTE Originally published at on 26 June 2008 Curated at Medium.

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    I loved this book about one woman s conservation fight precisely because it s not just about one woman and conservation Rather, it shows how many people need to be involved and how many aspects of culture, history, economics, science, and politics need to be considered in conservation decisions Plus, it s a good read Recommended

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    Every time I go to San Francisco, the first stop is usually a long walk to City Lights Booksellers The most amazing indie bookstore on planet earth I m always discovering new gems here This being one of them I love natural history, and at times, struggle with it in context to conservation Conservation has become such a dirty word, and with understood cause I love my earth fighting friends, but understand that they often alienate with their passionate albeit righteous propagandizing rather than recruit Not so with this book.If you ever want to discover the pain and hope that goes into fighting the good fightthis is a book for you Fighting the good fight is met with perils and inestimable odds, which reminds the reader of the basic plight of conservation Be warned, there is much frustration here, but such is the case with conservation Don t let that deter you The author was very bold not to over sentimilize, nor patronize such a delicate topic I feel I now know so much good and bad about a beloved country I ve so desired to visit, and when I do, the first place I will go to is Sharon s beloved zoo Read it if you love Belize, parrots, or want to be turned onto a well balanced dose of conservation at it s finest and most realistic.

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    Highly recommended for ecological learning, how harmful dams really are, how big capitalist global companies ruin wildlife and culture, and of course, the living habits of the endangered Scarlet Macaw The author also writes for Outdoor magazine and did some extremely thorough and amazing research He managed to keep digging up facts, just when you thought he couldn t get any Read about the real life heroine attempting to save the Macaws Excellent

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    Although at times it read a bit like an long journalistic account rather than a a non fiction story, i really enjoyed it, and learned a bunch Amazing to read while spending time in some of the beautiful areas of Belize described in the book Sharon Matolo is inspiring keep fighting the good fight While her antagonists and the local corruption are appalling and disgraceful 1 book to read if travelling to Belize

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    keep hold leapfrogging with another person at sfpl will hopefully finish this summer

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